15 Best Small Work Desks for Your Small Spaces
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15 Best Small Work Desks for Your Small Spaces

|Sep 19, 2022

When designing a home office setup, several factors need to be considered for your office setup to work. Unlike conventional office spaces when there had to be a large desk with many office supplies, modern office setups are about minimalism and personalization so a person can work in the environment they find most comfortable for them. Due to this change in the working environment, one can easily create their working setup even in corners and compact spaces.

But for that, you will need a small work desk. There are many benefits of having desks for small areas, but the truth is, for such a setup to work, you need to take care of multiple things too. A small corner work desk needs to be sufficient for your essential work needs, while you must also have some free space so you can work comfortably and not feel cluttered due to your work accessories. This article will list the best work desk for small spaces.

1. FENGE Ultralong Compact Desk

This small work desk with drawers is modern and functional. The FENGE electric standing desk with drawers is a product you might have seen for the first time. Firstly, it is height adjustable. Secondly, it has a work surface and a free monitor stand. You will not need to purchase a monitor arm separately to mount your screen at an ergonomic level.

2. Inbox Zero Adjustable Desk

By just pressing an electric button, the height of this Inbox Zero standing desk can be raised or lowered. This type is strong and made to support up to 173 pounds.

3. Wistopht Compact Desk

How about a desk that is compact and follows your command? The Wistopht tempered glass standing desk is a touch screen control desk with a wireless charging pad. This desk offers a height range of 27 to 45 inches and a load capacity of 176 pounds. The tempered glass has a digital display and adds to this desk's aesthetics. Due to its features, you might find this product on the expensive side, but you can get a discount via the employee purchase program.

4. Williston Corner Desk

Use a corner desk to make the most of the space in your house. The Williston features a metal mesh back and a wood tabletop. There is also an additional storage cupboard for your stationery if you still use pens and pencils.

5. Inbox Zero Cart Desk

Inbox Zero Cart Desk - small work desk

The Inbox Zero Sit-Stand Mobile Desk is the best option for making the most of limited space. It includes two work surfaces and an adjustable lever that makes it simple to modify the desk's height according to whether you want to sit, stand, or change it during the day.

6. Quinn Wall Mounted Desk

It would help if you used the Quinn wall-mounted desk as a remedy. The little design is attached to your wall and has a latch worktop that can be easily folded up when you're done working and for your laptop and coffee during the day. Thanks to its chic fluted elements, creamy beige finish, and antique brass hardware, you'll enjoy flaunting it outside work hours.

7. FENGE Ultrawide Compact Desk

Some people prefer a compact desk but also need enough width for their desk accessories. This fenge ultra-wide compact desk is one of the best small work desks for bedrooms. It has a hook to hold your cables and accessories like headphones. It comes in two colors, dark brown and light brown, equally regal and sophisticated. This small standing desk with storage has a drawer option and is electrically height adjustable.

8. EUREKA Ultralong Compact Desk

When you need a little longer workstation but don’t have enough space, get this EUREKA ultralong compact desk with a programmable keypad. It is electrically controlled and height adjustable with just a touch of a button. The desk also offers 4 memory settings.

9. Pilsen Graphite Desk

Add unrivaled industrial flair with this simple iron and walnut desk from Crate & Barrel. The Pilsen Graphite desk is the ideal accent to any mid-century or city loft workstation, thanks to its sleek frame and lush walnut veneer desktop.

10. Northread Compact Desk

Get this adjustable standing desk with a drawer at an affordable price and enjoy modern features. The touchscreen control keypad allows you to adjust the height with a single touch, and the desk has an aesthetically pleasing design. Though it is a compact desk, the width makes it suitable even for multiple screen setups.

11. LifeDesk Smart Legs

A smart corner desk that works both for corner and straight walls. This desk is a modern compact standing desk with minimum square footage. The LifeDesk has a quick and quiet motor operation with a load capacity of 175 pounds. The height range of 23 to 48 inches allows it to be used in versatile applications. The desk also offers 4 memory settings.

12. Timotion Compact Desk

Timotion compact desk is a two-frame desk that offers one of the smoothest movements. The desk has simple keypad controls with no pre-drilled holes in the design, so it looks pretty and sleek. It has a weight capacity of 270 pounds and can fit in the tiniest of rooms.

13. Green Forest Folding Desk

Folding desks are common, especially in places where there is minimal space dedicated for work. This green forest folding desk has a smart design paired with folding technology, making it suitable for all your needs. The X-shaped legs cross to form the tiniest structure, and the two wooden platforms offer a storage option and a place for your laptop.

14. Micah Desk

The Micah Desk might be the best option if you're searching for a straightforward, elegant writing desk that you can tuck away in the corner of your home. This desk provides your home with a nice quantity of storage space and a respectable amount of surface area with two drawers.

15. Oglethorpe Floating Desk

Oglethorpe Floating Desk

Who says a compact desk has to leave most of your items on the floor? Especially when you can get versatile storage options in a compact desk like this one. The Oglethorpe floating desk has a wider work surface and a more mid century contemporary design. Writing instruments and books can be kept in the wide main compartment, while other needs can be kept out of sight in the concealed compartments on either side.

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