20 Best L-Shaped Home Office Desks for Maximizing Workspace
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20 Best L-Shaped Home Office Desks for Maximizing Workspace

|Jan 9, 2022

If you are here, then you're probably considering getting an L-shaped home office desk for the first time. The question is, why would you? After all, there's a lot of press out there about your typical adjustable standing desk, and they seem to work fine for many people. 

it does stand to reason then that you would get one of them, especially since they tend to come in at a lower price tag than their L-shaped counterparts. Well, while you would be saving yourself some money, there are a few contexts in which your typical desk just isn't going to cut it. 

The first is where you have space constraints to deal with. This may leave you even more confused because a corner home office desk with an L-shaped design is usually larger than a traditional desk. So, if anything, you would want to avoid the larger desk, right?  

Well, that's not necessarily the case. You would be correct in your assessment of the size, since the L-shaped desk is technically larger overall. However, the way it's designed allows it to use less space while offering you more. You see, any L-shaped desk for work from home needs to wrap around a corner. 

Typically, when you put a traditional office desk in a corner, you lose the ability to effectively use the side of the space that is closer to the wall. The L-shaped desk, on the other hand, allows you to take advantage of that area, plus it feels like having two different dedicated work surfaces. 

Beyond working with limited space, L-shaped desks are also suited to those who have more equipment than usual. In that case, a traditional desk just is not going to cut it, and an L-shaped corner desk setup becomes your only option. 

Now that you know why you may want one of these desks, how are you expected to choose one? Well, it just so happens that there is a list below to help you find the best L-shaped office desk for your needs. There are 20 stellar options to choose from, so get reading and have fun!

20 Best L-Shaped Home Office Desks

1. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace L-shaped home office desk

You are not going to find any L-shaped home office desk better than the Autonomous Desk corner. With a sturdy SPCC steel frame and a high-quality MDF wood tabletop, durability is no question. This corner standing desk is adjustable and features a triple motor design to make height adjustments powerfully, smoothly, and quietly. 

The weight capacity is tremendous, and the desk is very customizable. So, if you are interested in a white L-shaped desk, for example, you can get that here. 

2. Vasagle Industrial Desk

Vasagle Industrial L-shaped home office desk

Vasagle starts off this list with its incredibly easy to assemble L-shaped desk. It features a wooden top and two small wooden shelves, all complemented by a sturdy metal frame. It gives a very traditional look, especially for those who may be interested in an outdoorsy kind of aesthetic. 

Unlike many options that feature a long and short side, both sides of the “L” are the same length, so you get a little more bang for your buck. 

3. Upscale Corner Gaming Desk

Here's another great one for your corner desk setup that has a simple and beautiful design. With 60 and 55-inch lengths comprising the “L,” you are getting an incredibly spacious build here. If you are concerned about the environment, then you are going to be happy to know that the material used is eco-friendly. 

It's easy to assemble even for beginners, and the colors used make it suitable to fit right into just about any office aesthetic. 

4. SHW L-shaped Corner Desk

SHW L-shaped home office desk

SHW is no newcomer to the world of office furniture design, and this one just goes even further to showcase what the manufacturer is capable of. The frame is steel based and there is a fine tempered glass tabletop, creating a visually stunning unit.  

The build consists of a stabilizer, footrest, and even shelves for you to store accessories. It's great for both work and gaming needs, and it has a surprisingly small footprint for an L-shaped design. 

5. Desino L-Shaped Gaming Desk

This L-shaped home office desk is built for the gamers out there. Desino is known for a series of gaming peripherals and furniture, so it's no surprise to see an L-shaped desk making an entry here. It takes advantage of a sharp extended layout and features a large, raised area on the longer side for wider monitors. 

There's a dedicated cable tray under the desk that is suited for your cable management, and the presence of an extended stability bar makes for a grounded gaming or office experience. you also get a carbon fiber finish, making for quite a unique visual and feel. 

6. Office Star Prado Basic L-Shaped Desk

 Office Star Prado Basic L-shaped home office desk

The Office Star Prado does not go too far over the top with the visual, but it does its designated job quite well. Stability is the main aim of the build here, and it features quite a bit of surface area for you to make use of. Assembly is easy, so you're not going to need any specialist assistance.  

One of the only concerns is that the stability is not as great as some of the other options on the list. Additionally, for a desk that does not implement too many bells and whistles, it is certainly on the pricier side. 

7. CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk

This is another best L-shaped office desk for you. CubiCubi is another brand that's not new to the standing desk world, having produced a slew of desks and other office furniture. It uses a sharp L design featuring a long side and a short side. Along the long side, you can find a small drawer that you can use to tuck away various accessories.  

At 67 inches, the long side can accommodate three screens side by side. Note that there is a small, raised area for a laptop or even another screen on the short side. 

8. MOTPK L-shaped Gaming Desk

 MOTPK L-shaped home office desk

Here's another gaming desk for your corner desk setup come on features an X-pattern leg design with a stability bar. Carbon fiber is used atop the desk, creating quite the visual, especially since the manufacturer opted for a dark gray and red color scheme. 

Both sides of the “L” are 51 inches, allowing for an almost similar layout on both sides. Note that one is equipped with a high raised area, which is more suited to office accessories than monitors. There is also a mounted cup holder. 

9. Ameriwood Home Dakota L-shaped Desk with Bookshelves

It's almost unbelievable how affordable this L-shaped home office desk is considering it has such a premium look. There's a beautiful espresso finish, a large surface area, and even two storage shelves. Assembly is barely an inconvenience, and it should seamlessly fit into whatever space you put it in. 

The only challenge, which is a minor inconvenience, is that the instructions are not always included with the unit. 

10. Foxemart L-shaped Gaming Desk

Foxemart L-shaped home office desk

Foxemart may not be the most popular manufacturer in the corner home office desk market, but this is a very good design. It bears a striking resemblance to the MOTPK desk, with the differences being in the finish, frame, and color scheme. 

The features are pretty much the same, minus the inclusion of a cup holder. Beyond that, it provides you with similar functionality, but with a sturdier steel frame. 

11. Chadior L-shaped Gaming Desk

Not many L-shaped Home Office desk options use a curve on the outside of the meeting point of the two desk segments. However, this one does exactly that, which makes it unique, though it generally relies on a simple design.  

Both sides feature 58 inches of space, making for a respectable amount of real estate for your office or gaming equipment. MDF wood and a metal frame come together to create a stable work experience. 

12. Z-line Belaire Glass L-shaped Computer Desk

Z-line Belaire Glass L-shaped home office desk

The Z-Line Belaire is one of the most modern L-shaped desk designs that you are going to find. It is very sleek, has a beautiful glass tabletop, and the curves in its legs make it even more stunning. 

There's even a raised area on one side with a platform that is also made of glass. The frame is pure metal, and there are multiple stability bars implemented for a well-rounded work experience. 

13. Coleshome L-shaped Gaming Desk

This is rated as one of the best L-shaped office desks in the market. While this is not your traditional adjustable corner desk, it does contain adjustable leveling studs for a more customized work experience. There is plenty of space for a multi-monitor setup, including a raised area on its short side. The tabletop comprises engineered wood and it sits atop a sturdy steel frame. 

Assembly is very straightforward, and you're even allowed to switch sides to make things even more convenient for you. 

14. Walker Edison Gaming Desk

Walker Edison Gaming Desk

This very spacious design from Walker Edison uses a dark tempered glass tabletop to create a neutral yet elegant design. It's also one of the only options here that features a stand for the system unit to keep it raised off the floor. 

It's highly suited to both gaming and office applications, and the metal frame makes it unbelievably durable. Finally, there is a peripheral tray included in this L-shaped home office desk. 

15. Casaottima L-shaped Gaming Desk

Thousands of gamers are already using this one, but those who are in the office space can also take advantage of it. It's sleek, spacious, and is going to visually refine whatever space you put it in. The entire tabletop of this L-shaped home office desk, including its raised area, uses a scratch-proof wooden finish, which puts a cap on the amount of wear and tear that you should expect with continuous use.  

Note that the raised area is removable, meaning you can get extra space if needed. 

16. GreenForest L-shaped Gaming Desk

GreenForest L-shaped Gaming Desk

GreenForest is known for a series of very outstanding office furniture designs, and it's no surprise that the manufacturer has done well here yet again. Its two sides measure 58 and 44 inches, and there is a width of 18 inches to boot. That's quite a bit of surface area to work with. 

Interestingly, while a raised area is included, it's implemented at the vertex of the desk, leaving both sides mostly free and able to handle office equipment and accessories. A CPU stand is also included. 

17. Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L Height Adjustable PC RGB Gaming Desk

This adjustable corner standing desk provides quite a lot of space, with a long side measuring an incredible 63 inches. A powered lift mechanism is used to adjust the desk up and down upon request. Gamers are going to enjoy the RGB lighting built in to give that kind of visual flair. 

18. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

This is one of the most sold products on the list, and it's not hard to understand why. The price is quite affordable, and the build is simple and sturdy. It uses a sharp corner, meaning you can fit it just about anywhere. High-quality MDF wood and a metal frame make for a strong composition that's highly resistant to wear and tear. 

19. Z-line Designs Performance Desk

You may be looking at the most unique corner home office desk on this list. There is a lot of surface area on this L-shaped home office desk, it's sturdy, there's an integrated mouse pad, headphone, and accessory hook, outlet and USB charging, LED accent lighting, adjustable monitor decks, etc. 

Note that the raised areas span the entire length of both sides, which would explain why they are adjustable. It's a revolutionary visual that may take attention away from everything else in the room. 

20. Bestier L-shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier L-shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier makes a host of modern office furniture, and this L-shaped home office desk is just another great one in the collection. It's attractive, features headphone and cup holders, and there are even LED accents to bring some creative lighting to the equation. Both sides are equally sized, making it incredibly flexible, though one includes a raised area for screen use. 

Final Remarks

As you can see, getting a modern L-shaped desk is not difficult at all, as there is a variety of designs that can appeal to your needs. While this list is not exhaustive, it does feature the 20 best options you can get your hands on right now. 

If you have limited space in your remote environment or you need more tabletop real estate to accommodate all of your equipment, then there is nothing better than an L-shaped home office desk for you.

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