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12 Perfect Small Room Desk Setup for Your Dreamy Home Office
Workplace Inspiration

12 Perfect Small Room Desk Setup for Your Dreamy Home Office

|Mar 18, 2021

The idea to work remotely at a home office is the best of both worlds; you get to spend time with your family and earn a good living from a distance. However, it is pretty tough to maintain productivity if you have a small space.

Are you among those remote workers who are struggling with space and can only afford a small room desk setup? Well, there is no need to worry about that, as you can afford a dreamy home office with some creative small space desk setup ideas.

We know that you must be thinking as to how you will be doing that. The good news is that we have shared some perfect ideas regarding desk setup for small spaces to make your life easier. We have shared our thoughts on the ideal office accessories and equipment that can be vital for creating your dreamy home office.

 So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the perfect desk setups that you can afford to make the most out of your dreamy home office.

1. SmartDesk Core by Autonomous

Since aligning your work ergonomics, the right way is the prerequisite to have the ideal working experience, getting a home office standing desk would be perfect. SmartDesk Core is among the ideal motorized standing desks that help you stay more productive when you work longer hours.

You can conveniently divide your time between sitting and standing while using this adjustable desk, hence avoid any chronic muscle pain. Since these desks are available in various colors, you can choose the one that suits your room’s walls to have an ideal look.

SmartDesk2 by Autonomous

2. Standing Desk Frame by Autonomous

Often it is noticed that you are unsure regarding which desktop is suitable for your room, so you can opt for a DIY desk for a small space. This gives you the liberty to customize your small room and make it look the way you want. Above all, it is always fun to showcase your creativity to get the home office of your dreams.

3. Standing Desk Converter

You might already have a desk fixed in your home office and are looking for ways in which you can make it more comfortable and relaxing for you to work. In such cases, adding a standing desk converter to your small room desk setup mix would be ideal.

This desk converter lies on top of your home office table. Even though your table has a fixed height, you can adjust it at your convenience with a standing desk converter. So, it will reduce the chances of encountering any muscle pain.

Standing Desk Converter

4. Cordless Mouse and Keyboard

Having multiple wires lingering on your desk is too frustrating, especially when you are working with a small space desk setup. The best way to avoid this clutter and redesign your small home office ideas, it will be ideal to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Such accessories make your job hassle-free; thus, your productivity enhances.

5. Biophilic Workspace

What we mean by that is to add more plants around your small space desk setup. Plants make your desk setup look more refreshing and dreamier, so your productivity increases. Since your mood is also elevated in such an environment, you tend to work for longer hours.

Biophilic Workspace

6. Floating Corner Desk

You might have a crowded space, where it is difficult to buy a standing desk. So, in that case, you can install a floating corner desk. This desk usually has a trapezoidal or triangular shape and can be mounted on a corner of your room. You can conveniently use this space to put your PC.

Floating Corner Desk

7. Ultra-Wide Desk Lamp

Having a brightly lit workspace is quintessential to stay productive, so it should be a priority to ensure your desk setup for a small space has a reliable ultra-wide led desk lamp. This is among those office desk accessories that are vital for enhancing efficiency and productivity. You normally tend to work less efficiently when your workspace is dim-lit.

8. Filing Cabinet

We all see an ideal home office as one that lacks clutter. So, the addition of a filing cabinet to your small room desk setup mix will help you keep your workspace tidy. Having files and documents lingering all over your workspace can make it look untidy and smaller. A filing cabinet helps you sort out your office work well.

Filing Cabinet

9. Integrated Shelf

Having an integrated shelf with your desk looks more aesthetic and also provides more room to organize your work. You can even decorate this shelf using minimal decorative items and smaller plants to give it a dreamliner look.

10. Ergonomic Chair

Since you are supposed to divide your working hours between sitting and standing, it is vital to add an ergonomic chair to the mix as well. This desk provides you lumbar support that helps avoid back pain. Consequently, it plays a vital role in enhancing your productivity in a small space desk setup.

Ergonomic Chair

11. L-Shaped Desk by Autonomous

An L-shaped smart desk or a wraparound desk is an ideal adjustable standing desk for small space if you have a corner area free. This means you get a larger room to organize your home office accessories in the most convenient way, even if you are short on space. Therefore, you can give a unique look to your home office with this addition.

L-Shaped Desk by Autonomous

12. Monitor Stand

As a remote worker, you will have to check your mails and organize all other office work with your PC, so all that can cause neck pain and even muscle injury if you continue this work for a prolonged period. A monitor stand can be really beneficial in this situation and it is necessary for a small room desk setup. You can place your PC at a suitable angle to avoid any muscle pain when you have to work with it for longer hours.

Monitor Stand

End Note

To conclude, you can have the perfect desk setup for your home office if you organize a small room with desk layout before any executions. The ideal dreamy small room desk setup is the one that is centered around the idea that your workspace is ergonomic. That’s why we discussed all those setups that are ideally ergonomic and can help you boost productivity even in a small space.

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