16 Best Hybrid Smartwatches of 2024: Elegant Design with Smart Features
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16 Best Hybrid Smartwatches of 2024: Elegant Design with Smart Features

|Jan 27, 2022

Having a hybrid smartwatch means you can both enjoy the beauty of an analog watch while monitoring your health and getting many more innovative features. This guide offers you the best models you should consider for 2022. 

What Is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

What Is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

Looking for office workout equipment often involves finding the best accessories to complement you while you're working. These items help you keep track of your health, which is essential when you have to spend multiple hours in front of a screen. 

However, fitness accessories & furniture are not the only important items when getting ready to complete your daily to-dos. A hybrid smartwatch can also change your life completely. 

Unlike analog watches or simple smartwatches, a hybrid model combines the best of both worlds. It looks like a classic watch, but you can connect it to an app to monitor your health, get notifications, and so on. 

Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2022 List

If you're here, it means you want the best watch you can get. Take a look at some of the models with the highest-quality features you might find out there: 

1. ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

This model is one of the best analog smartwatch options since it was the first one to ever exist, and it has continued to surprise customers due to its beautiful design and fantastic features. 

The MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch is water-resistant, compatible with iOS and Android, monitors your sleep, and includes a one-year warranty.  

Additionally, this minimalist smartwatch can track your activities, calories, and much more. Since its touchscreen offers high-resolution features, you can easily see what the watch displays in full color. 

2. Fossil Men Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

If you're looking for a smartwatch that looks like a real watch, Fossil's Men Stainless Steel option is one of the best ones you can find, especially when you want a simple and sleek design. 

With this model, you get a watch with a long-lasting battery, which can last up to two weeks with a single charge. Furthermore, its features include a sleep and heart rate monitor, and wellness and activity trackers. 

3. Skagen Men Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Men Hybrid Smartwatch

Get a watch that embodies Denmark's energy: Skagen's model looks modern, beautiful, sleek, and it perfectly matches any outfit you want to wear. 

This smartwatch represents the most beautiful places in Copenhagen and the most iconic sites of all Denmark, which is one of the reasons why so many people love it.  

If you connect the model to the Skagen app on your iOS or Android phone, you can monitor your activity, heart rate, sleep, habits, and more. It gives you a myriad of features, including more than two weeks of battery after a single charge. 

4. Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women by Garmin Vivophone

Having a beautiful and fun smartwatch that's also functional is one of the best choices you could make, especially if you want to feel motivated during your daily activities.  

With this option, you can stay connected to all aspects of your life. It includes features such as smart notifications, which you can activate by pairing the watch to a compatible phone.

At the same time, this hybrid smartwatch also gives you tools to monitor your wellness, such as stress and relaxation trackers, advanced sleep monitoring, and heart rate monitoring. 

Garmin's model lets you quickly stay on top of your to-dos by displaying all the features on a beautiful, high-quality screen. Lastly, the accessory band is swappable, so you can quickly change the watch's look so it matches your outfit! 

5. Hybrid Smartwatch with Real Watch Hands by Garmin Vivophone

Hybrid Smartwatch with Real Watch Hands by Garmin Vivophone

Here is another smart device for you. Even though there are a lot of brands out there, Garmin offers more than one option you should consider, especially if you're looking for a beautiful smartwatch that looks like a real watch. 

In this case, the Hybrid Smartwatch with Real Hands gives you the best of both worlds since it features innovative characteristics while displaying it all in a beautiful design that resembles analog watches. 

This model lets you turn your notifications on, keep track of your oxygen and energy levels, menstrual cycle, respiration, stress, sleep, heart rate, and hydration. 

Additionally, with Garmin Pay, you can use the contactless payment solution to optimize your payments (as long as you use supported cards from allied banks), which might help you reduce the time you spend on life admin tasks. 

6. Stainless Steel and Silicone Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

Another fantastic model by Fossil is the Stainless Steel and Silicone watch, which is also featured in many lists that choose the best hybrid smartwatch of 2022. This is a good item that you cannot miss in your home gym essential list.

Unlike other models, this one has a classic design, which is ideal to combine with any formal attire you want to wear. Since its battery lasts more than two weeks after a single charge, you don't need to worry about carrying the charger around or feel concerned because the watch might turn off in the middle of the day. 

On the contrary – if anything characterizes this model, is its ability to give you multiple features for a long time before you have to take it off your wrist and charge it. With sleep, activity, and heart rate tracking, this analog smartwatch encompasses the best of today's technology in the most beautiful vintage design. 

7. Neutra Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

Neutra Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

Having a watch is not only a good idea to accessorize your outfits; with a smartwatch, you can stay on top of what you need to do for the day, set notifications, alerts, and even monitor different health aspects, such as your heart rate or your sleep patterns. 

Fossil's Neutra option is one of the best alternatives you could buy, especially if you're looking for something that both looks beautiful and provides you with convenient features.  

In many cases, people don't want a black hybrid smartwatch, so the Neutra could be what you've always wanted since it's available in silver. Moreover, this watch includes a magnetic USB charger, can monitor different aspects of your health, and its battery is able to last more than two weeks after a single charge. 

8. Women's Monroe Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

The name ‘Monroe’ often means elegance and beauty to many people, probably because of the beautiful lady called like that as well. Fossil's analog smartwatch with the same name is a fantastic example of this very same concept since it encompasses simplicity, a breathtaking design, and convenient and innovative features. 

Even though the Monroe's battery life may vary as time goes on and you install the apps’ updates, it can still last more than two weeks once you get it. Additionally, it lets you see your calendar, check your messages and calls, and even review weather alerts. 

Buying the Monroe means you can, of course, monitor your health as well. It's also ideal to control your music, and it works perfectly with both Android and iOS phones.

9. Women's Charter Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

Women's Charter Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch by Fossil

There are many options in this hybrid smartwatch review, but Fossil's Charter model for women is definitely one of the most elegant, beautifully breathtaking designs you could go for. 

With feminine lines that enhance the watch's look and a fantastic rose gold color to match many of your outfits, the Charter is equipped with the best features to make your life easier. 

You get a heart rate monitor, music control, in-depth wellness trackers, sleep monitor, and much more if you get the Charter. Additionally, its long-lasting battery guarantees that the analog smartwatch works for more than two weeks before you need to charge it again! 

10. Withings’ Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings’ Hybrid Smartwatch

If you're looking for an innovative smartwatch, you probably want a model that can give you fantastic features at a great price, especially if you're interested in accurately monitoring your health. 

Fortunately, Withings’ option is one of the best hybrid smartwatch alternatives you could get for this. In this case, the model can give you your oxygen saturation levels in less than thirty seconds, monitor your heart rate, track breathing disturbances, and check for sleep irregularities. 

Although there are many analog smartwatch options out there, this one is particularly special and convenient for people with health concerns, or for customers who simply want to live a healthier life! 

11. Garmin Vivophone's Black with Sandstone Band Hybrid Smartwatch

You can never go wrong with a classic black smartwatch, and if you get Garmin's option with a sandstone band, then your wrist can look even more beautiful. 

Garmin's Black with Sandstone Band smartwatch is one of the best models to estimate your heart rate since its Elevate technology allows it to accurately check for any disturbances or irregularities.  

At the same time, this minimalist smartwatch includes other health monitoring options too, for example, sleep and stress tracking.  

Lastly, since the accessory bands are replaceable, you can quickly change them and use different-colored ones to match any outfit you want to wear! 

12. Hybrid Smartwatch by 3Cruz Plus

Hybrid Smartwatch by 3Cruz Plus

Stay connected with 3Cruz Plus’ option, which offers simpler features compared with other alternatives, but it's immensely affordable. Thus, it's convenient if you're looking for something budget-friendly that still gives you the essentials of any analog smartwatch.  

The smartwatch by 3Cruz Plus includes a high-quality touchscreen display, but the rest of its features are its forte: a heart rate sensor and activity tracking (distance, active minutes and inactivity, calories, and steps). 

You can also receive texts and media notifications in this watch, which makes it a fantastic model too since you never have to miss anything you get on your phone, even if you're going for a run outside. 

13. Nowa's Superbe Hybrid Smartwatch

If you take a look at different smartwatch models, you might notice that each person chooses the one that fits their needs the best. Therefore, you should always consider what you require, even if hundreds of people have bought a specific model. 

Even so, others’ opinions might help you spot the best options on the market, especially if everyone seems to like a specific alternative – this is the case with the Superbe hybrid smartwatch by Nowa, which combines modern and traditional features. 

The brand is based in France, and even though the design might remind you of classic models, its features are all modern – it includes fitness and sleep tracking, and the app is easy to use. 

14. Hybrid Smartwatch by Diesel on Time

Hybrid Smartwatch by Diesel on Time

A contemporary and innovative high-tech design might be just what you need when you're looking for a beautiful analog smartwatch.  

Nonetheless, if you often wear simple and classic outfits, you probably want a minimalistic smartwatch to match your clothes. 

Fortunately, Diesel on Time's model gives you the best of both aspects – you get innovative high-tech and simplicity with this model.  

Since the watch has an integrated battery, you don't need to worry about constantly recharging it. Furthermore, you can easily assign notifications depending on your needs, which is immensely convenient if you don't want to miss any important messages. 

However, keep in mind that this design only includes basic smart features. Therefore, if you're looking for something more advanced, you might want to check out other options in this hybrid smartwatch review.

15. Dream Sport's Hybrid Smartwatch

Although many people like simple, elegant, and neutral-colored watches, you might want something more fun. Don't worry – Dream Sport's option is here for you! 

In this case, buying the watch means you get a casual, everyday wear design. It's available in multiple colors, and its analog hands make the watch stand out from its competitors since the model probably looks fantastic on your wrist. 

16. Rose Goldstone Hybrid Smartwatch by Michael Kors

Rose Goldstone Hybrid Smartwatch by Michael Kors

The last watch on this list is designer-made, and it's Michael Kors’ Rose Goldstone model. Clearly, it's one of the most beautiful ones to exist since its elegant, luxurious, and sleek design look amazing. 

Additionally, its app is highly reliable, which means that the watch is not reliant on looks only. You never need to charge it, and its case is durable. Thus, the item can last a long time with you. 

Keynote Takeaways

With so many hybrid smartwatches available, you might wonder how to even choose. However, keep in mind that you should pick the one that fits your needs best – evaluate your options and decide as fast as you can!

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