20 Best Height-Changing Desks to Create a Sit/Stand Workstation
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20 Best Height-Changing Desks to Create a Sit/Stand Workstation

|Oct 8, 2021

Creating a sit/stand workstation is a fantastic idea, but you need a height-changing desk that fits your wants and needs. Read on, and find the best 20 models you could buy. Once you're done reading, you might be able to choose your favorite and add it to your office!

Top 20 Height-Changing Desks for Your Workstation

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) as Height changing desk

Known as the essential home office standing desk, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is one of Autonomous’ most famous models, especially if you want to apply for the employee purchase program

Its height is completely adjustable, and the adjustable computer desk includes no less than four different programmable settings. Moreover, you also get a completely electric dual motor to change the desk's position the way you want. 

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse as Height changing desk

In some cases, you might not have enough space to get a big desk. Thus, you may consider getting a gaming L-shaped desk instead, since it can fit in your corner. 

Autonomous has a fantastic height-changing desk option: a corner standing desk with four different programmable settings, adjustable height, and a quiet motor. It offers everything you need! 

3. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka as Height changing desk

Autonomous has one last model you should consider when you're looking for high-quality rising desks. Getting a smart desk is a great idea since it offers features you can't find in any other piece of furniture. 

A height-adjustable desk can have all you need, and the Autonomous Desk Eureka is probably that model. It has four different settings to choose from, 310lbs of load capacity, and much more, which makes it one of the best stand-up desk options you could buy. 

Simplicity is possible, especially if you get this desk. It's one of the most traditional rising desks you could go for, and it can remind you that you don't need extravagant furniture to make your office look incredible. 

Accommodating your workstation needs might be complicated at times, but this desk is a fantastic alternative to deal with that since it has different features to choose from. At the same time, it's a beautiful model, especially if you're looking for a white standing desk

4. Stand-up Desk Store's Adjustable Stand-up Desk

Making sure your monitor and keyboard are at the right height while you're working is essential, especially if you want to avoid back and neck pain, as well as hand discomfort. Therefore, you should always buy a desk that helps you achieve maximum comfort in that regard. 

Fortunately, the option by Stand-up Desk Store is a fantastic idea since its adjustable features allow you to always have your items at the height you need. The height-adjustable desk has a smooth cranking adjustment and enough space for you to effortlessly organize your things.

5. Stand-up Desk Store's Adjustable Height Standing Desk

stand-up Desk Store's Height changing desk

The Stand-up Desk Store has more than one model you should look at when you're desk-hunting. Among other rising desks you could examine, the Adjustable Height Standing Desk is one worth considering since it's durable, sturdy, and customizable. 

Even though there are many different height-changing desk options, the Adjustable Height Standing Desk ensures you never get back or neck pain while you're working. This movable desk offers a crank-adjustment feature you can't miss, as well as different colors to choose from, which allows you to match it with your office's style. 

6. Adjustable Sit and Stand Desk by Halter

Halter is known for creating incredible pieces of furniture, especially if you're looking for something convenient and affordable. The brand's Sit and Stand Desk is one of the best models you should consider if you prefer something classic, simple, and useful. 

If you get the Sit and Stand Desk, you can choose among multiple heights and personalize it to guarantee you're always comfortable. It's easy to use, very sturdy, and it comes fully assembled, so you don't have to worry about doing that yourself! 

7. Stand Steady's X-elite Standing Desk Converter

Stand Steady's X-elite Standing Desk Converter

Taking a look at Stand Steady products might give you an idea of what the brand can offer. Many of its pieces of furniture have won awards for being high-quality items you can have in your office, especially because they offer you fantastic features at affordable prices. 

Buying the X-elite Standing Desk Converter may be a great idea for workers looking for a place to place their computer and start working, regardless of the position of the desk. This height-changing desk model lets you quickly switch from sitting to standing, and it's very convenient if you want to boost your productivity levels. 

8. Adjustable Sit-to-stand-up Standing Desk Pro by Titan Fitness

Even though Titan Fitness is not as known as other brands such as Autonomous, it has become very famous, particularly due to its Sit-to-stand-up Standing Desk Pro. This model gives you features as good as any other high-quality desk, which is why you should check it out when you're comparing different options. 

Titan Fitness’ Standing Desk Pro easily lets you go from 12” to 16”. At the same time, the height-changing desk is very sturdy and offers a 33 lb weight capacity, which makes it strong enough to hold your computer and many other items with ease. 

9. GeekDesk's Adjustable Desk

GeekDesk's Height changing desk

You never realize how much sitting in a chair can affect you until you try working in a different position, especially if you get the Adjustable Desk by GeekDesk.  

It's possible to forget about your discomfort, but you can only achieve that if you have the right desk by your side. Luckily, GeekDesk understands your needs, and it has created the Adjustable Desk, which is a fully customizable option made of sturdy materials and heavy-lifting capability. 

10.  Airtouch by Steelcase

Taking a look at the products Steelcase offers might make you wonder whether or not the Airtouch is a movable desk you should consider between your options. It was the brand's first attempt at rising desks, so you might feel uncertain about it. 

However, the Airtouch is a fantastic alternative, and it offers features you should keep in mind when you're making your choice. Instead of using a motor, it has assisting technology to help you change its position whenever you want.  

Therefore, it's an innovative height-adjustable desk model you could buy to give your office a modern touch, while also ensuring you get the best of both worlds: a sitting adjustable computer desk, and a standing desk that's ready to help your legs’ blood circulation. 

11. Height-adjustable Standing Desk by Varidesk

varidesk Height changing desk

The way you work can completely change if you use Varidesk's height-adjustable desk each time you sit down to complete your to-do's. 

Forget about discomfort. If you have the Height-adjustable Standing Desk, you can comfortably work regardless of your position. Whether you're sitting or standing, the adjustable computer desk can help you get through all your daily tasks. 

One of the best features the Height-adjustable Standing Desk has is that it's big enough to accommodate many different items. Thus, this movable desk might be the best option if you're looking for something spacious to organize your work documents. 

12. Xdesk Air

Solid aluminum desks might be what you're looking for to make your office look incredible, and to ensure the piece of modern office furniture you use is sturdy and lasts many years without suffering any damage.  

The Xdesk is not simply another option on your list – it's the first hand-crafted standing desk, which makes it special. With this model, you get a scratch-resistant surface, a sturdy design, and a beautiful exterior you could use to enhance your office's appearance. 

13. Ergo's Kangaroo Elite

Ergo's Kangaroo Elite

Known for being both affordable and convenient, Ergo's Kangaroo series is a fantastic option, but the Elite is certainly one of the best alternatives it offers. 

Sitting all day might be very uncomfortable, and it could even generate physical consequences. Ergo is a brand that understands that, which is why it has created the Kangaroo Elite, something you can place on top of your existing desk to make it movable. 

14. Updesk

Finding a high-quality height-changing desk with heavy-lifting capabilities is not easy. However, the Updesk is one of the best alternatives you could go for since it has two different motors to help you change it from a sitting to a standing position. 

After you take the Updesk out of the box, you can almost immediately start using it. It has customizable features and 300lbs of heavy-lifting capability, so don't miss everything it has to offer you, especially if you want to have the best desk setup

15. Jarvis by Ergo

Jarvis by Ergo

Sometimes, you want a movable desk that works, but you also wish for a beautiful piece of furniture that can match the rest of the items you have in your office. 

Fortunately, Ergo's Jarvis is available in three base colors, and you have more than 10 finishes to choose from. The desk can lift more than 350lbs, which is incredible for a height-adjustable desk.

16. Sit-stand Desk with Wood Top by Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is one of the most popular brands to produce incredible standing desks. Even though there are many options, the Sit-stand Desk with Wood Top is definitely one of the best ones on the market due to its incredible price and fantastic features. 

If you get the Sit-stand Desk, you can have top-of-the-notch features while paying an affordable price. With an electric motor and a memory handset, you can quickly adjust the piece of furniture to fit your needs. 

Additionally, the Sit-stand Desk is sturdy, but its motor is quiet, which means you never have to disturb others with the noise it makes while you're changing positions. 

17. Classic XL by Standee

Not everyone can afford fancy rising desks. On some occasions, you might be looking for a more affordable standing desk option that fits your budget but also offers you high-quality features. 

Standee is one of the best brands at producing budget-friendly adjustable computer desks, and the Classic XL is a model you should consider since it's affordable, convenient, and it doesn't harm the environment! 

18. Elevate II by Anthro

Elevate II by Anthro

Many workers enjoy classic options since you can combine them with anything, and make your office look fantastic. If you get the Elevate II, you can choose among different finishes and sizes, which allows you to perfectly match it with your surroundings. 

Additionally, the Elevate II has a tray that's destined for cable management, which is a great extra you might love if you want to keep everything neat and tidy. 

19. Uplift by Human Solution

Taking a look at Human Solution's Uplift series might impress you due to the many different options you can find.  

Overall, the Uplift series offers fantastic height-changing desk alternatives since you get sturdy desks with traditional styles. Furthermore, you could choose between models, and even get one with wheels if you want to be able to easily move it around. 

With unmatched quality, the Uplift ensures high-quality over time, sturdiness, and all the features you might want. 

The model is widely known for being convenient and easy to use, and it's also popular because it's immensely affordable. Finding a budget-friendly adjustable computer desk can be challenging, but the Uplift is here to change that.

20. Electric Height-adjustable Sit-to-stand Desk by Apex Vortex

Apex Vortex has produced various generations of movable desks, and the Height-adjustable Sit-to-stand one belongs to the second series of famous, fantastic height-changing desks they have made for workers like you. 

Although Apex Vortex has created more desks, it doesn't mean the original one was a poor-quality product. On the contrary, it was one of the most stable ones you could buy. Now, you can get the Electric Height-adjustable and enjoy even better features.

With an anti-collision function and adjustable features, the Electric Height-adjustable is ready to embellish your office while also giving you all the characteristics you need. You can quickly change it from a sitting to a standing position, and use it as you complete all your daily tasks.

Keynote Takeaways

Buying a height-changing desk is a wonderful idea since you can adjust its height and avoid unnecessary discomfort while you're working. Evaluate all your options, and choose the one you like the most!

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