20 Best DIY Corner Office Desk Ideas for 2024
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20 Best DIY Corner Office Desk Ideas for 2024

|Feb 19, 2021

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your office space, a DIY corner office desk may be just the trick. There are many benefits to corner desks. Plus, doing a DIY project lets you take a break from desk work and do something that may be a bit out of your comfort zone. 

DIY office desk ideas can be enjoyable, especially since you spend a lot of time in this workspace. You can alter, adjust, and add to the design to work for you and include your personal touch.

20 of the Best Corner Computer Desk Plans for 2022

1. Keep It Simple

When creating a DIY corner office desk, one of the best routes to go is the easy route. There is no need to get complicated when learning how to build a corner desk. All you need are two rectangular desktop surfaces that can join together. If you have similar desks, pair them together. However, you can stain or paint so that they match. You can also adjust the legs' sizes or use the scraps to make an entirely new corner desk. 

Keep It Simple

2. Butcher Block DIY L-Shaped Desk

Another way to go is with a butcher block. Most commonly used for kitchen countertop, this material is perfect for office work as it is very durable and stylish. Given the material, you can stain this wood, too, so that it matches your office space. Industrial-style legs are typically paired with this desktop surface. 

3. Minimalist DIY Corner Office Desk

A minimalist DIY L-shaped desk is ideal for office spaces. If you do not like clutter, a minimalist look is best, making the entire space feel more open and airier. Use thin materials and try to stick with one color. If you are trying to go for an overall minimalist look in your office, you may even want to ditch the drawer space. 

Minimalist DIY Corner Office Desk

4. DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Kit

If you want to go for the standing corner desk but can't exactly build something that advanced, then get a standing desk do it yourself of Autonomous. There is no desktop, which lets you pick the material yourself. All that is included is a metal frame with adjustable legs. You can go from sitting to standing at the press of a button. This makes your DIY project much simpler and, possibly, more fun because you don't have to worry about construction quality. 

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Kit

5. Wall Mounted Corner Desk

Another DIY tip is to remove the corner desk legs entirely. Instead, attach the desktop to the wall using a few tools and screws. While this project requires a little more invasive drilling into the wall, it frees up a lot of space due to the absence of clunky desk legs. Just screw the attached metal plates into the wall, and the desk floats using the support. 

Wall Mounted Corner Desk

6. U-Shaped Corner Desk

If the DIY L-shaped desk is not really the most comfortable for you, there are alternatives. When creating your desktop, consider going for a U-shape instead. This removes the sharp turn of the desk and replaces it with a smoother edge. It can help you move around smoothly and keep you comfortable while working. 

7. Industrial Frame for L-Shaped Desk

There are several materials you could use for your corner computer desk plans. One of the popular trends for home office desks is the presence of industrial materials. Metal piping as desk legs add a touch of modernity to your workspace and look incredible. This material goes well with almost any desktop material, but one of the best is wood. You can find metal piping at many standard supply stores. 

Industrial Frame for L-Shaped Desk

8. Futuristic Corner Computer Desk Plans 

Maybe you are not much of a traditional office worker and would like a desk that has a different flair. A corner desk is still great for efficiency but adding a touch of LED lights underneath can add a hint of futuristic flair. Make sure you purchase lights that reach all the way around your desk. You can also select from lights that change colors. Once you have them, attach them underneath your desk and bear witness to your modern DIY L-shaped desk. 

9. DIY Adjustable Corner Desk

If you intend to make your own corner stand up desk that can also be adjusted, you need the right materials for the legs. Industrial piping can usually be adjusted. Again, you can go for other metal pieces with pegs and holes so that you can adjust the legs properly. Before purchasing, though, make sure the legs are strong and can be adjusted easily, especially when there is weight on the desktop. 

10. L-Shaped Autonomous Desk

If you want to opt out of the DIY corner office desk entirely, Autonomous has your back. The L-Shaped standing desk has all the benefits of standing desks and corner desks. While you cannot technically build your own corner desk with this one, you can still organize and decorate it so that it fits the working space well. The L-Shaped Autonomous Desk is very durable and goes from a sitting desk to a standing desk at the press of a button. 

L-Shaped Autonomous Desk

11. Single Person Corner Desk with Drawers

A DIY corner office desk often indicates long desks on either side. That may not be good for you as an office worker, especially if you have a very limited area of office space. Instead of heading for long and large corner desks, opt for a one-person desk that includes drawers on both sides. Everything is in arm's reach, and you have the extra storage for all your supplies. What would be spread out on the table is now safely tucked away. 

Single Person Corner Desk with Drawers

12. Multi-Monitor L-Shaped Desk

Maybe you want something larger to hold all your equipment. A DIY L-shaped desk is great for gamers and anyone who works with multiple monitors. The dual desk access means more room for your supplies and more comfort when using your controls. Corner desks were practically made for the multi-monitor setup. 

Multi-Monitor L-Shaped Desk

13. Dual-Height DIY Corner Desk Plans

Desks do not tailor to every piece of equipment that you need for your desk. When you do a DIY corner office desk, you have the power to make adjustments and changes according to your needs. A dual-height corner desk is when there are two heights for the desk, no matter their placement. These kinds of desks are most commonly set up so that one part of the L is taller than the other. This is a great alternative if you do not want to build an adjustable sitting/standing desk. 

14. Metal and Wood Combo DIY Corner Office Desk

To build your own corner desk, you need to pick out the materials - it's one of the most critical parts. If you have no idea how to choose, wood and metal are a great combination. This combo works best if the metal is used as the frame and the wood of the desktop. Metal is usually much more durable to hold up office furniture. However, the wood on top gives it some charm. 

Metal and Wood Combo DIY Corner Office Desk

15. Rustic Style

If you are a big fan of wood and all things antique, opt for a rustic style for your corner desk. There are lots of designs for the rustic style, but almost all include distressed wood. Following some steps, you can be on your way to having the farm-style corner desk you always dreamed about. 

16. Treadmill DIY L-Shaped Desk

One of the main reasons standing desks are so popular is because they promote a healthy lifestyle. Standing a couple more calories per hour, but if you really want to go above and beyond, make your corner desk to accommodate your treadmill. You can see these all the time in movies and entertainment, but treadmill desks can help you burn even more calories. Plus, the L-shape ensures everything is at your fingertips while you do your mini-workout. 

17. Go Recyclable with Reclaimed Materials

If you are a sucker for the environment, use reclaimed materials to make your DIY corner office desk. There are lots of places to find recycled wood and metal. You can be as selective as you want until you find the right look. You get the benefit of a corner desk while also helping save the environment. 

Go Recyclable with Reclaimed Materials

18. Floating Corner Desk with Shelves

Floating desks are great, but they leave little room for storage. Instead, construct your corner desk so that it looks almost like a box. Then, attach it to the wall using screws. There is no need for desk legs, and you get more storage space for all your office items. 

Floating Corner Desk with Shelves

19. U-Shaped Desk with Keyboard Tray

Placing your computer at the corner of the L-shaped desk means that you are in an awkward position if you have a computer keyboard. To solve this issue, go for the U shape instead. Then, use the curved corner to your advantage and put a keyboard tray underneath. With this, you hide your keyboard, its unattractive wires and maintain an organized workspace

20. Permanently Standing Corner Desk

As mentioned multiple times in this article, standing desks are ergonomic and promote a positive work environment. They also keep you engaged and more energized to work. If you already have a sitting desk, then a permanently standing corner desk would be something to consider. However, the dangers of this are that you can get tired and hurt from standing for too long. As a solution, include a tall chair that elevates you to the proper height. 

Permanently Standing Corner Desk

The Pros and Cons of a Corner Desk

Looking at the pros and cons of a corner desk can give you better insight into how useful it can be in your office space and help you decide which DIY corner office desk is best for you.


  • This desk can give you easy access to your desktop items.
  • It can fit in almost any office space.
  • A corner desk maximizes the space in a smaller office.
  • It provides more desk space than a rectangular desk.


  • DIY may require more materials and more money.
  • It limits your screen privacy.

Should You Have a Standing Corner Desk?

A corner desk has many benefits, including more space and more versatility. Moreover, a standing desk has lots of health benefits. You may find yourself sitting all day, which adds to poor posture and promotes an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Thus, why not get the best of both worlds and get a standing corner desk?

If you are trying to construct DIY corner desk plans, making it a standing desk can be tricky. Experts recommend you don't stand all day, so an adjustable standing desk is best. However, this can be challenging to construct if you are more of a beginner builder. 

Overall, it comes down to your preference and your desire to construct a standing desk. Browse through the list below, and you can find some easy ideas that support your aspiration for a DIY standing corner desk. 

Should You Have a Standing Corner Desk?

Is Doing a DIY Corner Office Desk Difficult?

It all depends on the project you take on and the look you are aiming for. Some corner computer desk plans can be challenging, but there are many others explicitly shared for beginners. The more minimalist DIYs tend to be the simplest. 

How to Choose the Right Desk Frame for You?

Office spaces are not all the same, so the same desk frame is not going to work for all office spaces. That's why it is critical you find the desk frame that is right for you. If you are on this page, then you are most likely interested in a corner desk frame. The material and the size, though, are all things that vary from person to person. Visit Autonomous.ai to find more about finding the right standing desk frame for you. 

How to Choose the Right Desk Frame for You

Setting up your office in the corner of your room might be a good way to expand existing space. It is possible to squeeze in a desk, chair, and a PC monitor if you plan things out well. With our easy DIY L-shaped desk plan, you can get started on creating your office nook.    

Planning Your DIY Corner Office Desk

That awkward corner could easily transform with the right tools. It can go from an eyesore to a surprisingly productive place to work. Corners can be tricky to develop into a DIY corner desk. But with the right DIY L-shaped desk and some other essentials, that odd nook can be made more awesome!

Here are a few essential things that one has to remember while building a corner office desk at home.

What’s Your Budget?

What’s Your Budget?

Your budget is one parameter that we will leave to you. It all depends on the corner you have to work with and what you may need to buy. There are many things to consider here. For example, do you plan on simply using a corner of the bedroom or use the empty area under or around staircase landings? Building on that, you can then gauge the kind of corner computer desk plans you require.

You may need to invest in a new corner desk. If that’s the case, begin with getting the right sized desk and then move onto your desk accessories. There are several corner desk plans options to choose from, and you can even consider building your corner desk. The benefit of DIY corner desk ideas is that you get to choose the length of the desk.   

Does it Need to be Adjustable?

Does it Need to be Adjustable?

To make the most out of your space, try including an adjustable ergonomic desk in your corner desk ideas. Such desks help you to get out of a permanently seated position and stretch your spine. Apart from being healthy, it can even help you readjust your desk properly to fit the space. Different work tasks will require different heights – something you will appreciate if your career involves intensive work. Adjustability also lets other people use the desk without any issues.   

Is it Crank or Motorized?

Crank desks don’t have that motorized sound and don’t get stuck when you’re out of power. It’s a simple design that’s easier to repair and unlikely to develop too many hardware or electric component failures. Include this desk in your corner desk ideas if maintenance and longevity are important factors for you. Crank desks, unfortunately, take time to move and several times over.  

Electric desks can move to many positions and stop automatically at the desired heights. They even feature quick access height adjustment buttons for much quicker adjustments. If speed and agility are required at your workplace, then consider an electric DIY adjustable standing desk. The only drawback is that the desk needs to be placed near an outlet to power the motorized components. If there’s no power, then the desk will get stuck in certain positions. Usually, resetting the desk fixed this.       

Space, Materials & Size

Desks come in several colors, sizes, and shapes. Think about how you intend on using the DIY L-shaped desk to know what to add to your space. A smaller desk might seem like the right fit but think about a bigger surface space if you have loads of files, books, and PCs. Also, consider the desk with few drawers.

Storage might expand into a collection of file cabinets, wall storage units, etc. The desk material imparts a vibe and style of its own. For example, metal and glass give off a modern theme. Wooden desks fit a traditional setting better, while cherry wood and mahogany finishes look sophisticated. If you plan on making a DIY gaming desk rig, then find a desk with a keyboard tray.


Where should I put my L-shaped desk?

Where should I put my L-shaped desk

Your DIY L-shaped desk is ideally suited for a corner in the room. Some individuals get creative by placing such a desk near a window to maximize natural light or under a stairway. If space permits, they place the desk in the center of the room, so it doubles as a workspace and a divider.

Should my desk face the wall or door?

The orientation of the desk depends on how much privacy and distraction you prefer. The desk should face the wall if you have kids to monitor or don’t like feeling boxed in. If you need to block out distractions at work, then face the desk against a wall; if you need inspiration, place some wall art on that wall or try facing the desk near a window.  

How many legs does an L-shaped desk have?

Most L-shaped desks have six legs to support the shape that it has fully. Depending on the desk's size, weight, and width, the number of legs might increase or decrease. Usually, the larger side of the desk surface has more legs. The width needs support too, and there are two legs added on the desk for this. Low-standing and adjustable desks have two legs supported by a crossbar.    

Can you put two desks together to make an L shape?

Can you put two desks together to make an L shape

Some manufacturers let you buy two desks as a set to form your DIY L-shaped desk. Normally one side is larger than the other. You can place the desks together to suit your requirement and are often called reversible desks. Such desks hold your electronics on one side and write notes on the other. Other times, the desks come assembled as a whole with predetermined sizes and shapes. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your office space, a DIY corner office desk may be just the trick. There are many benefits to corner desks. Plus, doing a DIY project lets you take a break from desk work and do something that may be a bit out of your comfort zone. 


Corner office desks are great and allow you the space and convenience to easily access your equipment. However, not all desks on the market are made with your specific office or work environment in mind. That's why we have compiled these 20 DIY corner office desk ideas so that you can enhance your office perfectly.

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