20 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday For Your Home Office
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20 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday For Your Home Office

|Nov 1, 2021

Everybody wants to know what are the best things to buy on Black Friday. Likewise, some people also wish to know what not to buy on Black Friday, as not everything is good to purchase during this time (and in some cases, they are even more expensive on Black Friday). Therefore, if somebody has their Black Friday wish list on hand and wishes to compare it to Autonomous’s choices, this guide should appease their needs as a remote worker.

Black Friday Office Furniture

What Not to Buy on Black Friday

Believe it or not, some items are even more expensive on Black Friday than before or after it. Most people buy diamonds in November and December, which means retailers won’t lower the prices on it during Black Friday in most scenarios. Usually, Black Friday is a seasonal practice for selling items when it may not be popular. Other things like gift cards and vehicles are better to purchase later as they can save more money buying them around Christmas.

Just as a quick reminder for non-Black Friday must-haves:

  • Diamonds
  • Cars
  • Gift Cards
  • Sound Equipment
  • Airfare
  • Calendars

What to Buy on Black Friday

1. Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Anti-Fatigue Mat is quite popular these days, especially for people with a standing desk.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • icon checkHighly compatible with a standing desk
  • icon checkAffordable
  • icon checkCan relieve back pain
  • icon checkHelps improve posture
  • icon checkCan improve the overall aesthetic of your room or office
  • icon timesStanding all day may not be advisable for everybody
  • icon timesTakes a while to get used to

2. StandingDesk Core

As this guide, it’s only appropriate for it to end with its highly successful predecessor. The SmartDesk Core is an outstanding option for any Black Friday purchase, making it one of the best things to buy on Black Friday!

StandingDesk 2

StandingDesk Core

  • icon checkCheaper than the SmartDesk 4
  • icon checkGreatly improves productivity
  • icon checkHighly adjustable
  • icon checkGreat for exercise
  • icon checkHighly stable
  • icon checkGreat savings
  • icon timesNot as advanced as the SmartDesk Pro
  • icon timesTakes a while to get used to

3.  ErgoChair Pro

The ErgoChair Pro is Autonomous’s premier ergonomic chair.

 ErgoChair 2 - black friday must haves

ErgoChair Pro

  • icon checkHas an abundance of customization and adjustability options
  • icon checkIncludes a 2-year warranty
  • icon checkTilts up to 20 inches
  • icon checkHelps support a person’s back
  • icon checkGreat aesthetics
  • icon checkMesh design limits overheating
  • icon timesOnly supports up to 350 lbs, so heavier people need a different chair

4-7. Epson Workforce Pro Printer, Canon PIXMA, Xerox Wireless Printer

These three items are bundled as one option as some of the best things to buy on Black Friday. All of them function similarly, but printers play a crucial role in any office setting. The first option is the best one for a budget, while the second option’s 5 ink system works superbly. Finally, the Xerox option is for the best quality images, although it’s the most expensive option.


  • Prints in a variety of colors
  • Excellent photo quality
  • Easy to set up


  • Big printers
  • A person only needs one of these printers

8-9. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo, Corsair K83

The best things to buy on Black Friday wishlist are often keyboards. A good keyboard goes a long way toward improving productivity. 


  • Also, it’s a gaming keyboard
  • Makes typing easy
  • Great aesthetics


  • The two keyboards are noticeably different, so a person is bound only to choose one

Key board

10. General Computer Parts

If a person goes to Newegg or any other website for buying computer parts, chances are, there’s a fantastic Black Friday deal going on.


  • Includes all computer parts
  • Often comes in a bundle


  • Can still be expensive if buying a ton of options
  • Sound equipment isn’t on sale often

11-12. Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa is quite popular in today’s generation; hence owning an Echo or Echo Dot is one of the best things to buy on Black Friday.


  • Smart technology makes life more convenient for remote workers
  • The Echo Dot is smaller; the regular Echo is more powerful and sturdy


  • Fixing it can be difficult

13-15. Sauder Heritage Hill Desk, Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk, Inval Corner Desk

The Sauder Heritage Hill desk is like a standard desk, perfect for ordinary yet stylish home offices. The Realspace Magellan L-Shaped desk is ideal for those who want an L-shaped desk, while the Inval Corner desk is great for corners!


  • Great aesthetics
  • Great savings
  • Sturdy


  • Not ergonomic
  • Not ideal for standing desks

16-18. Antimicrobial Mouse Pad, Logitech Mouse, Antimicrobial Keyboard Gel Wrist Rest

A Logitech Mouse is one of the cheapest mice around, making Black Friday savings even better! It’s reliable and easy to use! When used in conjunction with an Antimicrobial Mouse Pad, a remote worker should notice how reliable and easy to use it is, especially in conjunction with an Antimicrobial Mouse Pad for hygienic purposes. Finally, an Antimicrobial Keyboard Gel Wrist Rest can help protect a person’s wrist when using a keyboard.


  • Highly affordable
  • An excellent combination of three items
  • Hygienic


  • As these are already cheap, there’s not too much to save

19. Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is a trusted manufacturer of several high-quality laptops. If it’s something like the Y-50 a person might be interested in, then they’re in luck, as several Lenovo products are on sale!

Lenovo laptop


  • Highly portable
  • Great specs
  • Excellent performance


  • Tends to cost a lot still, even after Black Friday deals are applied

20. Samsung 4K UHD TV

Sometimes, it’s time to upgrade to a new TV. Samsung is a reliable manufacturer of several great TV options, so this option is one of the best things to buy on Black Friday!

Samsung 4K UHD TV


  • 4k UHD
  • Alexa built-in
  • Crystal color display


  • Savings aren’t as high as one might hope
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