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15 Best Adjustable Height Office Chairs of 2024 Review
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15 Best Adjustable Height Office Chairs of 2024 Review

|Aug 15, 2021

If you have started thinking about correcting your workplace ergonomics, it means you are already planning to invest in a reliable brand that will help you ensure your wellbeing. An ergonomic office chair plays a pivotal role in treating any muscle pain while ensuring that you stay productive. Therefore, we have shared the best adjustable height office chairs here in this article. Read on and find out the top 20 options for you.

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra


Looking for an adjustable height office chair that reflects your personality? This specially designed ergonomic chair is your best option that offers eleven lockable positions. Recline up to twenty-six degrees beyond the vertical sit-up position with the best-in-class recline of Autonomous Chair Ultra.  Lumbar support? One of the best that no one can beat. The seat, made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), gives you a high elasticity, up to ten times the normal material. Now fit into the chair and close your eyes as you relax. Choose from various hues of six colors and more.  The Autonomous Chair Ultra is surely a style statement.

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

ergo pro

Made from fabric and mesh, the Autonomous Chair Ergo is an adjustable height desk chair. Need comfort? This adjustable height office chair is a luxury with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, seat height, armrests, and backrest. Enjoy the comfort with easy-to-operate levers, and you have great functionality to manage what your body needs. Don’t miss the specially designed upper back tilt lever. The fabric-padded seat is thick enough to manage all types of bodies and body weights.

Prefer to sit with your back erect most of the time? No problem at all, as you can adjust the seat depth for greater comfort.  Say goodbye to backaches with the adjustable lumbar support.  Tilt your chair angle so that you can easily lean forward as you rest comfortably in your chair.

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

ergo core

The Autonomous Chair Recline is your best adjustable height office chair option when looking at adjustments to height, armrest, footrest, and seat tilt with the best swivel.  With a supportive foam-based seat, you can rest your tush for ease. Don't miss the eighteen-degree recline of the backrest; lock it in any of the three positions for convenience. The seat is made from black mesh, offering you high breathability for your body. Available in two colors, this chair blends into any office.  Don’t miss our reviews on an office chair with adjustable arms?

4. Steelcase Leap

steelcase leap

Made from high-quality, soft, durable leather, the Steelcase Leap offers you adjustable arms, seat depth, and height. In addition, manage the amount of support you need from the seat back and operate a multi-tilt limiter.  You can customize the built-in lumbar support to manage strong support. Unlike others in its range, the lumbar support is hidden internally. Use the adjustable lower back for keeping yourself in good shape, choosing between the amounts of back support needed. Don’t miss the unique design of the stylish backrest.

5. Uplift J3

Tired? Manage the adjustable headrest as you ponder over big decisions at work or take it off. Made from mesh and leather, this adjustable computer chair has adjustable arms, back-tilt, seat-depth, recline tension, and height.  The backrest offers great support and breathability with the mesh material. However, some folks may find it difficult to like the leather seat offered, which could be a bit stiff.

6. Humanscale Freedom Chair

human scale

Some chairs are overly padded; sitting on them feels uncomfortable. This Humanscale Freedom chair offers just the right amount of padding for constant use. In addition, you will be impressed by the highly adjustable seat depth and backrest.  Some folks may not prefer the extra-wide armrests, which are difficult to adjust.  Built for durability, this heavy-use chair is your best pick.

7. Raynor ME7ERG Ergohuman

The Raynor Ergohuman adjustable height office chair offers you great comfort, adjustable headrest, arms, seat depth, and back tilt tension. Here are views on features you should look for in a tilt chair for the office. Don’t miss the backrest tilt angles, which you can customize.  Of special interest are the adjustable backrest height and lumbar support of this chair.  The lumbar support fits perfectly fine at the back of the chair to offer you great support. With the adjustable backrest height, you can manage back support to suit your shoulder height.

8. Steelcase Amia

Need a perfect office chair with adjustable feature? This Steelcase Amia chair offers the adjustable depth, back tilt tension, seat height, and back tilt limiter, which is quite modern. The fully customizable arms offer you great support as you work on your computer. Lower backaches? No more as you get a sleek chair with a built-in adjustable lumbar support. Watch out for the stiff fabric, which may make this a low choice for you.

9. Knoll ReGeneration

The Knoll ReGeneration is an ergonomic adjustable height office chair that bids goodbye to your backache with adjustable arms, seat height, and depth. The backrest has elastomer material that offers your back firm support and is elastic enough to take the shape of any user's body. In addition, the chair's back stretches automatically to adjust to your spine. Unfortunately, you may miss the locks in the armrests that could bother you as you try and work.

10. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair


Get a basic adjustable height office chair made from pleather material as you get this chair from Amazon Basics selection.  Apart from the built-in lumbar support, it has a recline lock to hold you from toppling over. Be economical in your purchase decision if you don’t want many frills. Get a feeling of luxury with the soft pleather seat. Simple to operate and easy to use, this is one of the basic chairs.

11. Branch Ergonomic Chair

This sleek and basic, adjustable height desk chair from Branch could be yours. The plain and simple aesthetics of the chair make it easy to assemble. However, don't miss the adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and seat depth.  Manage the lumbar support to support your lower by adjusting its settings. With a mesh backrest and comfortable seat, this chair has it all.

12. Ikea Markus Chair

Rather sleek and lighter than other adjustable chairs, the Ikea Markus chair is priced economically. In addition, some folks may find the thinly cushioned seat of much use. However, the backrest may be a bit tall for normal heighted users. Manage your seat height or the backrest with a simple to use lever.

13. Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Rest in this wonderful adjustable height office chair or sit-up and work; take your pick of the Humanscale's Diffrient world chair for your comfort. The fine mesh back chair offers you great support for your body. The adjustable seat height makes it easier to manage your backrest in the three-paneled backrest; added for your comfort is exceptional lumbar support. Recline your back as you think through how to handle challenging situations.  With adjustable seat depth, backrest height, and armrests, you cannot get a better deal.  

14. Sihoo Office Chair

Looking for a strong yet comfortable and high adjustability chair? Well, try the Sihoo adjustable height desk chair that has an adjustable seat height. The backrest and the seat offer you comfort to work in your office. A basic chair that has extra-wide armrests that some may not prefer.

15. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

herman miller

The Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair with adjustable features has one of the best adjustable lumbar support. In addition, the adjustable armrests and seats give you better comfort. It is available in three different sizes. The Aeron adjustable computer chair has a mesh material for its entire body that gives you strong support for your body. The mesh allows for air circulation as you sit for long hours.

Final Thoughts

Though you have many choices, our top choice of a seat with adjustable height goes to Autonomous Chair Ultra and the Ergo Chair. Luxury and comfort just seem easy to come by.

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