15 Best Crank Standing Desks for 2024
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15 Best Crank Standing Desks for 2024

|Apr 18, 2022

Sit-to-stand desks are popular right now for a good reason. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer causes a lot of damage to the body, which simple gestures of standing up can eliminate. Standing up between work hours has proven to burn some calories and reduce aches and pains. 

Moreover, standing periodically during the day allows the brain to acquire the oxygen and blood to keep you focused and productive throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want to experience such benefits? The best way to benefit from standing desks is to know how to transition from sitting to standing. You’ll be able to get the best from both worlds without overdoing it. 

Standing desks are curated in different ways, from hand crank standing desks, height-adjustable desks, and electrical sit-to-stand desks. Let’s narrow down the options and outline the best crank sit-stand desk for you. 

What Are Crank Standing Desks?

What Are Crank Standing Desks?

Crank standing desks are manually operated. You’ll be able to adjust the height of a desk by turning the crank. It takes at most 38 turns to change the desk from sit to stand position. Users need first to figure out the best position that works for them. Take note of the number of turns; you’ll need to reach there to avoid the frustrations of constantly searching for the optimal height. 

A manual standing desk is not susceptible to electrical faults or other technical issues. The crane can fail but can easily be fixed. Moreover, they are simple and less expensive. This is a suitable option for active living as it's physically demanding. Yes! You can do some basic exercises with any standing desk, but hand crank standing desks require more effort while twisting the hand crank. 

Electric Vs. Crank Standing Desks

Electric Vs. Crank Standing Desks

The two types are more similar to each other than different, sparking many electric vs. crank standing desk debates to determine which type is superior. An electric Standing desk is a type that can be raised or lowered with a press of a button. This desk style works with precision motor drives and lacks a hand crank. 

On the other hand, a stand up crank desk is a manually operated workstation that needs a user to adjust the desk's height with a hand crank physically. However, it can be intimidating for the weak since you have to use some muscle power. They’re also referred to as a manual frame. The good thing about it is that twisting the hand crank is a calorie-burning workout. It’s easily fixed when the hand crank fails to work. Check out ways to resolve manual standing desks that are not operating properly. 

Both frames are made to specifically support standing desks. They work effortlessly to ensure users can adjust the desk height on the go. This versatility provides a massive advantage over traditional desks which makes these desks favorable. 

The Best Hand Crank Desks in 2022

Are you thinking of a crank sit-stand desk to buy? With many options on the market to choose from, it can be a little bit confusing. We’ve made the work easier for you by listing some of the best ergonomic desks to go for. Here’s a list of the 15 best cranks adjustable height to opt for in 2022, plus their unique features. 

1. Mount-It! Crank Standing Desks

Mount-It! Crank Standing Desks

It is an economical but still ergonomic desk. It's a maintenance-free-standing option suitable for schools, offices, and other working environments. The manually adjustable height frame is easy to operate. Overall, the Mount-It! Crank Standing desk has a hand crank that allows the user to adjust the height up to 30-50 feet. This gives you the flexibility to sit and stand as you deem fit. 

2. Atlantic Crank Adjustable Height Desk

The ergonomic desk can easily adjust your workstation height to your preference. It allows you to burn calories, improving your health and mood. This table is supported by a heavily-gauged tubular steel frame. 

The crank stand-up desk offers a wide surface area to work. This desk’s hand crank can work on either side. Atlantic crank adjustable height desk laminate steel sheet makes cleaning easy. 

3. ErgoMax Height Adjustable Crank Desk Frame

ErgoMax Height Adjustable Crank Desk Frame

The desk has a removable hand crank for easy and quick adjustments in a few seconds. ErgoMax height adjustable crank desk frame has a maximum height of 48 feet and a minimum height of 28 feet. Its length is also adjustable to a full length of 50 inches and a minimum length of 32 inches plus a load of 154 LBS. 

4. Adjustable Gaming Desk with Raised Monitor Shelf

This crank adjustable height desk has a durable design with solid metal legs with a wood desktop to give it a reliable strength. It has a wide surface area for work that can accommodate two monitors, which is excellent for expanded workspace or for that thrill factor while gaming. The hand crank is inbuilt, so you can lower or raise the desk when needed. 

5. Balee Mobile Laptop Standing Table

Balee Mobile Laptop Standing Table

It’s an excellent desk that can easily help you get work done on your bed. The desk has a filet design to avoid desktop collisions. A high-speed crank allows you to adjust its height to your favorite sitting or standing position. Moreover, it has a four-track chute that acts as a protective cover and a rolling wheel on the table to move to wherever you want. 

6. FlexiSpot Crank Standing Desk H1

The desk has a foldable, easy-crank design with 29-48.6 feet. This manual desk does not use electricity and is heavy-duty, ensuring durability. FlexiSpot crank standing desk H1 has an easy, smooth surface and an easy crank to effect a smooth transition from sitting to standing. 

7. TranzenDesk 55 Inches Manual Standing Desk

TranzenDesk 55 Inches Manual Standing Desk

This is another excellent option to go for when looking for an office standing desk. It has a sleek design and all the features you need for your workstation. The desktop is made from particleboard and measures up to 55 inches, which allows you to put up to three monitors. 

Just like other standing desks, the frame is sturdy from industrial-grade steel. The height is set at 27.5 to 46 inches with the hand crank mechanism. It's only setback is that the desk does not have enough storage space or desk hooks. 

8. Unique L Shaped Manual Standing Desk

If you’re looking for an extra-large working station, then the Unicoo L Shaped Manual Standing desk is the best option. The worktop is finished with a trendy wooden design, which is scratch and waterproof resistant. You’ll adjust the height of the table with a hand crank between 27.5 to 45.3 inches. 

Its frame is made from industrial steel grade, ensuring a maximum weight of 175IBS. Moreover, the desk has adjustable foot leveling pads to ensure the table doesn’t wobble. 

9. Sdadi Hand Crank Manual Standing Desk

Sdadi Hand Crank Manual Standing Desk

Office owners looking for value for money must go for Sdadi Hand Crank Manual Standing Desk. This table features a smaller wood desktop but, overall, has a sturdy frame and is affordable. Its woodwork surface is made of particleboard finish with a powder coating that ensures the table is waterproof and scratch-resistant. 

Structurally, they are remarkable for their price tag; their frame is made from alloy steel with an ideal maximum weight of 250 IBS. The good thing about them is that the hand crank can be installed in different spots on the table depending if you're left or right-handed. It does not, however, have any other additional features. 

10. Win Up Time 48 Inches Manual Standing Desk

Next on the list of 15 best crank standing desks is the Win Up Time 48 Inches Manual standing desk. It comes with a light white desktop that pretty much matches the modern office décor. The work area is made in such a way that it's waterproof and scratch-resistant. 

This table measures 48 inches long and 24 inches wide, which is enough space to fill two large monitors. Moreover, users can adjust the height of the table from 26.5 to 45.5 inches high using the hand crank. The frame is made from industrial-grade steel that provides a maximum weight of 120 LBS to handle the workload.

Additional features that the table has include two wheels on the back legs of the desks, meaning it can be effortlessly moved in any direction by one person. The table is surprisingly affordable, bearing in mind the many features it has. 

11. Famisky Hand Crank Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk

Famisky Hand Crank Adjustable Height crank standing desk

Another stylish type you can go for is the Famisky Hand Crank Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk - Featuring a sturdy industrial-grade steel frame plus a stylish walnut worktop. It incorporates everything you need to work in a standing position. The walnut worktop has wood particle board finishing that ensures the surface is waterproof and scratch-resistant. 

It’s not as big as you expect, measuring 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. Even so, you can fit two monitors and a keyboard in the workspace. You’ll be able to adjust the table with a hand crank between 28 to 45 inches high, ensuring you transition from sitting to standing while you work adequately. 

The table also has a 360-degree caster wheel that ensures easy mobility. Additionally, it has table hooks that help users hang clothes and office equipment. It’s also affordable. 

12. CASART Two-Tier Sit to Stand Desk

This is another excellent option to opt for if you’re looking for a sit and stand table. The table has a comfortable foldable hand that is able to increase the height of the table to between 75cm to 113cm. Changing heights doesn’t produce any noise. The best part is that you can choose the area where you want to install the hand crank. 

In essence, this table definitely will boost a healthy working lifestyle of sitting and standing alternatively. It minimizes the pressure from your spine. Moreover, it has a raised shelf that gives extra space. Plus, the industrial-grade steel gives a capacity load of 65IBS. 

13. COSTWAY 2-Tier Height Adjustable

COSTWAY 2-Tier Height Adjustable crank standing desk

This table is more or less like the CASART Two-Tier Sit to Stand Desk. It has a foldable hand crank, which helps avoid bumping. Furthermore, the hand crank can be installed in any spot of the desk depending on your habits, whether you’re left or right-handed. This desk is spacious with an additional raised shelf. 

The MDF desktop, plus the steel frame make the table sturdy. It’s modern and stylish, which many remote workers are looking for. 

14. VIVO Height Adjustable 63 Inch Stand Up Desk

Go from sitting to standing effortlessly with an active turn of a hand crank. The table is another type that upholds a healthy working environment. It provides comfort in views and customized angles, plus user heights. Anyone trying to find a spacious workspace should have the VIVO Height Adjustable 63 Inch Stand Up Desk since it is a nice option to go for. 

You can easily fit various monitors and laptops set up, plus other important project features and office supplies. The adjustable height is between 29 to 48 inches high. Its frame is made from industrial-grade steel with a capacity of 132 IBS. 

15. VIVO Height Adjustable 55 Inch Stand Up Desk

VIVO Height Adjustable 55 Inch Stand Up Desk

Another excellent option from the best crank standing desk is the VIVO Height Adjustable 55 Inch Stand Up Desk. The crank stand desk provides amazing viewing angles and customized user height to improve productivity by increasing focus, energy levels, and mood. This desktop is large enough to accommodate various monitors and laptop setups. 

The VIVO Height Adjustable 55 Inch Stand Up Desk is a smaller version of the VIVO Height Adjustable 63 Inch Stand Up Desk, which enjoys a height adjustment of 27 to 46 inches high. With sturdy industrial-grade steel that supports 88 IBS. It’s backed with a three-year warranty. 

Bottom Line! 

These are some of the best crank adjustable height desks on the market. It’s important to consider a few factors that will allow you to find the right-hand crank standing desk that will adequately meet your needs. You’ll certainly be on your way to a healthy working routine.

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