Get Yourself a Great Modern Office Table With 15 Best Products in 2024
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Get Yourself a Great Modern Office Table With 15 Best Products in 2024

|Jul 6, 2022

When looking for the right modern office table, it’s not just about style and budget, but you also have to pay careful attention to comfort and ergonomics. After all, you are probably going to spend many hours sitting behind that desk while working. 

Blending great design features and functionality is common in every great modern office desk. However, what do you do when all the desks you come across seem like they would make a good modern work desk? Well, you take a look at the great options in this article of course! 

There are many great products at Autonomous if a modern home office desk is what you are after. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which of these 15 desks would be the perfect addition to your office. 

Should You Consider Having a Home Office?

Should You Consider Having a Home Office?

Working from home became very popular during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and thanks to some great technology developed during that time, it seems like it is here to stay. If you have a job that does not require you to be present on the job site, or for you to have regular contact with people, then there is no reason why you too can’t work from home. 

With a bit of contemporary office furniture, the right modern work desk, or a contemporary office table, you could set up a very nice workspace at home. Here are some of the major advantages of having a home office: 

  • No need to commute to work every day
  • You can work in a comfortable environment
  • The saved time can be spent with your family
  • Your work schedule will be a lot more flexible 

Essentials of a Home Office

Deciding to have a home office is the easy part. The difficult part is deciding how to set it up the right way. That is why we have compiled this small guide which contains all the essential modern home office ideas that you need to know. 

Find Space To Concentrate

When choosing the best place to create your workspace, look for the quieter parts of the house. Some areas, like the dining room or kitchen, may seem like a good idea at first, but they do tend to get busy and noisy. Rather go for one of the bedrooms, the study, or a backroom, if you have one. 

Be Creative

Be Creative modern office table

Remember that the room you choose was not originally designed to be an office, so you will need to get a bit creative when trying to fit, for example, a modern home office desk in one corner of the bedroom. Move things around and create the space you need without disrupting the original purpose of the room. 

Keep It Professional

If you want to be able to be productive in your home office, then you have to keep it professional. You will be able to get more work done on a modern work desk than you would while working from the kitchen table. When you find the right space, try adding a good modern L-shaped desk to give it that office feel. 

Add a Bit of Tech

Add a Bit of Tech

The latest technology works just as well at home as it does in the office. To get your work done, you will still need the bare essentials, such as a computer, internet connection, proper lighting, and even air conditioning if the room doesn't have it already. Autonomous has a great selection of products on its modern home office ideas webpage. 

What Is Better, a Regular Desk or a Standing Desk?

One of the latest developments in office ergonomics is the introduction of a standing desk. However, a lot of people who are used to a more contemporary office table are not totally convinced about its merits. 

There are advantages to both of these choices that are worth considering, such as: 

Pros of a Contemporary Office Table

  • Has the best-looking designs
  • Better storage in terms of drawers and cupboards
  • Provides a more authentic office look 

Pros of a Standing Desk

  • Better for your health in terms of posture
  • Usually comes with advanced technology, such as charging ports
  • Is the latest trend for a modern office desk 

15 Modern Office Table Ideas To Consider

Out of the multitude of modern work desk options that are available, we have narrowed down the search, based on design, functionality, durability, and cost. That is how we came up with the following 15 desks to choose from: 

1. Autonomous Desk Connect Pro

Autonomous Desk Connect Pro modern office table

The first name on our list is probably one of the most technologically advanced desks you will come across. With all the latest features, such as a great app for controlling various functions, and a schedule for standing and sitting, the Autonomous Desk Connect Pro is a must-have for any home office. 

It is easily height adjustable, thanks to the upgraded and advanced dual motor. If you are concerned about load-bearing capacity, then do not worry, because this modern office desk can hold up to 310 lbs. It is available from Autonomous with a seven-year warranty.

2. Wistopht Compact Desk With Wireless Charger

One of the leaders in ergonomically designed office furniture, Wistopht brings you one of its latest creations, the Wistopht Compact Desk With Wireless Charger. This unique blend of style and functionality has everything you could ever want in a modern office table. It has a beautiful tempered glass table top, complete with an array of digital displays and controls.

In terms of special features, this desk has a power outlet and a built-in wireless charger to keep your gadgets running smoothly. It also has a quick installation process and embedded drawers for extra storage.

3. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) modern office table

If you are looking for a modern work desk that is both well-designed, and durable, then try out the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous. With its solid steel frame, there aren't many stronger desks available on the market. 

This home office standing desk has all the latest features that will help you get the most out of your work schedule. The height is easily adjustable, so whenever you feel like you have been sitting for too long, with just the press of a button you can turn it into a standing desk.

4. Standing Desk by Mount-it!: Sustainable Melamine

Environmentally-conscious customers love the Standing Desk by Mount-It!, thanks to its sustainable melamine table top. It manages to provide all the functions you need in a good adjustable standing desk while maintaining a very low impact on the environment. It is a medium-sized desk, meaning if you are worried about not having enough space, this is a good option to try out.

5. Rolling Computer Work Station by Mount-It!

Rolling Computer Work Station by Mount-It!

If you are working with very limited space, with hardly any room to put a desk and some office furniture, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a functional home office for yourself. There are other options, such as the Rolling Computer Work Station by Mount-it! that you can choose. Even though it is small, it still has enough space for your computer monitor and a few other gadgets as well.

6. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Usually, to save space you have to find a quiet corner of the room to set up your office in, and a Autonomous Desk Expanse is a good option. With its L-shaped design, this modern home office desk will not interfere with the rest of the room while giving you ample space to work.

7. IKEA Skarsta

IKEA Skarsta modern office table

Simplicity is not always a bad thing, because it could mean getting a desk with all the necessary attributes you need, but at a much cheaper price. That is certainly the case with the IKEA Skarsta modern office desk. It is well worth considering if you are working on a tight budget. Like all IKEA products, this modern office table is very easy to install and comes with an easy-to-follow guide so that you will have it up and ready in no time. 

8. Mainstays Side Storage Desk

Looking at the Side Storage desk from Mainstays, you would immediately think that it is likely to be expensive. However, the surprising thing is that despite its great looks and quality material, this is actually a very affordable modern office desk that would not strain a modest budget. 

9. Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

Despite what the name implies, this is so much more than just a computer desk. The Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk would look good in the corner of your living room and can act as just another piece of furniture when you are not using it for work. 

10. Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

If the style of your room demands that you should have a white modern desk, then take a look at the Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series. It will be just the right piece of furniture you need to blend in with the rest of the room, and you can also get it at an affordable price. 

11. Touraco Writing Desk

Touraco Writing Desk

Your workspace doesn't have to be bland just because you need to get some serious work done. With the Touraco Writing Desk, you can still be as productive as you want, while staying true to your sense of style, thanks to its beautiful design. It also has a surprising amount of storage for such a small desk. 

12. Phoenix Rustic Wood Work Table

This is the perfect modern office table if you want a totally unique design. The Phoenix Rustic Wood Work Table will definitely catch the eye of anyone who walks into your room. It is a desk designed to be the centerpiece of an office, and it does this job very well. Graphic designers and technical drawers should definitely consider this option.

13. Elle Décor Dani Writing Desk

Elle Décor Dani Writing Desk

There is something breathtaking and lovely about the way the sleek Elle Décor Dani Writing Desk has been designed. In terms of size, it is definitely on the smaller side, but it nevertheless manages to make its presence felt. The small frame hides a surprisingly ample amount of storage while managing to fit in small spaces. 

14. Homfa Bamboo Laptop Desk

You will find it very difficult to find any proper modern office table that will be better suited for very small spaces than the Homfa Bamboo Laptop Desk. This is by far the smallest contemporary office desk we have on this list. 

While it has no storage options to speak of, it makes up for this by being very portable and ultra-small. This means you can easily pick it up and choose a different part of the house to work in. It is height adjustable too, making it a good option for those looking for an ergonomically designed modern work desk. 

15. Buck Office Desk by Acme Furniture

Buck Office Desk by Acme Furniture

In terms of a contemporary office table, there is no better option than the Buck Office Desk by Acme Furniture. It is one of the best-looking desks on this list. The little bit extra you will need to pay is worth it considering the style and design. This is a modern office table that would be at home in any business executive's office. 

The durable stainless steel is complemented by the beautiful glass top which adds a little bit of class to the overall look. As a bonus, this modern office desk comes with plenty of storage too. 



Whether you need some new furniture at work, or you are thinking of setting up a home office, you are sure to find something perfect for your needs in this article. 

From small desks that will fit almost anywhere, to big beautifully designed contemporary tables that will catch the eye, Autonomous has them all. If you are worried about spending long hours sitting behind a desk, there are some height-adjustable options as well that will solve that problem.

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