20 Best Desk Setup Ideas for Green and Natural Lovers
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20 Best Desk Setup Ideas for Green and Natural Lovers

|Oct 1, 2020

Your workspace doesn't make you want to do any work? Nothing is more inspiring than a home office where you can unleash your creativity. It's time to create a workstation that matches your motivation!

Green plants are excellent companions when it comes to concentration and stress management. They are a great source of inspiration in an office environment. The office becomes trendy, decorative, and stimulating.

We've put together a comprehensive guide to the best 20 desk setup ideas for green and nature lovers. Read on to learn more.

1. Set Your Table

It’s essential to ensure that you have the most suitable work desk setup for work performance. An adjustable standing desk and ergonomic chair can suit perfectly with your needs. SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous is a remarkably accessible art desk choice, acknowledging its quality build, power, and adaptability scope.

This is the ideal desk to keep you motivated. You should gain in functionality and aesthetics!

Set your table

2. Choose Plants With Multiple Benefits

Green symbolizes life, growth, and harmony. Studies show that employees perform better when green plants are located in a company's office.

Adding great touches of greenery to a stripped-down work environment significantly improves employee performance and productivity.

Choose your plants

3. Waste of Paper: Responsible Printing

Every year, 200 billion pages are printed. To stop wasting paper and avoid data leaks, think digitally, and encourage digital work habits.

For example, you can set a code on the printer and control printing.  Print only what you need, use the front and back of the sheets, and print as much information as possible on a single page.

Print responsibly

4. Energy-saving, Simple Reflexes to Adopt

You can make the most of daylight by opening the curtains whenever possible. Think about eco-gestures: turn off the lights when you leave your office.

Avoid leaving computers in standby mode. This method can use up to 50% of the power consumed when a computer is on. Also, use energy-efficient light bulbs.

5. Get organized With Autonomous Products

You can establish a clean office policy for a more orderly and organized work environment. Having an office armed with well-organized, and easily accessible supplies can significantly help your day-to-day productivity. For some cool desk setup tips, and our smart office solutions, your office will be organized and more productive

Autonomous products

6. Opt for Responsible Office Supplies

Whether it's pens, paper, or printer cartridges, switch to recycled, which costs less but is just as effective. Buy more environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products, for example, buy hand soap and cleaners in recyclable containers instead of plastic bottles. Choose Autonomous ergonomic products with independent environmental certification

Opt for responsible office supplies

7. Invest in an Office with Lots of Shelves to Display Your Decor

If you have a large enough wall in a room, place a hanging desk with multiple shelves. On these, you can distill all your small decorations masterfully: decorative frames, design vases, holiday souvenirs. Thus, you can work alongside the objects that are dear to you.

Invest in an office with lots of display

8. Choose The Best Office Colors to Increase Creativity and Productivity

Need motivation? Warm, bright hues like red, yellow, and green have stimulating properties that promote creativity. The softer colors, on the other hand, encourage concentration.

Don't let white rule your life: the Sico color palette offers no more and no less than 1,834 possibilities! Make sure to create a refreshing workspace that encourages originality and innovation. 

Best office colors

9. Start Working Smarter With Autonomous Ergonomic Home Offices

Choose an appropriate ergonomic chair that is adjustable and has multiple points of support. It would be best if you remained active and productive throughout the day. Also, you need to take stock of your posture frequently. Get regular pauses that include moving around, stretching and doing some simple exercises at your desk.

The Autonomous SmartDesk provides you with the power, ease of use, and versatility to alternate your posture and change your home office desk setup with just a click of a button.

Autonomous ergonomic products

10. Put Your Desk in Front of a Window

Are you a dreamer? Do you need inspiration? If your room permits, point your desk towards a window to bathe in the rays of the sun and let your mind wander as you gaze at the garden.

Use the window sill to create innovative and practical storage space.

Put your desk in front of a Window

11. Smart Storage

A tidy office is a key to success. Shelves, bookcases, storage boxes, filing cabinets: it's up to you to find the elements that correspond to your needs.

A colorful wall-mounted desk can allow you to arrange your plants and motivate yourself.

Smart Storage

12. Light Therapy

image of pin

Daylight has a positive impact on your mood, and in the winter, we need it. No access to natural light? Get a light therapy lamp, also known as a "solar lamp." Experts estimate that daily exposure to sunlight for 30 minutes a day would have the same beneficial effect as the sun's rays.

13. Make Every Day a Celebration

Working hard can bring a dose of monotony. Celebrate your space by decorating it with garlands of flowers, plants, and small lights. These touches of life can personalize your office and diminish the dark side.

Use the verticality of the room to dress the area with plants.

importance of lighting

14. Put It on the Mood Board

Trend boards help minimize objects' clutter on the desk or walls while promoting inspiration and creativity. You can pick a display color that matches (or contrasts!) your walls!

15. Add an Organic and Ergonomic Touch to Your Home Office

Plants bring freshness and cheerfulness to your green working desk. They bring oxygen to the room. You can add beautiful tropical plants near the window, a small potted cactus on your work table, or a terrarium on a shelf.

Work becomes more enjoyable when greenery invades your workstation.

Better productivity with green office

16. An Inspiring Photo Wall

Photos and images are a great way to keep your creative side alive. This is one of the best desk setup ideas. Your picture wall should reflect your personality or your life.

You can use ropes, small frames, wooden boards fixed to the wall on which you hang your pictures or photos. Use your imagination!

Inspiring photo wall

17. Keep Track of Time

A deadline or activity is quickly forgotten. In addition to your digital or paper list, having a visual reminder of your month is an excellent way to plan your tasks afterward.

Hang a good-sized calendar on the wall where you can write notes and appointments. Use different colored pencils to write down personal, professional, and family projects. Beside that, a time management app is another great choice for you to track daily work.

18. Develop Stimuli

You should create moments where you can appeal to your senses. Place a vase full of fresh flowers on your work table. Buy a luxurious hand cream and take a break every hour to moisturize your skin and cuticles.

Massage your fingers and palms to eliminate stress. Play soft music or open the window to hear the rustle of leaves in the trees.

Develop stimuli

19. A Green Library

Rather than just a few touches of nature on shelves, cover an entire library of plants. By mixing the spaces, you can create a real indoor garden.

If you don't have enough room for large foliage plants, use small, discreet touches to add color to your office. An orchid, a small bouquet, and a few cacti or succulents should be enough to decorate the place gently.

A green library

20. Accent Your Wall

These walls are a significant part of the conventional and home office layout. They could break up an excessively big space or make a tiny office feel more spacious. If your workspace is set up in a room with other uses, the accent wall may offer the appearance of a dedicated area.

Final Words

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A tidy office can simplify all the tasks and the work you should do, even the less fulfilling like the administrative ones. Sitting for long hours is not easy, and a desk should be as comfortable as possible. You should, therefore, not neglect your comfort and especially your chair. Your desk must be convenient and ergonomic. Don't forget to check for our incoming SmartDesk 4 with new features.

Make sure to add a greenery touch to your office to create a harmonious corner where you can enjoy working. Nature invites itself on your desk and brings serenity and inspiration.

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