Looking for a Living Room Lamp? 15 Top Choices in 2023
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Looking for a Living Room Lamp? 15 Top Choices in 2023

Autonomous|Oct 18, 2022

You can do everything right when creating your dream home only to get it wrong at the very last hurdle when it comes to choosing the type of lighting you want for the different rooms in the house. Getting the correct living room lamp is very important because this is the place where people regularly meet and spend time together. 

Choosing living room lights used to be very easy when the choice was between a traditional lighting design or a chandelier. However, these days, with so many modern designs coming out, it is no longer easy to pick the best lamps for the living room. 

Just one look at the wide variety of choices available at Autonomous would be enough to confuse anyone. If you are finding it difficult to choose a light stand for the living room then you are in the right place. 

There is a great way to choose a good living room lamp, and it involves deciding beforehand what type of lamps you want. Are you looking for a floor lamp? Do you have a desk in the living room

Answer these questions and you will be able to walk into any home furniture store and select the perfect living room lights for your home. Read on to find out the many options you can choose from. 

Types of Lamps for the Living Room

Types of Lamps for the Living Room

There are simply too many types of lamps out there to mention in one article. That is why we have focused on the following types of lamps for the living room that you need to consider. We have narrowed it down to four main categories, which are: 

Ceiling Lamps

In terms of popularity, ceiling lamps are the most common types of living room lamps found in most traditional households. In fact, even in houses that have other types of lamps, it is normal to also find ceiling lamps. 

The reason for its popularity is that it is very practical when it comes to providing adequate lighting for the entire room. A ceiling lamp is the best way to make sure that all corners of the room receive adequate light.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

One of the major advantages of floor lamps is that they can be moved around the room and placed anywhere that requires more lighting. These days you can also find a wide variety of designs to choose from that add a touch of elegance to any living room.

Wall-Mounted Lamps

What most people love about wall-mounted lamps is that they are reminiscent of the olden days when touches used to be mounted on the walls. This makes them a good option for anyone who is looking for something a bit different from the normal living room lights found in other homes. 

Desk Lamps

If you have a desk in your living room that you use to get some work done at home, a living room table lamp is a must-have accessory. There are times when you would want to work quietly without disturbing other people in the room and an LED desk lamp will do the job perfectly. 

How To Pick Lamps for the Living Room

How To Pick Lamps for the Living Room

Picking a living room lamp is one of those things that seems very easy until you actually get down to doing it. Only then do you realize that there are so many important things you need to consider before buying lamps for the living room. 

These considerations are not easy to make when you are already standing in the furniture shop with a sales assistant pressuring you to buy one lamp or the other. If you take your time to decide clearly what you want, then the choice will become simpler. 

Before going shopping for living room lights, consider the following:


Even though there may be many beautiful lamps that you may wish to buy, in most cases it is your budget that determines the one you will eventually walk out with. A living room lamp is not an item you would want to end up exceeding your budget, so it is important to think carefully before you pay.


Some types of lamps, such as floor lamps, take up a lot more space than, say, ceiling lamps. If your room is already crowded enough as it is, adding to that by purchasing a floor lamp is not a good idea.


You should avoid a situation whereby the size of the lamp does not suit the rest of the furniture in the room. A lamp that is too big will dwarf all other items in the room and look out of place. Similarly, one that is too small will disappear into the background and not be able to provide adequate lighting.



From RGB lamps to ones that can be used to charge your devices, there are so many different features that are being paired up with lamps these days. You can even have lamps that double as fans too. Think carefully about what other features you might need and purchase a living room lamp that comes with these.


As we mentioned earlier, there are also many types of lamps to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to just the four major categories for you to consider, which should make this decision much easier.


What do you intend to use your lamp for? Perhaps this should be the very first question you ask yourself. No matter how great a lamp is, as long as it does not fulfill its purposes it will end up being a disappointment to you. 

15 Must-have Lamps for the Living Room in 2022

If you know the value of good lighting then having the right type of living room lights is something you will put a lot of thought and effort into. To make the choice easier for you, we have compiled a list of 15 lamps that will do a lot more than just brighten up the place. 

1. Lamp Depot RGBW Modern Curve Lamp

One of the designs that are proving to be very popular among consumers in 2022 is a curve lamp. If you are not familiar with what these lamps look like, take a look at the modern Curve Lamp by Lamp Depot. It comes with awesome features, such as RGBW lighting, and uses 90% less power than traditional halogen lights. 

2. Arnsberg Lighting Alessandro Volta Portable Battery Wall Sconce

A wall-mounted lamp does not mean that the design cannot be modern. The portable battery wall sconce by Arnsberg Lighting is a great example. Not only is this marvel of German engineering made of durable material, but it is also battery-powered, meaning there is no need for you to do any rewiring of the house. 

3. Gingko Design Octagon One Portable Desk Light

With a beautiful wooden octagon base that can be set in three different positions, the cute Octagon One Portable Desk Light by Gingko Design will look great on your desk. It provides you with four levels of brightness that can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. This is one of the best desk lamps on this list. 

4. Brightech Sphere Floor Lamp

The thing with Brightech lamps is that when you buy one of these, you know for a fact that you are getting good value for money. This Brightech floor lamp’s quality is top-notch! It is a modern slim-profile lamp that emits warm, diffused light, perfect for any living room. 

5. Benzara Floor Lamp

If you find a retro and industrial look appealing, then the Benzara floor lamp should be at the top of your list of lamps to buy for your living room. It is easy to assemble, has a matte all-black metal finish, and comes with a great one-year warranty from Autonomous. 

6. HumanScale Nova Desk Lamp

Soft and uniform light is a must-have feature for a desk lamp otherwise you risk straining your eyes. The Nova desk lamp from Humanscale produces exactly that, without any disruptive flickering, which makes this a great option for use next to your computer. 

7. Vanity Fixture, Matte Black

Vanity Fixture, Matte Black living room lamp

With tapered clear glass and a matte black metal finish, this wall-mounted lamp from Vanity Fixture would be the perfect addition to any living room. It has four energy-efficient lights that will provide more than enough light for a room of any size. This is a classic choice if a wall sconce seems like a good choice for your living room. 

8. Destination Lighting Contemporary Single-light Sconce

This wall sconce comprises a single beautifully designed lamp that comes with an elegant pull chain for easy turning on and off. If you are not happy with the pull chain, you can have it cut off and use the main wiring to connect a traditional switch. 

9. IKEA Forsa Desk Lamp

IKEA Forsa Desk Lamp

IKEA is well known for producing good quality furniture items at affordable prices, and the Forsa desk lamp is no exception. The design itself is nothing new, with IKEA preferring to stick to a tried and tested timeless style. Get this desk lamp if you want something simple that does the job well. 

10. Creswell Lighting Articulating Floor Lamp

The Creswell Lighting Articulating floor lamp manages to tick all the right boxes for an affordable, and versatile living room lamp that comes with all the necessary features such as being easily adjustable. Its design is somewhat antique-looking but that just adds to the overall appeal. 

11. Adesso Bowery Arc Lamp

Adesso Bowery Arc Lamp living room lamp

If you definitely need a floor lamp for the living room but the space is an issue, you should consider the Arc lamp by Adesso Bowery. It has a very small sturdy base that takes up very little floor space. Although it's a bit heavier than other lamps, that is just meant to make it more stable. 

12. Anglepoise 90 Mini Desk Lamp

Are you constantly on the move, working in different places? This mini desk lamp from Anglepoise 90 may be just the thing you are looking for. Not only is it compact and easy to carry around, but it also works well using a battery, meaning you can set up your temporary office anywhere you want without worrying about not having a good light source. 

13. Allmodern Flemings LED Task Floor Lamp

Allmodern Flemings LED Task Floor Lamp

Nothing says “modern lighting” like the LED Task floor lamp from Allmodern Flemings. Features such as a touch switch are all part of the bargain. It even has a built-in light source meaning you do not have to worry about changing the bulb ever again. 

14. Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

One look and you will fall in love with the classical look of the wood tripod floor lamp by Lepower. It is made of elegantly carved rubberwood which gives a great traditional feel to the lamp and is topped with a beautifully textured linen lampshade. 

15. Birch Lane Theodora Swingarm Floor Lamp

Birch Lane Theodora Swingarm living room lamp

The fully adjustable Birch Lane Theodora Swingarm floor lamp has two easy-to-switch color options to enhance the mood of the entire room. It does not have a warranty but for a little bit extra you can get a five-year protection plan. 

Final Word

We are sure you are surprised at just how many options are available for something as simple as a living room lamp. Normally, this would mean spending a long time sifting through many different furniture catalogs. However, thanks to the wide range of options available at Autonomous, you can have everything you want under one roof. 

If good quality lamps for the living room are what you are after, then do your research by looking at some of the things highlighted in this article and head over to the Autonomous website, and take your pick!

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