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The 18 Best Corner Desks for Home Office You Should Buy
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The 18 Best Corner Desks for Home Office You Should Buy

|Oct 1, 2021

Are you a fan of working from home? If yes, are you currently working from home? Working remotely may be fulfilling and safe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. How is your home office setup? You need the utmost comfort when working from home. Some needed home office setup items are an ergonomic chair and a home office corner desk.

Selecting the right table or desk requires careful consideration. Do you want a more traditional or modern look? Is your office small or large? Is it an open plan or closed-off? Are you in need of desks or tables? Is your preference a U-shaped or L-shaped corner computer desk or table? So, would a standing desk be the best corner desk option for you? So many questions, so many answers – here’s how to manage a home office corner desk layout effectively.

Most home offices are located in various corners of the house. This kind of working space calls for a corner desk setup to fit well. Luckily, there are many office corner desks on the market you can buy for your home workspace. Most of these desks are L-shaped, while some are usual desks. Read on to find out more about the ideal corner desk for your home office.

Top 18 Home Office Corner Desks in 2022

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) - corner home office desk

When taking two of this desk, you can get an elegant corner office space in your house. This desk is an essential home office corner desk that allows all-day productivity. Most of the desk dimensions support its ergonomic importance in an office. A classic 53" by 29" sized desk that increases a worker's well-being. The desk has a generous height range of 29.4” to 48” and four programmable settings. 

Apart from having simple controls, the desk is strong enough to carry a weight of 265 pounds. Even with the load, the desk moves 1.1" per second while staying rock-solid all the while. This corner desk has an XL and regular desktop options. The steel frame is solid, and it has an electric dual motor. The desk's efficiency is supported by the producer issuing a 5-year warranty. 

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo - corner home office desk

Are you working in a limited space that requires office sharing? Well, make use of the space you have by buying a Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo. The desk allows team sharing with its space sharing feature. With the two spaces, two people can work on either side of the desk simultaneously. One person can work while standing and the other seated. The height-adjustable features allow alternating positions from sitting to standing. 

Since it is a shared desk, staying tidy is important. The home office corner desk comes with two cable trays, USB and Ethernet ports, and a streamlined power outlet. Though shared, Core Duo has independent controls for the two shared spaces. 

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse - corner home office desk

Are you working in an office corner space? If yes, then buy a Autonomous Desk Expanse. This is an L-shaped standing desk for your corner office. This desk is perhaps the most envied of all L-shaped desk setups, as it takes your space to the next level. The desk has more space for creativity. Yet, it provides more power for all that you need to be done. With its two modular segments, you can fit it in any corner. All you need to do is switch the sides to find your best fit. 

The corner computer desk runs on three motors, unlike most electric standing desks on one. Autonomous Desk Expanse has solid steel legs that carry a weight of 400 pounds. With four control settings, you can use the desk's responsive keypad to save your settings. Just glide into your position with a single touch of a button. 

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka is a corner computer desk, if you combine two desks together, that has undergone years of research and development. It has gone through a steady and sustained upgrade to make it better. The desk is so strong that it lifts 310 pounds with ease. This Pro corner computer desk has a height range of 26.2" to 52," and it is a very quiet desk. 

With enough space, the home office corner desk allows the use of two computer monitors at the same time. You can work uninterrupted on this L-shaped computer desk since it saves all your height settings. Its powerful new dual-motor steel frame supports your body while working.  

5. Autonomous Desk Connect

Hybrid Autonomous Desk

The Connect is a classic, hot ultimate desk for flexible offices. The desk comes in 53" x 29" size and permits customization. This adjustable standing desk recalls all set preferences by its users. It comes with integrated space management software. Using the desk does not need any paperwork since it has an integrated app. 

This corner computer desk is so strong that it lifts a weight of 310 pounds and can withstand the rigors of office sharing. You don't have to worry about your height when using this desk. It can adjust through several height ranges of 26.2" to 52" without any problems.

6.  MultiTable L-Shaped Best Corner Standing Desk

Are you looking for a desk with a minimal design? The MultiTable L-shaped Standing Desk is the ideal one. This sit-stand L-shaped desk for home office comes in several colors to match your home office theme. It has a cheap and simple design that makes it affordable and long-lasting. This desk's base is made of high-quality materials. So, it can hold up to 330 pounds.

7. Bush Furniture Cabot

Bush Furniture Cabot - corner home office desk

Cabot is a very sophisticated and luxurious L-shaped computer desk. It encourages organization by providing enough working space. You can only buy two versions of this home office corner desk; either espresso oak or harvest cherry. Though it is beautiful, Cabot can be tricky to install. It comes with storage trays and cabinets, a 4-port USB hub, and 60" of space. 

8. The Green Forest Corner Desk

The Green Forest is a multi-monitor desk ideal for a gaming setup. Its simple design and small spaces give it a minimalist layout. The desk is ideal for an L-shaped dual computer monitor desk setup. Both ends of the desk can be switched to personalize the workspace. 

This corner computer desk is sturdy and strong. It can carry two monitors and several gaming items. The materials used in making it are environmentally friendly and are scratch-proof. Even with water spillage, it does not get damaged. The desk's available foot cups help in balancing the heights. 

9. Tribesigns Contemporary Desk

Tribesigns Contemporary corner home office desk

Tribesigns is an L-shaped corner desk that is sleek and is available in black and white. Some of its features include rotation, added storage space, and enough working space. The corner desk for home

 is one of the strongest you can find on the market. It supports a weight of 900 pounds. 

10. Bestar Hampton Corner Desk

This is a luxurious corner desk that is created with a touch of modern design and natural materials. The corner desk is a one-time investment, meaning that it is long-lasting and presentable. If you are looking for a luxurious desk with a storage compartment and a keyboard tray, the Bestar Hampton Corner is the ideal corner computer desk.

11. The Uplift L-Shaped Custom Sit and Stand Corner Desk

The Uplift L-Shaped Custom Sit and Stand Corner Desk

This corner desk for home is one of the best L-shaped desk setups on the market. The desk is ergonomically designed, with a triple-eclectic motor for several adjustments. One of the factors that make it stand out is that it provides several L-desk budgets and spaces. It is also spacious enough to hold several monitors. This desk is firm enough to carry heavy weights of up to 520 pounds. 

12. Jarvis's L-Shaped Standing Computer Desk

The Jarvis option is a home office corner desk with configuration that offers maximum adjustment in height. The desk is strong enough to carry up to 530 pounds. Though the desk may be costly, it has a three-legged design that makes it stand out. Unlike other L-shaped desks for home offices, the Fully Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk comes in a limited number of size and color options. 

13. iMovR Lander L-Desk

iMovR Lander L-Desk

The iMovR Lander L-Desk is an advanced office desk that provides convenience. This desk is easy and fast to assemble, offers impressive adjustable options, and it is durable. All its features are included in the design to add other premium attributes. 

14. Uplift Curved L-Shaped Stand-up Desk

This is a curved standing desk that runs up to 47 inches and 72 inches on different walls. One of the major drawbacks to this piece of furniture is that it only comes in one size, but in different colors. 

Unlike other corner standing desks, this corner desk for home comes in a unique pork chop design set. Its design makes it stand out among other desks. The Uplift Curved L-Shaped desk for home office maximizes your working space and is durable. 

15. Eureka Ergonomic L-Shaped Standing Desk

Eureka Ergonomic L-Shaped corner home office desk

This furniture piece is a corner standing desk with configuration that has a high-quality design. The Eureka Ergonomic L-Shaped Standing Desk is created with a robotic state of mind to make sure it serves the user well. Though the desk comes in one color and size, it has adjustable features that regulate the sitting and standing positions.

16. Custom L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk 

This desk is one of the most incredible and spacious computer desks on the market. It has a larger desktop and more workspace than other desks by more than 250 percent. Created with a modern design, the aesthetics of this L-shaped computer desk are made of quality and eco-friendly materials. 

The most appealing thing about this desk is that it is motorized, and has a robust design. This item is a minimalist desk that provides stability and a digital memory controller. The control helps in adjusting the desk to sitting or standing positions.  

17. UpDesk Pro Adjustable Corner Desk

UpDesk Pro Adjustable Corner home office desk

Are you looking for a three-legged stable desk with some ergonomic benefits? Seek no more. The UpDesk Pro Standing Desk is a go-to option on the market. This desk has a corner configuration feature and a simple design. The desk can only hold a single desktop. Its role is to maximize your home office space as well as serve its purpose.

Additionally, this corner desk comes in two different colors, black or maple. This desk is created uniquely with a three-legged Linak base and frame. Though it is not motorized, this L-shaped standing desk has all the needed manual adjustments. 

18. iMovR Cascade L-Shaped Standing Desk

Are you looking for a home office desk that has a varied thickness and a 3D lamination? Well, this desk is here to serve you. The Cascade L-Shaped Standing Desk is currently one of the most popular desks on the market. This desk is available in several desktop sizes and has a good height configuration. 

Through its adjustable corner desk design, this desk comes in various height ranges. The ultimate reason for the height range is to accommodate a variety of budgets and body heights. However, acquiring this corner computer desk may be challenging, time-consuming, and costly.

Benefits of Using an L-shaped Standing Desk

Benefits of Using a home office corner desk

Reduced obesity risks

In the aftermath of a long day spent sitting, vigorous exercise would be more beneficial than standing and moving. Your daily calorie burn can increase by over 150, depending on the amount of time you spend standing. You will find it easier to prevent weight gain when using a standing desk in your L-shaped desk home office.

Reduced heart and blood sugar risks

Your health will benefit from corner desks for home. If we sit all day, our health will suffer. The main reason for this is that much research has shown that this point is valid over the long term. Standing for 180 minutes after lunch has been shown to reduce peak blood sugar levels by 43% for people who stand for 3 hours after lunch.

Reduced lower back pain

You can reduce back pain by 30% if you use an adjustable standing table for a few weeks.

Increased productivity

home office corner desk Increased productivity

You become more alert when you're standing. By doing so, your brain can focus better, resulting in increased productivity.

Increased energy

Drawing out a conversation leads to depression and anxiety, according to studies. The members described that everything returned to normal after returning to their standard work areas for your L-shaped computer desk. Those who used standing workstations seemed to be livelier and less stressed as a result.

How to Measure Your Room for an L-shaped Desk

How to Measure Your Room for an L-shaped Desk

Before buying anything, think carefully. You can do it the old-fashioned way. Create furniture that is scaled after drawing a plan. Place sized double desk furniture to determine whether it fits. It is common to have two groups facing each other and facing the desk simultaneously in a distribution such as that. Your group may decide to do that. In the short "L" shape, a sectional couch with an accent chair should be sufficient for your habitual group.

Preventing overcrowding of seats is the most important thing to do. Include accent chairs at your modern home office desk in one arrangement. Make sure that the room is mobile and spacious. Make sure that you have a coffee table as well. Make smart use of your living space.

Two distinct areas can be created using an L-shaped home office essentials layout. This setup's longer and shorter ‘L’ parts can be delineated and designed separately. Save space by mounting furniture on the wall.

  • Utilize the vertical space by installing floating shelves
  • Break the monotony with a variety of furniture
  • You should choose different lighting for different parts of the room.

With this guide, you will be able to find the best gaming workstation, regardless of the amount you plan to spend. In 2020, many fields of work were open, and they all had their pros and cons. Others prefer extra room, such as racks and drawers, to accommodate multiple screens and cool highlights. In selecting the correct work area, you should take into account these four distinct types of work areas:

Corner Desks

home office corner desks

Their L-shaped design makes it possible to maximize the divider space in your gaming room. You can also use them if you need a large surface area for multiple screens and other tools or devices.

Tallness Adjustable Desks

In the workplace and at home, standing and sitting work areas are becoming increasingly popular. Standing can be an advantage, especially to break up long meetings sitting similarly positioned, depending on your gaming inclination.

Standard Desks

Standard Desks

The work areas are extremely similar to those in an office and don't differ much from them. In any case, with regards to gaming workstations, they generally come with a few extra highlights, such as earphone holders and drink holders, as well as cool extra elements such as RGB lights.

U-molded Desks

This workstation type is shaped like a U and gives more space than corner workstations. Although some work areas are specifically designed and sold as U-shaped models, you can likewise merge L-shaped work areas for similar results.



How to arrange dual desks in a smaller home office?

Place your desk in the center of the room to maximize the space and make the room more fluid. You should put your guest chairs out in the open instead of against a wall if your desk is against a wall. An overly cluttered room will look smaller than one with an appropriate amount of open wall space.

Try allocating as much space as possible for both individuals at opposite sides and ends of the room. It is good to create a zone for office supplies and personal items. (The two desks pictured are examples of the best home office desks).

Can 2 people use an L-shaped desk?

Using the two desks together will give you more space for your computer and other essential electronic devices on your main home office corner desk and allow you to write and take notes on the desk next to you. With a simple rotation of your chair, you'll have a clean workspace for working.

Workstations for two people allow both to be productive while sharing a single desk. You can work alongside your partner and family on the same work surface. You can multitask on an L-shaped home office corner desk because it provides plenty of space. A second computer monitor or paper, invoices, books, or invoices can also be kept on your desktop. Consider keeping your essentials stacked on one arm of the 'L' and conducting computer work on the other.


Have you ever had a home office or set up one? Maybe not. Setting up a home office may be daunting for some people. Yet, others may seamlessly have a home office without breaking a sweat. It is important to take care of your body first before anything else. Look for office furniture like a home office corner desk that compliments your home office space. 

Secondly, whether you are working, streaming, or gaming, you need to be comfortable. Buy desks and chairs that permit flexibility to allow blood flow. The home office corner desks for the home discussed in this article offer much-needed comfort. You are safe when using any of the desks, even if you work for long hours. Shop wisely with your working space and body comfort in mind.

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