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30 Curved Desks to Make an Elegant Home Office
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30 Curved Desks to Make an Elegant Home Office

|Oct 28, 2022

Different types of features influence how people select a new desk for work. Height, cost, surface finish, and load capacity are some common considerations.  

The shape is the most necessary feature when users are more concerned about style and comfort. 

Curved desks are the best type of office furniture you can use based on these reasons. They also have ergonomic benefits, especially for workers who sit for long hours. 

This article examines 30 curved desks that help create an elegant home office. 

    30 Best Curved Desks for 2022

    The following products are some of the best curved desks available on the office furniture market.

    1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

    2. FinerCrafts Standing Desk: Curved Top

    FinerCrafts standing desk is equipped with a powerful motor that adjusts its height in seconds. This process is quiet, making it suitable for shared offices. 

    It also uses a four-height preset control to store preferred levels for multiple users.

    3. EUREKA IM63 Curved Desk: Additional Storage & Manual Height Settings

    4. FinerCrafts Standing Desk: Curved Top, Extended Range

    5. EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA L-shaped Desk: Carbon Fiber Surface

    The immersive curved-edge design of the Eureka Ergonomic desk has a large area for up to three monitors. It is suitable for working and gaming.  

    Using this, you can manually adjust the height to four different levels. This is used to create more leg room below to increase comfort. 

    The black color and attractive curved edges give the product the look of a modern standing desk with elegance. There’s also a scratch-resistant carbon fiber finish for the top.

    6. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk with Hutch: Keyboard Tray

    EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk with Hutch: Keyboard Tray is designed to be a curved desk to serve those gamers and office workers who like working from a corner. The tabletop of this desk is spacious enough to accommodate two monitors. Its massive 400 lbs weight capacity makes it ideal for gamers who have a high-end heavy gaming setup. However, you may use them as office workers as well if you like building an aesthetic work corner.

    The good thing about the L-shaped standing desk is that it is equipped with some exciting features, like a pair of speaker stands that feature RGB lighting at their edges. You even get some other useful built-in additions in this desk, including an in-built keyboard tray, full surface mouse pad, cup holder, and headphone hook. All that makes this gaming chair a complete perk.

    7. EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 Computer Desk: Left Side, Pink

    Does a pink theme office inspire you? If yes, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 Computer Desk: Left Side, Pink, will be ideal for you. This 60-inches long computer desk is designed to have a curved, L shape to fit in any corner, while its color and design make it an attractive spot to work.

    The desk comes with a large piece of mouse pad to ensure you can run your mouse smoothly. There is even a cable management box and tray that helps you manage cords and avoid clutter. So, overall, this is a great option for office workers who are looking for a curved computer desk.

    8. EUREKA ERGONOMIC AED 72" Large Standing with Desk Keyboard Tray

    9. EUREKA L-shaped TechDesk: Monitor Stand & Dual Headphone Hook

    10. Stand Steady Tranzendesk

    Stand Steady Tranzendesk is extra tall and spacious. It has a surface large enough to support a two-monitor setup

    You also have a steel base and massive legs that keep the desk steady even at its tallest height. The product has optional wheels added and locking casters that allow controlled movement of your workstation. 

    It uses a pneumatic system to help you manually adjust the height to a point you prefer without much hassle.

    Stand Steady Tranzendesk curved desk

    11. Magari Electric Standing Desk

    This curved working desk uses a one-piece wooden top to provide stability. The surface finishing makes it smooth and waterproof.  

    Magari adds four wheels that you can install underneath the legs to make your workstation mobile. This is great for moving it from one point to another. There are also castors to ensure that the wheels are locked where they are not required to roll. 

    It has an electric lift system to change the height of the adjustable standing desk from 27.6 inches to 45.3 inches. You can use an LCD display under the desktop to see the exact level of the desk. 

    12. Flexispot EF1L

    The Flexispot EF1L has an L-shaped design with curves that give it a futuristic look. It has a 55-inch desktop with a smooth surface that supports up to 120 pounds. 

    Users can adjust the product from a sitting height to a standing position, making it suitable for all. You also get a control panel that offers four memory presets for two or more users to store their preferred heights when working. 

    Flexispot offers a five-year warranty for the motor and two years for the height controller for this curved corner desk. 

    Flexispot EF1L curved desk

    13. ApexDesk Elite Series

     The ApexDesk Elite Series has received a lot of reviews. CNN rated it the best overall working desk in 2021.  

    It has a wide work surface that is laminated for a smooth finish. There is a top preinstalled with metal anchors that enables easy installation. 

    You can adjust the height using a powerful dual motor lifting system with four programmable presets. 

    The legs are secured using levers that keep them locked. Its cable management tray is also large enough to hide most power outlets. 

    14. Smug Ergonomic Computer Desk

    Smug uses a design that makes this ergonomic computer desk perfect for work or gaming. Its curves and grooves help your hands rest better to reduce fatigue.  

    The smooth desktop is made from eco-friendly materials that are also waterproof and wear-resistant. 

    An x-shaped base design of this small curved desk creates a stable and durable structure that supports weights of up to 135 pounds. Fixed pads at the bottom of the desk ensure it is steady on any floor.

    Smug Ergonomic Computer Desk

    15. Uplift V2 Bamboo Curve Desktop

    Uplift V2 Bamboo Desktop was chosen as the best curved top desk from 2019 to 2022 by Wirecutter. The curved cut-out in the edge places you in the middle of the desktop so that you get easy access to items on it. 

    Its desktop is made from high-quality bamboo that is sturdy and environmentally friendly. You get two covers for wire management and a keypad to adjust the height.

    16. Inbox Zero Height Adjustable Curved Desk

    This curved computer desk has an oval-leg design that adds a lot of style to your workstation. 

    You can adjust the height using a dual motor lifting system. The structure is designed to increase its loading capacity and stability. 

    It has gone through a drying process to eliminate the possibility of mold growing from the wood. 

    17. BilBil Height Adjustable Desk

    The BilBil Height Adjustable Desk is a standing desk with casters that offers you mobility and flexibility while you work. The good thing is that the casters come with a break, so you can move your desk to the desired spot and apply the breaks so that it stays in place.

    Since it has a weight lifting capacity of 154 lbs, you can use it for your office use. Overall, this curved standing desk with a rustic brown top can be a considerable choice for people looking for a curved office desk.

    BilBil Height Adjustable Desk

    18. Sigma White Executive Desk

    The color of the Sigma White Executive Desk makes it stand out wherever it is. Together with its curvy desktop design of the product, it will definitely leave a stunning first impression on you.

    19. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

    If you are looking for a sturdy curved desk that doesn’t take up much space in your office room, you can consider the LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top. The desk is considered ideal for corner spaces and provides you with enough room to manage your office tasks well.

    Its design is similar to a compact desk. You would be delighted to earn that this desk features three different height adjustment points, so you can change its height to suit your ergonomics. Overall, it can be a good fit for your office. 

    20. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

    Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk is a stylish computer desk that has a curved corner. This curved corner desk can be a great pick for a modern office. Since it is available in seven different colors, you have a wide range of color variety here. Although the small curved desk is designed to be stable enough to lift 475 lbs, its height is not adjustable. So, those of you who are looking for an adjustable standing desk should look for other options. 

    Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

    21. Z-Line Computer Desk

    If you are planning a modern and stylish office with glass furniture, you must consider the Z-Line Computer Desk. This curved office desk is designed to have a glass tabletop to incorporate style and minimalism all along. Since this is tempered glass, you can trust the quality. Its spacious tabletop makes it one of the large computer desks that can accommodate all your office accessories and PC peripherals. You even get a glass shelf to provide you with more room. 

    22. GreenForest Corner Desk

    If you are looking for a contemporary-style gaming desk, you can consider the GreenForest Corner Desk. Since it is a metal desk that features a water and scratch-resistant tabletop, it is durable enough for long-term use. The tabletop is spacious enough to accommodate two monitors, which is usually the basic requirement of every gamer.

    If you are someone who loves having a stylish office setup, you can consider this desk for office use as well. Overall, this curved corner desk is quite sturdy and can easily accommodate your basic desk accessories

    GreenForest Corner Desk

    23. Walker Edison Modern Corner Desk

    Walker Edison Modern Corner Desk is an ideal curved corner desk for any office. The desk is packed with exciting features, such as an under-desk keyboard tray and a space for the CPU. There are two steel beams between the desk legs to improve the stability of this desk. Overall, this computer desk with a keyboard tray has enough room for your office accessories and PC peripherals. But one thing to note here is that the height is not adjustable. 

    24. Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk

    If you are looking for an affordable curved desk that is aesthetically pleasing as well, you may think of going for the Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk. The desk features an engineered wood tabletop and steel frame that makes it last longer. There is an additional monitor shelf to help you accommodate your PC peripherals. Overall, this desk can be a  good choice for your gaming sessions and office use. 

    Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk

    25. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk With Shelves

    Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk with Shelves will be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a curved office desk with multiple shelves. The desk has a reversible design, so you can conveniently change its layout to match your office space.

    Since it features multiple shelves, managing your office documents will become easier with this one. Overall, it is one of the best curved desks with drawers in the market. So, you may consider it for your office setup too.

    26. Pigalle Height Adjustable Curved Standing Desk

    Pigalle’s curved standing desk is designed to help you touch everything on your desktop. It keeps your keyboard, mouse, and other things curved around your chair. This puts them within your reach and prevents you from ruining your posture. 

    You can use the electric adjustment settings to transform the desk from a sitting height to a standing height in a matter of seconds. 

    The rollers under the curved computer desk make it easy to move around. There are optional locking casters to control mobility. 

    27. Curved Desk by Latitude Run

    Latitude Run’s curved desk features a simple design that uses a one-piece artificial wood with a stainless steel frame to support a high-quality working area. It gives your office a modern and stylish design.

    Curved Desk by Latitude Run

    28. Leoba Height Adjustable Curved Desk

    Leoba’s desk allows users to automatically adjust its height using a powerful electric lift system. This curved corner desk uses a programmable memory controller to preset four preferred levels for multiple users.  

    It uses a double-beam metal frame to keep the structure steady in supporting weights up to 180 pounds. There are pads on the feet to keep them balanced on any floor.  

    The castors and rollers also make it easy to move around and keep it locked in a preferred position.

    Leoba Height Adjustable Curved Desk

    29. Flexispot EN1

    Flexispot EN1 uses bamboo instead of steel to create a strong working desk. The material has more tensile strength and flexibility, making it durable and eco-friendly. 

    Its top has a surface area that is large enough for two monitors and a laptop.  

    You can automatically adjust the height of this working desk with a motorized lift mechanism. There is a programmable memory control that has four different presets. This is so you can save a particular level that you can use later without stress.

    Flexispot EN1 curved desk

    30. Utureal Ergonomic Stand-up Desk

    Utureal’s ergonomic electric desk uses a simple design that makes it fit most spaces. This makes it perfect for a home office. 

    It is built from a heavy-duty steel frame that gives it incredible balance and weight support of up to 180 pounds. The desk can hold a computer, printer, books, lamp, and other office equipment. 

    You can adjust the height with a dual-motor system from Okin. This can move the curved corner desk from a sitting to a standing level. 

    Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Office Desk?

    The appropriate desk at your workstation determines how comfortable you can be while being productive. 

    Your workload also influences the type of office furniture you need. One that is too small means that you will face challenges accessing some documents you use frequently.

    A computer screen, keyboard, printer, and other efficiency promotion tools on your desk leave no space for paperwork you might also need. The perfect office desk has space for these, alongside drawers that increase their storage capacity.

    Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Office Desk?

    Research has revealed that people who sit for long hours at work develop health issues due to this practice. 

    Having an appropriate desk means you can make your workstation taller to alternate between sitting and standing while you are on the job. It helps to minimize the health risks associated with sitting for too long. 

    Invest in the right equipment to transform work efforts into results with high efficiency. This is why you should have the correct desk at your workstation. 

    The Different Types of Curved Desks

    Curved office desks may be grouped according to the material used to make them. You can also categorize them using details of the shape and adjustability.

    The Different Types of Curved Desks

    Below are some of the types of curved desks you may encounter in offices:

    Metallic Curved Desks

    Desks made from metal are light but very stable. They also offer users more customization options. These types of desks easily enable DIY and allow a wide variety of surface finishes. 

    Wooden Curved Desks

    A curved corner desk made from wood is solid and stable. They have homogenous finishing, making it easy to integrate them into any office space without disrupting aesthetics.


    Some curved top desks take advantage of the pros of both wood and metal. This makes them easier to design and balances out the weight for transport. 

    Standing Curved Desks

    These allow users to customize their height to fit whatever chair they sit on. They also promote standing in the office to eliminate health risks associated with sitting for too long. 

    Why You Should Choose Curved Desks

    Many benefits come with using a curved office desk. 


    • Reduced sharp angles on the curved top desk minimize the risk of injury in case users crash into it.
    • Curved desks have grooves to make room for your wrists. This increases comfort while you work.
    • They add some style and modernity to the desk decor of your workspace.
    • These working desks have enough space to host many of your office equipment and documents without hassle. 


    • The amount of space required for curved office desks makes it a difficult choice when you have a small working area.
    • Curved desks cost more on average due to their stylish designs. 

    What You Should Look for When Buying a Standing Desk with Drawers

    When deciding to get a curved computer desk for your home office, you should consider the following factors:


    The curved edges and grooves give these working desks an ergonomic advantage. Grooves in its edges make room for your wrists when relaxed on a keyboard to prevent strain. 

    They enable optimum reach for objects on their surface. This prevents frequent forward-leaning, helping improve your posture as you work.  

    You should ensure that your desk has all these features for comfort and efficiency while you work.  


    Where you will be putting your small curved desk is a necessary factor to consider before choosing one. It may be huge, but the curved edges create space for you to tuck your working chair in.

    L-shaped Standing Desks


    Just because you want office furniture does not mean it should be blunt. An aesthetic desk setup adds more style to your working space. 

    Find a curved desk that has a futuristic look to keep your space fresh and exciting. 


    Cost cannot be ignored for any kind of purchase. The popularity and stylish look of curved desks make them expensive on average. Check your budget and find one that you can afford so that you enjoy the benefits. 


    Many office desks can now alternate heights to enable you to work in sitting and standing positions. It is more beneficial if your curved desk is adjustable. This is a way to avoid health problems that come with sitting for long periods. Ensure that the product you buy has this feature.

    Autonomous EPP

    Autonomous offers world-class furniture solutions for offices in Autonomous EPP. The products are top quality and include ergonomic benefits for users.  

    It has an employee purchase program that offers special discounts to companies and their employees, especially for bulk purchases. 

    You can access this by subscribing with your company credentials to take advantage of these benefits. 


    Your workstation is where you spend long hours working. Therefore, the least you can do about that is to include some style and comfort by adding a curved desk. 

    Hopefully, the selection of products reviewed in this article provides you with enough information to help you select the best on the market.

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