15+ Cool Programmer Workstations to Blow Your Mind
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15+ Cool Programmer Workstations to Blow Your Mind

|Sep 24, 2021

Having a fancy workstation is a dream of every office worker. People often like having a programmer workstation because of the wide range of designs they can incorporate to make it look fascinating.

Like most of the other workers, we know that you must be interested in having a developer workstation build. However, people don't know how to diversify their workstation’s outlook by making unique changes, and most of them only know a few.

Understanding this problem, we have come up with the idea to introduce you to the world of possibilities and share some of the coolest programmer workstation setups with you today. Are you excited to have a look at the coolest workstation ideas that we have in store for you? Well, let’s jump to them.

15+ Cool Programmer Workstations in 2021

1. B&W Workstation

B&W Workstation

If you are a fan of a minimalistic office setup, you may think of choosing this desk set up and stick to shades of black and white only. This setup won't just look aesthetic, but it will also help you have a clear and stress-free mind. Think of planning it like a programmer desk setup but maintain minimalism for the colors to stand out and lay their impact on your thoughts and mood. 

2. Work Hard Play Hard Workstation

If you're among those workers who have multiple monitors set up, this setup would be one of the best ones for you. You can use an L-shaped desk in this design or think of using two large standing desks placed in an L-shape. Create a warm working environment by placing some plants in the corner. This will all make you have a very attractive work environment. 

3. Couples Who Code Workstation

Couples Who Code Workstation

The “couples who code” workstation is the best choice for people who are sharing their desk with some colleague. Imagine placing your desk right in front of a window and enjoy looking at the aesthetic skyline of your city outside while you work. You may think of buying a larger standing desk if you have dual monitors. 

4. Bookworm Workstation

Are you a bookworm who likes having his books around even if he is working in the office? If so, this programmer workstation is for you. Think of building floating shelves in front of your desk and on the sides to place your favorite books and collectibles right in front of you as you work. 

5. Self-Surveillance Workstation

Self-Surveillance Workstation

You might be an office worker who likes keeping track of how much time they spent working on their desk setup, so installing a surveillance system above your desk would do the job here. You may also use this camera to safeguard your important documents when you are away. 

6. Neck Pain Workstation

If you have a triple monitor set up where two monitors are above one ultrawide monitor, you might have an extra strain on your neck while working on all three of them simultaneously. So, think of investing in a reclining office chair with a footrest that allows you to tilt your chair to a greater extent and relieve neck pain while working. 

7. Nature Boy Workstation

Nature Boy Workstation

If you are someone who loves the element of nature in their workspace. Think of putting up aesthetic photo frames of birds or some feng shui plants in front of you. You can ensure that this takes minimal space on your desk by having a couple of floating shelves to place such items. 

8. Practical Programmer Workstation

Practically, programmers often go for this setup where they have LED light strips underneath their desks and an ambient work environment where they can work in peace. So, you may think of going for this programming workstation build too. 

9. Productivity God Workstation

If you want to hit your productivity's par and become ultra-productive, adopt this workstation. This is one of those desk setup ideas where you practice a minimal desk setup and have every important accessory within your arm’s reach to avoid wasting time leaving your desk and fetching them.

Think of accessorizing your desk with a desk drawer where you can put stationery items. Also, ensure that only essential accessories are there on the desk so that you stay focused.  

10. Ambient Light Workstation

Ambient Light Workstation

Having an ambient light workstation can positively impact your mood while you work in your workspace. You can use LED strips in this setup and create a magical work environment where you stay more focused and productive. 

11. Laptop Standing Desk Workstation

You might be short of space, so using a laptop standing desk, and sitting on a couch can help you do your job. Think of using this setup to work even remotely where you do not have a well-designed office. 

12. Simple Workstation

Simple Workstation

A simple workstation is just an example of any other office setup that you might think of adopting if you are not interested in fancy office designs. Simply get your hands on a simple standing desk and an ergonomic chair, and you can set up this sort of workstation. People with a tight budget may think of going for this design. 

13. Xbox First Workstation

How about you have a gaming set up at your workstation to help you have a breather during a long workday? Think of building this Xbox first workstation and make your workstation functional for multiple purposes. Ensure that you stay minimalistic in this setup, as clutter would be bad. 

14. Visionary Workstation

Have you ever thought of giving a futuristic look to your workstation? This programmer workstation will make that possible for you. You may add colorful standing LED light lamps at the corners of your desk and add some LED strips to make it look all magical. 

15. Multiple Screens Workstation

Multiple Screens Workstation

If you are one of those office workers who are swamped with screens, think of this workstation. Here, you have a large corner desk where you get the liberty of placing multiple monitors. 

16. Treadmill Workstation

If you wish to stay more active in your workstation, this treadmill workstation is all you need. You can easily have that by either using a treadmill desk or placing your standing desk in front of a treadmill and enjoy this cool programmer workstation.

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