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Best Gaming Chair in 2024: 20 Computer Chair Picks for Gamers
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Best Gaming Chair in 2024: 20 Computer Chair Picks for Gamers

|Feb 19, 2021

When people play games on their computer or console, they often do so for a couple of hours or more. It’s undeniable that being comfortable during that time is something that gamers can value just as much as their leisure time. After all, being comfortable can positively affect both their physical well-being and their performance while playing games.

If you consider yourself a gamer, you should consider getting the most comfortable gaming chair you can afford. For the people who stream full-time or part-time, investing in a valuable ergonomic gaming chair is even more beneficial. Playing games while lying on your couch or your cheap office chair may be common and convenient, but most of the time, you can end up having back pains due to bad posture. If your job already requires that you sit through your day, getting a gaming chair 2022 for those hours you spend working at home or enjoying yourself is one of the best choices you can make.

What Features Does Gaming Chair 2022 Have?

Gaming chair reviews that most of the gaming chair’s features are related to the level of support and comfort they give. Initially, these chairs may not be as comfortable as you think because they make them in a way that encourages good posture. However, this uncomfortable sense goes away after a brief adjusting time in which your body adapts to the chair’s feeling.

Many gaming chairs come with adjustable parts, such as the height and armrest position, that can naturally accommodate your body when you modify them to your preferences. Gaming chairs also tend to have upholstered padded or leathered backrests with bold and colorful designs, along with neck and hip pillows. The chair’s backrest can recline up to varying levels depending on the chair.

Some ergonomic office chairs can double as good ergonomic gaming chairs; the most notable differences between them are the design, the presence of body pillows, and that many office chairs tend to have mesh backrests that allow more ventilation. Besides these points, many great gaming and office chairs share the same features.

What Features Does Gaming Chair 2021 Have?

How Should the Gaming Chair Be Set-up to Get the Most of It?

There are a couple of components you must adjust to your needs to start improving your productivity, performance, and comfort while gaming.

You must raise or lower the chair’s height, so your feet are on level with the floor, with your knees aligned with your hips. Afterward, you adjust the height of the armrests to match the desk’s height. If your chair has neck pillow support, you put it in the place where it fits into your neck’s curve. The chair’s reclining angle for gaming is something of a preference, but people tend to find it most comfortable in the range of 100 and 110 degrees.

The monitor must be at the right height. Having the screen in the wrong position can make you adopt an improper posture, making all the chairs adjustment be for nothing. The top of your monitor must be at the same level as your eyes or slightly above it.

How Should the Gaming Chair Be Set-up to Get the Most of It?

What Are Great Options for the Best Gaming Chair 2022?

If you’re wondering what the best gaming chairs are, you’re in luck. You don’t need to worry about availability considering the number of alternatives nowadays and how easy it is to check a store’s stock and buy an ergonomic gaming chair online. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best gaming chairs in 2022 to make your choice easier for you, knowing that there is a remarkable number of chairs available in the market.

1. Autonomous ErgoChair 2

This office chair can easily pass for an ergonomic gaming chair with every feature that it has. The ErgoChair 2, unlike most gaming chairs, has a durable Korean mesh fabric on the backrest that allows airflow. Every other part is as good as the best gaming chair, with its respective adjustable features made with premium, environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. It comes with a lumbar support system that can help you maintain a good posture. 

ergonomic gaming chair Autonomous ErgoChair 2

2. Autonomous Kinn Chair

This ergonomic office chair is another that can easily be used as a gaming chair. The Autonomous Kinn Chair is a comfortable chair that uses a thermoplastic elastomer mesh for the backrest, making it firm yet pliant. Its adjustability level makes it seem as if it was made-to-order to fit your body and support your spine with its fishbone design, improving your posture as you use it.

gaming chair 2021 Kinn Chair

3. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN Gaming Chair comes with every feature you need in a gaming chair, giving you the comfort you need during those long gaming sessions. It stands out from the rest by having an ergonomic backrest with a segmented pad design that encroaches and supports your body the best way possible. It comes with an extendable footrest and a reclining angle up to 155 degrees that lets you loosen up when you need to take a break.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

4. Vertagear Triiger 350 SE

The Triiger 350 SE Gaming chair is a high-end ergonomic professional office and gaming chair. It’s a flexible and appealing chair assembled with over 350 individual components, making it one of the most comfortable gaming chairs available. You can play games longer and better with this chair that even includes multi-directional lumbar support. It also comes with a TPEE mesh that allows for comfortable use and breathability for long hours of use.

5. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

This gaming chair comes with an exclusive upholstery design on the front and back of the chair that is easy to clean and has a cold-cured foam padding that makes the experience of sitting a most comfortable one. The materials used to make the chair are high-quality, with the leather lasting over five years and the hand-welded steel fame over 10 years.

AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

6. Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Gaming Chair

The Arozzi team made this chair with simplicity in mind, looking to make the chair as comfortable as possible with a sleek and ergonomic design without being too convoluted. It has flexible leather upholstery that is elegant and comfortable, along with adjustable headrest and armrests. The chair also features a tremendous reclining angle of 180 degrees with a rocking function.

7. SecretLab TITAN 2020 Series

If you want a chair with customizable upholstery that fits a large build, the TITAN series is your choice. You can choose between the classic PRIME 2.0 PU leather, a SoftWeave Fabric, or NAPA leather if you want to indulge yourself with luxurious and comfortable material. This gaming chair also comes with every standard adjustable feature, such as the lumbar support, 4D armrest, and full-length backrest decline.

SecretLab TITAN 2020 Series

8. X Rocker SE 2.1 Wireless Pedestal Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair is one of the contenders for the best gaming chair in 2022. This lounging game chair is both innovative and comfortable, incorporating two built-in speakers and a subwoofer, with a side panel that has volume and bass control, band switches, and a headphone jack if you need to plug in your headphones. You can easily play for hours on end with this ergonomic chair that can quickly connect to your home devices.

9. Corsair T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

If you want a comfortable ergonomic gaming chair that can keep you fresh, you need to pick the Corsair T3 RUSH chair. It has a soft fabric surface that keeps you cool by retaining little to no heat. The chair also has a padded neck cushion and a memory foam back support, along with a customizable armrest, seat height, and reclining angle.

Corsair T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

10. Thermaltake CyberChair E500

The CyberChair E500 provides exceptional comfort and adjustability to your gaming station with smooth support between the chair’s seat and back. It has an elastic, breathable mesh surface on the backrest and headrest. The chair has an aluminum alloy that makes the chair durable and sturdy while giving it a professional look. It also provides a multi-directional armrest adjustable in height and width to better fit your ideal posture and relieving muscle strain.

11. GTRacing Pro Gaming Chair

If you’re low on funds and you want to get the best possible gaming chair in 2022, the GTRacing Pro Series is one of the most splendid chairs you can get at its price. The chair features an ergonomic design that lets you have an optimal sitting position, featuring a height-adjustable armrest and a 170-degree recline angle. It also has an excellent mesh fabric that is both comfortable and fresh during long gaming sessions.

12. DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

DXRacer is one of the oldest gaming chair brands on the market, always achieving high-performance comfort with every chair they manufacture. The Formula Series is no different, featuring a high-quality breathable fabric that allows air and heat to pass through easily and keep you fresh, molded foam support, lumbar cushion, and headrests, among other things. It keeps you comfortable at all times and allows you to focus on your game.

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

13. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

It’s a great gaming chair that sacrifices some features to offer you the most approachable price as of yet.  The chair is made with good quality breathable leather and has a headrest pillow along with adjustable lumbar support that can provide comfort and protection for your spine and neck. Its backrest has up to a 180-degree recline angle, and the armrests can’t be adjusted.

14. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

This ergonomic gaming chair provides immense comfort during long gaming sessions or workdays with its contoured segmented padded seat, headrest, and armrest. The chair has stain-resistant and easily cleanable leather upholstery and offers necessary chair ergonomic adjustments such as seat height, tilt lock and control, and flip-up arms.

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

15. Cougar Argo

This ergonomic gaming chair is built with premium materials and a breathable mesh cushion and backrest that allows for an incredibly comfortable gaming experience. The mesh allows air, water vapor, and body heat to go through the fabric, keeping you cool and dry. With ergonomics in mind, the chair is also fully adjustable in every sense with a shift wire control system.

16. Noblechair Epic Chair

It’s an alluring chair with a beautiful design made with premium materials that provide absolute comfort. This ergonomic gaming chair has a cold foam upholstery that retains its form over long periods and keeps the user cool. It also has 4D armrests that let you tailor the chair to your needs and a robust base made of solid aluminum. The chair has won several “best gaming chair” awards these last couple of years.

Noblechair Epic Chair

17. Oversteel ULTIMET Gaming Chair

The Oversteel ULTIMET gaming chair has an advanced ergonomic design. It features high-quality leather and density foam, along with lumbar and neck pillows that give you much needed support and comfort during those enjoyable gaming sessions. The armrests only have 2D adjustability, being rotation and height, and the chair has a 180-degree reclining angle.

18. Nightingale CXO 6200D Chair

The Nightingale CXO Chair is a great office chair that emphasizes high performance and adjustability, focusing on an ergonomic design. Its features are great for gaming stations, having a breathable mesh fabric on the back that’s comfortable and a lumbar support pad foam with 3D fitting. The chair also has a unique ball bearing system that controls the armrests, giving it a wide range of motion.

Nightingale CXO 6200D Chair

19. Homall Gaming Chair

The Homall ergonomic gaming chair gives you full support for your back with its freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest. Its seat and backrest are made with comfortable PU leather. The chair has a tilt-lock mechanism that can adjust its angle from 90 to 180 degrees, and the chair can support up to 300 lbs. with its sturdy base.

20. Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair

Having an optional RGB LED kit, if you want your chair to match up with your computer, you should go with this option. The chair is assembled with ease with the “Slide-in” hardware, and the synthetic faux leather is a durable and soft material that reduces maintenance without compromising on comfort. It has every feature an ergonomic gaming chair can have except for a heavy-duty base.

Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair

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