12 Black Wood Desks – Home Office Furniture for 2024
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12 Black Wood Desks – Home Office Furniture for 2024

|Mar 1, 2022

Setting up a home office is often a long and tiring process, especially because you have to compare many different furniture pieces to see which one fits your needs. On many occasions, you might not even know where to start. 

There is a straightforward way to choose a desk that could work for you – go for a simple black wooden desk. It's a classic, and it can match any style you want to go for. This guide describes what you need to know before buying it, including a list of the best options for 2022! 

How to Choose Quality Wood for Your Office Desk

How to Choose Quality Wood for Your Office Desk

Working in an office means you should always go for the best furniture you can. It's not just a matter of aesthetics – it's also about making sure that you maintain a correct posture while you're working. 

Additionally, sturdy desks allow you to place different items on top of them. Thus, if you pick a top-quality piece of furniture, you can guarantee that it lasts a long time by your side. Although it might be expensive when you first buy it, years later you'll be able to look back and feel happy with your decision. 

Manufacturers use different kinds of wood to make desks. The most common ones are hardwood, softwood, and manufactured wood. Among those, hardwood is the sturdiest material you can get. 

At the same time, there are various types of hardwood. Maple wood, cherrywood, and walnut are some of the most commonly used to make desks, but there are still many other options to choose from. 

When you're buying a black wood desk with drawers, you need to guarantee that you're getting something that fits your needs. Consequently, you have to evaluate between the different types of wood and see which one is best for you.

Even though hardwood is the sturdiest option, on some occasions, it might also be the most expensive one. On the other hand, manufactured wood might be a more affordable alternative, and it can also be long-lasting. 

To choose the best black wooden desk, you should always remember to put your needs first. Once you know the model's features, you can check what wood it's made of and if you have any more questions, search in Google and try to read reviews of other customers who have bought items made of the same material. 

Which Type of Desk Should You Choose?

Which Type of Desk Should You Choose

The answer to this question is similar to the previously mentioned one. Choosing between desks is like picking between different types of wood. In other words, you have to evaluate your options and decide. 

A black wooden desk might be the ideal option for many people, but you still have to decide if you want one with a wood top only, or if you'd prefer one entirely made of wood. 

Wooden desks are undoubtedly sturdy. However, you should also keep in mind that there are stronger materials out there, such as steel or iron. If your desk combines a few of those, you might be able to get an immensely long-lasting piece of modern office furniture

Nonetheless, in the end, you're the one who has to decide the type of black wood desk you want. It depends on the office supplies you have, too. People who have multiple monitors and heavy objects to place on top of their desks often go for sturdier options to make sure that the piece of furniture can manage it. 

12 Best Black Wood Desks List

Finding a high-quality black wood computer desk is often a daunting job unless you have a handy list to go through. This section gives you what you need – a list with the top 12 alternatives to choose from. Take a look at each of them! 

1. All-black Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous

All-black Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous black wood desk

Autonomous is one of the most famous brands to sell high-quality black wood office desk options. Unlike other stores, in this one, you can find pieces of furniture with remarkable features and they're still available at affordable prices. 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is definitely one of the most famous models that the brand offers, and if you get it all black, it can perfectly match the rest of your office. It’s an adjustable desk that enhances the aesthetics of your surroundings. 

2. All-black Autonomous Desk DuoSpace by Autonomous

All-black Autonomous Desk DuoSpace by Autonomous black wood desk

Since Autonomous is such a fantastic brand, it's no surprise that it offers more than one option to choose from. The Autonomous Desk DuoSpace is the ideal black sit-stand desk if you want a versatile model to fit in one of your corners. 

It's a black L-shaped desk that perfectly matches any black office design. Since it has ergonomic features, it's also the ideal option if you want to guarantee that it helps you maintain a correct posture while you're working.  

Autonomous is one of the few brands that offers a perfect combination between versatility, innovative features, and an impressive design. Thus, this option might be just what you're looking for. 

3. Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Table

Another black wooden desk you should consider is the Soho Rectangular Table, which is one of the simplest options you might find on the market. 

If you want something that's easy to assemble and that can match any office space, then the Soho table might be the ideal option for your black desk setup. Once you receive it, assembling it takes 15 minutes or less. 

This desk is sturdy and spacious enough for you to fit your computer and some of your supplies. Although it doesn't offer complex features, it's the best option if you want something simpler and affordable. 

4. Black Desk with Drawer by Ameriwood Home

black wood desk with Drawer by Ameriwood Home

Ameriwood Home is also a famous brand for offering extraordinary options, especially when it comes to desks. In this case, the Black Desk with Drawer offers a sleek and classic design, but it's still eye-catchy. 

You don’t need an extravagant desk to make your office stand out or to make it look different. Sometimes simplicity is the key, and that's exactly what the Black Desk with Drawer can give you.  

Buying this black wooden desk means you get a table spacious enough to organize all your office supplies. Furthermore, you can easily assemble it, which means that you can start using it as soon as you get it. 

5. Amoak Simple Black Computer Desk

Amoak also gives you a black wood computer desk you should check out, especially if you prefer a wooden tabletop. 

If you get this model, you can enjoy a wood tabletop and sturdy metallic legs. Therefore, it's ideal for office workers who want a strong piece of furniture in their workspace.  

Although it has a classic industrial design, once you take a good look at it, you might not be able to take your eyes away from it. It's one of the most beautiful black wood office desk options on the market! 

6. Home Office Computer Desk by Cozy Castle

Home Office Computer Desk by Cozy Castle

Cozy Castle is certainly not as famous as Autonomous, but the Home Office Computer Desk is here because of its fantastic combination of aesthetics and sturdiness. Purchasing this model means you get a sleek, elegant, and outstanding table made of light materials. 

This model is immensely lightweight compared to other options, but it's still strong enough to support your items. Consequently, it's a wonderful example of a table that balances strength and aesthetics. 

Office workers often care about functionality, and this black wood office desk is certainly one of the best models you can get to cover that front. Its assembly is also straightforward, so you can start using it in a matter of minutes. 

7. Dakota L-shaped Black Desk with Bookshelves

Having an office means you have to make sure your furniture fits. On some occasions, you might have difficulties finding the ideal items to place in your workspace. However, a black L-shaped standing desk might be the best option for you since you can place it in a corner. 

A spacious, extravagant desk with many storage options might be the ideal alternative for you, especially if your office is not small. Although this is not a black standing desk, it's still a beautiful model with different drawers and shelves for you to organize all your supplies. 

8. Flash Furniture's Black Hardwood Desk

Flash Furniture's black wood desk

Some workers prefer classic options, but others want their offices to look more luxurious. If you belong to the second group, you might have found your match – the Black Hardwood Desk by Flash Furniture. 

Buying this model means you get a sturdy black wood desk with an innovative design that screams modern times. Furthermore, it includes a few drawers, so you can use them to store all your items. 

Since its legs are metallic, this black wood desk with drawers can quickly become your best friend because it lasts for years. 

9. Greenforest L-shaped Black Gaming Desk

Greenforest L-shaped black wood desk

Just because you're an office worker doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of having gaming equipment around you. In many cases, gaming desks and chairs might be the ideal furniture pieces you were looking for! 

Greenforest's L-shaped gaming desk is a black wood computer desk with a scratch-free and moisture-proof tabletop. It's a corner desk, so you can place it on your right or left, depending on the space you have available. 

This desk is big compared to other options. Thus, it's ideal if you have multiple monitors or if you want to be able to organize various documents and supplies around you. 

10. SHW's L-shaped Black Desk

SHW's L-shaped black wood desk

Another L-shaped wooden desk you should keep in mind is SHW's option, which has a beautiful matte finish that you might love from the first moment you see it.  

It's a fantastic desk for you to put your laptop on, but it's also perfect if you have a desktop because it's spacious enough for you to place a CPU.  

Even though it's very spacious, this desk's assembly process is fast. Therefore, you can start using it around 25 minutes after you get it. 

11. Nathan James Two-drawer Computer Desk

Nathan James Two-drawer Computer Desk

A beautiful and elegant desk is just what you need to make your office stand out, especially if you're looking to enhance your productivity by changing your surroundings. It might sound shocking but incorporating aesthetically pleasant furniture pieces might make a difference when it comes to efficiency. 

Nathan James’ black wood computer desk is smaller than other options, so it might be ideal if you don't have that much space to spare. Furthermore, it has two drawers, so you can use those to organize different items and office supplies.  

To add more luxury to the look of this black wood desk with drawers, all its edges are gold. Thus, it offers a beautiful and modern design that can change things around for you when you work! 

12. Sauder Edge's Black Computer Desk

Sauder Edge's Black Computer Desk

The last option on this list is Sauder Edge's model, which is one of the best models on the market. It combines beauty, sturdiness, and functionality. That's all you've been hoping for! 

Sauder Edge's black wood desk with drawers has various places where you can store your office supplies, such as different-sized drawers for you to comfortably fit all your items. 

Moreover, you also get a European-styled hanging spot to help you organize all your documents. Overall, this desk is a dream come true for all office workers who want a beautiful item that also offers the sturdiness they need for years. 

This desk's body is sturdy, but it's made of scratch-free materials, and its beautiful black color is as long-lasting as the table itself. Therefore, years can pass and the color will still not fade away. 

Keynote Takeaways

A black wood desk can completely change the look of your surroundings and guarantee that you have enough space to organize all your items when you're working. 

Even though there are many options available on the market, if you get a black wood desk, you're probably spending money on a piece of ergonomic office furniture that can last for years. Therefore, examine all the options and choose your favorite!

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