30 Modern White File Cabinets for A Modern Office
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30 Modern White File Cabinets for A Modern Office

|Dec 20, 2022

A modern white file cabinet allows suitable storage and is a simple solution to avoid clutter in the workplace. Using a file cabinet with wheels is the most ergonomic change you can make to your workspace because it allows easy movement, reduces storage time, and gives a quick under-desk storage option without any permanent change. This article will enlist the best modern white file cabinets for ergonomic workplaces.

1. Autonomous Filing Cabinet

When boasting a basic design proudly, we have a winning candidate. This under-desk cabinet, known as the simple filing cabinet from Autonomous, is versatile, user-friendly, minimalist, and long-lasting – to name a few qualities. It comes in four colors, including the cool gray, which is the most popular considering its universal computability. You can also pick sky blue, neon green, and maroon options for a louder look in your home office.

Dimensions15.6”L x 19.7”W x 23.5”H
ColorsRed apple, Evergreen, Cool gray, Baby blue
MaterialsSteel plate
Weight capacity275 lbs
Item weight46 lbs
Warranty1 year

2. Slim Cabinet by Wistopht

Slim designs are popular today because modern offices are all about space efficiency and ergonomics. This white file cabinet with drawers is a slim file cabinet with a spacious design. Even though that sounds contrary to its design, it is ergonomic, allowing maximum storage space with minimum weight and footprint. The cabinet has two drawers compatible with most office storage space considering the diversity in space. You can also lock it for safekeeping and move it freely under the body wheels.

Overall imensions19.7"L x 11.8"W x 18.5"H x 31.1 lbs
Inner drawers9.37"W x 18.11"D x 2.76"H
9.37"W x 18.11"D x 9.65"H
ColorsBlack, White, Gray
MaterialsCold rolled SPCC steel, powder-coating
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty1 year

3. Wistopht Filing Cabinet: Standard

2-drawer file cabinet can never be a wrong pick for busy workspaces because they provide a universal storage solution. And same is the case with this Autonomous x Wistopht filing cabinet made suitable for modern home office design. It is portable due to its wheels and compact design. It can be locked to keep your essentials safe, and the tiny design allows it to slide under the desk. It might be a bit pricier to some, but you can get a good deal via the Autonomous employee purchase program.

Overall imensions19.7"L x 15.3"W x 18.5" H x 35.5 lbs
Inner drawers12.91"W x 18.11"D x 2.76"H
12.91"W x 18.11"D x 9.65"H
ColorsBlack, White, Gray
MaterialsCold rolled SPCC steel, powder-coating
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty1 year

4. Nexera Atypik 3-Drawer Storage and Filing Cabinet

Its unique design and graphically detailed drawers make the Atypik file cabinet an ideal centerpiece for any workspace. A large filing drawer on full-extension ball-bearing slides and two drawers on solid metal slides are at the bottom of the white file cabinet.  The Filing cabinet has an anti-tilt safety device and has ample storage for letter and legal file sizes. The melamine finish is scratch, stain, and water-resistant for everyday use (excluding the drawer faces). CARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF materials are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Dimension31.75”W x 19.25”D x 29.75”H x 100 lbs
Number of drawers3
ColorWhite melamine and white matte lacquer
Black melamine and Greige matte lacquer
Black melamine and black matte lacquer
MaterialsCARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF
Warranty1 year

5. Nexera Filing Cabinet, 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Incorporate generous storage capacity into your home office setting with the 3-Drawer Filing white file cabinet with a lock from Nexera. At the bottom is one large filing drawer on full-extension ball-bearing slides and two drawers on solid metal slides. Solid metal slides on two large storage drawers and full extension slides on one legal/letter-size filing drawer.

A device that prevents the wheel from tilting. A solid back panel and a finished unit all around. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of placing the order.

Dimension31.75”W x 19.25”D x 30.75”H x 98 lbs
Number of drawers3
ColorBlack, White, Gray, Nutmeg
MaterialsCARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF
Warranty1 year

6. Nexera Boss Secretary Desk

Two-door bottom storage section with adjustable shelves. Once the drop-down door is closed, the laptop, tablet, cables, and office desk accessories are nicely hidden away. The Boss Secretary Desk is the perfect addition when you're furnishing a home office room. 

When folded down, it conceals your personal belongings and takes up minimal space while providing maximum functionality with a writing desk. While the door is closed, it can serve as a bar with plenty of room to store your precious bottles if you don't use it as a desk. At the bottom, two accent doors provide additional storage space with two adjustable shelves, ideal for your office, living room, or bedroom.

Dimension35.75”W x 15.75”D x 48.25”H x 123 lbs
Number of shelves4
Number of boxes2
ColorNutmeg laminate panel and Matte White Lacquer casing & doors
White melamine, Matte White lacquer casing & doors and Matte Greige lacquer panel
Black laminate, Black melamine casing & panel, Nutmeg laminate doors
Nutmeg laminate casing & doors and matte black lacquer panel
Warranty1 year

7. FM FURNITURE Vienna 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

This stylish piece features an ergonomic design and plenty of storage space, making it the perfect addition to any modern home office. Despite its small size, it is ideal for small spaces with its 22.2-inch height, 17.70-inch width, and 13.70-inch depth. 

You'll have ample space to store your belongings in the small white filing cabinet, and the stylish hairpin legs will make your cubicle decor stand out. A Medium Density Fiberboard tabletop is fitted onto four steel hairpin legs constructed from engineered particle board.

Overall dimensions17.9"L x 18.3"W x 26"H x 50.7 lbs
Internal drawers14.8"W x 16.5"D x 4.5"H
ColorsWhite, Black Wengue
MaterialsParticleboard, metal
Warranty1 year

8. Skyline Décor Delta Home Office File Cabinet, White: File Cabinet

The Delta is a modern filing white desk cabinet with an old-fashioned look with silver accent knobs. Adding this to your home office will make it even more inviting.

Dimensions30.7"H x 20.8"W x 20.2"D x 65 lbs
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

9. Skyline Décor Kenner Storage Cabinet, 1-Drawer: Storage Cabinet

The Kenner Storage Cabinet from Skyline Décor with one under-desk storage drawer is now available in stores. You can install this smaller-sized, practical piece with other modular pieces from the same brand in a contemporary linen-white finish with a modern white file cabinet and drawer facings made of durable composite wood.

Overall dimensions47.2”W x 20.2”D x 30.7”H
Cabinet16"W x 17.4"D x 15.2"H
Small drawers13.9"W x 15.1"D x 2.75"H
Large drawer24"W x 15.1"D x 2.75"H
Leg clearance26.2"W x 25.2"H
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

10. Skyline Décor Kenner File Cabinet, 2-Drawer: File Cabinet

Skyline Decor's Delta Home Office File Cabinet, which is also made of composite wood and has silver accent knobs, is another option.

Overall dimensions15.75"W x 18.3"D x 29.25"H
Small drawers12.2"W x 13.7"D x 10.6"H
Large drawer12.4"W x 13.7"D x 2.6"H
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

11. Skyline Décor Kenner Open Shelf Cabinet, 3-Drawer: Storage Cabinet

The Kenner Open Shelf Cabinet includes three drawers and two open storage shelves. This unit also features casters and a Customized Desk/Storage Console but is made with similar materials.

Overall dimensions15.75"W x 18.3"D x 29.25"H
Open shelfUpper: 14.4"W x 16.4"D x 4.8"H
Lower: 14.4"W x 16.4"D x 4.75"H
Inside drawers12.4"W x 13.7"D x 2.6"H
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

12. Skyline Décor Kenner 5-Drawer Cabinet, Reclaimed Wood, and White

Finally, we have the five-drawer reclaimed wood cabinet that is both functional and practical for office storage & organization. The five drawers are the same size and dimensions with a contemporary linen-white finish.

Overall dimensions15.75"W x 18.3"D x 29.25"H x 47.3 lbs
Inside drawers12.4"W x 13.7"D x 2.6"H
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

13. Skyline Decor 3-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet: Anti-Tilt Mechanism

This cabinet has inset handles and a replaceable key lock, which is sleeker and more modern. There is a pencil tray for holding writing utensils and small office supplies and a file drawer with a filing conversion bar. One drawer opens at a time with interlocking tip prevention; vertical filing bar.

Overall dimensions21”L x 16”W x 24”H
Utility drawers13"W x 18.75"D x 4.5"H
File drawer13"W x 18.75"D x 11.5"H
MaterialsComposite wood
Warranty1 month

14. Northread Standard Filing Cabinet

If you are looking for an elegant small white filing cabinet, then the Northread vertical filing cabinet is popular among users for many reasons. This filing cabinet allows you to move it under the desk or even put it on display loudly because the design is suitable for both. It has two large drawers with a symmetric design, and you can easily ensure maximum storage, and even large documents fit in effortlessly.

Dimensions19.7''L x 15.4''W x 18.5''H
ColorsBlack, White, Gray
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty5 years

15. Northread Slim Cabinet

white rolling file cabinet meets most of the design requirements and this one offers even more options. You can find the gray and black colors, which are ergonomic and meet all the ergonomic standards skillfully. Thanks to the wheels installed at the bottom, the cabinet is movable, and the 5-year warranty makes it a highly popular product among users.

Dimensions19.7"L x 11.8"W x 18.5"H
ColorsBlack, White, Gray
MaterialsPowder-coated steel
Weight capacity250 lbs
Warranty5 years

16. Devaise Filing Cabinet

The three-drawer wood file cabinet from Devaise has a storage cabinet, open storage areas, and file drawers. It is intended to keep the equipment, paperwork, files, and other materials for your home office organized. It comes in a natural wood texture and finishes and is an ideal pick for a white oak file cabinet.

Devaise modern white file cabinet

17. Office Dimension Filing Cabinet

This four-drawer filing cabinet has label holders and a core-detachable lock so you can quickly identify the contents inside. Precision ball-bearing suspension ensures smooth file glide in the drawers. This vintage cabinet contains 30% recycled materials.

18. Scranton and Co Filing Cabinet

Not the tiny ergonomic design one would like, but this cabinet is slim, so it can slide beside a large piece of furniture and cover up that remaining ugly space beside the wall. The modern white file cabinet has four large drawers with a smart design, and you can also lock them for maximum safety.

19. Hirsh Filing Cabinet

For extra sensitive documents, use this Hirsh industrial filing cabinet designed with a top-notch security level. It has two high drawers with 18 inches capacity. This cabinet can withhold heavy gadgets from documents as well. The wheel casters allow easy movement, and you will also find built-in tracks for file assortment.

Hirsh Filing Cabinet

20. Northread Aesthetic Filing Cabinet

Get your hands on this another aesthetic pick from Northread, which is tiny and cute but smartly spacious. The Northread Aesthetic filing cabinet has a lock suitable for everyday use, and the mobile pedestal allows easy movement despite the load inside the cabinet. The powder-coated steel keeps it new and fresh for years, and the humanized design allows reliable and quick storage.

21. Yitahome Filing Cabinet

The metal filing cabinet from Yitahome is an excellent option for offices with limited space because it provides lots of storage space in a tiny package. This file cabinet boasts remarkable agility thanks to its four casters, which can rotate 360 degrees. This file cabinet, unlike many others, is reasonably quiet, and the completely extendable drawers include an integrated sliding rail that makes it easier to open and close the drawer smoothly and with little effort.

Yitahome Filing Cabinet

22. Bush Lateral Filing Cabinet

This modern white file cabinet is perfect for any living environment thanks to its exquisite white wood-style finish, X-pattern accent, and bronze hardware. A 30-by-20-by-30-inch unit comes with two drawers that may be used in various ways to handle letters and legal files.

23. Lorell Soho Filing Cabinet

This vertical cabinet with three drawers makes it simple to store letter-sized files and can be used alone or in conjunction with other storage options. The unit is lightweight, made of steel with chrome drawer pulls, and the top two drawers lock. It works nicely with hanging folders.

Lorell Soho Filing Cabinet

24. Cyra Filing Cabinet

Suppose you're looking for a home office or an office where design matters, this sideways filing cabinet by Cyra is a gorgeous addition to any space. It has a modern design that is depicted by the X pattern on drawers as well as a sturdy leg construction which makes it durable even on uneven surfaces. The soft self-close drawers in the Cyra file cabinet include full-extension ball-bearing slides for a smooth opening and closing.

25. Lorell 18 Inches Filing Cabinet

Two of the four drawers of this Lorell file cabinet are lockable. They are designed to hold stacked letter- and legal-size documents, office supplies, etc., and have a three-quarter drawer extension. This 30 x 21 x 18-inch black metal cabinet has easy-roll rollers. It can fit beneath the majority of regular desks and workstations.

26. AI LI CHEN White File Cabinet

One of our personal favorites is this White File Cabinet from AI Li Chen. Organize your file cabinet with this 0.63" thick Particle Board organizer, which is strong, durable, and sustainable. With its four rotatable wheels, you can move the rolling file storage cabinet anywhere. 

The front casters are equipped with brakes that add stability and keep it in place. A stationary placement is also possible by removing the wheels. The drawers glide smoothly on premium slides, providing ample space for storing your clothes, makeup, cosmetics, accessories, etc. Place it next to or underneath a desk to gain more space in your home office layout.

AI LI CHEN White File Cabinet

27. Mobile Lateral File Cabinet with Charging Station from Rolanstar

There is one large locking drawer in this file cabinet. In addition to providing ample storage space with multiple compartments, the open space and side cabinet provides convenience for hiding some private items. There is an option to install movable hanging file racks in the file cabinet drawer, which can hold Letter, Legal, and A4-size files. There are five 360° wheels on the bottom so you can move it anywhere. This cabinet can be placed on the side of a printer, computer desk, or sofa. It can support up to 165 pounds of weight.

28. 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock from Stani

Letter and legal-size hanging files are accommodated in two spacious file drawers. There are three hanging file sizes available in the filing drawer: legal size, A4 size, and letter size. Due to its sturdy steel construction and reinforced structure, it is anti-rusting and can handle a greater load. You can put your printer and scanner on it. It is easy and quiet to open and close all drawers. The interlocking drawer system prevents tipping when one drawer is opened, and the other is closed.

2-Drawer Lateral white File Cabinet with Lock from Stani

29. Key West 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet from Bush Furniture

Designed for coastal and farmhouse cute office decors, the Bush Furniture Key West 2-drawer lateral file cabinet provides space-saving organization in almost any room. Easily access legal and letter-size documents with two file drawers that open on smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides. Featuring a unique x pattern accent on the drawer panels, the design is complemented by sturdy and attractive post legs.  

30. Durham Lateral File Cabinet from Martin Furniture

This cabinet belongs to the Durham collection, which is well known for its rustic, farmhouse look that looks great in any casual setting. A locking file drawer in the cabinet holds legal and letter documents.

Durham Lateral File Cabinet from Martin Furniture

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