15 Must-have Office Furniture for Ergonomic Home Workspace
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15 Must-have Office Furniture for Ergonomic Home Workspace

|Sep 29, 2021

Since COVID-19 went into effect, more and more of us will work from home, so we must make our home workspace a healthy and safe place to work from. Keeping productive and injury-free at work can be accomplished with these simple adjustments.

Work from home can be made safer and more comfortable if you're new to it because of the novel Coronavirus. Thus, you are less likely to suffer an injury and remain comfortable, enabling greater productivity and focus. Here are some tips for setting up a comfortable and safe home workspace.

15 Office Products for Better Home Workspace Ergonomics

A unique chair does not have to cost a bundle. The right office chair can help in some cases, but other factors such as your feet' height, whether you bend your wrists while typing, or using a mouse, among others, are also important.

1. Ergonomic mouse and keyboard

Ergonomic mouse and keyboard

When you first use one of these keyboards, you may not like them. Once you are back to your average typing speed, you will experience a learning curve. However, the product can substantially improve wrist health, such as the reduction of carpal tunnel syndrome. The ergonomic mouse has a vertical claw shape and hold.

2. Wrist rest

When the wrist is repeatedly stressed, such as using keyboards and mice most of the day, pain and inflammation can occur, resulting in difficulty working. You can avoid this daily stress by wearing wrist pads or investing in a more oversized and best desk pad covering the whole desktop.

3. Posture chair

Posture chair for home workspace

Rigid kitchen and dining room chairs aren't appropriate home workspace furniture for a long-term work session lasting more than eight hours. While reducing the exposure to awkward postures, contact stress, and forceful exertions, a good chair provides essential support for the back, legs, buttocks, and arms.  Choosing a chair that can be significantly adjusted when looking for an ergonomic office chair is critical.

4. Footrest

Your feet can be repositioned with a footrest beneath your home standing desk for maximum ergonomic benefits, offering relief and comfort to your back and legs. Reduced leg pressure also helps prevent blood clots, decrease swelling and varicose veins, and prevent deep vein thrombosis.

5. Laptop stand

Laptop stand for home workspace

Due to the laptop screen's lower height, there will be an awkward seating position when using a laptop. You can use a laptop stand as an ergonomic solution for better posture in your home workspace without buying a full-sized monitor. Putting your computer at eye level should reduce its warmth and allow it to stay calm.  

6. Bigger PC screen

Many remote workers spend the whole day staring at the screen on their laptop, causing repetitive neck and eye strain. Large monitors may be the answer to reducing eye strain and leaning over your primary home workspace.

7. In-ear headphones

Wearing heavy over-ear headphones for an extended period of time can result in neck strain.  Using lightweight in-ear headphones will enable you to prevent or minimize this problem. You can safely store them in your filing cabinet when done. 

8. Monitor arm

Monitor arm for home workspace

The ability to easily adjust your monitors' height and position can be a game-changer whether you already have one (or more) you love or you're planning on getting new ones. Make sure that your monitor is positioned perfectly with one of these monitor arms.

9. Blue light glasses

Your monitor is emitting blue light, so you want to reduce its impact. Preventing eye fatigue and possibly improving sleep are significant benefits of this device. If you are using Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, you can turn down the screen brightness or enable the night mode.

10. Lighting

Few lamps are attractive and robust enough to handle the pressures of the workplace. The LED desk lamp beam can be easily positioned, and the lamp is versatile with an adjustable architecture.  

11. Height adjusting desk

Height adjusting desk

To create an ergonomic home workspace, you should consider an adjustable desk. A motorized desk that gives you the chance to stand and sit during the day is not an actual standing desk but rather an ergonomic desk operated by your feet. It would help if you didn't ignore how important the height of your home workspace desk is to overall comfort, from how high you can reach your keyboard and mouse to the position and height of your arms and shoulders. Besides reducing back and shoulder strain, it also reduces muscle tension.

12. Desk edge power strip

Cleanliness and decluttering your workspace are essential. Additionally, any power cables scattered around the offices need to be replaced with desktop outlets. Take a look at the picture below. These clamp-on devices provide power to all of your essential devices. 

13. Anti-fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue mat

It's important to take measures to prevent foot discomfort if you're standing most of your day at the desk. Mats designed to alleviate knee, ankle, and lower back discomfort are often referred to as anti-fatigue mats. They are made up of a thin quarter-inch pad. 

14. Web camera

You will need to hold meetings and brainstorming sessions in your home workspace frequently. There are many webcam models in the market. The best choice would be one that is smaller, more compact,so it doesn’t take up too much space. Ensure that it has a good resolution and settings that are easy to configure.  

15. Exercise tools

Exercise tools

Spending long hours at a standing desk or using a standing desk for a long period of time may lead to fatigue and numbness in the long run. Keep your body in good shape by stretching your legs and arms from time to time. Tools and exercise equipment should be part of your home office. Among the equipment we offer are treadmills, exercise bikes, wellness weights, and exercise balls. The stress ball can be useful in your home workspace when you need a little relief from pressure. It is also possible to perform some simple exercises while sitting at your desk.

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