20 Benefits of Working from Home for Business & Employee

20 Benefits of Working from Home for Business & Employee

|Mar 13, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies and business owners to change to a remote work model to keep up with their daily work activities, but the pandemic is not the only reason to make this change. The benefits of working from home are enough to make you consider changing your workstyle and investing in new work strategies to transition to a remote or hybrid work model.

Some people may think that working from home can bring many disadvantages such as a decrease in sales and productivity, but it's the opposite of that! Many workers feel more comfortable at their home workstation than in an office, boosting their productivity and creativity. Dive into this page to learn everything you need to know about the advantages of working from home!

Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home is the future of many companies, so it's not odd to see many businesses taking this option as a new alternative to their previous work model. Numerous business owners were investing in the development of technologies that make it possible to work from home even before the pandemic, and that is because of the benefits of remote work that this work model provides!

Adopting a hybrid or remote work model offers advantages to both the company and the employees. We want you to understand why is working from home getting so popular these days, so here is a list of 20 benefits of working from home for business and employees:

1. Independent Location

When hiring a new person for your business, the location of the applicants could be a setback to bring them to your company; maybe some of them could move out to your city, but many of them that you considered great for the job couldn't make it and you had to let them go.

One of the benefits of working from home is that it allows your employees to work from home eliminates that problem since you can hire people from any country or city, developing a team with diverse knowledge and culture.

Benefits of Working from Home

2. Save Money from Celebrations

As a business owner, you want your employees to respect you and appreciate you, so many managers and bosses invest in birthday celebrations and things of the sort to bond with their work team. However, if you have your employees working from home, you can organize team bonding activities without having to spend any money on cakes or balloons.

Save Money from Celebrations

3. Improvement of Communication Channels

Communication is one of the benefits of remote work to take into consideration when working in a company, that’s because you need to have a clear and easy way to communicate with your peers to understand your assignments and duties.

One of the advantages of working from home is that with the development of new communication platforms on the internet, many alternatives allow you to upload assignments, ask questions, and solve them from your phone and computer.

4. Employees Can Design Their Workstation

Most offices include working cubicles with predetermined chairs and desks, leaving no space for ergonomic products and stuff that workers want to add. Why work from home? Working from home gives you the freedom to decide which assets you want your home office to have and add items that help you improve your work performance.

We recommend that you invest in ergonomic chairs and desks since it's proven that they boost your productivity and creativity. Some of the best options on the market are; the Autonomous Ergo Chair 2, which is a fully adjustable ergonomic chair with back support, and the Autonomous SmartDesk 2, which boosts your chair's advantages while being a great height adjustable office desk.

5. Work-Life Balance

Working on a tight schedule is an issue that most office workers suffer from since they don't have time to spend with their families or doing a hobby. If you are a remote worker, you can have a flexible working schedule that allows you to have as much free time as you can.

Work-Life Balance

6. Eases Commute Stress

Commute stress is a serious issue that torments many people. Whether it's the traffic sounds, the fear of being late, or the continuous honking, not knowing how to deal with those things can turn going to work into a stressful situation for office workers. Regardless of that, if you work from home, you can consider yourself free from the anxiety that commuting can give you.

7. Productivity Boost

It's not uncommon to see business owners talking about how shifting into a remote work model made their productivity and work quality increase.  That's because working from their homes makes the employees calmer and more focused on their work, which improves their work performance and consequently the company's productivity.

8. Needs Less Paperwork

Onsite businesses use a lot of paper and time signing paperwork and printing new documents, which represents a considerable amount of money in the long-term. The reasons to work from home is that when you change to a remote work model or a hybrid work model, you are making an effort to digitalize your documents too, creating a database that is safer and easier to manage.

Needs Less Paperwork

9. It’s Easier to Manage Work Emergencies

Everyone's had a work emergency once, making them go to the office late at night and messing their work schedule. That's not a problem when you are working from home since you just have to go to your computer or workstation to solve anything your boss needs you to address.

10. You Don’t Get Distracted by Office Problems  

Sometimes you spend more time working than you should because you got distracted by office gossip or someone who needed you to help with their work.

When you work from home, you get to be completely focused on doing your job since you have an individual workstation where there's only you working. You can also invest in soundproof walls if you have external noises bothering you.

You Don’t Get Distracted by Office Problems

Other Benefits of Working from Home

Those were the main benefits of working from home providing you, but there many others that while not being as visible as the previous ones, show great improvements in the long-term. Here are some of them:

  • You spend less money on gas.

  • You don’t have to dress-up every day, so you spend less money on clothes.

  • You can ask things directly to your boss without having to wait for him to get out of meetings, or other activities.

  • While investing in communication platforms, you can also invest in publicity for your business on the internet.

  • As an employer, you don’t have to worry about your employees getting to work late.

  • By investing in working platforms now, you assure your company a safe and effective working method even when the pandemic ends.

  • You can have as many breaks as you want.

  • You can adjust your schedule to your appointments and dates.

  • You don’t need to have as much experience as an office worker if you are new to the company.

  • Since you have more time than you had before, you can decide if you work a little more than you used to when you were at the office

Other Benefits of Working from Home

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