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20 Best White Office Desk For Home Workplace 2023
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20 Best White Office Desk For Home Workplace 2023

|Feb 19, 2021

Do you want your workspace to stand out? One of the best ways to do so is with the color white. Since it’s a neutral color, it rarely clashes with design choices. If you need to change your workspace’s appearance, consider using a white office desk for home purposes. A white desk for home office needs to be modern and stylish. By doing so, you can improve your overall mood and increase your work productivity!

Why Use White As A Workplace Color?

One of the main reasons to consider a white top office desk is color psychology. White often represents a peaceful state of mind., not to mention cleanliness. Your mindset plays a vital role in your work productivity. Clear your head with a white office desk for home use - start with 20 of the best white office desk selections.

Why Use White As A Workplace Color?

20 Best White Office Desk for Home Options

1. SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous

Autonomous offers their own white office desk for home usage. The light colors add a sophisticated touch to your workstation, especially those who value a clean and minimalist approach. The white SmartDesk 2 fits in any work setting.

As a height-adjustable desk, you can customize your setting with easy-to-use controls. The high-quality materials are for solid construction, so you don’t need to worry about wobbling. It can lift 300 lbs and uses a dual-motor system to raise and lower the desktop silently. You can also use monthly payments to save your overall budget.

Best White Office Desk for Home SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous


  Height adjustable with customization

  Steel frame provides a strong foundation

  Strong enough to lift 300 lbs

  Dual-motor system is smooth and silent

  A white desktop is stylish and clean

  30-day trials with a five-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Slightly pricey without monthly payments

2. L-Shaped Standing Desk from Autonomous

Another product from Autonomous, the L-Shaped standing desk, stands out with a white top and frame. If you value an efficient workspace, the reversible orientation allows you to set the desk in any corner. The desk is height adjustable and made of high-quality materials. It’s both strong, durable, and resilient as a result. You can also try a monthly payment option instead of paying for everything all at once.

L-Shaped Standing Desk from Autonomous


  Practical ergonomic space

  Extra-wide surface area to work on projects

  Strong and silent triple-motor system

  Modern design is both sleek and minimalist

  Easy assembly with clear instructions

  30-day trials with a five-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Expensive without monthly payments

3. Contempo Desk by Techni Mobili

Techni Mobili gives you plenty of space for organization with their three drawers. As a white desk for home office purposes, it does its job with a large work surface area. There is also open storage underneath the desk, so you can properly store all your documents.


  Perfect for those with organizational skills

  Excellent surface area to work on

  Considerably affordable

  Five-year warranty


  Slightly lacks in durability

  Absence of standing desk features

  Not resistant to scratches

Contempo Desk by Techni Mobili
4. Chazen Desk by Latitude

Latitude promotes a green lifestyle with its environmentally friendly design. The Chazen desk is Greenguard certified, as they use organic materials to make up the composition. You also have a fair amount of storage cabinets for space and organization.


  Eco-friendly for green workers

  Clean white desktop with a sleek appearance

  Practical design for storage


  Lack of height adjustment

  Slight alignment issues

  Instructions need to be more clear

5. Uplift Standing Desk

Here is a customizable standing desk from Uplift, which features several accessories. You can adjust the height accordingly and use an advanced keypad setup. There is also a free wire management tray included when you buy from Uplift. Make sure to choose a white desktop to ensure an all-white office desk.

Uplift Standing Desk


  Clean laminate desktop offers a modern look

  Height adjustment with easy-to-use controls

  A fair amount of accessories



  Slightly small surface area

  More advanced keypads cost extra

6. Electric Standing Desk by Vivo

Vivo provides height adjustability with their white desk for home office needs. Remote workers can appreciate the instant standing feature. The electric desk uses a two-part design for efficient space so that you can set up your work area. There is also an electric motor that operates the lifting system; transitions are done smoothly.


  Height adjustable

  Instantly smooth transitions

  Plenty of space for the user

  Affordable price range


  Not all holes are pre-drilled in the assembly

  Setup takes a while

7. Smart Desk by Neorustic

Neorustic gives you this white office desk for home activities. Their smart desk uses four different USB ports - you can charge your phones and use other electronic devices while working. You also have spacious drawers to put away your documents. In terms of productivity, Neorustic allows you to work on your projects effectively.


  Electronic connectivity with smart devices and chargers

  Plenty of space to move around

  Easy assembly

  Cheap price tag


  The wooden frame might contrast with the white desktop

  There might be streaks on the desktop

Smart Desk by Neorustic

8. Salina L-Shaped Desk by Three Posts

Three Posts gives you a wider surface area to work on their L-shaped desk. You can significantly boost your work productivity with the adjustable shelves and storage capacity. Make sure to choose the antique white color for this particular desk.

Salina L-Shaped Desk by Three Posts


  Excellent surface area for multiple screens

  It can fit in any corner of your room

  Offers an old-school classic look

  Crafted from organic wood


  Expert assembly is considerably expensive

  On the expensive side

9. White Office Desk from Coastal Furniture

Coastal Furniture works together with Wickes to provide this white top office desk. It’s a generally affordable one with a clean desktop and spacious design. You have multiple cabinets where you can store your items. There is also free shipping included.


  A good amount of organizational space

  Clean appearance for a modern workspace

  Free shipping with your purchase


  Lacks height adjustment or movement

  Not much legroom on the sides

  You must order from Wickes

White Office Desk from Coastal Furniture

10. Designer Desk by Jarvis

Jarvi offers an all-white office desk, should you choose to pick that color scheme. The desk itself has a tough laminated surface to keep itself clean. It’s also height-adjustable and fits your every specific need as a remote worker.


  Great durability thanks to good-quality materials

  The clean design makes it easy to take care of

  Rich color with a high-grade finish


  Lack of storage units

  Considerably expensive

11. Hillegierd Desk By Mercer41

Mercer41 uses a minimalist design for their Hilligierd desk. There are two spacious drawers for you to use, in addition to a clean surface area. The desk is quite versatile; not only can you use it as a workstation, but you can also use it as a vanity, gaming desk, and makeup area.


  Wide range of versatility in its usage

  A great amount of space for storage

  Large desktop for writing


  Expert assembly is rather expensive

  Desk knobs have a slightly outdated design

  There’s a noticeable gap between drawers

12. Single Motor Desk by Solos

Solos offer a basic standing desk with a single motor system. The standing desk has a crisp and clean white desktop, which gives it a modern vibe for your workstation. It’s height-adjustable so that you can set the desk to your preferences.


  Single motor design with a simple control pad

  Five-year warranty and30-day return policy

  Smooth desktop with a clean finishing touch


  Expensive for a standing desk

  Assembly takes time to put together

  Some pre-drill holes are missing

Single Motor Desk by Solos

13. Remi Standing Desk by Fully

Fully uses a laminate desktop for their white office desk for home. Simple functionality allows a smooth workflow in your office space. The desk allows you to sit and stand throughout the entire day while you can lean back and relax. You can also opt for monthly payments.


  Improves work productivity with energy-boosting movement

  Free-range of movement to sit, stand, and stretch

  Mostly affordable monthly payments

  Clean desktop


  Expensive but can be mitigated with monthly payments

  The desktop is prone to dents and scratches

Remi Standing Desk by Fully

14. Standing Desk by Flexispot

Flexispot allows you to work from home with this electric desk. The lift system provides smooth transitions between going up and down. You can use it to set your height preferences. Solid construction also lets you work without any wobbling issues.


  Electric lift system lifts and lowers your desk

  You have a spacious work area

  High-quality materials create a durable frame

  Laminated appearance


  Assembly takes time to set up

  Lack of a desk drawer for storage

  The legs might be slightly uneven

Standing Desk by Flexispot

15. Change Writing Desk by Zipcode Design

Zipcode Design gives you an affordable white desk for home office needs. The writing desk is cleanly lined up with sustainable materials for a sleek appearance. Steel metal legs allow stability so you can write while you work.


  Modern style with a minimalist design

  A solid foundation with the metal frame

  Affordable price range


  Expert assembly is moderately expensive

  Directions need to be more clear

  It takes time to assemble properly

Change Writing Desk by Zipcode Design

16. Kaitlyn Desk by Wade Logan

Wade Logan provides an efficient workspace with their office desk. There are three drawers for storage and a clean surface area to work. There is a reversible orientation so that you can move one side to another. You have plenty of room to set up your workstation.


  Good use of space

  Finished wooden materials

  Blends well into any workspace


  Expert assembly is expensive

  Assembly can be slightly confusing

  Make sure to put the screw within the correct slots

17. Electric Standing Desk by Vari

Vari offers a white top office desk among their electrical products. Their standing desk is height adjustable and uses reclaimed wood with a finishing touch. With different memory presets, you can customize your sitting and standing experience. The desk is also laminated for a clean, finished look to suit your workspace.


  Height adjustable

  Smooth lifting system

  Organic wooden materials

  Laminated edges on each side

  Four programmable height settings


  Considerably expensive

  The desk looks slightly different from online pictures

  It needs a little bit more stability

Electric Standing Desk by Vari

18. Anapatricia Economic Desk by Ebern Designs

Ebern Designs gives you this white office desk for home usage; it uses a cream-white color combination for an appealing look. There is a fair amount of surface area for you to finish your projects. Ebern Designs also offers it at a low price.


  Clean appearance

  Beautifully laminated surface

  One of the cheapest options in the market


  Expert assembly is moderately expensive

  Lacks storage units

19. Alyssa Desk by Mercury Row

Mercury Row provides a white desk for home office usage. The Alyssa desk is a functional desk with plenty of storage. You can use the space to improve your work efficiency. It’s also sustainable for a green living thanks to eco-friendly materials.


  Sleek and modern design

  Three drawers for storage purposes

  Medium compartments add more space


  Limited stock

  Instructions need to be more clear

20. White Office Desk by Homary

Homary offers a white office desk with a unique aesthetic touch; it stands out with a stylish appearance. The office desk provides a larger surface area for your working needs. Better yet, the premium-materials allow for solid construction.


  Outstanding rectangular design

  Wide surface area

  Premium materials


  Extremely expensive

  Lacks height adjustability

White Office Desk by Homary


When looking for the best white office desk, you have 20 choices to consider. White is an integral color for a peaceful state of mind, especially if you want to convey emptiness. To remove clutter within your head, use a white office desk for home usage. Even if you work long hours, it doesn’t have to be a dull, stuffy room. Bring variety into your household with a clean and modern approach to interior design. A white desk can make your workstation stand out in the right way.

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