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15 Best Home Office Desk for 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jan 15, 2021

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Choosing the best home office desk can be a challenge because there are so many options out there. When focused on buying work desks for home office use, you’ve got to think about the space you’ve got, where you want the furniture to go, and what accessories you might require to have a suitable home office workstation.

Many people want a modern home office desk so that it flows easily with the home’s décor and styling. You’ve also got to decide if you want a home office computer desk that allows you to stand and sit or if you’re going to need the space for other tasks, too. There are plenty of ideas and designs out there, but the best home office desk is ultimately the one that works for your needs.

1. SmartDesk DIY2 Kit from Autonomous

If you’ve already got a desk for home office use, and you want to make it height adjustable, the best option is the SmartDesk DIY Kit from Autonomous. You can create a height-adjustable home office workstation by using your own tabletop and attaching it to the motorized frame.

There are three different color and frame design options, and the price is quite affordable. You can choose the regular home office option or the L-shaped version. Plus, the leg width is adjustable so that you can choose the specifications that meet your needs best. This is ideal for people who want a modern home office desk and already have the top.

SmartDesk DIY2 Kit from Autonomous

2. SmartDesk 2 – Home Office from Autonomous

If you don’t already have a desk for home office use and don’t want to create one for yourself, you can always buy the SmartDesk 2 – Home Office from Autonomous. It features a dual motor to lift up the entire top quickly. Still, it’s very quiet when it runs, so it isn’t going to interrupt you if you’re on the phone.

You can also choose between the XL top or classic version. The difference in length is about 20 inches, and it’s 1 inch wider, as well. This gives you plenty of space to spread out and get to work.

There are multiple colors and materials available. Those who want the classic style should consider natural bamboo for the top. It’s gorgeous and fits in with any décor.

SmartDesk 2 – Home Office from Autonomous

3. L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

Are you going to put your home office computer desk in the corner? It’s a great choice because it keeps the rest of the area free for other purposes. Plus, it gives you tons of space with two different tables that come together in the middle.

The best home office desk could be the L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous. There is more to lift, so it features a triple motor system, which holds 330 pounds and is nearly silent while it operates. This modern home office desk comes in two colors, and it’s made using MDF wood. This is durable and strong enough to withstand years of use.

L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

4. CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk

If you want the best home office desk, the CubiCubi Home Office Computer Desk might be ideal. This handsome desk has a black-and-brown wood façade that’s eye-catching, to say the least. Plus, you can hold two laptops on it, as well as various accessories. Add a lamp, some books, and your favorite beverage.

There are double cubbies on the right to hold your items, such as folders and paper. You can even store the printer there if you need it. This small and compact home office workstation pairs well with apartment dwellers.

5. Wade Logan Callendale Glass Desk

Those who want a modern home cheap office desk are sure to appreciate the Callendale Glass Desk from Wade Logan. It’s actually a mid-century styling, but the glass top turns it into something contemporary and stylish for any room.

It’s minimalistic, to say the least, but there is a single open cubby to the right. That way, you can store things that you don’t need right then. The hairpin metal legs give it the appearance of floating. This could be the best home office desk for people without children. Remember, the glass top can get smudged or broken easily, so think long and hard before making the choice to buy it.

Wade Logan Callendale Glass Desk

6. Vivo Manual Standup Desk

You need a home office computer desk, and you want something that’s height-adjustable. Most people go with motorized desks because they’re easier to use and silent for the most part. However, if that’s not in the budget or you want to see if a standing desk is right for you, the Vivo Manual Standup Desk might be worth considering.

The hand crank sits to the side of this modern home office desk, and you’ve got to put in some work to raise and lower it. However, it’s the same size as other desks, so it’s bound to fit in your space.

7. YIJIN Computer Gaming Desk

Many people don’t work remotely all the time and may only be doing it for a few months or periodically throughout the year. If you also play computer games, the best home office desk could be the one from YIJIN. It’s got plenty of features that you don’t find from other work desks for home office use.

For example, the cup holder and the headset hook allow you to work and play from the same area with ease. Everyone wants a convenient and safe place to put their drink. Plus, you may need a headset for work purposes, too. You’re going to appreciate the Z-shape of the desk, which focuses on ergonomics and adds stability.

YIJIN Computer Gaming Desk

8. CubiCubi L-Shaped Desk

The best home office desk could be the L-Shaped Desk from CubiCubi. Those who need tons of space are going to appreciate that there are two tiers on one side. This gives you extra storage space for CDs, books, and trinkets. You can also hold your laptop and two monitors while positioning everything the way you want it to be.

It’s highly durable and inexpensive. Plus, it’s sturdy because of the many legs and crossbars along the frame. You’re going to find a lot of ways to customize this home office workstation to meet your needs. Get your work area organized so that you’re more productive.

CubiCubi L-Shaped Desk

9. Haotian FWT18-W Drop-Leaf Table Desk

If you’re interested in a desk for home office use and don’t have the space for it, consider a floating desk like the one from Haotian. It’s wall-mounted, so it saves floor space. You can place it at the height to stand or sit, though you can’t adjust these features later without removing it completely from the wall.

It’s a smaller desk setup, so it might not hold a desktop. However, it’s sure to fit your regular laptop. There’s also plenty of storage space with cubbies all around, so you can make it fit your needs. For some people, the keyboard can go at the bottom with the monitor at the top. That way, it’s suitable for extended use.

There’s even a cubby space underneath the base, which means you can put books and other necessities there.

10. Marisol Rattan Desk from Urban Outfitters

Some people think that the best home office desk is a simple one. Urban Outfitters has the Marisol Rattan Desk, which has a unique design. It looks somewhat like a picnic basket with the woven structure. However, there isn’t a lot of storage space. Though we’re sure it’s durable, it doesn’t look like it could hold a desktop computer. Still, if you only use a laptop, this could be the right choice for you.

In fact, it might work best for people who work out of their bedrooms, such as teens or those in a dorm room.

Marisol Rattan Desk from Urban Outfitters

11. Writing Desk from Wayfair

If you want a home office computer desk that has an industrial aesthetic, the Wayfair Writing Desk is the right choice. This desk features a warehouse-style vibe with the dark gray frame and the net-style crossbar along the back.

From the way it looks, it’s sure to hold a desktop computer, but there’s also plenty of room for books and other knick-knacks. You could even put a small plant on there to help with productivity and add a touch of green to the scene. However, it doesn’t feature storage options, so you may want to get a filing cabinet and other furniture to pair with the desk.

12. Anthropologie Optical Inlay Desk

No one wants boring, and with the Anthropologie Optical Inlay Desk, it’s anything but drab. You can add fun to the home office setup with this desk. The patterned workstation is intricate and gorgeous, but it’s also functional. That way, you can add some color and pop to the area. You’ve got two big drawers on each side for organization. Plus, it’s durable enough to hold a desktop computer.

This home office computer desk sits quite low, so it might not be ideal for tall people. However, it’s a great conversation piece that you’re sure to appreciate in your house.

Anthropologie Optical Inlay Desk

13. Cubiker Computer Desk

Sometimes, the best home office desk is basic and simple. The one from Cubiker is affordable and stylish. You can see the black metal legs, but the tabletop comes in a few different colors. There are multiple sizes available, so you can choose the one that fits in your home office workstation.

It is bound to hold a keyboard, laptop/desktop, second monitor, pens/paper, lamps, and everything else you require for your workday. Though there aren’t any drawers, the small fabric box attaches to the edge and helps to keep the space organized.

14. Nathan James Theo Industrial Ladder Desk

Is your home so small that there’s just no room at all for a home office? Some people aren’t graced with tons of space, so it’s easy to think that work desks for home office areas can’t happen for you.

However, the bookshelf desk from Nathan James Theo is the answer to your problems. This is the best home office desk for people with virtually no space in their home. The ladder-style desk uses two metal posts, which attach to the wall to keep it upright and safe. There’s the primary working surface, but you also have two shelves. Most people can find enough room on the wall to hang it, making it ideal for compact areas.

Nathan James Theo Industrial Ladder Desk

15. Green Forest Folding Desk

You may only work from home a few days a week or only have to work a couple of hours each day. If you don’t have the space to keep a desk for the home office out all the time, consider the Folding Desk from Green Forest. The X-frame legs allow it to fold completely flat to make it easy to store. Plus, these legs also give it the stability and durability you need. At the back of the desk is a second tier, so you can store books or use it as a riser for the monitor. It isn’t very big, but it can be done in a pinch or for those who don’t work much from home.

Green Forest Folding Desk


As you can see, there are plenty of desks for home office use. Whether you’ve got a dedicated space or not, you can find the best home office desk for your needs. Ultimately, we patched together many different products. Some of them fold up and out, others float, and most of them aren’t height-adjustable.

That way, you can create the home office workstation that fits your lifestyle. While there are many choices, consider standing desks that allow you to sit and stand. If you already have a home office computer desk and are looking to upgrade, consider taking the top off of your current one and putting it on a standing desk frame kit from Autonomous.

Otherwise, you are going to find that the Autonomous brand offers plenty of office desk options that meet your needs. You can also buy all of the accessories you might require, such as a monitor arm or anti-fatigue mat. It’s possible to have a modern home office desk that looks great and fits in the space you’ve got!

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