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15 Best Home Office Desk for Two - Double Workstation

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 20, 2021

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Office workers need ergonomic items to improve their productivity and work performance. That’s because it helps them to feel better while working. Additionally, using ergonomic products avoid back pain and other physical health issues.  

Some office products help people address specific situations. One of those items is double desks! People buy home office desks for two when they need to cooperate with co-workers or when two people work in an office. Standing up from your workstation to ask something to your co-workers can be a nuisance for some people.  

Double desks allow you to work next to your co-worker. That makes everything easier for you and for the person who works with you. Yet, you need to choose the right type of office desk if you want to take advantage of the benefits these products offer. 

Dive into this page to know the 15 best home office desks for two! 

What Should I Consider When Looking for a Double Desk?

What Should I Consider

Before getting to know the best double desk on the market, you need to learn what to consider when looking for one. Each desk is different from the other, but all of them need to have some specific features to offer you the comfort and productivity increase we mentioned before.  

Apart from that, your personal taste is essential when deciding which desk to go for. However, it’s not easy to find the perfect desk for you if you don’t know what to look for when buying ergonomic products. We are here to help you, so here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for a 2 person home office desk for your workstation: 


Whether it’s a home office or an office building, you need to analyze how much space you have available in your workstation. Since home office desks for two are meant to be used by two people, they tend to be bigger than standard office products.  

Considering that, you should ask the company to give you the office desk size. Doing that allows you to compare it with your office’s space and see if the desk is a good fit for it.  



The main advantage these products offer you is how easy it is to communicate with your co-workers. If a home office desk for two doesn’t allow you to talk to your work partner, try to look for other options.  

That’s because a double office desk that doesn’t allow you to communicate with your co-workers is just a standard desk. There’s nothing wrong with standard desks, but they can’t help you as much as a double office desk can if you need to work close to your co-worker.  


As we mentioned before, a home office standing desk can help you increase your productivity and improve your work quality. That’s the reason many people who need to work for extended periods go for ergonomic products before standard or traditional office items.

The back support and posture correction these items can give you help you avoid all kinds of physical and mental health issues. Considering that, we recommend you get office desks with ergonomic features. 

Some of the functions you can look for in a double office desk are height adjustability and extra storage space. Yet, the most important feature an ergonomic standing desk can have is a decent range of height adjustments.  



Aesthetics are also important when choosing the best fit for your workspace. Having an appealing workstation helps you reduce stress and anxiety. That’s because it makes you like the place where you work, therefore making your brain more active while working. 

Most ergonomic products are available in different colors. Take all the time you need to choose the one you feel more comfortable with.


Double office desks and ergonomic items, in general, tend to be more expensive than standard office items. That doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself from buying them, but that you should look for items that fit your budget. 

There are many affordable 2 person home office desks on the market. Those products give you the essential features every home office desk for two should have. You may also need to save some money for other ergonomic items, so try looking for a budget-friendly office desk.  

What Are the 15 Best Home Office Double Desks?

Now that you know what to look for in a double office desk, it’s time to know the 15 best home office double desks. All the desks listed below offer you the essential features every home office desk for two should have. That being said, here are the 15 best home office desk ideas for two: 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core Duo


The overall best home office desk for two is the Autonomous SmartDesk Core Duo. This double desk by Autonomous is perfect for teams and partners that need to constantly communicate while working.  

Its dual motors allow you to lift 290lbs with no trouble. Apart from that, each desk has programmable keypads that allow you to save your favorite configurations for your desk. Naturally, this desk is height adjustable. 

If there's any problem after you get the 2 person home office desk, you can use its 7-year warranty, so don’t worry about that.  

2. DlandHome Double Computer Storage Desk

DlandHome Double Computer Storage Desk

If you are looking for a classy-looking desk for a wooden-made setup, then the DlandHome Double Computer Storage Desk may be the one for you. The best thing about this desk is its sturdiness and durability.  

With this desk, you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating or getting broken after a time. The DlandHome is a big 2 person home office desk, so consider that if you have a small workstation. 

3. Merax Home Office 2-Person Desk

Unlike the previous desk on this home office desk for two list, the Merax Home Office 2-Person Desk is better for small workstations. However, being a small desk doesn’t compromise the desk’s functions. This product allows you to work by the side of your work partner with no trouble. 

Storage space is one of this desk’s strong points. It allows you to store your working gear and office equipment. That makes it easier for you to save your office items to use later. 

4. Dominik Desk

Dominik Desk

Here is another home office desk idea for two.The Dominik Desk is the best option for you if you care about taking care of the environment. This eco-friendly desk is made with solid wood, and its steel base material makes it resistant and durable. You need to assemble this 2 person home office desk before using it. 

Regardless of that, assembling it allows you to customize the desk and make it perfect for your body characteristics.  

5. Latitude Run Double Workstation Computer Desk


Latitude Run has made several office desk designs. That includes 2-person office desks. This product expands your storage and therefore how many things you can use to work. The connection between the two desks makes it easy for you to talk to your work partner and work with them at all times. 

This home office desk for two is easy to assemble, so you don’t need to take a lot of time to adjust your desk before using it. 

6. SogesHome 2-Person Computer Desk

SogesHome 2-Person Computer Desk

This ergonomic product is sophisticated and elegant, so you can consider it if you want your workstation to look classy. This 2 person home office desk’s sides are connected by a big shelf, so you can talk to your co-worker while using that space to store books, files, and things of the sort.  

The SogesHome desk is not as big as others on this list. Go for this alternative if you want a sophisticated home office desk for two you can use in small workspaces.  

7. Burglind Computer Desk

Many people want a warm-looking double office desk for their home office desks. Wooden-made and beige-colored items are perfect for those kinds of setups. The Burgling Computer Desk is a computer desk for large monitor types and has underneath open shelves on each side of the desk. That means both co-workers have the same amount of space to store their equipment and working gear.  

This home office desk for two has free shipping for some places, so take that into account while analyzing the product’s price.  

8. HomCom Industrial Double-Sided Desk

HomCom Industrial Double-Sided Desk

The HomCom Industrial Double-Sided Desk has a modern style that makes it a worth-taking option for home offices and modern office buildings. Even though this desk has a compact design, it offers you a large working space that is enough for you to do anything you need.  

Its materials are durable. That’s because of its tough worktop and sturdy metal frame. The storage this home office desk for two offers you is ideal for people who use a lot of desk accessories while working.  

9. Costway Two Person Computer Desk

Costway Two Person Computer Desk

If you are looking for a budget-friendly desk for your home workstation, you may consider the Costway Two Person Computer Desk. This 2 person home office desk is also an L-shaped office desk, so it gives you enough space to work all day. The desk’s large desktop allows you to place computers, plants, and other things on it.  

10. Caben Desk

You may be amazed with this home office desk idea for two. Office workers and gamers tend to buy the same products for their workspaces and gaming rooms. That’s because both of them use computers for extended periods, so they need to take care of their physical health. The Caben desk is an excellent example of a desk gamers and office workers can go for.  

This desk is affordable and available in black, oak, and rustic colors. Choose the one that best fits your office’s aesthetic! 

11. Parent Desk

Parent Desk

Like the previous product on this list, the Parent Desk is available in different colors for you to choose which one you like better. This home office desk for two’s support legs are doubled, so it’s more stable than other options on this list. Combining this desk with a wireless charging lamp will make your workspace more elegant and modern.

Apart from that, the Parent Desk has rectangular shelves that also work as middle support, so you can place all the things you want in them.  

12. Waddington Desk

The Waddington Desk is different from others on this list because it’s made of three main pieces instead of two. Those main pieces are the two side-desks and a printer stand that connects them. Yet, that doesn’t limit how much you can communicate with your work partner.  

13. Willa Solid Wood Desk

Willa Solid Wood Desk

As its name suggests, the Willa Solid Wood Desk is made of wood. That means it is a good option for wooden setups. One of the best things about this home office desk for two is how flexible its design is. You can use it for many things and customize it to adapt to your body characteristics or goals.  

14. Fenella Desk

If you want to be as close as you can to your co-worker, then the Fenella Desk is the one for you. The Fenella Desk is not connected by a middle structure or something of the sort. That means nothing separates your working space from your partner’s.  

This desk’ legs also work as extra storage space, so you can use them to store anything you need to work or when taking an effective breaktime.  

15. Alrich Desk

Alrich Desk

Getting to the end of this list, we have the Alrich Desk. Being the last on the list doesn’t make it a bad option. The Alrich desk offers you everything you need on a home office desk for two, so there’s no need to worry about that.  

The Alrich desk has many shelves and a CPU bracket. Apart from that, its stable legs prevent it from losing balance or breaking after a time.  


As you could see, there are many different alternatives on the market when talking about double office desks for office buildings and home offices. Each one of them offers different benefits to office workers, so don’t hesitate to get one! 

Try to consider the things you learned while reading this article when you look for a home office desk for two or a standing desk. Remember that this can be an investment that may help you improve your work performance in the long run.

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