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15 Blue Office Décor Ideas for Inspiration
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15 Blue Office Décor Ideas for Inspiration

|Apr 16, 2022

Interestingly, blue is a highly common color for home offices! According to Verywell Mind,

blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.” Yes, blue office décor can help inspire creativity and fuel productivity!

Office coloring can make a huge difference. It can determine the overall mood and feelings within the space. Additionally, customization is of the essence. When an individual builds an office that exuberates his or her own personality or interests, the space can become more enjoyable to work in.

Here are 15 blue office ideas that will not only boost inspiration and creativity but enlighten the mood of the setup.

15 Blue Office Décor Ideas That Inspire You

1. Color Shades

Color Shades in blue office decor

Blue comes in all different shades and types. Examples include navy blue, midnight blue, powder blue, light blue, serenity blue, and egg blue. Each of these shades can evoke different moods and feelings. The lighter the blue, the more comforting it will be. This is not to say that darker blues cannot be a fine décor, but evidence has shown that lighter shades will be more welcoming.

2. Blue and Décor Styles

Fortunately, blue is a very versatile color that is complementary with most décor styles. Common décor styles include contemporary, modern, minimalist, traditional, art deco, and farmhouse.

Depending on one’s selected décor style and personal preference, blue shades can be overly present or have a limited role in the overall design.

To place in context, some décor designs may favor blue walls, while others will just incorporate blue furniture and/or artwork. The great thing about interior design is that there is much flexibility. One can fully bring out his or her vision with the only constraint being a budget.

3. Blue Storage Unit

With respect to idea two, one way to incorporate blue into a home office setup without painting the walls of the room would be to have a storage unit in the office that is a shade of blue. This is where one can store pictures, degrees, awards, memorabilia, or artwork. The blue will stand out, allowing for nice color contrast.

As a further suggestion, the blue storage unit can be complemented with a blue chair or desk. Having another blue accessory or product in the office space is not a bad idea. It will help the room feel more complete.

4. Blue Autonomous Chair Ergo

Blue Autonomous Chair Ergo in blue office decor

In a home office, décor is not the only attribute that needs to be considered. More importantly, a setup designed for comfortable body support needs to be of the essence. Often, one works for eight to nine hours and sits down most of the day.

This is where ergonomic products come in. What is ergonomics? According to Merriam-Webster, it is “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” In essence, this means ergonomic products are designed from the ground up with one’s comfort, health, and safety in mind.

Ergonomic chairs offer fantastic back and neck support. Not only do they provide body relief but are very comfortable sitting in for long periods of time. The purchasing of an ergonomic chair can be an impactful and great addition to a blue décor office.

One specific ergonomic chair on the market that is worthy to mention is the Autonomous Chair Ergo blue. Featuring a bright and welcoming baby blue seat, the Autonomous Chair Ergo is a multi-adjustable product designed to the highest ergonomic standards. It features an adjustable armrest, headrest, and backrest. Additionally, its height and seat tilt can be adjusted.

The chair offers 22 degrees of recline with five lockable positions. Its lumbar cushion was specifically designed to protect spine curvature, in turn helping correct posture. Furthermore, Autonomous Chair Ergo features a woven mesh back for optimum airflow. 

Autonomous Chair Ergo has been trusted by many home office users and is a popular option among ergonomic enthusiasts.

5. Autonomous Chair Ultra Blue Mesh

Autonomous Chair Ultra Blue Mesh in blue office decor

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is the golden standard of ergonomic chairs. It offers 26 degrees of recline and 11 lockable positions. The chair is highly adjustable and designed for maximum comfort. With the Autonomous Chair Ultra, reliable body support is always provided and will not get compromised with heavy usage.

This is a product that is very long-lasting. Additionally, it is Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) certified. Autonomous Chair Ultra offers a state-of-the-art thermoplastic design so that no heat is trapped.

The chair’s mesh comes in a beautiful shade of blue perfect for a home office! If one wants all the bells and whistles for a competitive price, the Ergo Chair Pro+ is a great selection.

6. Other Light Blue Office Chairs

There is a wide selection of light blue office chair options available on the market. Such chairs can correspond to the room’s blue décor and help create a peaceful, relaxing environment.

Other cool options to explore include the Soucy Mesh Task Chair, Johnson Mid-Century Modern Home Office Chair, Albaugh Ergonomic Task Chair, Halverson Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair, and the Glenwood Task Chair.

7. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Blue Top

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Blue Top in blue office decor

Alongside ergonomic chairs, standing desks can be very helpful ergonomic products great for an at-home office setup. A key attribute that defines an attractive standing desk is its height adjustability. Some standing desks come in an assortment of color variations, including blue!

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) blue top is one such product. Its shade of blue is more on the darker tone, but very attractive for one’s blue-themed home office. Navy blue office décor would be especially compatible.

What makes the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) stand out from other ergonomic standing desk options? Firstly, it is height adjustable between 29.4” inches to 48” inches. Secondly, the desk can additionally withstand between 265 to 270 lbs. Thirdly, it features a durable and long-lasting solid steel frame.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is easily controlled by a simple up and down keyboard control with four programmable settings. The desk’s design is very inclusive and state-of-the-art, while not being overbearing. Whether a décor is minimalist or more vibrant, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) will fit in.

Other Autonomous Desk electric standing desk options can be explored too. The Autonomous Desk Connect also comes in a shade of blue.

8. Smart Desk Connect

Smart Desk Connect in blue office decor

The Autonomous Desk Connect is the most technologically advanced Autonomous Desk ever created by Autonomous. Its settings are easily controlled by a downloadable app. The app is accessible on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

The Connect is height adjustable from 23.6” inches to 49.2” inches. It can withstand a load capacity of 310 lbs. The desk includes an upgraded electric dual motor and has a state-of-the-art anti-collision feature.

Autonomous Desk Connect comes in white, black, dark bamboo, pink, blue, and teal desktop color variations. For a blue office décor, blue and teal are recommended.

9. Office Desk Accessories

Office Desk Accessories in blue office decor

To complement a blue ergonomic chair, standing desk, or just the office space itself, there are office desk accessories that come in a shade of blue available for purchase. One such accessory is Autonomous’s Filing Cabinet.

The Filing Cabinet was designed side by side with the Autonomous Desk line for ultimate optimization. Its size is perfect to place under one’s blue Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) or Connect. It features three roomy drawers and an anti-rust finish.

The Filing Cabinet comes in multiple different colors including Baby Blue, EverGreen, Red Apple, and Cool Gray.  

10. Navy Blue Office Décor

Navy blue is a darker shade of blue. Some helpful suggestions to incorporate it into a home office include the acquisition of a navy blue small couch, or navy blue cabinets.

The degree of navy blue in the office can be a subtle touch or can be a central theme. For a more minimalistic experience, one can have a navy-blue chair and a corresponding piece of furniture to offset the chair.

If navy blue is chosen as the core theme of the décor, one can have most of the furnishings in the shade respectively and paint the room’s walls accordingly.

11. Royal Blue Office Décor

Royal Blue Office Décor

Similar to navy-blue office décor, the extent of a royal blue office décor will be dictated by one’s preferences and tastes. Royal blue can be a minimal design element or a core theme.

Royal blue is a lighter shade of blue in comparison to navy blue. It is not as bright as a baby or light blue though. In comparison to other more unique shades, royal blue is very common. Some might find it to be the stereotypical blue that they are familiar with.

There are plenty of Royal Blue décor examples on sites like Pinterest and Etsy. With royal blue being a very noticeable shade that stands out, select usage might be a good idea.

A benefit of royal blue is it can complement darker shades if not overused.

12. Farmhouse Décor and Blue

Blue shades can be a great asset in farmhouse décor design. From furniture coloring to decorative pillows to artwork, blue is an excellent color choice.

Farmhouse décor is often considered rustic, cozy, and practicable. The goal of such décor is to create a comfortable and homey environment.

Vendors like Wal-Mart, Target, and Etsy among others have aesthetically attractive and affordable Farmhouse décor product offerings.

13. Blue Meets White

Blue Meets White

One color that is very complimentary with blue is white. This is especially beneficial for contemporary or modern sleek décor. As an example, a light blue office décor will look great with a white table.

A light blue office would be great with white contrast since the colors are similar. Both are light and almost dreamy.

White furnishings can look appealing with a blue backdrop. The mixture of the two colors creates an elegant, yet very warm atmosphere.  

14. Sky Blue Décor

Sky blue walls stand out! They express a very peaceful and welcoming feeling. The serenity the shade provides can create an imaginative and inspiring environment. In essence, one can feel as if they are almost in the clouds.

15. Blue Gaming Room

Blue Gaming Room

Professional gaming can also be considered a line of work. Just like a typical business home office, one’s game setup can be designed with blue décor.

blue gaming setup often incorporates pink tones as well. Referred to as a pink and blue setup, such an environment can be very comforting. More so, it can encourage a greater focus on gameplay.

Even essential office equipment such as PCs, consoles, and keyboards can incorporate the theme. Companies offer colored options or respective cases.  

Room lighting can make all the difference. With RGB bars and ornamental lighting, the blue and pink atmosphere can really stand out. One can purchase a variety of quality lighting options on the internet.

The Bottom Line

Yes, colors can affect an environment’s overall atmosphere and the mood it brings out. Blue is one such color that can create an inspiring and productive workspace. A blue home office will indeed stand out but will cultivate positive emotions during the workday.

Décor designing for most is an engaging and enjoyable experience. Creating one’s dream at home office requires customization, personalization, and creativity. With the sky being the limit, one can go all out in designing his or her space. Vibrant colors, excellent!

Home offices do not need to be dark, gloomy, or dull. In fact, one’s mood can improve based on the room’s design. Offices can be bright, colorful, and welcoming. More so, they should exuberate a sense of peacefulness, calmness, and relaxation.

There is nothing wrong with working in a relaxed state. This could actually increase productivity. Stress can be frustrating and cause anxiousness. In turn, work will be produced in an unhealthy mindset.

The highest quality of work is created when one is focused, has a positive attitude, and is not experiencing any bodily discomfort. This is a core reason why customizable ergonomic products are recommended. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks can correct posture, limit back and neck pain, and offer an overall more pleasant sitting or standing working experience in your blue office decor.

One’s blue home office setup should be inviting and welcoming. From just its décor, it should evoke positive emotions. An office that considers blue in its design can do just that.

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