15 Essential Software for Hybrid Work Model (2024 Reviews)
Hybrid Working

15 Essential Software for Hybrid Work Model (2024 Reviews)

|Jun 28, 2021

Interestingly, while the Covid-19 pandemic featured death and harsh economic realities, there’s no denying its positive effects, too, especially on work models. The truth is, the pandemic opened up big businesses to the possibility of creating a flexible working environment for their employees. Suffice to say, the possibility for employees to work remotely without interfacing physically was experimented. This idea birthed the hybrid work model, which is the wave of the moment.

Fast forward to this near post-pandemic period, it’s a surety that the hybrid work model has come to stay as there has been a continued surge in its adaptation to businesses by different organizations. Nevertheless, working with the hybrid work model is not entirely free from glitches. For this reason, to get the best from the system, opting for the right software is not negotiable.


Before delving into the essential hybrid work software you need for your business to thrive, let’s quickly consider what the hybrid work model is as well as its pros and cons.

The Hybrid Work Model: What Is It?

The idea of a hybrid work environment is not far-fetched. It simply means creating a flexible working condition for some employees to work remotely from home while others work from a centralized location. Usually, the nature of what they do determines those who work from home and those who work collaboratively in the office.

To facilitate optimum productivity and effective communication between the two groups, there's a need for an effective hybrid work technology to be put in place. Whether a hybrid work system would succeed or fail depends solely on the effectiveness of the remote work tools available.

The Hybrid Work Model: What Is It?

Let’s quickly point out that the hybrid work model is different from the full-remote arrangement where employees work entirely from home or wherever they deem fit. Instead, the hybrid arrangement is a blend; that is, employees have a choice to either work from home or at the office, depending on what they have to do.

Furthermore, there's also another aspect of the hybrid work model that centers on office hoteling. This aspect entails creating open workspaces with no particular employee or team laying claim to permanent spaces. The hybrid workforce can only come in at a stipulated time, do what they need to do, and then head out. As they leave, another team is waiting on standby to take their place.

Essential Software for an Effective Hybrid Work Model

One crucial factor that determines the success or failure of the hybrid work model is technology. This is why one of the highest downsides of the model is its over-reliance on tech. Meaning, if the right hybrid work software, hardware, cloud tech, tool for hybrid work, and other important tech are not adequately provided, the idea of a hybrid work model would only end in a fiasco.

Essential Software for an Effective Hybrid Work Model

So, organizations that are focused on embracing the new-normal (hybrid work model) must get the right hybrid work app or hybrid work technology and the best kinds of remote work tools to facilitate efficient delivery.

Here are some must-have software and tool for hybrid work that can help to run an effective hybrid work model;

1. Hybrid Office

Autonomous hybrid work software is the Hybrid suite software. This software is designed to help you set up an effective hybrid workstation. It can be used to manage flexible hybrid arrangements for all employees – it leaves no one out. 

The Hybrid office software also makes it possible to set up a functional booking system such that employees can take up office space at their convenient time. It’s a great choice for managing multiple teams and flexible work plans, especially if functional hybrid workstations are limited to a number of functional workstations. 

Hybrid Office

In summary, the Hybrid software can be used to perform the following functions:

  • Create a functional workspace with custom preset
  • Hot desk booking
  • Helps to self-manage distributed teams
  • Space and schedule optimization

2. Jam

When managing a hybrid workforce, the importance of effective communication cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, it’s crucial to the success of the hybrid work model. Jam is the communication software that can effectively deliver a great communication network among the supervisors and employees.


Jam eliminates all forms of communication barriers. With its simplicity, Jam merges all functional operations you may desire from Zoom, Slack Threads, and Meet. This hybrid work software offers asynchronous chat options too, where directions can be supplied by the boss and responses can be made instantaneously or at a later time. Like Hybrid is the future of effective hybrid workspace optimization, Jam is the future of hybrid communication.

3. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

This ergonomic sit-stand desk is apt for a hybrid work environment setting. Its software can be integrated with the Hybrid software to set up the best hybrid workspace. Ergonomic standing desks like this particular one also feature an electric motor that can be used to adjust their height. It offers the best ergonomic benefits that can enhance employee performance. It is one of the most important tools for hybrid work. 

sd core

Employees can work as they see fit; they can switch from sitting to standing postures and take postures they need for optimized performance. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is indeed the best option for a hybrid workspace.

4. Teamgantt


Teamgantt is also a project management software that is useful for handling hybrid work schedules. What makes it unique is its simple and attractive interface as well as its user-friendliness. The hybrid work software is created to handle collaborative tasks for a hybrid workforce. It also features strategic add-ons that can be used to optimize productivity. Using Teamgantt makes it possible for you to monitor and evaluate employees’ activities. Through its chat conduit, it’s easy to communicate asynchronously.

5. Nifty

Nifty is a management software that can be used to manage an effective hybrid workforce. Its technology is all-encompassing as it can be deployed to manage every aspect of a hybrid workplace model. It features a distinct chat module that helps to sustain communication flow among team members. It's also apt for assigning tasks, creating milestones and tracking performance.  Nifty is built to facilitate quality delivery of employees while they work in a fully hybrid optimized environment.

6. Teamwork


For the perfect organization of a hybrid workforce, Teamwork is a fantastic option. It comes with distinctive tools that help to adequately empower a hybrid team to give nothing but their best. The software features special tools for hybrid scheduling, project management, help desk booking, sales CRM and chat. It’s designed in tandem with the hybrid work policies, which are geared towards the attainment of organizational goals while working flexibly.

7. Wrike

Wrike is a hybrid work app and software designed to facilitate cloud-based management. It provides a special platform for hybrid employees to work collaboratively online without any glitch. It comes with a custom-mode that makes it adaptable to any kind of condition or environment.

This hybrid work technology can be used to create an enabling environment for every kind of hybrid worker to thrive. It features a top-notch communication platform designed to expedite effective task performance. It can also be used to monitor projects and handle reporting. What’s more, it is useful for monitoring performance of fully remote employees too.  It’s indeed one of the best software you can own to create a thrilling hybrid work arrangement for your employees.

8. Troop


Troop is built for easy interaction among employees as it features a dynamic video conferencing platform app for all kinds of conversation. Also, it features a push-to-talk system that is equipped for swift and instant responses. The software is exclusively designed to help organizations achieve the goal of an effective hybrid work model seamlessly. With Troop, all kinds of communication bogs can be avoided as the software is highly optimized for effective performance. It comes with special sync that makes it usable over the phone; and its hybrid work app version is compatible with all kinds of mobile operating systems.

9. Asana


Asana is the perfect hybrid work software for orchestrating jobs and managing performance in a hybrid work setting. It is good for handling task allocation, communication, feedback, and report detailing. What’s more, it can be adapted to market campaigns and effective sales management. This remote work tool is a progressive tool that can bring about the enhanced productivity of your hybrid workforce. It is swift, affordable and reliable when used for simple or complex projects.

10. Project Manager

From its name, it’s clear that what this hybrid work software does is to manage projects. However, it can do more than that. It also features a highly optimized reporting tool, which is good for providing quality feedback. More so, it’s created to effectively handle collaborative projects. With Project Manager, it becomes easy for a hybrid work team to work in cooperation. Tasks can be easily assigned over its interface and performance of such tasks can be monitored too in this remote work tool. There’s no hiding place with Project Manager as project supervisors can easily view the status of the tasks assigned to a hybrid employee.

11. Taskeo


This hybrid work software is an integrative software that can be synced with other software for easy usage and connectedness. It’s an employee-centered app that ensures that your hybrid workforce stays flexible all along while being self-managed in the best way.  Companies that opt for Taskeo are bound to achieve their goals because the software facilitates increased staff performance.

Taskeo is also mobile compliant as it has app versions that can run on all kinds of Android, Apple, Windows, and other kinds of mobile operating systems. The mobile app makes it easy to get notifications. It’s also useful for making hot desk bookings with the press of a button.

12. Chanty

The need for effective virtual communication among a hybrid workforce cannot be overemphasized. That’s why Chanty has been designed to make everything related to communicating as easy as possible. Interestingly, Chanty can be used by employees who are not tech-savvy. This hybrid work app comes with an interface that is easy to navigate and simple to understand. Thus, it can be adapted to all kinds of hybrid arrangements. Its ultimate aim is to boost collaborative efforts towards the achievement of organizational goals. It’s your surest bet to handle hybrid projects.

13. Zoom


One perky benefit of using Zoom is its interactive prowess. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that can help a hybrid workforce stay connected at all times. Thus, it helps to facilitate effective communication across borders and time. Zoom makes it possible to talk to your team all at once regardless of where they may be. It’s also a functional software that any hybrid work model can adopt.

14. Google Hangout

This hybrid work software is powered by Google, and it’s well-suited for video conferencing and other communication usage. It’s apt for chatting too as it features a chat platform where multiple hybrid teams can interact about projects and come up with strategic solutions.

15. Slack


Talk of a unifying hybrid work software that is broad and dynamic, Slack is the best hybrid work app you need to create a perfect hybrid work model. It’s useful for managing an employee's portfolio such that it becomes easy to assign tasks and monitor performance. Slack also features an interactive platform that is quite useful for collaborative interactions. It provides a connective base where a hybrid workforce can stay and work together.

The Bottom Line

Companies that have adopted the hybrid work model are achieving more. It's only fitting for you to make the switch right now for your business to scale up. However, for your company to succeed, you must use the right essential hybrid work software and remote work tool. The best software made by Autonomous has been identified in this article. They are the building pillars you need to build an effective hybrid work model.

Don't opt for inferior options; get the essential software and hybrid work technology to facilitate improved productivity and keep your team together while working flexibly with different hybrid work schedules.

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