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15 Thoughtful Ideas to Reward Remote Employees
Remote Working

15 Thoughtful Ideas to Reward Remote Employees

|Oct 17, 2021

Employees get paid for the work they do. It is their job to get their assigned tasks done. So, why should you reward them for the things that are already paid for? But there is an answer for it. Rewarding your employee for the tasks done has proved to be a rewarding strategy for the companies as well.  Setting up a reward system is highly beneficial not only for employees but everyone in the company as well. Reward system, boost the motivation of the employees, enhances their productivity, and makes them feel appreciated.

Most employers have a reward system for their employers. Some employee incentive ideas include bonuses, tickets to their favorite sports show, a laptop, and much more. But how to reward remote workers? In this article, we have listed 15 thoughtful ideas to reward remote employees. These reward ideas are discussed below.

1. Work from Home Equipment

Work from Home Equipment

Remote workers need a separate home office setup, and sometimes it costs much. So how do you reward remote employees with something they truly need? You can provide them with an ergonomic office chair for higher comfort, a smart desk, and other useful accessories. When employees feel comfortable, and their body is relaxed, they perform better, and their productivity at work increases.

2. Experience

With monetary and material rewards, you can motivate your employees to work better for some time, but these rewards won’t be effective until you give them better work experience. Meaningful experiences in the workplace count. It builds authentic connection, which has become more important than ever due to pandemics. You can arrange different virtual rewards for employees to come, discuss, and share with their close ones.

3. Long Weekend

Long Weekend reward remote employees

Who does not love weekends? They are the favorite part of the week. If your employees perform better, reward them with a long weekend. Let them spend some time with their families away from the hectic work routine. Besides, it is also beneficial for the employers because, after such experiences, the enthusiasm of employees increases.

4. Employee Recognition Programs

There are a lot of employee recognition programs. These programs are powered by rewards catalog and peer recognition with reward partners like Amazon, WWF, restaurants, etc.

5. Flowers

Flowers to reward remote employees

Who does not like surprises and flowers? That’s why flowers make a good reward option for remote employees. Also, you can use this option for celebrating their birthday or anniversary remotely. This will boost the sense of ownership among employees and show that the employers care about them even from afar.

6. Care Box

Why not send your remote employees a  care box as a reward? Look for some high-quality and good stuff they might need. Besides, this idea is unique and shows that employers are thinking out of the box for their employees. Plus, you can also include a letter or small card stating that you appreciate their efforts.

7. Provide Food Discounts

Provide Food Discounts to reward remote employees

Since restaurants are closed for dine-in in most of the world, people are largely opting for delivery options. So, why not be a little creative and reward remote employees with something unique? Providing food discounts on takeaways and deliveries to your dedicated remote workers is a great option. Besides, for foodies, it will increase motivation at work.

8. Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are considered old-fashioned, but they still make a great option. A sincerely written note is appreciated and loved by all employees. That’s why people have handwritten notes pinned on their walls for years.

9. Virtual Game Nights

Virtual Game Nights

There are a lot of virtual game ideas, and employers can easily arrange them. It is a quick and comparatively easier way of appreciating the efforts of your employees. Some interesting games include skribbl and online trivia games.

10. Technology

Encouraging innovation in the workplace is a need of the era, and employers normally emphasize it. So, why not use them as a reward for employees? You can try out the latest iPods, speakers, headphones, e-readers, and even high-tech mice, etc. Young employees will highly appreciate these rewards. Besides, these rewards are easy to order, and you can deliver them directly to your employee's doorsteps.

11. Public Recognition

When employees are working inside office premises, employers normally recognize them for their performance. Public recognition works as a motivator for many and sometimes more than monetary items. While working remotely, you can do it during online meetings and video calls.

12. Wall of Fame

Here is another interesting idea to reward remote employees. Most schools and colleges have a wall of fame. The picture of students with high achievements is placed on that wall as an appreciation. Why not apply the same idea to offices too? Create a wall of fame in your office or case of remote working; you can use your official social media account. The picture of employees with higher productivity and better work results should be posted on the wall and on social media profiles.

13. Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club to reward remote employees

If your folks are fond of reading books, then reward them with a virtual book club. Arrange a book club where employees come together and discuss their favorite books and recommend each other's books. Assign a specific book for each month and give small rewards to those who complete the book by the end of the month.

14. Phone Cases

Most people like having different phone cases, and it also makes a good reward for remote employees. Make customized cases with the company logo, a picture of their team, and other useful ideas.

15. Personalized Recognition

Personalized Recognition

Along with public recognition, sending personalized notes and recognizing employees personally is also very important. Tell them that you appreciate their efforts, hard work, and ideas. It builds a sense of responsibility among your employees. It is easy and does not need high investment too.

If your employees have no motivation to work, then you should reward them. The right form of appreciation is always necessary for employees, either through nice words or gifts, etc. The above-listed ideas for rewarding remote employees are a few of the best ones, and you must consider them while rewarding your workers.

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