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20 Best Dual Monitor Stands You’ll Love for 2024
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20 Best Dual Monitor Stands You’ll Love for 2024

|Jul 22, 2022

When you want to get the best dual monitor stand, you must ensure you understand what you’re buying. This article addresses everything you need to know! 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dual Monitor Stand

Being an office worker means you have to buy the best pieces of furniture for your workstation. Even though every person has their specific needs, you must guarantee that what you purchase is a high-quality item that works for you. 

The best dual monitor arm is out there, but you must know what you’re looking for if you want to find it. Thus, you have to evaluate your needs and what you can afford.  

When you’re looking for a dual monitor mount, a positive aspect of the process is that there are numerous options to consider. However, you have to understand the different features you’re evaluating, and this is what the following sections discuss. 

Mount Type

Mount Type

Firstly, there are various mount types, and you can choose your favorite depending on what you want for your desk. You could get, for example, an extra tall one if your height is usually an issue when you sit in front of your monitor. 


The material of your dual monitor riser is also an essential factor you should keep in mind when you’re buying it. If you want something very sturdy to support the weight of your screens, you must be aware of the monitor mount you should buy to achieve that.  

Adjustability and Range of Movement

Adjustability and Range of Movement

This depends on each person because some people don’t need to move their monitor mounts too much. On occasions, you might adjust it once and leave it like that. Nonetheless, if you want something more versatile, you must guarantee that the model includes it in its features. 

Cable Management

Managing your cables is an essential part of being an office worker, particularly if you work from home and want to ensure that you’re taking advantage of your space as much as you can. Buying the correct mount allows you to manage your cables the way you want, which is why it’s essential to keep this in mind when you’re picking a model.  

Mounting Capability


Clearly, one of the crucial features of a monitor arm is its capability. However, if your screens are not so heavy, you might not care as much. Even so, you must check each model’s features and guarantee that the one you choose is the ideal one for your specific needs.  

20 Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2022

Now that you understand the basics of choosing the best dual monitor stand, you might want to look at a list of the top-notch options on the market. The following alternatives might be what you’re looking for, so check them out: 

1. Dual Monitor Arm by Autonomous

Dual Monitor Arm by Autonomous

Purchasing a dual monitor stands for a desk can be challenging, but not when you find Autonomous option. This one might be the best dual monitor arm you’ll find out there because it has everything you might need.

Sturdy materials are what you get with this dual monitor desk stand, so it’s long-lasting and can support the weight of your screens. At the same time, its design is modern; thus, it might enhance the style of your workstation. 

Purchasing a dual monitor stand arm is a crucial decision to make, especially when you need to organize your setup to get your work done. Therefore, you need something you won’t regret, and Autonomous’ model is definitely in that category!

Since its sleek frame is versatile and adjustable, you can manage your cables the way you want. Lastly, its price is affordable for what it offers, so you should definitely consider buying it! 

2. Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

You’re now looking for the ideal monitor arm for a standing desk, so you should consider the fantastic option by Mount-It! - many people talk about it because it’s a top-notch alternative that you should consider.

The Mount-It! Laptop and Monitor Stand can support your laptop or monitor, which is why it’s so versatile. It offers both a grommet base and a C clamp, and it allows you to rotate your monitor up to 360 degrees. It’s immensely adjustable, and it can fit your needs!

3. Dual Monitor Desk with USB and Multimedia Ports

Dual Monitor Desk with USB and Multimedia Ports

Buying the Dual Monitor Desk with Multimedia Ports is one of the best choices to make if you’re looking for something versatile that adapts to your technological needs. 

When you get this dual monitor riser, you get a sturdy, modern model. It has a gas spring arm that features full-motion movements, and this is not something you can get everywhere.

At the same time, this dual monitor mount has a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will last a long time, and if you have any issues, you can always contact the brand.  

4. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Arm: Full Motion

Mount-It is a brand that offers numerous high-quality options, including various monitor arms that you might want to consider, such as the Triple, which is one of the best dual monitor stand alternatives on the market. 

With an integrated USB port and an audio one, you can connect all your technological devices and make sure they look fantastic. Since this dual monitor riser allows you to hide the cables, you never need to worry about your office looking cluttered.

The Triple Monitor Arm offers value for your money, and its full-motion arms allow you to adjust your screens however you need. It’s one of the best models you might want to consider if you want something to offer various features! 

5. Dual Monitor Desk Stand

Dual Monitor Desk Stand

High-grade steel and aluminum are the materials you get if you buy the Dual Monitor Desk Stand. Clearly, you’re purchasing a high-quality, sturdy and convenient item, which helps if you have various heavy screens to organize in your workstation.

One of the best features of this dual monitor mount is its price. It’s only $49, so it’s immensely affordable, which might be very convenient if you’re on a budget. Therefore, it’s a convenient option to consider, especially if you’re looking for something functional and inexpensive. 

6. Dual Monitor Stand by AmazonBasics

Whether you want to place your monitors in a landscape or portrait position, it doesn’t matter – the option by AmazonBasics has it all. 

You can adjust the angle of your dual monitor riser when you purchase this dual monitor riser, so each screen can have a different configuration according to your needs.  

7. Stand Riser by Fitueyes

Stand Riser by Fitueyes best dual monitor stand

Fitueyes also offers one of the best dual monitor stand alternatives you can get. The installation process is very straightforward, so you don’t need prior knowledge to incorporate this item into your workstation. 

At the same time, it fits up to three monitors, and the numerous nooks it creates help you keep your desk organized.  

8. Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand by Wali

Even though Wali is not as famous as Autonomous, Amazon, or Mount-It!, it still offers a dual monitor mount that you should consider – the Adjustable Desk Mount. It's the ideal alternative for your dual screens if you want something both functional and affordable. 

You get three elbows in each arm of this dual monitor riser, which means that you get a full range of options to adjust the angle of your screens.  

9. Dual Monitor Stand Riser by Ameriergo

Dual Monitor Stand Riser by Ameriergo

Ameriergo has improved the design of one of its best dual monitor stand alternatives, and it now includes two adjustable elbows. Therefore, this model is a top-notch alternative for numerous clients, and it could be the one for you! 

Buying this monitor stand means you get a sleek and beautiful design with adjustable features. Since you get space under each hand, you can store documents, books, and any other desktop essentials. 

10. Dual Stand by Vivo

With numerous tilting options, the adjustable arms on Vivo’s dual stand might make you stop looking for any other alternative. 

This brand’s dual monitor riser supports any monitor that’s up to four inches thick. Since you can move its arms in any way you want, it allows you to have a full range of customizable features to choose from. 

11. Dual Monitor Stand Riser by Superjare

best dual monitor stand Riser by Superjare

Superjare’s model is unique because it offers a long shelf between the two screens. Therefore, it’s ideal if you have numerous documents you need to keep nearby when you’re working. 

Buying this stand is a fantastic alternative when you need something functional and stylish. It can make your workstation look much better, and you can adjust the angle so it matches your needs. 

12. D5D Dual Desk Monitor Mount by Locteck

Durability and flexibility are two of the most crucial characteristics you should keep in mind when buying a monitor stand, and those are exactly what you get by purchasing Locteck’s option. 

The D5D Dual Desk Monitor Mount is a high-quality alternative that can last for years. You can rotate the arms and get the position you want – what more could you need? It’s an ideal model! 

13. Extra Tall Monitor Desk Mount by Wali

Extra Tall Monitor Desk Mount by Wali

Wali offers more than one alternative, and in this case, it’s immensely important because it’s a monitor desk mount specially designed for tall people. 

This extra tall dual monitor riser is a fantastic alternative because you can adjust it anywhere up to 31.5 inches high. Therefore, it might be the ideal model to buy if you’re looking for something bigger than usual. 

14. Dual Monitor Desk Mount – NB North Bayou

The NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount is one of the best dual monitor stand alternatives as well. Furthermore, it’s user-friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and sturdy. 

Purchasing this dual monitor riser means you’re getting articulated arms, which allow you to quickly change angles if you need it.  

15. Free-standing Desk Stand by Vivo

Free-standing Desk Stand by Vivo

You don’t need clamps or anything else with Vivo’s dual monitor mount. It’s sturdy and modern, and it has everything your workstation might require. 

Rotation and full articulation are the two features you’ll get if you buy Vivo’s alternative, which means that you can quickly adjust the arms of this model to fit your needs. 

16. Huanuo’s Dual Monitor Stand

On many occasions, buying a dual monitor stand means one person will look at two screens. However, two users can also take advantage of this in some cases – you just need to buy the right model, for example, Huanuo! 

Getting this alternative means you can adjust its features so much that two users can enjoy the beauty of the screens. Thus, it’s ideal if you need to share your office space! 

17. Adjustable Monitor Stand by Huanuo

Adjustable Monitor Stand by Huanuo

Another option by Huanuo is the Adjustable Stand, which is smooth and has articulated arms, which let you adjust the angles of your screens to a range of different positions. 

Additionally, the design of this dual monitor riser is modern and stylish, so it might fit the style of your office. 

18. Planar’s Dual Monitor Stand

If you’re not looking for something too extravagant, Planar’s alternative might be the one to fit your needs. 

Even though it doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other options you know so far, it still gives you what you need to support two screens without too much of a hassle. 

19. Monitor Stand by The Office Oasis

Monitor Stand by The Office Oasis

The Office Oasis gives you a beautiful Monitor Stand as well, which is one of the most simple models you’ll find out there.  

With solid legs and a bamboo build, it combines the best of a modern design and eco-friendly materials. Thus, it might be what you’re looking for! 

20. Triple Monitor Stand Mount by Mountup

The last item on this list is Mountup’s model, which is also one of the best dual monitor stand options you’ll find on the market. 

It’s a fully-adjustable, triple arm, so you can quickly adjust your three screens and make sure they have the ideal angle to accompany you while you work. 

Keynote Takeaways

Buying a dual monitor riser can often be a challenge, but now, you know which features you should consider and the models you can purchase. Pick your favorite and change your workstation!

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