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20 Best Choices of Computer Carts for Your Office Mobility
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20 Best Choices of Computer Carts for Your Office Mobility

|Dec 31, 2022

A rolling computer desk cart can be an ergonomic and space-saving solution, whether you're at home or the office. 

With the locking caster wheels that come with these computer carts, you can lock it into place without worrying that your computer will suddenly jerk off the surface. 

List of the Best 20 Computer Carts for Your Office Mobility

1. Modernsolid Rolling Computer Cart: Height Adjustable

It has a security key lock for charging devices or other items of value. The cables, chargers, mice, and other computer devices go in the plastic material of the basket at the rear of the table.  

While going about your day, you can fully control your computer cart by grabbing the solid handles on either side.

Dimensions16.54”L x 19.61”W x 46.03” - 55.87”H
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loadingUp to 11 lbs
Height adjustment46.03” - 55.87”
Weight capacity11 - 22 lbs
Monitor mount loadingup to 17.6 lbs
Warranty3 years

2. Trio Supply House Computer Workstation Desk: Woodgrain

The heavy-duty wood panels are moisture-resistant and have PVC laminate veneer, a scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame, and heavy-duty engineered wood panels.

Dimensions37.75”W x 22”D x 35.25”H
MaterialMDF panel, Steel frame
ColorWood Grain
Weight capacityDesktop: 80 lbs
Desktop shelf: 30 lbs
Storage drawer: 30 lbs
Keyboard tray: 22 lbs
Open shelf: 30 lbs
Bottom CPU shelf: 22 lbs
Warranty1 month

3. Trio Supply House Rolling Laptop Cart with Storage: Graphite

You can complete everything with the help of the rolling desk cart with storage. This sit-stand desk has a single drawer and two shelves for storage, and it rolls on casters for simple storage in the home or dorm.  

Four non-marking nylon casters come with two that have locking mechanisms. The top shelf can support 50 lbs., the bottom shelf can support 70 lbs., the desktop can support 90 lbs., the drawer can support up to 10 lbs., etc.  

MDF panels with a moisture laminate veneer and a scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame make up the panels. 

This Autonomous desk with wheels offers real value for money.

Dimensions21.5”W x 19”D x 30.5”H x 28 lbs
MaterialMDF panel, Steel frame
Weight capacityTop: 90 lbs
Shelf: 50 lbs
Drawer: 70 lbs
Warranty1 month

4. Mount-It! Mobile Cart With Monitor Mount & CPU Holder

The mobile monitor mount has a full-sized keyboard tray with a simple twist knob to instantly adjust to an ergonomic typing position. 

Its buckle straps on the floating CPU holder keep your CPU in place and can adjust the height and breadth to fit practically any desktop computer. 

As a mobile monitor cart, it works best in hospital facilities.

Keyboard tray height35" - 66.5"
Keyboard tray dimensions‎25.7"W x 9.6"D
Monitor bracket height37" - 69"
Warranty10 years

5.  Techni Mobili Compact Computer Cart with Storage

Heavy-duty engineered wood panels with a moisture-resistant PVC laminate veneer and a frame made of scratch-resistant powder-coated steel make up this Techni Mobili compact computer cart. The desktop can install the adjustable shelf to the right, left, or center.  

Additionally, it has double-wheel non-marking locking casters, a slide-out keyboard shelf with a safety stop, and a side media rack for CDs or DVDs.  

This includes a bottom accessory shelf, a large bottom shelf to accommodate a CPU and computer accessories, and a bottom accessory shelf.  

The desktop can support up to 100 lbs., the shelves can support 30 pounds each, and the keyboard shelf can support up to 20 lbs.

Dimension28.25''L x 25.5''W x 35.5''H
MaterialHeavy-duty particle board panels with PVC laminate veneer
Weight capacityMax 100 lbs
Warranty5 years

6.  Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk Dual Monitor Mount

Mount-It!'s mobile standing desk is height-adjustable and provides better working conditions for workers in several organizations, offices, trade exhibitions, retail stores, mall kiosks, schools, factories, hospitals, and even at home.  This is thanks to its ergonomic, portable, and space-saving features.

Dimension28”W x 27.5”D
Height range37" - 54”
Weight capacityTotal 132 lbs (33 lbs. per shelf)
ColorBlack, Silver
Warranty10 years

7. Techni Mobili Computer Workstation Cart

The Techni Mobili Compact Computer Workstation is an excellent alternative with a distinctive elevated shelf. It is compatible with even extended mouse pads.  

Users appreciate that it is strong yet lightweight. However, some of them feel the manufacturer should improve the assembly guidelines. 

It has a pull-out keyboard, a side CD rack, and strong nylon wheels that lock for stability. This includes a 5-year limit warranty. 

The computer desk is a reasonable choice if you're seeking a comprehensive workstation that takes up little room.

Dimension28.25''L x 25.5''W x 35.5''H
FeatureAdjustable shelf that can be mounted center, right or left of the desktop
MaterialHeavy-duty particle board panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer
Weight capacity100 lbs
Warranty5 years

8. The Calico Designs Clear Glass Computer Cart

The glass computer cart is a stylish desk with a 29-inch tempered safety glass worktop.  

Users who have purchased it are pleased with its sturdy construction and attractive appearance, but they also point out that the wheels don't roll as well on the carpet. 

The cart surface is about 19 inches deep and 23 inches wide. It includes a metal sliding keyboard shelf and a roomy bottom shelf for the CPU.  

This L-shaped rolling workstation cart is perfect if you're looking for a distinctive modern design that saves space.

9. The Altra Sheldon Mobile Computer Desk Cart

An Altra Furniture Mobile Computer Cart Desk is a fantastic solution that combines industrial and modern design elements.  

Users adore the small size that still has enough room to carry everything. They also mention how difficult it might be to push or pull the keyboard tray. 

This desk is ideal for an apartment or dorm room due to its compact size. The four casters enable you to move the unit from one place to another. 

It is excellent for those looking for computer workstations that offer good value for money.

10. Safco Eastwinds Mobile Wood Computer Cart in Medium Cherry

This desk is flexible and made for the modern, tech-driven office.  

The Eastwinds Mobile Computer Cart has four lockable casters that raise the flat panel platform for the printer, CPU, CD holder, and other features.

11. Mobile Compact Computer Cart Desk with Keyboard Tray

This mobile compact computer cart desk with a keyboard tray has an adjustable shelf.  

The durable MDF panels support a powder-coated steel frame.  

It has a keyboard panel, a safety stop, a CD media rack, a bottom accessory shelf, and a movable printer/monitor shelf.  

You can position this in the middle, left, or right.

12. Muv Mobile Machine Cart

The adjustable-height stand accommodates different workplace needs.  

Its thick melamine laminate shelves move in a sturdy powder-coated steel frame.  

The middle shelf can adjust in five steps. It has PVC side panels to conceal cords for a neat appearance.

13. Scranton & Co. Mobile Computer Cart in Mahogany

With this modern, functional laptop desk, you may work healthily.  

Even though we all know that sitting for long periods has negative consequences, it has become increasingly prevalent due to extended workdays.  

Standing encourages healthy blood flow, strengthens your leg muscles, and enhances your balance. This burns more calories than sitting.

14. Mobile Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation Cart, Red Steel, Red

Height adjustments may be made in two-inch increments on this mobile stand-up computer desk workstation cart in red steel. It also features hand openings for easy movement.

15. Pemberly Row Standing Computer Cart Workstation in Gray

This computer cart has a durable steel structure with a powder coating. It moves easily and has a locking wheel function for safe positioning thanks to its four-wheel caster base. 

The ornamental molded side panels conceal computer connections for wire management.

16. Offex Mobile Computer Workstation Cart with Battery-Powered Device Charger

Team members at hospitals, factories, distribution centers, and stores can move their desks to a task location by unplugging computers and other devices from wall outlets. This increases efficiency so that employees may accomplish more.  

Offex developed the Mobile Computer Cart with Battery-Powered Device Charger after seeing the benefits that mobile-powered workstations can provide for enterprises of all sizes.  

It combines the game-changing Desktop Charging Station with our enduring best-seller, the Adjustable-Height Presentation Workstation.  

The result is a small rolling computer cart that will significantly increase productivity for your team. This item also makes a great teacher cart because it enables teachers to transport their computers and resources from classroom to classroom.

Computer Workstations

17. Luxor Mobile Computer Cart with Battery-Powered Device Charger

This computer cart on wheels provides the ability for users to move their computers everywhere they need to work, regardless of whether or not an outlet is nearby. 

Rolling computer carts also work well as mobile podiums in professional settings. 

You can use the Edge Power rechargeable power bank to charge your computer or laptop twice and 14 times for a typical smartphone or tablet. 

The use of extension cords and power strips, which are inconvenient, ugly, and could pose a trip hazard, is replaced by portable charging station systems.

18. Imtinaz Mobile Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation Cart, Black Steel

You can adjust the height of the Imtinaz Mobile Stand-Up computer cart with two-inch increments. It has several shelves to house your computer and its different desk accessories without issue. 

The wheels beneath the cart enable you to transport it around your office without difficulty. These have locks to keep the desk in place when you are not moving it.  

Its black steel material makes it durable and influences the warranty that Imtinaz provides for users. 

19. The Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

Rolling computer stands don't come better than this adjustable height rolling cart

Users adore how simple it is to assemble this cart. However, they also point out that the table's bottom corners are rather sharp and might be hazardous. It includes two locking mechanisms on each of its wheels. 

The broad table top and slanted design make typing there pleasant. This portable laptop desk is a fantastic choice if you're looking for an inexpensive computer cart. 

According to customer reviews, the Seville Classics WEB162 Mobile Laptop Desk Cart is well-built and high quality for its price range. The assembly, which takes less than 10 minutes, is simple, according to many customers who have bought it.  

Users appreciate that the tabletop's 24-inch size accommodates even enormous 17-inch laptops.

20. The Luxor Rolling Steel Utility Computer Cart

The height-adjustable Luxor Rolling AV Utility Cart is an excellent option with a lifetime warranty.  

Users laud the steel rolling cart's well-designed, premium feel. However, many also mention how challenging it was to put it together. 

The shelves are 24 inches wide and 18 inches deep, with perforations for cables to pass through. It has a three-outlet electrical system, a cord plug snap, two four-inch ball-bearing casters, and locking brakes. 

This computer tray shelf is a fantastic choice if you want a reliable, well-made AV utility cart.

What Are the Benefits of Computer Carts?

Most buyers like to move their rolling workstation carts around their houses, sometimes even stowing them away in a closet at night to free up additional space. 

Some purchasers don't move their computer carts very often and use them primarily as stand-up workstations in their homes or offices. 

There are various choices if you’re looking for something simple and more substantial. 

This article will look at some of the best choices of computer carts for your office mobility. 

Standing Desks

How to Choose the Right One

It is challenging to pick the ideal mobile computer cart for your facility. You should consider a few things, including the size and design of your facility, the kind of equipment you need to keep, and your budget. 

Here is a list of considerations for selecting a mobile computer cart to assist you in making the best choice for your requirements:

Size of Your Office

The size and quantity of mobile computer carts depend on the size of your institution. You will require those that hold more space and equipment in a large facility.

Computer Type

It's critical to select a mobile computer cart that can hold the equipment you need to keep because they come in various sizes and designs.  

You should search for a cart with lots of space and strong shelves if you have large or bulky equipment.  

To safeguard your investment, search for a cart with soft-sided shelves or drawers if you have fragile or sensitive equipment.


When it comes to mobile computer carts, there is a wide range of prices, as with anything else.  

Setting a budget before you go shopping will help you avoid overspending on items that are not necessary for your needs.  

Remember that you might be able to locate carts that are cheaper if they are used or reconditioned.


It's crucial to select the mobile computer carts that best suit your demands because they have a variety of functions.  

Some carts have locking drawers or cupboards to keep your stuff secure. There are those with electrical outlets to enable you to charge your devices. 


It's crucial to consider the warranty before making any significant purchases. This is especially true for an investment in your company, such as a mobile computing cart.  

Find a cart with a warranty to ensure it lasts.


Mobile desks on wheels offer a flexible and practical alternative for people who need to use computers in various locations.  

The various models and functions are ideal for your needs.

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