15 Best Office Board Games to Play with Your Coworkers
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15 Best Office Board Games to Play with Your Coworkers

|Feb 4, 2022

When you're looking for the best office board game, you probably need some inspiration to make sure your next game night is fantastic. If you want your employees to have fun, you should incorporate different alternatives, so here's a list with the top 15 options you could go for – from chess to charades and even Jenga, you can find anything you need! 

Why You Should Play Board Games with Your Coworkers 

Some people believe that playing or even talking to your coworkers is not important since you should only interact with them for work purposes. 

However, hosting game nights from time to time is one of the best ways for your team to bond. It lets employees get to know each other, laugh, be silly, and unwind for some time.

15 Best Office Board Games List 

There are many board games, and some of them might be the ideal option for your next game night. Take a look at the best 17 alternatives you could go for:  

1. Classic Chess by Mastermind 

Another coworker board game you should consider is, of course, Mastermind's Classic Chess, which is also available in the board game store online

Chess was cool way before The Queen's Gambit aired on Netflix, and along with backgammon, it's one of the most famous workplace board game options you could consider. The two players must battle each other to design the best strategy as they try to put the other player's king in an impossible-to-escape position.

15 Best Office Board Games List 

Although it sounds hard to believe, your workers can greatly benefit from playing chess, especially if you make a fun event out of it too. Since it's a game that solely relies on strategy, it can help them develop new ideas to win. 

2. Leather Domino by Mastermind

Having dominoes around your office is either a great idea to unwind on game night or a simple way to guarantee your workers get distracted from time to time. Maybe it's both. In any case, dominoes allow you to play a number of different games since they're very versatile, and if a single worker is bored, they can even build a line and watch all the pieces fall. 

With the Leather Domino by Mastermind, you can easily host a game night and put your workers against each other as they struggle to win the different games. Since you have so many options to choose from when playing dominoes, you can adapt the games you pick depending on how many workers you have, or simply on how fun you want the night to be!

Leather Domino by Mastermind

3. Mastermind's Trojan Horse Race 

The Trojan Horse Race is simply a different, more fun name for classic ludo. If you're looking for a game to play with coworkers, then it probably means you know about ludo already since it's one of the most famous board games as well. 

Ludo allows four players to move their pieces around a board depending on what they get when they throw the dice. It's not only fun to play – it's also immensely entertaining to watch when other people are playing too! 

With ludo, you can watch your coworkers’ competitive side grow as they struggle to get their pieces in the center of the board.

Mastermind's Trojan Horse Race 

4. Saigonopoly by Mastermind 

Mastermind also offers another fantastic coworker board game in its store – a more fun and innovative version of Monopoly called Saigonopoly! 

Buy and sell properties, get out of jail, and charge your coworkers for rent as you go around the board trying to be the master of the city. Saigonopoly by Mastermind is a fantastic board game for work as well, especially because it's long and many people can play it at once!

Best Office Board Game: Saigonopoly by Mastermind 

5. Maztermind Backgammon

Backgammon has been around for more than 5,000 years, and it's possibly one of the most famous board games to ever exist. Two players can enjoy it, and they must face each other while they compete to be the first to remove all the pieces from the board. 

Even though backgammon only allows two players to have fun at once, it can be a great addition to your game night if you're looking for a classic workplace board game. Your workers can take turns or you can organize it like an event, where winners have to go up against each other for the final prize.

Best Office Board Game: Maztermind Backgammon

6. Poker – Chip Set by Mastermind 

Poker is often the best office board game for game night. It's a great alternative because many workers can play it and it allows them to show their competitive side, but also to display how well they know each other. 

Mastermind offers a set of chips you can use to play poker, and they're high-quality items you won't want to miss if you want to host a fantastic game night.  

Remember – the best game nights are always the ones you plan with different options. You don't know what your coworkers might like, especially if it's the first time you organize it. Therefore, adding poker could be a great idea!

Poker is often the best office board game for game night.

7. Twister 

If you really want to see your coworkers loosen up and feel comfortable around each other, playing Twister is one of the best alternatives for game night. In many cases, it's the best office board game because it allows everyone to unwind and have fun for a while.  

During this board game for work, workers need to stand on top of the rug-like board and wait for one of their companions to shout where they have to place their limbs. In no time, you might see them all entangled with each other, and the first one to fall, loses! 

Twister is not only highly competitive but also a fantastic option to guarantee that everyone enjoys game night, whether they're playing or not. On many occasions, it's fun to watch others play, even if you don't join!

Playing Twister is one of the best alternatives for game night.

8. Apples to Apples 

If you want to challenge your coworkers to discern between different options, then apples to apples might be the best office board game to play with your team.  

In structure, it's very similar to cards against humanity. However, apples to apples is easier, and it allows your workers to choose specific cards depending on what the outcomes might be.

At the same time, it lets workers have a lot of fun, especially if there are a few people with a good sense of humor. Overall, it's a fun game to play with coworkers, so you should definitely schedule it out for your next game night! 

9. Charades 

This is another interesting workplace board game that helps you ease stress at work. Charades is another coworker board game classic for many people's game nights, and it can be yours' the highlight if your coworkers want to join. 

It's immensely simple – one of the employees puts a sign (it can even be a phone) in their forehead with a specific term, and the rest of the players must act for them to find out what it might be. 

Even though not everyone enjoys participating in charades, it's still a great option for those who don’t care about being loud or relaxing completely while they act. At the same time, you might even be impressed when you see who wants to join – some people are not as shy as they seem!

Charades is another coworker board game classic for many people's game nights

One of the best features of charades is that it's an immensely fun game. Therefore, it allows your coworkers to destress, unwind, and loosen up around each other. If you're looking for something that's bound to make them laugh, this is it.

10.  Scattergories 

This is another best office board game to make you relax at work. Although it's not as famous as charades, playing scattergories is also very fun. This workplace board game challenges players to improve their language skills as it requires them to generate answers starting on a single letter. 

If you and your coworkers play scattergories, it's also a matter of minutes until someone starts laughing. Since you need to think fast, on many occasions, people simply say the first thing they think of – and it can often be ridiculously amusing. 

Your coworkers can have a lot of fun playing scattergories, especially if you encourage silly answers. At the same time, the more players join, the more fun it gets! 

11.  Wits & Wagers 

During this half trivia, half gambling board office game for work, players must try to bet on answers to specific questions. Therefore, it stirs your employees’ competitive spirits, but it also allows them to have a lot of fun. 

This is often considered the best office board game because it forces your employees to use logic as they try to decide whether they should support a teammate or challenge them. Thus, it's a great activity if you want to make them think hard!

Wits & Wagers: half gambling board office game for work

12.  Reverse Charades 

This coworker board game is seen as an amazing work team activity at workplaces. If you love charades, then you'll probably adore reverse charades as well because they're just as fun, and possibly more chaotic than the original coworker board game. 

During charades, one of your workers has to hold the card with the name of the object while others try to act out what it is. In reverse charades, the contrary needs to happen – all your team has to guess while one of the workers needs to act. 

Reverse charades helps even the shyest people get out of their shells, which is why it's another board office game for work you should include in your game night if you want your employees to bond, feel good with each other, and most of all, have fun! 

13.  Telestrations 

This game mixes two famous board games: the telephone and Pictionary. During Telestrations, players must take turns to look at pictures, interpret them, and convey the message to their coworkers. 

As you might have guessed already, the game gets chaotic as it goes on because people's guesses might get increasingly silly. In this game, a worker has to do something specific – they either draw a word or guess what something is based on its drawing. 

Since the game requires your workers to use a sketchbook, they can keep it as a prize if you choose to give points to the best drawings. Some people do the opposite and reward those with the most ridiculous works of art or wild guesses, simply because it makes everything more fun.

Telestrations mixes two famous board games: the telephone and Pictionary.

14.  Cranium 

Cranium is, for many people, the best office board game to exist because players have to move around the board as they perform challenges belonging to different categories. 

During this game, your coworkers must test their skills to think fast, earn points, compete against each other, or even work together, depending on what they have to do. 

Therefore, it's a great alternative if you want to foster logical thinking, quick problem-solving skills, or even teamwork. Cranium is not only an immensely fun workplace board game but also a great way to enhance your workers’ abilities. 

15.  Jenga 

The last game on this list is also a classic option – Jenga. It has a few advantages you should keep in mind, especially if you want your team to concentrate on a single goal, which is why you might want to schedule it for your next game session! 

During Jenga, players take turns to get wooden blocks out of a tower, all while trying to make sure that it doesn't fall. Therefore, it requires each player to greatly concentrate on what they're doing. 

Any number of players can play Jenga, and you can play different rounds until there's a clear winner. Just like chess and backgammon, it's a great option to host a competition and give prizes.

Best Office Board Games to Play with Your Coworkers

The Bottom Line 

Board games are one of the best ways and fun things to do to allow your team to bond and to ever let each coworker develop specific skills. When you work in an office, you might believe that rigid schedules and precise to-dos stop you from having fun, but it's not like that at all! 

Working in an office means you can organize a game night, invite your coworkers, and have the time of your life competing in the different games. Now that you have 15 wonderful options, get started!

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