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19 Effective Tips for Home Office Lighting Design

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 13, 2021

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Working with poor home office lighting is one of the worst things you could go through. Having a well-lit workspace is essential. Thus, take a look at the following tips to enhance your lighting design and make your place much more comfortable for your work! 

1. Focus Your Lighting

Focus Your Lighting

Sometimes, the best home office lighting ideas are simpler than what you might think. Instead of having many lamps or desk accessories, you could simply focus your light on a specific point to create a dramatic effect. 

When you think about the best lighting for office space, your mind might immediately go to an ultrawide LED lamp. Although that's a great idea, it's not the only option. 

If you prefer, you could choose smaller lamps and put them on a specific spot behind you, like a wall. It could give your surroundings a different feel, and also provide you with the illumination you need.

2. Say Hello to the Shadows

An immense part of having good lighting for a home office desk is learning where your surroundings naturally cast shadows. 

However, working with your shadows is as important as understanding where to put your light. In fact, if you want an aesthetically pleasing office, it could even be more relevant. 

Determine where you don't need direct light and try to use the shadows in your favor. Cast dim lights, and you can make your surroundings look incredible! 

3. Don't Be Rigid

Don't Be Rigid

Sometimes, you might feel like the only way to get good home office lighting is to have five windows, natural light only, and not get any shadow whatsoever. That's simply not fun! 

When you're buying an LED desk lamp, don't be too strict about the style. You can combine many different things, have fun, and still make your office look amazing. 

You could, for example, have a vintage-looking huge lamp next to a more modern one. All you need to do is to know how to combine different items, and you're all set to decorate and light your space!

4. Find Helpful Items

Find Helpful Items

When you're designing the lighting for your home office, you should be flexible about the style. However, each item you buy should be useful! 

Thus, to nail your desk lighting ideas, it might help you to take a look at all the lamps in one range, also known as family. You might find, for example, that several have similar shapes and offer different light options, and that might be convenient for you. 

Instead of going just for one lamp, choose various ones that can fulfill all your lighting needs. Therefore, you can adjust your preferences and always be comfortable while you're working! 

5. Go Naked

Go Naked

On many occasions, having naked light bulbs is not one of the best home office lighting ideas. Since they don't offer a very intense light, many people choose to have lamps instead. 

However, naked light bulbs impose a tone and style, and if you know how to combine them, you could get the best lighting for an office space. 

A good way to approach it is to combine naked light bulbs with lamps, and of course, to have the right home office items, such as a high-quality home standing desk.   

6. Groups Could Work

Groups Could Work

A beautiful way to get incredible lighting for a home office desk is to group several similar lamps, which often makes a bold statement. Whenever someone enters the place, they might immediately look at the place where the light is. 

Having ergonomic lighting for an office is extremely important, which is why your desk must always be well-lit. Thus, getting various lamps and grouping them together where you want the light to focus is a great idea.

You could, for example, choose three lamps similar in style, but with different silhouettes. Another great way to make a group is to choose identical lamps but in different colors. 

7. Recessed Lighting Might Be for You

In many cases, you don't need intense light to reach the whole room. That could even be counterproductive because it could strain your eyes. 

Instead, you could use recessed lighting in places where you don't need that much illumination. 

Then, liven up your home office lighting by putting intense lamps where you need your focus to be, like your desk.  

Succeeding at having incredible lights in your home office is not just about buying intense light bulbs and putting them all over the place. It's about learning how to combine everything to create a comfortable ambiance! 

8. Use Lamps as a Wallflower

Lamps are your best friend to create the best lighting for an ergonomic office space. However, they don’t necessarily have to catch people's eyes. 

If you want, you could buy classic lamps that blend into the background and don't attract much attention. It's one of the best home office lighting ideas, especially if you enjoy working on simple offices without too many distractions.

Furthermore, it's a great method if you want to accentuate other items in your office, such as a beautiful chair or an eye-catching desk. 

9. Go Classic

Recessed Lighting Might Be for You

When you're working on your home office lighting, it's easy to forget the point of it all. You should always make sure you're comfortable while you're working and have the illumination you need. 

You don't have to go through much hassle to get great office lighting. If you simply take a look at your desk, you might notice that its shape is probably already designed to be enlightened in a certain way. 

Thus, once you buy your home office desk lamp, make sure it lights up your desk first and foremost. After you guarantee that, you can choose to embellish your surroundings or add in more details.

10.  Examine the Materials

When you're buying a home office desk lamp, you should keep in mind that materials create different lighting effects.  

Buying a frosted lamp for home office lighting, for example, lets you evenly distribute the light. On the contrary, if your lamp is made of crystal, you might get a more diffused shade 

Try to choose your lamp depending on the effect you want to create. You might not be able to differentiate between all models, but that's not a big problem – just Google some examples and you can get an idea of what the result might be. 

11.  Use Pendants

If you love pendants, you could take advantage of your liking and use that to decorate your home office and add the lighting you need. 

In many cases, pendants allow you to put light bulbs inside. Therefore, they can cast light over your desk or any other specific spot in your home office. 

When you have a small home, getting the best lighting for office space might be hard. However, with a pendant, you can illuminate even small L-shaped desks, which might be very convenient for you. 

12.  Fan of Fans? Take Advantage of It!

Fan of Fans? Take Advantage of It

Some people love ceiling fans either because they live in a very hot place, or simply because they like the way they look. 

Fortunately, ceiling fans can also help with your home office lighting. If you get a modern model, it might already include a lamp to add some light to your surroundings. 

Undoubtedly, ceiling fans are very convenient if you want to cool your surroundings. However, you can also take advantage of them and use them to light your home office!

After that, you could buy a simple desk lamp to intensify the illumination you get each time you sit down to work. A ceiling fan can definitely make your office look better, and well-lit! 

13.  Choose the Right Location

You could buy 30 different home office desk lamps to get the best lighting for office space, but you're not going to achieve much if you don't know how to locate them properly.

When you're dealing with an overhead light, you have to know where to place it. Otherwise, it can't function properly. It might cast light where you don't need it to, and shadows where you need illumination. 

Thus, carefully examine your surroundings before you install any overhead light. If you can, have someone to help you decide and test your different alternatives! 

14.  Be Bold

Be Bold

Many people enjoy making a statement with their home office lighting ideas. It is very fun to play around with different lamps and shades when you're decorating your workspace, and it can even help you unwind and forget about the hassle from work. 

To impress people with the lighting of your office, you need to know how to make a statement. Do something that immediately catches everyone's eyes and be bold about it. 

The key is to make a visual impact, and you can do that by getting a lamp with a more modern style or playing with its height.

15.  Go with the Unconventional

Go with the Unconventional

Not everyone has to get lamps when they're working on their home office lighting ideas. Floor lamps are also a superb option to upgrade home office, and they can make your place look very modern. 

If you're aiming to get an avant-garde workspace, a floor lamp might be a perfect addition for your home office lighting.  

Furthermore, floor lamps are very convenient because you can adapt them to your illumination needs. They have different features, and you're able to change their characteristics, so they're perfect for you.

16.  Evaluate Your Needs

Not everyone has the same lighting needs regarding their workspace. Each office worker has specific wants and wishes, and you should evaluate your requirements when you're getting your home office desk lamps. 

You might need to read a lot, for example. In that case, the best lighting for an office space for you would be a warm-toned one. 

Therefore, you should get lamps ideally in the 2,700 – 3,000 range of the Kelvin scale, which can give you a warmer output. 

Another great idea is to find lamps where you can adjust the output light depending on what you're doing, and that's much more convenient if you need to switch tasks! 

17.  Put Your Needs First

Put Your Needs First

Beautiful home office desk lamps can make you feel very good, but the best lighting for office space is the one that's convenient for your needs. 

Depending on what you do, you might need to combine different lamps. You could, for example, use floor lighting in one part of your office, and have a desk lamp as well. It all depends on your daily tasks. 

In the end, lighting is supposed to help you work productively and without suffering any health issues, such as eye strain or headaches. Therefore, if you notice something's wrong, don't hesitate to make the necessary adjustments. 

18.  Track, Track, Track!

Over the years, track lighting has become widely popular. Nowadays, you can find many options to use that kind of visual statement in your cool home office setup

Although having track lights in your home office lighting might be unconventional, you could combine them with many different styles. It doesn't matter if you want simple and classic surroundings or modern ones – it can work for you! 

Moreover, track lighting lets you highlight a specific point in your room. You could take advantage of that to emphasize your favorite piece of art décor, or something you're very proud of! That can make you feel better each time you sit down to work. 

19.  Flexibility Is the Key

Flexibility Is the Key

The main enemy of good home office lighting ideas is eye strain. You should avoid that at all costs because it could make you work slower, decrease your productivity, and make you feel irritated. 

When you're choosing the lighting for a home office desk, you should look for flexible and sleek lamps. They often allow you to change the direction of the output, and you can use that to ensure you're getting the illumination you need. 

Keynote Takeaways

Getting the best lighting for office space is not an easy task because you have to consider many different factors. Flexibility, proper illumination, and the correct location are just a few things you should always keep in mind. 

However, when your office is well-lit, you can work better and enjoy your daily tasks without suffering from eye strain and related issues. Therefore, make sure to light things up!

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