15 Home Office Desks (Review/Rating) for Remote Workspace
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15 Home Office Desks (Review/Rating) for Remote Workspace

|Jan 7, 2022

When you're looking for a home office desk, you need a list of the best options. This guide offers you the top 15 alternatives you should look into, so read on!

15 Home Office Desks for Your Home Working Space

1. SmartDesk Core by Autonomous

SmartDesk Core grey home office desk

The SmartDesk Core is one of the most famous desks for home offices you might find out there. Many people love its features, which is why it stands out from the competition and it's better than many electric standing desk models. Take a look at its pros and cons: 


  • It's available in many different colors
  • The desk is fully adjustable
  • You get a five-year warranty 


  • Its price might be out of your range 

The SmartDesk Core is popular due to its adjustable features and trustworthy construction. If you buy it, it can last years since it's a sturdy and reliable piece of modern office furniture

2. SmartDesk Corner by Autonomous

SmartDesk Corner grey home office desk

Another fantastic work-from-home desk you might want to check out is Autonomous’ SmartDesk Corner. In this case, it's an L-shaped standing desk with enough space for you to organize all your items. Here are its pros and cons: 


  • It's very spacious
  • The desk has adjustable settings
  • It has a solid steel frame 


  • It may be too big for your office 

Even though the SmartDesk Corner is a very big home work desk, it's ideal if you need a lot of space to organize different items, for example, two monitors, your keyboard, documents, etc. Additionally, its adjustable features make it one of the best furniture pieces on the market, especially if you're looking for a home office standing desk that you can customize to fit your needs. 

3. Flexispot's Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Simplicity is key for many people, and that's what you get if you purchase the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk by Flexispot. This home office desk has sleek lines and a smooth design that can please all types of remote workers. Check out its pros and cons: 


  • It's sturdy and reliable
  • The desk's design is simple
  • It's available in different colors 


  • It might be too small to fit all your items 

The Laminated Standing Desk by Flexispot is a fantastic home work desk example of a minimalist design. However, that only works if you don't have many items around. If you need more space, you might want to look for a different piece of furniture. 

4. Electric Standing Desk by Hoo

Hoo grey home office desk

Hoo's Electric Standing Desk is another ideal home work desk option since you can quickly adjust it, and its design is simple but beautiful. It has some advantages and disadvantages, so check them out before buying it: 


  • Its design has two different colors, which makes it unique
  • The work-from-home desk goes up and down faster than other competitors
  • It's very stable 


  • It may not be big enough for you 

Even though the Electric Standing Desk by Hoo is an aesthetic desk, it may not be the alternative you should choose if you need a lot of space. 

5. Uplift Desk

With a bamboo table top and adjustable height, Uplift's alternative is one of the most beautiful modern desks for home office you could buy. Even so, you must consider its advantages and disadvantages, so read on: 


  • The home work desk is environmentally friendly
  • It offers two different colors for its frame
  • It's very easy to install 


  • The desk might be too small for you
  • It's somewhat expensive 

Uplift is a famous brand that offers you top-of-the-notch work-from-home desk options. In this case, the model is environmentally friendly, and it has a sleek and beautiful design. However, it's somewhat expensive for its size, and it might not be spacious enough for you. 

6. Steven Shell's Roosevelt Computer Desk

Steven Shell's grey home office desk

In many cases, remote workers might want extravagant desks for their home office setup. You may want a workstation that's different from everyone else's, and that's only possible if you have the ideal furniture to decorate your surroundings.  

With the Roosevelt Computer Desk, you can guarantee that your workstation is completely different, but still elegant and sleek. Here are its pros and cons: 


  • This home office desk has a unique design
  • It's very spacious and has different drawers
  • It has a keyboard slider for you to hide your keyboard when you're not using it 


  • It might be too bulky 

The Roosevelt Computer Desk is an example of elegance and beauty, but it might be too over-the-top for some workers. Thus, if you believe that it's too much for you, a simpler option might be a better alternative. 

7. Origami Store's Origami Folding Computer Desk

Imagine a work-from-home desk that you can fold and put away when you're not using it. On many occasions, it might be a worker's dream come true. Fortunately, that's exactly what the Origami Folding Computer Desk offers you. 

Straight from the Origami Store, this work from home desk is completely adjustable. When you're done with your workday, you can quickly fold it and put it away in your closet. Check out its advantages and disadvantages: 


  • It's foldable
  • This home office desk is sturdy and reliable
  • The home work desk can last a long time 


  • Its design might not be for everyone 

This work-from-home desk definitely stands out from the competition, but its design might not be for everyone. You might, for example, prefer a desk that looks more elegant, even if you can't put it aside.  

 8. L-shaped Gaming Desk by Casaottima

Casaottima grey home office desk

Affordability and functionality are the two most important factors for Casaottima, especially when it comes to the L-shaped gaming desk. In this case, the piece of furniture is ideal for you to fit in a corner of your room, but it's still spacious enough if you need to organize different items. Take a look at its pros and cons: 


  • It's budget-friendly
  • It's very spacious
  • You can quickly fit it in a corner of your room
  • It's available in different colors 


  • It might be too big for your office 

Although this L-shaped desk sounds like a fantastic option, you need to make sure that it fits your office. If it doesn't, it might not be the correct alternative for you.

9. Ikea's MICKE

Ikea's MICKE grey home office desk

When you're looking for modern desks for home offices, you might go through different options before choosing your favorite one. On some occasions, you may even ask other people and see what they bought, which allows you to make an informed decision. 

However, one of the primary factors many people keep in mind when purchasing a desk is its design. Since some workers go for a specific aesthetic in their workstations, you might want a piece of furniture that matches the rest of your surroundings. 

Ikea's MICKE work-from-home desk is the ideal example of a piece of furniture that matches many different styles. Its sleek design and straight lines make it a perfect addition to your workspace, especially if you love simplicity. Its pros and cons are the following: 


  • It's very clean
  • The home office desk fits small spaces because it's very compact
  • Its design is simple but beautiful 


  • It might be too small for you
  • You may not be able to hide all your cords and connectors 

Simplicity and a sleek design are two vital things for many people, but clutter can also ruin your aesthetic. Thus, this small home work desk is ideal if your office is not too big.  

10. Stand Up Desk Store's Crank Adjustable Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store's Crank Adjustable Standing Desk

Buying a high-quality crank standing desk might change your perspective about your home office, especially if you get the option by Stand Up Desk Store. 

Simple and easy height changes are what you get if you buy this desk. However, it also has some disadvantages, so take a look at all its pros and cons: 


  • Easy to assemble
  • It has four wheels, so you can quickly reposition it around your room
  • You can adjust its features 


  • It doesn't offer as many adjustable features as other desks 

Repositioning your desk around your room is a great option to have, particularly if you enjoy changing your furniture around from time to time. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this home office desk doesn't offer as many options as others, so you might need to buy a different alternative. 

11. Latitude Run's Easy to Assemble Desk

Latitude Run's Easy to Assemble grey home office desk

When you're buying a home work desk, the piece of furniture's assembly is one of the main factors you should consider, especially if you're alone. If your desk is too complicated to build, you might spend fruitless hours trying to put it together. 

With Latitude Run's option, you can completely forget about that. Its sleek wood and straightforward design promote an easy assembly process, and its instructions are clear enough for you to follow them and get the results you want. The following aspects are the work-from-home desk's pros and cons: 


  • You can quickly assemble it
  • Its design is smooth and simple
  • You get a sliding tray for your keyboard 


  • It's not available in many different colors

The work-from-home desk by Latitude Run is the ideal example of a simple and effective alternative. Consequently, it's the perfect option for you if you need a small writing desk with a beautiful design. 

12. L-shaped Home Office Wood Desk by SHW

L-shaped Home Office Wood Desk by SHW

This is one of the popular desks for home offices. Workers who spend hours in front of their computers often need the sturdiest desks. At the same time, depending on the type of job you have, you may require a lot of space to organize your items. 

Photographers, illustrators, and designers, for instance, often need a big desk to organize their drawings, photos, etc. If you're an office worker, you might still have numerous documents to put near you. 

Fortunately, an L-shaped desk like SHW's option might be the ideal solution for your necessities. Made of sleek and sturdy wood, this desk is definitely one of the best ones you can find out there. Take a look at its pros and cons: 


  • It's a corner desk, so you can fit it in different parts of your room
  • The home office desk is very spacious
  • This work-from-home desk is sturdy and reliable 


  • It might be too big for you 

This L-shaped desk is ideal for you if you need a lot of space to organize your documents, and if your office is big enough for it to fit.  

13. Fully Store's Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully Store is a famous brand that offers different work-from-home desk alternatives, but the Jarvis Standing Desk is one of the most popular ones and it has won awards for its excellent features. Here are its pros and cons: 


  • You can quickly change it from a sitting to a standing position
  • The work-from-home desk supports up to 350lb 
  • It's durable and reliable 


  • Its size might not be adequate for you since it's quite small 

Compared to other desks, the Jarvis one is small. However, it still offers top-of-the-notch features, so examine its pros and cons and decide if it's the right option for you! 

14. Uplift v2 Standing Desk

Uplift v2 Standing Desk

As it was mentioned before, Uplift offers incredible options. Its v2 Standing Desk is another reliable alternative you should look into. Its pros and cons of this home office desk are the following: 


  • The build is top-notch
  • It looks sleek and simple
  • The work-from-home desk is easy to assemble 


  • It's very small compared to its competitors 

15. ApexDesk Elite Series Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Desk

The last item on this list is ApexDesk's option, which is a minimalist desk and it has its own advantages and disadvantages. With a minimalist and clean style, this desk is always many people's favorite. Check out its pros and cons: 


  • The home office desk's design is very beautiful
  • It looks professional and modern 


  • It might not be affordable for you 

Keynote Takeaways

There are many modern desks for home offices you should consider before buying, and you must keep in mind different factors if you want to choose correctly. Compare the desks’ pros and cons and pick your favorite!

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