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Best Electric Standing Desk Converter Options in 2024 (Top 15)
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Best Electric Standing Desk Converter Options in 2024 (Top 15)

|Dec 26, 2021

An electric standing desk converter is the perfect addition to your office space if you already have a standard disk and you are not willing to replace it with a fully adjustable standing desk.  

First, you must be commended for taking the step to look out for your health and potentially improve your functionality and productivity in your workspace. So, why not get into the meat of the matter? 

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

You could say that a standing desk converter is one of the biggest standing desk hacks of all time. Why is this? Well, it allows you to get the benefits of a solid adjustable standing desk without having to buy one. 

Simply rest it atop your existing desk, and your peripherals and screens are made to sit on it. So, while your workspace table maintains its height, the converter can be adjusted vertically, raising all the elements on your workstation too. 

The intention is that at the lowest height, you should be able to sit and work, while you can adjust your workstation upwards for your standing needs. The benefit here is that you get to engage in sit-stand sessions that are more typical of using a standing desk

This is essential as the human body is made for movement, as opposed to continuous sitting, or standing. If nothing else, you find that a converter is going to save you some money when compared to a fully adjustable standing desk. 

Do note, however, that there are exceptions to this rule, as even a few of the converters on this list have a price tag akin to or even higher than some very well-designed adjustable desks. 

Types of Standing Desk Converters

Types of Standing Desk Converters

Some people divide these electric desk lift options into about four different categories, but two of these represent the frame styles, as opposed to the adjusting mechanism. Therefore, manual, and electric converters are the only two types to speak of. What makes the difference between the two? 


A manual standing desk converter is exactly what it sounds like. There is no underlying motor or automated mechanism to adjust the height of the desk upon request. Instead, it provides the facilities for you to make the adjustments on your own, which you do when you want to alternate between seated and standing positions. 

In most cases, there is a lever, button, or another mechanism that you must hold to release the converter from its locked position. Usually, once you do so, the unit starts to raise. If you want to lower it, you must put force to stop it while holding the mechanism.  

You can imagine it in the same manner you would with a height adjustment with a typical office chair. Holding the lever with no resistance raises the chair by default. Putting weight on it while holding the lever lowers the chair. 


electric standing desk converter

An electric desk riser, on the other hand, does not require any form of manual adjustment. There is usually a button that you press or hold, though levers or other mechanisms may exist too. 

A motor is built into an automatic desk riser, which allows it to move on its own. Some converters even have built-in memory presets, allowing you to effortlessly return to heights that you liked.

When built optimally, a motorized desk riser should go through required adjustments both smoothly and quietly 

Now, it's time to look at the electric monitor riser units available. This list is not exhaustive, but it provides you with 15 of the best designs you can get today. 

Top 15 Electric Standing Desk Converters

1. Autonomous Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Autonomous Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

The Mount-It! motorized desk converter is the definitive experience, as far as these units are concerned. The high level of ergonomic comfort makes for a more relaxing and productive workspace.  

Adjustability features include 360-degree screen rotation and 45-degree screen tilt in either direction. Of course, there is the adjustable height that is typical of a riser. 

A tablet or a smartphone slot is included, as is built-in cable management functionality. The icing on the cake is a 10-year warranty! 

2. Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter

Leband starts things off with one of the most affordable options being reviewed today. Unlike a lot of other motorized desk riser designs, it has a few quality-of-life additions that go beyond the core functionality. 

These include child lock, memory presets, and charging via wireless or USB alternatives. It's not the biggest converter in the world but should work well for small to medium equipment loads. 

Based on its composition and color availability, you should be able to easily slot it into a minimalist desk setup if that's what you have. Note, however, that the motor is not the most powerful, so adjustments are not very quick. 

3. Apex Desk ZT Series

Apex Desk ZT Series electric standing desk converter

The visual here is incredibly impressive, thanks to the dark wood design. The value for money is on high display here, as you are getting a sturdy and functional design for a relatively cheap figure. 

The rising mechanism operates completely vertically, taking away that annoying feature where converters protrude towards you as they're going upwards. Other appreciated features include the X-design design, slide-away keyboard tray, and USB charging. 

4. Flexispot EM7

The size here is incredibly deceptive, as you’d probably believe that the best you can do is one screen and a laptop. Only in using the Flexispot M7 do you realize that it can accommodate two traditionally sized screens incredibly well. 

The electric standing desk converter also features a large ergonomic keyboard tray and a butter-smooth lifting motion. The base has a surprisingly small footprint, meaning the amount of space it consumes on your desk is nothing to write home about. 

5. Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter

Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter

Uplift takes the next spot on the list, and there is more usable space here than you likely know what to do with. There are the typical keyboard tray and desk space, both of which are respectively large. 

However, there is a screen mounting mechanism included too, so none of the tabletop space has to be used to hold a screen. Instead, you can have it accommodate your office desk accessories

6. Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter

This electric desk riser is probably the physical manifestation of value for money. While it doesn't have the lowest price tag ever, it remains on the affordable side of the spectrum and is amazing for what it offers. 

The motorized mechanism is incredibly smooth and quiet, maintaining its power even under workloads that approach its weight limit. The work surface is respectable, and things are made to look very neat, considering it hides its electronics underneath itself very well. 

Added convenience is present in the form of a holder for your phone and tablet, as well as a built-in USB charger. 

7. Mount-it! Triple Electric Standing Desk Converter

Mount-it! Electric Standing Desk Converter

You are getting a converter that sits in a bit of a strange position here. It's not particularly bad at anything, but it doesn't exactly highly excel at anything either. The best way to describe it would be as a bit of an all-rounder. 

It looks decent and offers decent space too. The lifting mechanism is respectable, as is the build quality. The price tag is not the lowest but remains in affordable territory. 

So, you are not necessarily going to be disappointed by this model. It's just that there isn't much that makes it stand out. 

8. G-pack Pro Electric Standing Desk Converter

While not as large as the previous entry, G-Pack also designed a converter that can comfortably hold two screens. The price lies in an affordable region, especially for the kind of design that you are getting. 

Like the tabletop, the peripheral tray offers more space than you know what to do with. All this is complemented by a very quiet lifting mechanism that maintains the unit's stability.

9. Flexpro Power Corner Electric Standing Desk Converter

Flexpro Power Corner Electric Standing Desk Converter

Sizing is undoubtedly the most outstanding feature that you are getting with this design. It has a 40-inch desktop surface area, suitable for two screens and a lot more items. The peripheral tray is also quite generously sized, able to accommodate additional accessories if you so desire. 

The adjustment mechanism makes for very smooth movement, and its weight capacity is very respectable. While you can use it on your standard unit, it's best suited to corner desks. 

10. Stand Steady Techtonic Converter

One of the challenges commonly associated with an electric standing desk converter is its inability to support multiple screens effectively. While some can handle two screens, you would be hard-pressed to find one that effectively handles three. 

Meet the Stand Steady Techtonic Converter that features a triple monitor mounting area. Unfortunately, this comes with quite a high price tag. It's also multi-layered, giving you all the space you need to store your office accessories

11. Versadesk Power Pro Plus Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Plus Standing Desk Converter

Here's a fun fact for you. Versadesk was the first manufacturer to create an electric monitor riser unit. Today, you can see the result of all the innovation that has come since that time. How can you question a converter that offers you a lifetime warranty? Clearly, the manufacturer heavily stands behind its design. 

The weight capacity goes up to 80 pounds and the surface is highly scratch resistant. If there were one letdown, it would be the lack of a dedicated space for your phone or tablet, especially considering the less than affordable price tag. 

12. Varidesk Pro Plus Electric Standing Desk Converter

You would be forgiven for being slightly confused given the name of this unit and the one above. However, Varidesk has made its name in the office furniture world, with a couple of respectable standing desk units under its belt. 

You would be hard-pressed to find another electric desk lift that beats this one in its price category. It fits multiple monitors quite comfortably, and its adjustment mechanism is very quiet and highly functional. 

The Varidesk PowerHub is also included, which makes device charging and cable management highly convenient. 

13. Electric Kangaroo Desktop Riser

Electric Kangaroo Desktop Riser

The name of this one may cause a slight laugh, but this is a very serious and very strong contender for the best automatic desk riser. Its price tag is certainly on the more expensive side of the spectrum, which is very understandable, considering the quality you get. 

The motor is quite heavy-duty, and you can put a staggering 150 pounds atop it. Additionally, there is a host of adjustability and ergonomic support present. It is hard to get over the sheer sturdiness of this electric monitor riser. 

14. Winston-E Desktop Riser

Tremendous build quality and high adjustability are two descriptive terms that hit the nail on the head where this Winston-E design is concerned. It features a columnar style and has the distinction of being able to support three monitors. 

Its high adjustment range, cable management, and all-around durability set it apart from many others. The only drawback is that it is obscenely expensive, with a price tag that exceeds $1,000. 

15. Vivo Electric Standing Desk Converter

Vivo Electric Standing Desk Converter

People may be surprised that this Vivo unit that features a relatively affordable price tag managed to snag second place. However, even at its low price, it combines many of the elements that make for a superb electric standing desk converter. 

The size is one of the first, as you can accommodate two screens atop it. It also has a generous peripheral tray, allowing you to maintain a comfortable workspace. You are also getting a built-in USB port and a tablet/phone tray.  

The only challenges are the slightly tedious assembly process, and that the motor is not the quietest on the list.

Final Remarks

There are many options available if you are interested in a modern standing desk. However, budgetary constraints or an unwillingness to replace your traditional unit may stop you from purchasing one. If so, then you can use an electric standing desk converter instead. 

The 15 options above are among the best on the market you can find. In most cases, they allow you to transform your existing table into a convenient and small standing desk.

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