14 Best Small Desk Options for A Bedroom Office
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14 Best Small Desk Options for A Bedroom Office

|Jul 13, 2022

Getting a desk for your bedroom is not the same as having one in your office or living room, and the reason for that is you don’t have the same space in your bedroom as you have in those. Apart from that, you decorate and use offices and bedrooms for different things, so it’s best to get a small desk for your bedroom.  

Nonetheless, there are many benefits to working remotely, so many people have been working from a bedroom office in the last few years.  

This doesn’t mean you have to use all your office equipment for your bedroom office but that it’s time to get new office items for your remote office.  

Chairs and desks are essential for this matter, so they should be the first thing you buy when designing a new workspace. However, it may be difficult for some people to find a desk that is small enough for the space they have available.  

Are you struggling to find a decent desk for your bedroom? Read on to know the 14 best bedroom desks for small spaces!


What to Look for in a Small Desk for Your Bedroom

It’s more difficult for people to find a decent small computer desk for a bedroom office if they start looking blindfolded. Thus, you need to know what to look for when buying small desks for bedrooms since those factors are fundamental to determining if a desk suits your needs or not.  

All offices are different from each other, so your needs may be different from the ones of another person reading this article. However, the factors we list below are general quality things any small desk for a bedroom should have, so try looking for one that checks all the boxes.  


Size of small desk for bedroom

While many don’t worry about this when looking for a standard desk for their office, size becomes more important than ever when you need a bedroom desk. Buying a desk that is too big for your bedroom will make you lose your money since you won’t be able to use it.  

People working from a bedroom office need a small office bedroom desk since they are made to fit most remote offices. You may not have as much space as you have on a big desk, but they give you enough for your office equipment.

Regardless of that, this can change depending on how much space you have in your bedroom. If your bedroom is as big as an office, you may be good to go with a regular desk, but that’s up to you to study. Take the measures of your room and see which small writing desk for a bedroom is best for you! 


It’s never a bad thing to have several features that make working easier for you, and many desks on the market have excellent features for you to work faster. That’s the reason many people often go for a home standing desk rather than a regular desk.      

Adjustability features are ideal for a small desk for your bedroom since they allow you to customize it to your taste, and that is perfect for online stores since you can’t try them before they get to your house, so it’s excellent to adjust them once they get there.  

However, many desks have other features such as additional drawers, cup holders, or cable trays, so look for a desk that has functions that can help you be more productive while working and improve your work quality.  

Products on this list have a handful of features, so don’t hesitate to take one of them for your bedroom office! 


Affordability of small desk for bedroom

You shouldn’t go over your budget for an office product since you can find many budget-friendly alternatives on the market available for you. There is a wide range of desks out there, and that gives you different prices to choose from.  

Some desks become much more expensive due to all the features they have, but that doesn’t mean inexpensive products are not that good, so look for one that fits your budget and offers you the features you need to work comfortably. 

Find desks of all prices on this page!  

What Are the 14 Best Small Desks for Bedroom Offices?

Now that you know what to look for in a small computer desk for a bedroom, it’s time to know the 15 best ones for you in 2022. These desks come from different companies and have a wide range of features and designs for you to find one for you regardless of what your taste is in office furniture. 

All products on this list are of excellent quality, so you can go for the one you feel more comfortable choosing. Study your needs and what you think would be more helpful for your workspace, and see if you can get that desk!  

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous is one of the best ergonomics companies in the market, and it has a stock with several chairs and desks of excellent quality. Since this company focuses on ergonomic products, most of the ones it offers have ergonomic features to make you feel more comfortable while you work. 

The Autonomous Small Top Autonomous Desk is an example of that, and it has all the features one would want in a small writing desk for their bedroom. Firstly, it’s small enough for most bedrooms, so you won’t have problems fitting it into yours.

Apart from that, it effortlessly lifts up to 270lbs, so you can put as much equipment as you want on it. Its solid steel frame makes it more resistant than most desks on the market, and on top of all, it has an electric dual motor that allows you to adjust your desk in a matter of seconds.

2. Wistopht Compact Desk

Wistopht Compact Desk small desk for bedroom

Following up, we have the Wistopht Compact Desk with Wireless Charger, which is also available on the Autonomous website. As its name suggests, this bedroom desk for small space has a wireless charger for you to charge your smartphone if you work with it.

Although it has a minimalist design, this product is one of the most stylish on the market, and it’s easy to fit in with most office designs. The Wistopht Compact Desk doesn’t fall behind regarding technological developments since it has digital displays on its tempered glass and a built-in power outlet.   

3. Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

It’s not uncommon to see gamers using the same small office bedroom desk as an office worker, graphic designer, or programmer since all of them often look for the same things when buying desks and chairs. What do those people have all in common? They all sit for long periods.

Therefore, they need office furniture that makes them feel comfortable and prevents back pain, and that’s what the Benzara Gaming Desk offers you. This desk is a perfect mix with an ergonomic chair, and it’s not that expensive, so you could buy both products.

Despite being a small desk, it gives you all the space you need for your office equipment plus other things such as a raised monitor shelf and a bottom shelf. Do you like listening to music while working? The Benzara Gaming Desk features a headphone holder.  

4. Northread Aesthic Folding Computer Desk

Northread Aesthic Folding Computer Desk

You don’t need flashy features or complex designs to be a high-quality small office bedroom desk, and the Northread Aesthic Folding Desk proves that. This small desk for a bedroom has a minimalist design with adjustable leg pads and resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating in the future.

The best thing about this desk is that it has a folding design, which means you can fold it whenever you need to store it or move it to another place. Thanks to its folding design, people who need to move to different rooms often don’t need to waste that much time doing it.  

5. The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk

As we mentioned before, some rooms are bigger or smaller than others, so you need to choose a desk that adapts to your bedroom office. If you have a room that is too small for other desks, we recommend you go for The Office Oasis Small Computer Desk.

This is one of the smallest desks on the list and also one of the most affordable ones, so you won’t have problems with it if you are working on a budget. Buying the Oasis desk gives you a study desk with five years of warranty and leveling legs.  

6. Mount-It! Rolling Desk

Mount-It! Rolling Desk

Small desks are not only for small spaces but also for people who don’t need that much space to work, and a perfect example of that is people who work with laptops. The Mount-It! Rolling Desk is for the ones who only want a place to put their laptop while using it.

This small computer desk for a bedroom allows you to switch from sitting to standing at all times, and changing your working position is excellent for your back and overall health. Additionally, the Mount-It! Rolling Desk also has casters for you to move them to other places in your house. 

7. Black Steel & Wood Side Table

One of the benefits of working at home or in your bedroom is you can work from your couch or bed, and the Black Steel & Wood Side Table allows you to do that, and it’s also a smooth surface that makes writing easier for you.  

8. 4NM Small Desk

4NM small desk for bedroom

The 4NM Small Desk is as small as a bedside drawer, so we recommend you pick this alternative if you want your desk to be the smallest it can be. Apart from that, it doesn’t have any additional features that stand out from others on the list, but it has a design that easily fits any office aesthetic.  

9. West Elm Ladder Shelf Desk

Ladder desks are common at home offices since you can install them on a wall without them taking that much space from you. Some people even use ladder desks as decorations, and the West Elm Ladder Shelf Desk has a beautiful-looking design, so it could work both ways. 

10. IKEA LILLASEN Bamboo Desk


IKEA almost always goes for minimalist design, and this bamboo desk is not an exception to that. Regardless of that, it still is a strong option thanks to its lightness and durability.  

11. HUANUO Lap Desk

People looking for a desk with several features will love this HUANUO release since it has multifunctional slots for your cables, smartphone, and laptop.  

12. Fully Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

Fully Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

Fully has excellent desks and chairs in its stock, and the Jaswig desk is not an exception to that. This is the smallest Fully desk you can find out there, and it still gives you a small drawer for you to store some documents.   

13. CB2 Stairway Black Desk

The CB2 Stairway Black Desk is similar to the other ladder desk on this list, but it’s smaller and thinner, so it’s ideal for you if you don’t like the idea of your desk standing out from other things in your room.   

14. NOMENI Rectangular Portable Folding Table

NOMENI Rectangular Portable Folding Table

People often think the last product on top-tier lists is bad, but that couldn’t be further from reality. The NOMENI Portable Folding Table gives you the basic features you need in a desk and is affordable enough for you to save money for other items in your bedroom office combo.  


We understand it’s difficult to find a small desk for bedrooms that meets your specific needs on the market thanks to how many of them are out there. Nonetheless, you can buy any of the desks you saw on this list and enjoy all the benefits of working from your bedroom.  

This is the perfect time to design your bedroom layout with a desk that boosts your productivity!

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