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15 Best Black Office Chairs with Headrest (Rating and Review)

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 18, 2020

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Many forget the importance of ergonomics when it comes to purchasing an office chair. It's not a lie that an office chair can either make or break your back. With all that being said, there are many features that go into making an office chair ergonomically beneficial. One of these features is a headrest. The inclusion of a headrest in an office chair helps to provide support to the neck, shoulders, and back. Thus, providing users with better comfort. However, there are many office chairs with headrest features. This can make choosing a black office chair with headrest features challenging. Nonetheless, we have searched far and wide to provide you with the best ergonomic chair headrest devices to make choosing the right one for you easier. Here is what we found:  

1. Autonomous ErgoChair 2 - Best Black Office Chair with Headrest

The ErgoChair 2 is considered to be the best lumbar support office chair with headrest features. This is mainly the result of the inclusion of a flexible lumbar system. The design of this back-support system provides control to the worker to customize the chair to exactly how much lumbar support they wish to receive. This also helps workers receive optimal comfort for them. Thus, the black ergonomic office chair with headrest features can be customized to the exact preferences of the worker.

ErgoChair 2 autonomous

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

  • icon checkMesh materials included in the structure make the device more breathable and ensure better comfort
  • icon checkThe flexible lumbar system technology is completely customizable
  • icon timesThe headrest needs to be bought separately

2. Autonomous MyoChair Ergonomic Chair for Back Support

The MyoChair black office chair with headrest features offers remote and office workers the ability to recline instantly and is designed to provide complete comfort to the worker while sitting for extended periods. This promotes good back health and alleviates the risks involved with sitting for long periods. This reclining ergonomic mesh chair with headrest elements is also equipped with an auto-balance mechanism. This makes adjusting the features of the office chair effortless and straightforward. Moreover, the lumbar support system and adjustable armrests, along with the headrest, make sure that the back is supported. This alleviates the risk of pain in both upper and lower regions of the back. 

Autonomous MyoChair

Autonomous MyoChair

  • icon checkThe back support effectively promotes healthy back support and posture while negating the negative effects of remaining seated for large portions of the day
  • icon checkThe auto-balance mechanism is used to provide customization to the chair
  • icon timesThe seat size may not comfortably fit larger individuals

3. Zipcode Ergonomic Chair

The Zipcode black office chair with headrest features is equipped with many of the ergonomic guidelines that have been put into place by the Department of Labor. In addition to this, the computer chair with headrest is very budget-friendly and has a backrest designed to follow the natural curve of the spine. Along with this, a headrest can be purchased separately to provide support to your head, neck, and shoulders while you work. Thus, your entire lumbar system is supported, and the negative effects of sitting for too long, such as suffering from back pain, are reduced. 


·         The mesh detailing maximizes airflow and prevents excessive sweating for a more comfortable experience.

·         Effective support is provided to the head, neck, and shoulders.


·         The headrest isn’t included in the cost of the office chair and needs to be bought separately.

Zipcode ergonomic chair

4. Tempur-Pedic TP9000 with Headrest

This black ergonomic mesh chair with headrest features incorporates memory foam into the design for added comfort. This provides the workers to remain seated and work for extended periods of time. The ergonomic chair headrest is equipped with an armrest and a seat height, which are adjustable. This aids in the chair's ergonomic abilities and helps alleviate the stress placed on the worker’s back and neck.


·         Memory foam is provided for extra comfort.

·         The seat height and armrests are adjustable, so you can customize it to your preferences and receive optimal comfort.


·         The headrest needs to be purchased separately.

5. Herman Miller Office Chair with Headrest

This Herman Miller black computer chair with headrest features is designed with effective ergonomic devices to provide better support and comfort. This ergonomic chair headrest device is a brilliant option for remote and office workers who are sitting for extended periods and want a completely customizable device. The ergonomic mesh chair with headrest features is designed to allow adjustments to the level of back support offered, along with the wanted armrests, the chair size, the seat angle, and the desired tilt.  


·         The computer chair with headrest features is designed with effective ergonomic components for maximized comfort.

·         The inclusion of mesh in the structure maximizes airflow for a more breathable experience even after spending hours seated.


·         The headrest needs to be purchased separately.

Herman Miller

6. Tivoca Black Ergonomic Chair Headrest

This black office chair with headrest devices can be completely customized to the worker's preference to gain optimal comfort and support. The inclusion of this feature offers better support to the head, neck, and upper back regions. In addition to this, the adjustable armrests, along with the sturdy lumbar support, offer the worker enhanced technology for better posture. This better posture helps to reduce the lower back pain caused by sitting for long periods.


·         Effective support is provided from the inclusion of a robust and customizable headrest in the design.

·         Stable lumbar support is offered from the adjustable armrests, which promote a healthy posture.


·         The black office chair with headrest features isn’t budget-friendly.

Tivoca Black Ergonomic chair headrest

7. Gabrylly Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support

This ergonomic mesh chair with headrest elements offers workers a wide range of motion. The ergonomic chair headrest device is also equipped with a unique lumbar support system, adjusting headrest and armrest, and an adjustable seat height. Thus, the office chair's design encourages the worker to customize the added features to their individual preferences, which helps to alleviate back pain and receive exceptional comfort.


·         A headrest is included in the design for better support and comfort.

·         The mesh materials aids in breathability.


·         The structure is known to be a little wobbly.

gabrylly mesh chair with lumba support

8. Humanscale Freedom Task Swivel

Remote and office workers looking for a black ergonomic mesh chair with headrest features should look no further than the Humanscale Freedom. It’s designed with cutting-edge technology and a sleek design that not only looks great but feels great, too. This ergonomic superiority is created from the inclusions of devices that work with the user's body weight and physics. The black office chair with headrest inclusions is equipped with an independently-adjustable seat, along with an adjustable armrest. This is included to promote better ergonomics. 


·         The seat and armrest are completely adjustable.

·         The sleek design holds the ability to fit into most workspaces.


·         The headrest isn’t included in the design and needs to be purchased separately.

Humanscale freedom task swivel

9. Modway Articulate Black Computer Chair with Headrest

The support offered from the mesh material inclusion in the structure’s design, the ability to completely adjust the seat’s height and armrests offers an effective ergonomic device. This black office chair with headrest features also works against back pain while providing neck and shoulder support. The elements included in the black office chair's design aid in improving the worker’s overall posture and good back health, which helps alleviate back pain.


·         The design is adjustable.

·         Mesh is included, which maximizes comfort.


·         The headrest needs to be purchased separately.

10. All33 BackStrong C1 Chair

Your posture is instantly corrected due to the devices provided with the lumbar curve support system incorporated in the design of this black office chair with headrest features. This lumbar curve system offers the remote or office worker with instant relief on crucial pressure points that can be found throughout the shoulders, back, and neck regions. The Sit-in-Motion technology that’s incorporated into the chair holds the ability to cradle your lower back. Moreover, this stimulates circulation while reducing discomfort.


·         The base and frame are incredibly stable.

·         The seat height and armrests are adjustable.


·         The headrest isn’t included and needs to be purchased separately.

All33 backstrong c1 chair

11. Embody Black Ergonomic Mesh Chair by Herman Miller

This ergonomic mesh chair with headrest features is seen as one of the best and is perfect for remote workers and office workers who aren’t looking for a budget-friendly option and have a little extra money to spend. The Embody office chair is designed with a health-positive device and technology. The main objective of this when designing this chair was to support good blood flow and circulation, along with making the extended sitting of workers easier on the shoulders, neck, spine, and back.


·         High-density foam is used that offers a molding feature to the user’s own body shape.

·         Comfortability is offered.


·         It isn’t a budget-friendly option.

Embody black ergonomic mesh chair by herman

12. Steelcase Gesture Black Chair with Headrest Features

This ergonomic chair headrest device is designed with some of the best ergonomic technology. The chair's design can accommodate a vast array of different body sizes and natural body positions. This supporting system can also alleviate the pressure placed on the shoulders and protect the neck and back. Liveback technology is used as a means to automatically adjust your body while mimicking the natural curvature of your neck and spine. 


·         Liveback technology provides adjustments instantly.

·         Extreme comfort is provided.


·         The structure isn’t very stable.

steelcase gesture black chair with headrest features

13. Haworth Zody

The design of this ergonomic chair headrest device places a large emphasis on the functionality instead of the form. Nonetheless, the appearance is far from unattractive. However, the chair's main focus is on ergonomics and science. This sets it apart from other office chairs. It's equipped to promote correct ergonomics and target the problem areas such as the lower back. The design of the chair allows the structure to follow the spine's natural curvature. This is due to the simple pad that promotes the spine's natural curvature.  


·         Exceptional back support is offered.

·         The mesh material enhances airflow.


·         The chair isn’t budget-friendly.

14. Secretlab Omega Black Gaming Chair

The Secretlab Omega black office chair with headrest features provides you with the capability to sit all day without suffering the effects of sitting for too long. This black office chair with headrest elements is equipped with exceptional customization. This includes height settings, a range of reclining, rock backing features, and more. These features promote this black office chair’s function of being incredibly versatile. However, one major element that may stop you from purchasing this black office chair is the high price tag.

It isn’t very budget-friendly. However, the additional features and comfort offered are well worth the initial cost of the chair. It's designed with a memory foam attachable headrest and lumbar cushion. This provides extra comfort while alleviating the additional stress on your shoulders and back caused by sitting for extended periods.


·         The design of the black office chair with headrest features offer extensive adjustability and user customization.

·         It’s equipped with an extensive range of styles to fit with the design of your workstation perfectly.

·         Exceptional comfort is offered with the inclusion of memory foam.


·         No breathable materials are incorporated into the black office chair with headrest. 

Secretlab omega black gaming chair

15. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

One of the most prominent features of this black office chair with headrest features is the incorporation of LiveBack technology in the chair’s design. This provides that the chair follows the shape of your back's curvature. Incorporating this feature offers the remote or office worker with essential support and comfortability while sitting. This provides you with the ability to sit for more extended periods comfortably. 


·         It holds the ability to tilt back.

·         It’s equipped with adjustable seat height and arms.

·         Back strain is reduced while sitting with the inclusion of LiveBack technology.


·         Heavy-duty plastic is used for the base. Thus, it isn’t as durable as other options available on the market.

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