15 Best Small L-shaped Desks for Saving Space
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15 Best Small L-shaped Desks for Saving Space

|Nov 24, 2021

Why would you want a small L-shaped desk? Having furniture with a small footprint. is very common in today's traditional and home office world. 

Not everyone can have expensive spaces that they can use to get their work done. Still, you can’t allow this to detract from the tasks at hand, so it's essential to make the necessary considerations to outfit your workspace as efficiently as possible. 

Sometimes, a corner space is all you have available, and you have no choice but to make do. Unfortunately, traditional rectangular-shaped desks are not suited to corners, since reachability on the side that directly touches the wall is often questionable at best. 

That's where a small corner office desk comes into the mix. These L-shaped models wrap around corners and allow you to take back the space you would have lost. Of course, since they are usually put against the walls, you get to preserve the bulk of whatever room you are using for other reasons. 

Just remember that you also need a desk chair for small spaces to complete the set. Any ergonomic chair that's too large is going to pose a huge challenge if you are trying to optimize a small space. 

The information below is a solid foundation for your small desk setup. Not only does it work through the concept of what a small L-shaped computer desk is, but you get to see 15 top options that you can consider for your office. 

What Is a Small L-shaped Desk?

Why not kick things off with the low-hanging fruit? Typically, a desk would have a standard rectangular shape. Sometimes there is a defined space for the user to sit, depending on the inclusion of dedicated storage or lack thereof. 

If you are unfamiliar with the L-shaped desk concept, imagine two standard desks bolted together to form the letter “L.” Of course, that's not necessarily how the desk is constructed, but thinking of it that way helps you to picture what the concept is about. 

While they can be placed in a series of locations, they are most optimally used in a corner. The focus here is on identifying various alternatives for those who may be looking for an L-shaped desk for a small space. 

How Many Types of Small Corner Desk Are There?

While all L-shaped desks fall under one umbrella, you can identify different types based on certain physical features that are mostly present for quality-of-life reasons. The most common ones that you may run into are: 

  • Bookshelves - This type focuses on giving its users additional storage to work with. To this end, you are likely to find that there is a bookshelf arrangement under one side of the desk. 
  • Computer stands - It's common practice for desk users to elevate their screens. This is particularly true if you intend to find a gaming desk for a small space. This style offers a small, elevated platform that can house a single screen while providing light accessory storage underneath. 
  • Under desk storage - What you get here is not too far removed from the bookshelf alternative. The real difference is their arrangement of storage. So, instead of a bookshelf layout, you may have a couple of horizontal shelves or drawers instead.
  • Adjustable standing - As the name implies, this is what you get when you combine the small L-shaped desk design with the standing desk model that is intended to promote better health as you work. 

Best 15 Compact L-shaped Desk Choices

Now that all the preliminary information is out of the way, it's time to dive into the small L-shaped computer desk options!

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse small L-shaped desk

The first L-shaped desk for a small space is none other than the Autonomous Desk corner. Built with premium MDF wood and an SPCC steel frame, you are not going to regret your purchase of one of these sturdy units. 

Though it is optimized for smaller offices, the tabletop space of this L-shaped standing desk is nothing short of highly impressive. With over a 300-pound weight capacity and a triple motor design that is both quick and quiet, don't expect to find yourself a better option anytime soon. 

2. COTUBAR L-shaped Desk

The second small L-shaped desk to grace the list is made of high-quality MDF wood that sits atop a well-designed metal frame. It was built to facilitate small offices and home offices, which means it was optimized to save on floor real estate. 

Stability bars are included to decrease potential wobble, and there is a computer stand present that you can use for your screen or even for your speakers if you are so inclined. The desktop is made up of three panels that were built to handle weight. 

3. Stand Up Desk Store Triple Motor Electric Adjustable L-shaped Desk

Stand Up Desk Store small L-shaped desk

This small L-shaped desk is a mouthful, isn't it? Well, the quality of this desk and its ability to fit into a small space make up for the admittedly way too long name. It's always good to see a standing desk for small spaces including programmable electric height adjustment, which means you can return to heights you previously enjoyed almost effortlessly. 

It features a triple motor design, which is built to lower and raise the tabletop efficiently, even under a heavy load. 

4. Inbox Zero Ariel L-shaped Computer Desk

You tend to find that L-shaped desks are more expensive than their rectangular-shaped counterparts. However, this model from Inbox Zero is surprisingly cheaply priced. 

Both segments of the “L” are evenly sized, with one offering you a keyboard tray underneath the tabletop. Even compared to some of the other models that are built to optimize space, this one has a relatively small footprint that is hard not to appreciate. 

5. Tribesigns L-shaped Computer Desk

Tribesigns small L-shaped desk

This small L-shaped desk design from Tribesigns is an under-desk storage model consisting of a double-layer shelf system. Additionally, the entirety of the long portion of the desk features a computer stand, which can fit a screen as well as other small desk accessories that you may have. 

You can tell that it was built with space-saving in mind. Though there is ample tabletop space for you to work with, you are not going to have much of a surplus with this compact L-shaped desk model.  

6. Fitueyes HOMOOI L-shaped Desk

This narrow L-shaped desk is another under desk storage model for you to enjoy. Its aesthetic stands out with trapezoid-shaped desk legs. Additionally, the two segments of the desk use contrasting colors, which is a breath of fresh air considering the entire tabletop is usually rocking a single color. 

It's a reversible compact L-shaped desk model too, which makes it incredibly flexible where placement is concerned. As if all this wasn't impressive enough, Fitueyes also managed to cheaply price the unit, making it that much easier to acquire. 

7. Orren Ellis Chaves L-shaped Floating Desk

Orren Ellis Chaves small L-shaped desk

Orren Ellis may not be the most popular brand in the world, but it manages to do a great job with this wall-mounted small L-shaped desk. Since it can't be adjusted, you must select an appropriate height from the get-go. 

Some people decide to go with the traditional desk height, while others decide that they want a permanent L-shaped standing desk affixed to their walls. Though this model has superior quality, it is oddly reminiscent of the IKEA wall-mounted corner desk style. 

8. Hashtag Home Finnegan L-shaped Desk

The next entrant on the list is the first bookshelf model present. You get a total of four even-sized shelves on the short side of the “L.” When making your purchase, you can select from one of three different wood types and finishes, which range from a typical look to a very premium one. 

There's nothing too fancy about this hashtag design, but that's not a problem as it gets the job done incredibly effectively. 

9. Latitude Run Reversible L-shaped Computer Desk

Latitude Run Reversible small L-shaped desk

Why not follow up one bookshelf model with another? Latitude Run put together an exquisite design here, with a beautiful finish that is sure to give your office a premium look.  

Note that the footprint of this well-built desk is very small, so much so that you would probably not be able to put two laptops side by side on the long segment. 

If that works for you though, then there should not be much of a problem. 

10. Sauder Palladia L-shaped Desk

Now the train goes from one beautiful small L-shaped desk to another. For the environmentalists out there, this may be the design you want, as it's engineered wood and environmentally friendly material. 

It lies with their under-desk storage category, as you are granted one full door-sealed cabinet, as well as a pair of drawers on either end of the “L.” The space allocation is generous, yet the surface area manages to be small. 

11. Inbox Zero Thadine L-shaped Desk

Inbox Zero small L-shaped desk

This is only the second small corner desk on the list that alternates the colors present across the two segments. In this case, the long segment is black while the other boasts a beautiful wooden finish that extends to the two horizontal shelves below it. 

All of this is held together and secured by a black frame that uses an X-pattern to maintain its stability. You shouldn't have any problem fitting your office equipment on this one while tucking it away neatly in one corner of your office space. 

12. Ebern Designs Collinsburg Reversible L-shaped Desk

Bonus style points must be awarded here for the reversible design. Unlike many other models that use standard legs, the six contact points that this small L-shaped desk has with the floor are all wheels. 

That means changing position is a cinch if the time should ever come. Additionally, the short segment is hinged below the long segment, which is much different from the norm which sees both areas on the same height. Horizontal storage shelves are also a part of the design, allowing you to neatly store various items away. 

13. Tribesigns Rotating Desk

Tribesigns Rotating Desk

Tribesigns decided that it wanted to manufacture a desk that combines different features you tend to see across multiple L-shaped computer desk designs, and this was the result. 

It's a 360-degree rotating model that features horizontal shelves on one end, as well as bookshelves on the other end. The whole thing has a beautiful wooden finish that is sure to make your office space feel superb. 

14. The Twillery Co.® L-shaped Desk

With all the amazing features and out-of-this-world design choices that some of the other small L-shaped desk entrants on the list have displayed, you may be wondering how a standard model has managed to qualify for entry. 

It may have a simple and elegant look, but the material composition is where it sets itself apart. For an admittedly reasonable price, you are getting a small corner desk

 that is going to be sticking around with you for a long time to come. 

15. 17 Stories Arlberg L-shaped Desk

17 Stories Arlberg L-shaped Desk

By going for a glossy wooden finish, 17 Stories managed to take something that is supposed to look traditional and turn it into a beautiful build. The reinforced wooden tabletop consists of a black steel frame with an X-pattern stability bar design. 

The tabletop finish extends to the two horizontal shelves under the short segment of the desk that are spacious enough to accommodate quite a few of your office supplies and necessities. 

Final Remarks

Sometimes when you have a small space, you can only put your computer desk in the corner. The issue with this is you lose a lot of the desktop real estate that's close to the wall since most desks are built for the user to be positioned in the center or on one side. 

L-shaped desks offer the perfect solution by fitting the contour of the wall, giving you the illusion of two desks in one. A small L-shaped computer desk can, therefore, become an invaluable asset in your office space. 

Above, you got to see 15 of the top small form factors, whether you want a wide or narrow L-shaped desk. Now that you have all the insights, the choice is yours.

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