19 Large and Long White Desks - Office Furniture
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19 Large and Long White Desks - Office Furniture

AutonomousAutonomous | Nov 7, 2021

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An office desk can be any color of your liking; however, most people prefer white colors. This is a color that seems to match any office decor or white desk setup ideas. When you go shopping for an office desk, consider buying a long white desk. 

Apart from the color, it’s vital to know your office space and map out the shape of the desk to buy. You may be working in an office with a particular shape, so purchase an ideal desk that matches that shape. Choosing the ideal white desk may be difficult due to the many options currently on the market. 

You may have many reasons for choosing a big white desk, but make sure you pick the one that serves you best. This article looks at some L-shaped and long white desks to consider. Read on to find your match.

19 Large and Long White Desks for Every Workstation

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro long white desk

Talk of a long white office desk built as a result of years of research and development to make it better, and you have the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro. It is so strong that it lifts a weight of 310 pounds with ease. You can adjust its height to make it as tall as 52 inches. The desk has a white XL top. 

This long white desk’s top has enough space for two computer monitors. The extra space has support from an improved column. With four custom presets, you can save your positions. It means that you can get a perfect sitting-to-standing position with the touch of a button. You can use this desk without workflow interruption. 

The improvements on this long white desk make it three times durable. Every component is built to last. It is powered by a dual-motor steel frame, making it strong  

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Core XL

SmartDesk Core XL long white desk

The SmartDesk Core is a white adjustable desk popular for its standing desk features. It has a simple structure with a strong layout and solid frame. This large white computer desk has an XL top. The space is ideal for two computer monitors. 

It has height adjustable features that help to give desired standing positions. Adjusting the desk's height is easy and direct. The desk is reliable due to its heavy-duty steel frame. You can accommodate every office theme using this long white office desk as it looks great. The SmartDesk Core is multi-purpose and lifts 265 pounds of weight. 

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

When it comes to choosing an excellent white L-shaped standing desk, you have the SmartDesk Corner. As the name states, this is a corner desk, which fits comfortably because of its L-shape. It provides more working space for creativity while saving office space. 

The SmartDesk Corner is ideal for people with many things to do on a single desk at the same time. More than one employee can work on the desk at once. You can relax on this desk at work using its easy-to-use height adjustable features. 

Since aesthetics speak a lot about the quality of a product, you can pick this desk. It is a great choice in white for your office setup and decor. 

4. Autonomous SmartDesk Core Duo

SmartDesk Core Duo long white desk

The name of this large white desk says it all. In essence, it can support two people working simultaneously. It has a lower side for someone to sit while working and a longer side for standing at work. The Core Duo is a white standing desk with a connected frame that maximizes space. 

It has wire management and independent controls for focus and health support. This desk works perfectly for those looking to organize better. It keeps things tidy and untangled using two cable trays and a range of USB and Ethernet ports. The desk also has streamlined power outlets. 

Since two people can use it at the same time, each user has their own programmable keypad. This means the desk allows them to move on their own. The SmartDesk Core Duo can save up to four preferred heights, leading to peaceful office co-existence.

5.  LUFEIYA L-shaped Corner Desk

LUFEIYA is a beautiful stable corner desk with black steel legs that give it a nice feel and look. It has soft rubber feet to keep it in place on any floor surface. The big white desk has extra frame support to provide stability. It comes with a monitor stand for your laptop or computer. Though it has no drawers, it has ample space for storage. 

6. Cassaottima L-shaped Desk

Cassaottima long white desk

Cassaottima is a white L-shaped desk with an anti-scratch surface. It is not damaged easily by spillages since it is waterproof. The desk is also heat resistant. This large white desk has a rounded edge ideal for routing cables behind it. The desk's shelves are movable to give room for extra space. You can use three to four computer monitors and store your folders and files using this large white computer desk. 

7. Green Forest L-shaped Desk

If you’re looking for a unique flexible corner standing desk, take a look at the Green Forest desk. It has a computer stand and a moveable shelf, making its design sleek and desirable. Your PC is always towering above the ground when using this big white desk. 

Most workers love this desk for its ease of assembly. One person can put it together in no time. It is also waterproof and has wedged steel frames on one side. You can break this large white desk apart to have two smaller workstations. 

8. Motion Wise’s Standing Desk

Motion Wise long white desk

Do you want to work without stress? If you do, buy yourself a long white office desk. The white Motion Wise's desk is a good choice for comfort at work. 

You can raise or lower the height of this desk using its height-adjustable features. Don't worry, the electrical cords under the desk run vertically, protecting them. 

The desk has a strong surface made from medium-density fiberboard. Ideally, it is stronger than the common board used for most desks, gotten from particle wood. 

9. Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

If you work with a lot of small office accessories, this desk is your ideal choice. It does a great job of providing ample storage space for important office accessories. You may keep your items on the desk's two shelves, cupboard, and two drawers. 

Even though it has so much space, the Monarch has a minimalistic glossy white finish. Since it is L-shaped, it fits well in a corner office space with plenty of options to add your work items. 

10. The Flexispot Desk

Flexispot long white desk

If you don't like cables running around your feet at work, you can use the Flexispot desk. It gives you an elevated height using its gas piston to shift the height range. Apart from the gas piston, you can also use its lever to manage the height. Do you still have computer wires to manage? There is a cable management storage tray on this large white computer desk for your use. 

11. FEZIBO Standing Desk

Do you need a different height for your work desk? That is not a problem for the FEZIBO Standing Desk. It adjusts from 32.48 inches to 51.38 inches to provide the required ideal height. Keep your desk neat and clean by using the desk’s top shelf and double drawer to store your office items. 

You can move the desk’s height up and down using its electric motors that work its sturdy steel frame. The only downside to this desk is that it carries a lesser weight of 150 pounds. It is, however, safe to use this long narrow white desk. 

12. Inbox Zero L-shaped Desk

Inbox Zero long white desk

Inbox Zero is an extremely sturdy desk, thanks to its metal frame. Producing this desk is cheap since it is made of recycled materials. The desk's superior support comes from its tabletop, which sits on top of its metal frame. 

This desk provides a lot of surface area to work with. Inbox Zero supports a weight of 300 pounds. This long narrow white desk has a sleek and beautiful appearance thanks to its shiny white finish. 

13. VariDesk Pro Plus

If you are looking for a cost-effective desk for your office, the VariDesk Pro Plus is your choice. It is a basic desk smart enough to provide comfort. VariDesk Pro Plus is so flexible that you can place it on the top of an ordinary desk to turn it into a standing desk. This desk has a large surface that can accommodate two computer monitors at the same time. 

14. Ameriwood Home Dakota Desk

Ameriwood Home long white desk

The Home Dakota is all about a spacious desktop and a load of storage capacity. It has its sides measuring 51 inches each. The materials used in making this desk are made of particleboard. 

You can have your souvenirs or photos of your loved ones in the office and store them on this desk’s two-tiered shelf. The storage space is big enough to accommodate your books as well. If you love long white office desks with L shape, then this is your best choice to consider. 

15. Humanscale Float Desk

If you are looking for the best long white desk for minimal space and full functionality in one, Float Desk is your choice. Most people go for it because it is easy to use, making it one of the top choices on the market. It does not have crank handlers or electric motors but a counterbalance mechanism. 

Overall, this is a silent and seamless gliding table that changes heights in the blink of an eye. The desk has a large desktop surface and enough legroom. You can go for this long white desk to enjoy its strength and versatility. 

16. Cubiker L-shaped Corner Desk

Cubiker L-shaped Corner Desk

Cubiker’s product is a desk with a minimalist design that is modern and high quality. It provides enough space for storing office essentials. The desk's smooth finish comes from the materials used in making it; laminated wood. You get a sliding keyboard tray that holds the keyboard and mouse in place while working. 

17. The Bizzoelife L-shaped Corner Desk

Bizzoelife has a large top surface space with a simplistic design. It comes with two shelves on either side for files and folders. Since it has no drawers, you store your stationery in containers on its desktop. This long white desk has the bonus of a moveable computer stand. You can now shift your computer from one side to another with ease. 

18. Electric Seville Airlift Desk

Electric Seville Airlift Desk

This is a classical big white desk with a tempered glass desktop. It has beveled edges, providing convenience. You can raise the desk between 29 to 47 inches to work comfortably. Work the desk's two-sectioned legs using its electric motors. This desk has a dual USB charging port for your electric gadgets. 

You can pre-set up to four positions using the desk’s touchscreen height controller. Small drawers help to store desk accessories. The drawers are convenient to use as they have non-slip liners. 

19. BilBil Standing Desk

BilBil is a big white desk that offers anti-collision protection. It prevents your chair or anything else from hitting things around it. You can use its voice prompt mechanism to record your frequently used desk height settings. It has two extra desk hooks and a cable management basket.

Final Take

Whichever desk you choose to go within your office, make sure it matches your taste and preferences. There is no need to rush to buy a desk only to regret it when it doesn't serve you well. If you go for an L-shaped or straight desk, pick a white one. 

A long white desk of any shape gives you room to play around with your office decor. It matches almost every element of office art and wall paint. You can keep adjusting the office appearance to make it look cool without having to replace the desk.

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