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20 Best Stylist Narrow Office Desks for Small Spaces in 2024
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20 Best Stylist Narrow Office Desks for Small Spaces in 2024

|Nov 4, 2022

Recently, people have wanted contemporary compact desks to modernize the look of their workplace at home. However, a well-organized working corner in the home office is important. That’s why investing in a narrow office desk is a must. If you are looking around for a small home office desk, fortunately, we've already compiled a list in this article below. Let’s read on to get some ideas!

1. Autonomous CompactDesk Core

2. Autonomous CompactDesk Pro

3. Mount-It! Rolling Desk: Tiltable Desktop

4. Timotion Compact Desk: Basic Keypad

5. Wistopht CompactDesk: Programmable Keypad

6. FENGE 43’’ Height Adjustable CompactDesk

Work shouldn't overpower health, and to make sure it doesn't, you should get the FENGE 43’’ Height Adjustable CompactDesk. The high-quality, adjustable, and narrow office desk has 4 different memory settings to ensure you work at a comfortable height. After all, comfortable sitting does result in more health benefits! 

7. FENGE Electric Standing Desk: 2-Tier Desktop

Hate clutter in your workspace? Check out the FENGE Electric Standing Desk: 2-Tier Desktop because it may be just what you need. The 48 inches-long, two-tiered standing desk will give you enough space to organize all your items. Its hook design lets you hang your backpack or headphones without cluttering your tabletop. 

8. Northread Desk Top for Sit Stand Desk: Decorate Your Home

If you have kids around the house, or if you're just prone to accidents, consider getting the Northread Desk Top for Sit Stand Desk: Decorate Your Home for the home office in your cozy small studio apartment. The narrow home office desk has rounded corners which is great for preventing injuries. The universal tabletop can also be used with various bases, letting you pick out the sturdiest base to endure safety further. 

9. Northread CompactDesk: Programmable Keypad

The Northread CompactDesk: Programmable Keypad is an all-in-one solution for efficient and comfortable working. The tall narrow desk can be adjusted from 26 inches to 46.7 inches and has a preset button that memorizes your desired height and helps you save time when adjusting. The desk also has an anti-collision system to ensure safety.

10. Northread Standing Desk with Drawers: USB & Type-C Charging Port

Want a desk that helps you save space? Check out the Northread Standing Desk with Drawers: USB & Type-C Charging Port. The desk has one storage drawer and built-in USB ports to reduce the clutter on your table while keeping necessary items in close range. The desk is also height-adjustable and comes with a 2-year warranty.  

11. Northread CompactDesk: Touchscreen & Wireless Charger

The Northread CompactDesk: Touchscreen & Wireless Charger is an easy way to add a sleek touch to your office. The solid steel frame and the tempered glass table top add a refined look to any space. The desk also contains storage drawers, a wireless charger, a power strip, a USB port, a lock function, and an anti-collision function. 

12. Northread Glass Top Standing Desk: Drawer & USB Charger

Northread Glass Top Standing Desk: Drawer & USB Charger takes aesthetic and practicality hand in hand. The desk features a sleek, tempered glass tabletop to add taste to your office space. The narrow office table also contains four memory height settings, an electric dual motor, USB ports, and a storage drawer for your convenience. 

13. Wistopht CompactDesk Starter: Anti-collision & USB Ports

Wistopht CompactDesk Starter: Anti-collision & USB Ports is one of the best narrow desks, serving many purposes. You can use the narrow office desk for work, gaming, live streaming, and much more. The desk is also a great space-saving option for small office spaces. Another narrow home office desk is the Autonomous CompactDesk Pro, so check this one out if you're exploring space-saving options! 

14. FENGE Ultralong CompactDesk

FENGE Ultralong CompactDesk will help you care for your work and health. The narrow office desk has an ergonomic concept that relieves work pressure through an alternate method of sitting and standing to promote better blood circulation and to provide pain accompanying long hours of sitting. 

15. FENGE Ultrawide CompactDesk

FENGE Ultrawide CompactDesk is made through exquisite craft and has features that both support your work and health. The compact desk’s hook and canvas drawer help you store necessary items in close reach without cluttering your desktop. The power strip tray, non-slip feet, and sturdy base improve the desk's functionality. While we're discussing compact desks, check out the Autonomous CompactDesk Core.

16. Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charge Pad

Want to add a modern touch to your office? Check out the Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charge Pad. It's one of our favorite tall narrow desks for integrating the latest technology in the workplace. The desktop is a smart glass with a digital display. You can use the tabletop as a wireless charger to control the height of your desk. The glass is also tempered, pressure resistant, and has rounded corners to ensure safety. The table can endure up to 176 pounds. 

17. ApexDesk CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & USB Charging Port

ApexDesk CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & USB Charging Port is our recommendation if you want an easy-to-build desk that delivers practicality and functionality. The construction takes less than 30 minutes, resulting in a sturdy desk with a lifting speed of 18 mm/s. The tempered glass top also features a touchscreen with 3 customizable memory presets and 5 programmable buttons. The narrow home office desk also includes a drawer and a USB port.

18. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top - narrow office desk

If you're looking for something unique, check out the LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top. The small L-shaped desk may look like statement furniture due to its interesting design; however, that only adds to the charm of this desk. The narrow office table is practical and can be placed in any corner of your room. The best part? The desk has an app that reminds you to change position while working to help you ward off sedentary fatigue and take care of your health!  

19. LifeDesk Corner Desk Top

The LifeDesk Corner Desk Top is a must-have if you like your workplace to be clean and slick. The desk top's powder-coated paint makes it scratch resistant. The narrow office table is also extremely easy to clean and doesn't have edges where dirt can accumulate. 

20. LifeDesk Rectangular Powdercoat Desktop

LifeDesk Rectangular Powdercoat Desktop

Check out LifeDesk Rectangular Powdercoat Desk Top if you're particularly into environmentally friendly narrow office desks. The desk was created using less waste and without producing fumes or VOCs. This narrow office table is a smart option for people who have multiple monitors that they work on.

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