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15 Best Monitors for Software Development
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15 Best Monitors for Software Development

|Dec 3, 2021

Whether you are a gamer or a programmer who has to work on serious development tasks, the best monitor for software development is always a plus to have. The right monitor for software engineers has a series of features and characteristics to support running complex programs. As opposed to a normal desk and work setup, a programmer's desk setup consists of many things to improve the overall experience.

And without the right office accessories, your work efficiency is going to suffer in many ways. Hence here, we have the best single monitor to multi-monitor setups for software developers, so there is no bottleneck for covering the perfect software jobs.

How to Choose a Monitor for Programming

Before diving into the list of the best monitors for software development, it is important to know how to choose the right ultra-wide monitor for software development and programming. Although the best monitor is just a myth because to each programmer or developer, the need varies. Hence here are some factors which will help you judge the best monitor for you.


When it comes to picking a monitor for programming, resolution is crucial; the greater the resolution, the more screen real estate there is. High-resolution monitors make it easier to read and write codes since they are more readable.


When it comes to the best monitor size for software development, no size fits all. Screen size depends on the desk size as well as the personal preference. However, 27 inches is a pretty standard size in this industry.

Response Time

You cannot put up with lag and slow load times when there is a lot to do. A programming monitor that offers a response time of 5ms or somewhat less is the right choice for you.

Best Monitor for Software Development

Now that you have the right idea of choosing a perfect monitor for programming, here is a detailed list of the best programming monitors for you.

1. BenQ UHD


Looking for the finest programming monitor setup? Look no further because it is right in front of you. It's not only excellent for image quality, but it's also a fashionable option. All you need is the UHD screen to get the job done and finish the level in your game. It's a one-stop-shop for all things.

2. HPVh20a

This monitor setup from HP is the right choice if you need a full HD dual monitor setup. The wide-inch screen allows you to view the objects perfectly so you can work without missing any angles. The audio speakers also play enough sound, so you don't need any speakers separately. Another great thing about this product is its vast compatibility with various software.

3. Dell U2417

Dell U2417 best monitor for software development

Another best monitor for software development that you will find a little pricey, this 24 inches screen from Dell, is known for its finest display. The quality is great, and hence it has all the attention from the customers. This monitor has also received many top recommendations over the years.

4. Samsung CRG9

Another massive 49-inch display is the Samsung CRG9. This massive amount of workspace allows you to have all of your apps, webpages, and other programs open simultaneously. You can also connect two devices and utilize them on the same display thanks to its multiple inputs and picture-in-picture mode, making it a much more space-efficient solution for several monitors.

5. Dell LED Monitor

Dell LED Monitor best monitor for software development

One of the best dual monitors is the Dell SE2419Hx 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitor. This display panel features an FHD 1080p resolution, which is ideal for watching videos and editing images. It makes it simple to share your work with others. However, if you worry about limited space on the screen, the Pixio PS1D Dual Monitor Arm Mount is a space and cost-effective solution.

6. Asus Monitor

The ASUS PB287Q is a professional monitor with a straightforward design that is ideal for any office. It's a terrific option for anyone looking for the greatest display for programming or gaming, in our opinion. This is due to the model's improved performance and professional appearance. It has excellent image quality and a high-grade ergonomic stand, among other things.

7. BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R best monitor for software development

This is another best monitor for software development for you. The BenQ EX3501R is a gorgeous monitor that can be used for programming as well as gaming. The high resolution makes working with the short and wide aspect ratios easier, and if there's still not enough room, the USB-C connection allows for convenient multi-monitor installations.

8. Acer SB220Q

With fast viewing angles, this monitor setup from Acer is fresh and one of the best products in the market. Even when working with complex programs, the low input and ultra-fast speed offer you a great efficiency and no lag. The monitor itself has a stand which makes it highly ergonomic but if you still need some space on your work table, using the Autonomous monitor arm is a great idea.

9. Dell Ultrasharp Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp Monitor best monitor for software development

The Dell ultra-sharp monitor for coding is a great choice for high-resolution displays. This monitor has an 8K display; hence you won't worry about blur lines and poor screen resolution.

10. Apple 6K Display

Apple is known for many things, but the fastest response rate is one of the best features. This Apple 32 inches monitor is no exception because of the 6K pro display and extra-wide viewing angle. Although a bit pricey, it will be durable for you for years to come.

11. Samsung Monitor

Samsung Monitor

Though this monitor occupies a large space on your desk, you can always combine it with a single monitor arm to reap the benefits of the ergonomic position. Although heavily priced, this monitor is still one of the top choices for users, thanks to its amazing features. The widest monitor gives you a great screen resolution and a vast viewing angle without splitting into multiple screens options.

12. MSI Optix

MSI Optix is a great monitor with a perfect screen resolution. The large screen offers high resolution along with the allowance to multi-task. The 4k display is your single solution to wave the text scaling issues goodbye.

13. LG Ultra-wide Monitor

LG Ultra-wide Monitor

This is one of the best monitors for software development in the market. The Ultra-wide monitor from LG delivers one of a kind experience that will make you fall in love with programming all over again. The increased resolution gives you a great viewing angle and close to reality display. However, you might need to think about the stability due to not so sturdy a stand.

14. Gigabyte Monitor

Noted and rated as budget-friendly monitors, the gigabyte monitor is an overall plus for your workstation. This office monitor is known to give great viewing angles and a fast response time, both ideal characteristics.

15. View Sonic

View Sonic

Looking for something a little less expensive yet still of good quality? The ViewSonic VP2458 is a good option. It's especially useful for programmers who spend a lot of time writing code because the blue-light filter protects your eyes and keeps you from getting too tired.

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