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20 Best Corner Desks With Storage You’ll Love for 2024!
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20 Best Corner Desks With Storage You’ll Love for 2024!

|Nov 1, 2022

These days, when looking for a corner desk with storage, your options are no longer limited to just a few brands. Desk manufacturers have realized the increase in demand for corner desks with drawers. The result is that the market is now flooded with many great designs to choose from. 

At Autonomous, the value of good quality furniture that can meet the needs of the customer is well known. On their website, you will find a wide range of L-desks with drawers that have been carefully chosen just for you. 

In this article, we will not only list some of the choices that you would do well to look at, but we will also discuss some of the important considerations that you need to make when shopping for the right desk.

Check Out Our List of Great Options!

The following are some of the great L-desks with drawers that you can select for your home. 

1.  Autonomous Desk Expanse & Fenge Storage Monitor Stand: Length-adjustable

If you are familiar with the Autonomous Desk Expanse from Autonomous, you will know that it has a lot of admirable qualities but having plenty of storage is not one of them. However, for a limited time only, if you buy this desk, you will receive a free dual monitor riser with a drawer from Fenge. It will give you the extra storage that you need. 

2.  Autonomous Smartdesk Connect Pro

Combine the benefits of having ample storage with the modern features that come with the Autonomous Desk Eureka from Autonomous. Adjust the height of your desk with the touch of a button thanks to the cleverly programmed control panel. 

3.  EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 L-shaped Standing Desk: KeyBoard Tray

One simple additional feature, such as the keyboard tray that comes with this L-shaped TechDesk with a monitor stand, can make a lot of difference. With plenty of ergonomic features to help keep you healthy while working, this desk from EUREKA is the answer to your storage problems. 

4.  EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk With Hutch: Keyboard Tray

A gaming PC will definitely come with a lot of accessories, meaning that having extra storage space is essential. Get the EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 L-shaped Standing Desk and enjoy playing your games without having to share your desk with a lot of clutter. 

5.  EUREKA L-shaped Techdesk: Monitor Stand & Dual Headphone Hook

Of the many gaming desks with a keyboard tray that are available, in terms of great quality, EUREKA is one of the best. This corner desk with storage even comes with a monitor stand and a highly convenient hook to hang your headphones. 

6.  EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk: Double Drawers and Hutch

Double the drawers mean double the storage space on this ergonomic standing desk from EUREKA. Built from the highest-quality material, this is a must-have corner desk with storage for anyone who is looking for something affordable without compromising on quality. 

7.  Cottage Style Hutch With Desk From Beachcrest Home

If you are looking for multiple storage areas on a single large L-shaped desk, the Cottage Style Hutch with a desk from Beachcrest Home is your perfect choice. It solves all your storage issues while looking absolutely great too. 

8.  Large Hutch With Desk by Red Barrel Studio

Large Hutch With Desk by Red Barrel Studio

Do you have a lot of open space in your room and you are worried that a small desk may seem out of place? How about getting the Large Hutch With a Desk from Red Barrel Studios? You are guaranteed a great quality corner desk with storage that will look amazing sitting in one of the corners of your room. 

9.  Modern Industrial Desk From Wade Logan

With a name like Modern Industrial Desk, you just know that this latest offering from Wade Logan is going to be big and robust. If that suits your taste then this desk would be a good addition to your office. 

10.  Rustic Glam Desk by Union Rustic

Are you tired of all the modern designs that make everything look futuristic? If you have a pang of nostalgia, the Rustic Glam Desk by Union Rustic will be the perfect cure for that. Its design will take you on a trip down memory lane. 

11.  Compact Desk With Shelves by Mercury Row Teen

Compact Desk With Shelves by Mercury Row Teen

If space is an issue, get creative by storing all your desk accessories in one place. The Compact desk with shelves by Mercury Row Teen can hold all your PCs, monitors, CPUs, and various accessories, which leaves you with free space in the rest of the room. 

12.  Strikingly Warm Desk by Mercury Row

The rich wood color of the Strikingly Warm Desk by Mercury Row has a midcentury feel to it that we love. Not only does it give you the ample storage and desk space that you need, but it also gives you room the classic style it needed. 

13.  Sleek Corner Desk

This corner desk from Sleek is so compact you can even forget that it is there. That is perfect if you want a great-looking desk that you plan on using only on rare occasions. 

14.  Monarch Computer Desk

Monarch Computer Desk - corner desk with storage

Do you want a desk that reflects your good qualities and inspires the respect and admiration of your peers? Try the Monarch Computer Desk for size. It is a big and powerful workstation that will look imposing in any office. 

15.  Bush Furniture Cabot 60W Corner Desk

The espresso oak finish on this corner desk is just perfect for your modern office. If you have a lot of gadgets, you will appreciate the storage tray built specifically to store mobile devices. The Cabot 60W is also a lot lighter than it looks, thanks to the clever choice of wood material. 

16.  Bush Somerset 71” L-desk

Bush Somerset 71” L-desk - corner desk with storage

If you are looking for a desk that will store all your computer components out of sight, the Bush Somerset 71” L-desk is the one for you. It has a concealed storage area for your CPU and cables. 

17.  Sauder Barriester Lane L-desk

With a vertical tower storage unit for your CPU, the Sauder Barriester has all that you can ever want in a corner desk. The drawers even come with safety stops on their metal runners as a safety feature to prevent them from falling. It is made from a combination of metal and wood that is blended together to create a high-quality finish. 

18.  Sauder Beginnings Cherry Corner Desk

The Sauder Beginnings Cherry Corner Desk is tiny to look at, but highly effective at providing a work area with a good amount of storage. It comes with two adjustable shelves that you can move around depending on the size of the items you want to store. One of our favorite things, though, is the exquisite cinnamon cherry finish that makes this tiny corner desk with shelves stand out. 

19.  Kings Brand Corner Desk

Kings Brand Corner Desk - corner desk with storage

Sometimes, simplicity can go much further than trying to create something complex. Do you want a corner desk with a drawer? That is exactly what you get from the King Brand Corner Desk; nothing more and nothing less. Its drawer is ideal for storing a few accessories while the elegant white finish makes it suitable for any office. The small size makes it a good and affordable choice for those with limited space. 

20.  Tangkula Corner Desk

Durability was one of the important things considered at the time the Tangkula Corner Desk was designed and manufactured. As a result, you get a robust desk that will last you a lifetime. It has a sleek, black finish that looks great sitting in the corner of the room. The drawer is also quite big, giving you enough room for all your essentials. As a bonus, the installation process is very simple.

Benefits of Standing Corner Desks

Substituting an ordinary desk for a stand-up desk should be something everyone does. If you happen to have a small room that makes it difficult to find space, you will have to get creative with your corner desk setups to create more room. 

The following are some of the benefits of standing corner desks:

Better for Your Health

Sitting for long periods day after day is one of the biggest causes of back, shoulder, and neck pain. A standing desk allows you to stand up for brief periods to relieve sore muscles while you work.

L-shaped Standing Desks

Improved Productivity

Research has shown that alternating from standing to sitting throughout the day helps you to achieve higher levels of productivity. Consider the times when you are feeling drowsy while working on a hot summer day. A standing desk would allow you to work upright while you wait for the sleepiness to pass. 

Easier to Focus

When your room is full of many distractions, it can be difficult to do some work without taking too many breaks. If you arrange your corner desk so that you work facing the wall at all times, you will be able to maintain high levels of focus. 

Opens up Space

With the skyrocketing prices of rental apartments, it is no wonder that the best most of us can manage is finding a very tiny room to live in. In this case, space becomes a major issue and you will have to find ways to make the best of what you have. A corner desk allows that and leaves you with some open spaces. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Corner Desk

Before stepping out of the house to go shopping for a corner desk with shelves, consider the following aspects that will help you to pick the best L-shaped standing desk


Of all the things that determine the kind of corner desk with drawers you will eventually walk out with, budget is perhaps the most important one. There are simply too many options and prices to choose from, so you need to stick to the budget no matter what. 


Look carefully at the type of material that was used to manufacture the desk. Not only does it have to be environmentally friendly, but it also has to be of the best quality available. The last thing you want is to have to repair or replace your desk in a short period.

Storage & Organizers


If you have a small space, there is nothing much you can do except find a desk that will fit in your room. Those with bigger rooms, on the other hand, can select their desk from a wide range of sizes. Avoid buying a desk that is too small as it will be swallowed up by the rest of the furniture in the room. 


Storage is something you need to consider carefully. A lot of the high-quality desks, including the ones listed in this article, have plenty of storage space. It is amazing how much neater your room will look if you put away your accessories and paperwork. 

Where Is the Best Place To Buy a Corner Desk With Drawers?

When shopping for the best corner desk with storage, you have two choices. You can go out to the retail stores and search until you either find what you are looking for or give up because you are tired. The other option is to simply log in to the Autonomous web page and browse through its long list of great desks. 

We prefer the second option! Not only will you save yourself a lot of needless walking around, but you can also take the time to choose carefully without a pushy salesman shadowing you around the shop.

Final Word

Don’t waste time going from one shop to the other looking for the right corner desk with shelves. Autonomous has it all under one roof for you to browse through from the comfort of your own home!

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