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18 Best Modern L-shaped Desks for Contemporary Office

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 30, 2021

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Since the pandemic began, many employees were forced to continue work from home. However, comfort may not have been the first word or even the best to describe the experience. Managers from multiple businesses have had to contemplate the best way to ensure customers remain energetic and productive. Enter the modern L-shaped desk. 

Creating a contemporary office work space is ideal for those who want to successfully steer clear of clutter and chaos. This type of office is also good for those who are in the position to telecommute. By organizing a space to become contemporary, office workers must keep in mind the minimalistic qualities that define the area. 

Studies have shown that contemporary office spaces increase the productivity of employees. With sit to stand desks available, employees have more room for mobility. This, in turn, decreases the negative effects that a completely sedentary job position can have on the lower back, shoulders, and neck of each individual. 

home office desk

You are probably wondering what sort of home office you should have set up. First, you must assess your needs. How much space are you trying to work with? Is it going to be a traditional office setup or is your home office going to reflect how you work most? What exactly is your budget to set up your home office? 

These are the kinds of questions that must be answered first. Otherwise, you risk winging the project altogether and running into unforeseen obstacles that could have been avoided. 

Throughout this article, you can discover 18 of the best modern L-shaped office desks to use in your home. Each of these L-shaped contemporary desks is built to provide users with the ability to set desk preferences and such.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

The SmartDesk Corner offers individuals twice as much work space as the average corner desk. It is probably the best home office desk to use because of its versatility. It comes with a triple-motor system designed for lifting heavier objects such as monitors and games systems. Its max weight is no more than 400 lbs. 

Individuals have the advantage of setting and using the presets for the height adjustment of the corner desk. This L-shaped standing desk is modular, meaning that it can be assembled according to the needs of the individual. Its mobility allows it to be relocated throughout the home if need be. 

One can expect to utilize this desk for at least 10 years before problems ensue. Users can also choose between walnut, black, and white finishes. 

2. Tribesigns Modern L-shaped Desk

The Tribesign is one of a handful of L-shaped contemporary desks that has rotation capabilities. This feature allows users to relocate the desk to a different part of a home. It offers ample amounts of space for work. 

Durability and support contribute to this desk’s high-quality makeup. The L-shaped desk setup is sturdy enough to hold up to 900 lbs which happens to be the largest weight capacity over all other L-shaped desks. 

3. Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

The Nifty XDesk Custom

The Xdesk is a modern L-shaped desk that provides roughly 250% more space than the average standing desk. It has a motor that allows for quick height adjustments. This desk also comes with a digital memory controller that can be used to set desired heights automatically. 

This desk maxes out at a weight of 470 lbs. If you are looking to stay within a certain price range, you should note that this corner standing desk fairs more on the expensive side. 

4. UpLift L-shaped Custom Sit & Stand Corner Desk

The UpLift L-shaped Desk is a modern L-shaped office desk that can endure a whopping 530 pounds. The company definitely had durability in mind when manufacturing this custom sit to stand desk. It reaches a height of about 50 feet and its triple-motor system whirs indistinctly. 

The UpLift Desk has cable management pods to prevent cord entanglement. One can choose their color preference from black, white, grey, or industrial. 

5. Fully Jarvis L-shaped Standing Computer Desk

Fully Jarvis L-shaped Standing Computer Desk

This L-shaped standing desk is great for anyone needing a durable desk that can support quite a bit of heavier equipment. The Fully Jarvis supports no more than 530 lbs of weight. It does have a triple-motor that operates the height adjustment. It also comes complete with a handset that is programmable to preset specific heights. 

6. iMovR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk

Anyone looking to purchase this modern L-shaped desk would be making a great investment. This modern L-shaped office desk is 100% customizable and made to order. There are eight different desktop sizes that an individual can choose from and three different height ranges as well. 

Its versatility is the reason this L-shaped contemporary desk would be perfect for a cool home office setup

7. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

To all the gamers out there, if you are looking for a minimalistic style gaming desk that does not break the bank then go for the Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk. At just under $100, gamers can have access to a high-quality L-shaped gaming desk that allows them to use up to three computer monitors at the same time. The desk is durable and has a few built-in accessories to keep the desk organized such as a monitor stand and a headphone jack. 

8. Multifaceted CubiCubi L-shaped Desk

The CubiCubi is most known for the different add-ons one can use when creating a contemporary home office. Some of these modern L-shaped desks have bookshelves, drawers, storage bags, and even removable storage dressers. This desk can hold up to 176 lbs and is available in four unique colors. 

9. iMovR Lander L Desk

Give the iMovR Lander L Desk a try

The iMovR Lander L Desk is probably one of the most advanced L-shaped desks and stands out from the rest of them. This adjustable standing desk already comes prepared to be 98% pre-assembled. This is a magnificent change over from other desks that can take up to 90 minutes to assemble. 

There is a hand controller that actually syncs to smartphones making this desk gawk-worthy. Individuals can choose from different size and shape combinations as well as color combinations. The modern L-shaped desk is designed to support 540 lbs. The iMovR Lander L Desk is not a cheap buy, so consider how financially well off you are before purchasing this modern corner computer desk. 

10. Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk

The Bestier desk comes complete with built-in LED lights whereas the lights must be installed for other desks. There is cable management here, and users are able to place all cords away in the cable grommets to avoid tangling. This desk offers more than enough space to game and work, making it versatile in its use. Two to three monitors can be utilized with this particular L-shaped desk setup.

11. Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

This modern corner computer desk is actually the first of its kind to contain a built-in motor for height adjusting. Plenteous space is available with this desk. The Howzone is compact enough to fit into small spaces as well making mobility easy. The modern L-shaped office desk is limited in size and it costs a pretty penny to add to your home office. 

12. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

The Bush Furniture Cabot Desk is one of many luxurious desks that can be utilized in a home office. There is more than enough space to work when being productive. This desk has storage cabinets and trays for additional storage of miscellaneous items. 

A four-port hub can be found and used for cable management. This L-shaped contemporary desk is currently available in two finishes: harvest cherry and espresso oak. It leans more towards the expensive side of costs but one may find that the layout and design of the desk make it worth the purchase. 

13. UpDesk Pro Squared Up Adjustable Corner Desk

UpDesk Pro Squared Up Adjustable Corner Desk

One major difference between this desk and other modern corner computer desks is that it has to be manually adjusted by hand versus with the electronic motors. There are ample amounts of space for work productivity. Unfortunately, the UpDesk Pro is only available in one size. This modern L-shaped desk happens to also be expensive.  

14. GreenForest Corner Desk

The aspect of durability is no question with the GreenForest Corner Desk. It is capable of supporting at most two computer monitors and any additional office equipment. The desk is uniquely crafted with economically friendly materials and is also water resistant. This makes for an easy cleaning session when needed. The desk is spacious and users have complete control over the foot cups that help to make sure the desk is level. 

15. Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped Standing Desk


These modern corner computer desks are typically ideal for gaming. Since gaming requires so many different cables, the manufacturers thought it best to include grommets on the desk for cable management. This modern L-shaped desk is also durable and spacious but may be on the pricier end of things. 

16. YOLENY L-shaped Desk

Interestingly enough, this is the only known gaming desk that includes a shelf. This makes the YOLENY that much more spacious for its users. Its durability supports two computer monitors. Game system placement can be utilized on the shelf or even headphone placement. It is unclear whether this modern L-shaped desk has grommets for cable management.

17. MultiTable L-shaped Corner Standing Desk

MultiTable L-shaped Corner Standing Desk

If you are looking for a minimalist and affordable L-shaped contemporary desk, then this might be the one for you! The MultiTable L-shaped Corner Standing Desk has standard ergonomic functions and is made with average materials. 

That’s because this product is an entry-level desk, so it’s affordable for people who are just starting to work and need items for their offices.  

18. XDesk Custom L Series

What makes L-shaped contemporary desks so good is that they give you all the space you need to work comfortably without needing to store your working gear in another place. The XDesk developers understood that and made a desk that offers you a modern design and a spacious tabletop to work.  


Keep in mind that a home office desk setup takes time and planning. If you are on a budget, consider the cost of the main items as well as any additional items you might need to set up your home office. Do not forget to add your personal style to your home office setup. Most of all the modern L-shaped desks can be used for at least 10 years before one can expect to see an issue. Most telecommuters that do so find that they work a bit more confidently than if their space looked traditional.

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