The 20 Best L-Shaped Desk for Your Home Office 2024
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The 20 Best L-Shaped Desk for Your Home Office 2024

|Jul 6, 2022

An L-shaped desk is perfect for many people because it can have a lot of space on top. People can comfortably set up any kind of desk environment, whether it’s a gaming setup or a working-from-home situation. They are also a great way to place everything in one area of the room, so the desk is not taking up a large piece of it. 

This post will tell you the 20 best L-shaped desks you can use in your home office. 

How Do You Choose the Right L-Shaped for Your Room?

You will want to pick an L-shaped desk that is perfect for your needs. That means you need to know what you want it to do. Do you need it to hold several monitors? Do you need a lot of desk space? Then, you want to think about how much room you have. If you don’t have a lot of room, you might want to look into a corner L-shaped desk instead of a full-sized one. 

Lastly, think about storage. Do you need a lot of storage? You must pick a desk with the appropriate storage space for your needs. The last thing you want is a desk that can’t help you with your storage problems. 

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse l shaped desk

The Autonomous Desk Expanse by Autonomous is the perfect stand-up desk for people with a little extra room. People will get twice the amount of space they usually get when purchasing this desk, and it comes with three times the power. You will have no problems moving the position of your desk when you want to stand up and stretch your legs. 

2. Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk

This L-shaped computer desk by Cubiker is great for people looking for a modern look in their home office. It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon, showing potential buyers that this is a desk that people have enjoyed. Also, it is known to be sturdy while giving people more than enough space for all of their belongings. 

There are also two removable drawers that you can add to your desk. With so much space, it is no surprise that this corner desk has taken over Amazon by storm. 

3. Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk

This L-shaped gaming desk is the perfect desk for those gamers who love their LEDs. With many gaming setups, LEDs are used to set the ambiance of a room when someone is deep in their game, which is why this L-shaped corner desk is perfect for gamers who want to continue with their LED masterpiece. 

There is also a cupholder and a hook, so you can put your drink in a safe place while you fight off those bosses. 

4. Green Forest L-Shaped Desk

white L-shaped desk is for those rooms wanting a brighter feeling inside. This Green Forest desk is made of white wood and is incredibly flexible. People can keep their computer towers off of the ground with this desk. Also, what is interesting are the legs because they are curved. It will bring a new design to a room not normally found within an office space. 

5. Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

Nifty XDesk Custom L Series Corner Standing Computer Desk

Having a modern L-shaped desk can give you more space than a regular desk. This desk by XDesk is perfect for those who want a lot of space with their standing desk. Yes, this is also a standing desk. You can put up to 470 lbs on this desk, making it a great desk for people with a lot of heavy work objects they need to store safely. 

6. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

This executive L-shaped desk by Bush is perfect for people who want something sleek and professional. You can create the perfect professional environment with this desk. However, it can be challenging to set up, so you might want some help. When the setup process is complete, you will be amazed by what is left in front of you because it is beautiful to look at. 

It also has drawers and a cupboard, so you have enough room to store your favorite belongings. 

7. TBFit L-Shaped Desk with Storage Space

TBFit L-Shaped Desk with Storage Space

This L-shaped desk with drawers is perfect for people who want to have a lot of built-in features. It has a lot of storage options, and it comes with a built-in power strip. Those can all be used for many reasons, which is why people will enjoy using this desk for their home office needs. Also, you can readjust this desk, so it can continuously grow with you and your workspace. 

8. Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Do you have a lot of monitors that you need to accommodate with your L-shaped office desk? This is the perfect solution for you because it can handle three or four monitors. This is the ultimate desk for gamers who need space for their screens, so they can defeat every boss that comes their way. Also, it is very stable, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling off. 

9. The L-Shaped Computer Desk by Sauder Northcott

The L-Shaped Computer Desk by Sauder Northcott

People who want a versatile L-shaped desk will be happy with this one because it can help people stay organized while working. This L-shaped desk with drawers comes with two drawers of different sizes so that you can pick the right one for all your documents and stationery. The bottom drawer was made specifically for people with legal documents. 

10. The Key West Farmhouse L-Shaped Desk by Bush Furniture

The farmhouse aesthetic has become increasingly popular over the past few years, which is why it is no surprise that Bush Furniture has come out with a farmhouse-inspired desk. The wood design perfectly accents the rustic feeling that a farmhouse gives off. You can use this in your home office setup or gaming room. There is more than enough space to put multiple monitors on it, so you can always see everything you need. 

11. The Reversible L-Shaped Desk with Shelves by Teraves

The Reversible L-Shaped Desk with Shelves by Teraves

This L-shaped corner desk is reversible, making it a desk that can easily fit into any room without a single problem. It does have open shelves that you can use for your storage needs. Also, you can get an extra floor stand which can be perfect for you if you use a PC instead of a laptop. However, it will take some time for you to assemble, but once it is ready, you’ll be good to go. 

12. The L-Shaped Desk by Sauder Palladia

This L-shaped computer desk is perfect for those who want to bring some old class into their home. It looks like a top-notch luxury desk made decades ago, but it has been engineered with sustainable wood, making it a great piece for people who are also looking after the environment. You can buy this desk in three finishes, but one of them is more expensive than the others. 

13. The Corner Desk by SHW Vista

The Corner Desk by SHW Vista

This L-shaped desk is divided into three sections, making it the easiest desk to assemble in a small space. However, you might be surprised that it is relatively low, so it might not be suitable for tall people. Besides that, you will enjoy the smoked tempered glass top that keeps your desk safe and the foot rest bar that is available. This desk has loads to offer for small spaces.

14. The Ideal Corner Desk by Office Hippo

An L-shaped office desk should be sturdy to hold all your equipment, and this Office Hippo is ready for the job. It is perfect for people with a lot of monitors and is more durable than you think. However, many people do not like the overall look of the desk because it may be unattractive to some, but it is stain and heat-resistant, making it a desk that every coffee lover will love when they use it. 

15. The Tempered Glass Computer Desk by Walker Edison

The Tempered Glass Computer Desk by Walker Edison

If an L-shaped office desk with a tempered glass look is what you’re aiming for, then this desk might be the one for you. This desk is perfect for those with a Mac Pro because of the perfectly sized CPU stand that can keep your tower off the ground. However, this desk would benefit greatly from a cable management system that people could use to ensure that their cables were organized. 

16. The Abacus Corner Desk by John Lewis & Partners

This L-shaped corner desk is perfect for corners in small spaces. You will like this budget-friendly desk that can sit neatly in the corner of your room without taking up too much space. Also, it comes in only one color, but it is neutral enough to fit into many aesthetics. It is not included, but you can buy a keyboard drawer as well, so you can place your laptop in it when you’re not using them. 

Also, if you’re a fan of John Lewis & Partners, you will be happy to know that this desk will match a lot of the available furniture. 

17. Habitat Nyle Corner Desk

Habitat Nyle Corner Desk

Habitat creates desks that are functional and nice to look at. This L-shaped desk is just the thing for those who need extra storage space but don’t want to sacrifice their modern office look. The open shelving allows people to place their stationery stylishly. Also, there are shelves at the bottom of the desk, so you can place crates that you can fill up to your heart’s desire. 

18. The L-Shaped 53in Corner Desk by Dosleeps

This L-shaped desk is perfect for those who need a desk on a budget but still want something sturdy. The only downside to this desk is the laminated coating because people wonder how long it will last, but it tends to last longer than people think. Also, it is solid, so you can place all of your belongings on the sturdy open shelf and workspace without worrying that they will fall. 

19. Yaheetech L-Shaped Desk

Yaheetech L-Shaped Desk

This is another affordable office desk, so you will be able to buy it on a budget. Assembly will not take you long at all, which is perfect for those who need a desk made fast. The minimalist desk is perfect in a studio or a home office. The clean lines and space-saving design is practical for people who need to save space in their room. However, there is no cable access, which might be off-putting to some. 

20. The L-Shaped Desk by Raymour & Flanigan

The Raymour & Flanigan L-shaped desk is perfect for people who want to bring an antique feeling into their room. It has a rustic and vintage appeal, making your room the best place in the house. It has several open shelves on one side, so you have a lot of storage. Also, for an extra cost, you can buy the matching drawers that can slip under the desk if you want some drawer space. 



When choosing an L-shaped desk, you want to ensure that it is the perfect one for your space. There are many options that people can look at, but not a single one is right for everyone. Instead, critically think about your space and what you need. Do you need a large desk? Is storage a problem in your room? How much room do you have? 

By asking and answering these questions, you will have a better chance of picking a desk that will suit your needs for your home office space. Also, the color can make a big difference in a room, so pick a desk that follows your aesthetic. Otherwise, you’ll have a big piece of furniture that doesn’t match anything.

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