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20 Black Office Desks in 2024 (Best Sellers)
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20 Black Office Desks in 2024 (Best Sellers)

|Jan 29, 2021

Black can act as the perfect backdrop for your office because it can blend well with virtually any color. A black work desk has a bold and solid appearance that can give your home or work office a modern and sophisticated look combined with lighter contrasting shades.

Perhaps last year, you did not get a chance to create a suitable home workspace, or your office needs a new office desk; this is the right time to think about what type of office desk would best suit your current space and need. Here are some bestselling options to consider.

20 Black Office Desk in 2021

Top 20 Black Office Desks You'll Love

1. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core from Autonomous is ideal for those long working hours where you need to keep adjusting your posture to ensure your body is getting adequate stretching and reduce the pressure on your back. This black home office desk is made to last with its heavy-duty steel frame.

If you have a larger office space in your home, this is a great pick. Another added bonus about this slick home office desk is its flexible and silent dual-motor allowing you to adjust your desk's height for you and your family's comfort. The black standing desk comes in dimensions 53"L x 29"W x 1"H for the classic top.

2. SmartDesk Pro

 SmartDesk Pro from Autonomous is a modern, ergonomically designed standing desk with a flexible height range facilitated by a powerful motor that lifts the office desk up smoothly and quietly. The desk allows you to change positions from sitting to standing, allowing you to keep stretch out and avoid injury from prolonged sitting. This flexibility allows for maximum focus and productivity. This modern black desk is highly durable and measures 70.5"L x 30"W x 1"H for the XL top.

SmartDesk 2 Premium

3. Black SmartDesk Corner

If you are looking for an authentic and modern desk for your open-floor plan or fits in your corner office, this 77”L x 64”W black SmartDesk Corner from  Autonomous is a must have. It allows you to create a clean, neat, and minimalistic office design suitable helping you maximize on those tighter spaces. It comes with a robust triple motor system for carrying loads of up to 30 lbs. engineered to move quietly and effortlessly.

The multi-functionality of this L-shaped piece makes it the best black work desk when it comes to a one desk fits all. It is ergonomically designed with height adjustment to suit each individual’s level of comfort.

Black L-Shaped Standing Desk

4. L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso

The L-Shaped home office wood corner desk, Espresso by SHW, can fit easily in tight spaces. Now you can start organizing your home office. This black work desk gives you storage flexibility with its open shelves and two grommets to neatly organize your electric cables. You can easily fit your office accessories and storage containers. You can have an all-in-one L-shaped computer desk that can fit into those tighter spaces. It measures 51" W x 19.7" D x 28.3 “H.

L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso

5. ROCKPOINT Axess Desk with Keyboard Tray

The ROCKPOINT Axess Desk from ROCKPOINT is made from engineered wood. It is a multipurpose black wood office desk with plenty of legroom for your comfort and storage space for your office stationery and documents. It has an adjustable height shelf, a cut-out hole in the back panel for all your electric cables, a keyboard tray, a drawer, and back-edge shelf with dual compartments. This computer desk comes office-ready. Its dimensions are 20.1" D x 42.1" W x 36.9" H.

ROCKPOINT Axess Desk with Keyboard Tray

6. Home Office Computer Desk

You can add a clean and modern touch to your home or work office with the Cubiker Home Office Computer Desk from Cubiker. It combines wood with a robust metal  frame that supports its 2-tier open storage drawers and under-desk platform to give you different storage options for maximum storage space. A black work desk suitable as a study and writing table. The desk comes in four sizes depending on your space and work needs.

7. Vintage Home Office Desk

Let’s keep it classical with this black home office desk by Kealive. You can get great storage value from this desk as it includes four drawers of different sizes to fit other sized office items. It also has a neat, spacious shelf tucked neatly at your feet. The desk also has a grommet hole for all your computer wires and extension cords. 

The storage space and organizational offerings do not stop there: the top desk platform has additional shelves space and compartments underneath it. With its 42.5''L x 22.1''W x 37.6''H dimensions, this compact traditionally-styled self-contained office desk would be a welcome addition to any home office.

8. 55” Reversible Gaming Computer Desk with Hutch

Do you need multiple layers of space and height to fit your gaming equipment? This four-in-one 55” Reversible Gaming Computer Desk with hutch from Sedeta is just the right fit for you. You can use this stylish and modern black work desk for your computer, work, or study table and then be able to clear off your work materials and set-up your gaming accessories.

The sturdy office desk comes fitted with several levels of shelf-space. The top shelf can be used for all your favorite decorative pieces and ornaments or has a bookshelf, providing you with a neat backdrop for all your video calls. You also have a monitor shelf to allow you to find the most comfortable neck position. The flexible desk can also accommodate your CPU with its reversible and removable t2-tier shelves found below the desk.

9. Computer Desk With a File Drawer and Storage Shelves

Are you looking for a stylish yet minimalistic office desk to blend with your home aesthetics? Then you can opt for this modern computer desk with a file drawer and storage shelves from Tribesigns. It works as a convenient yet elegant piece to your home office workspace. It is minimalistic with its clean and simple lines.

You can conveniently and neatly organize all your office essentials with this three-in-one black work desk. The desk is furnished with a computer desk, printer cabinet, and hutch. The desk has quite a generous tabletop surface (43.4" L x 24"D) suitable as an office workstation, study desk, or gaming table.

10. L Shaped Rotating Computer Desk with Shelves 

The HOMCOM black L-shaped rotating computer desk has a simplistic sophistication adding that decorative touch to your office space. This modern black work desk offers a lot of storage space for all your office equipment and decorative accessories. It comes with an artistic two-tier S-shaped shelf that you can use as a display unit for your collectibles.

The two side storage rack can be used to store books and files for your home or work offices. The desk is made from engineered wood and provides a sturdy platform for writing, studying, computer, video games, and decor.

L Shaped Rotating Computer Desk with Shelves

11. 47" Computer Desk with Raised Edge

Maybe you are looking for a more compact and affordable office desk to start creating a functional home office, and you do not have a lot of available space. You are working on launching that home business, and you want a more dedicated space to get work done.  You can kick start your home office with this affordable 47" computer desk with a raised edge from Alecono. If you are looking for affordability and functionality, this is one of the best black work desk options for you.

The raised edge is an excellent innovation to stop your stationery items from rolling off the desk. You can easily complete all your work and study desk, work on your computer, or set up your gaming equipment on it with no hassles. It is designed with durability and strength and can carry a fair share of loads due to its heavy-duty steel frame.


12. 47” Modern Office Compact Computer Crafting Hobby Desk

You have been working on your crafting hobby and side-business for years, and now you feel it's time to invest in a more functional workspace than fitting all your business material in the spare closet. You have space but not the surfaces to set up your home office space. This 47” modern office compact computer crafting hobby desk by HomCom would be a great investment towards a more productive working space for you.

It does not need a lot of space but creates many storage opportunities to help you organize your crafting products and materials better. This black wood office desk has a slick minimalistic design fitted with hutches, four cubby shelves, a two-tier shelf, a large table surface you can use for your office work, your computer, or studying.

47” Modern Office Compact Computer Crafting Hobby Desk

13. 70” L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

Sometimes you just want to hit two birds with one stone. You need more than one working area, but you only have room in a corner of your home. This Sedeta 70" L-shaped desk with a hutch is big on tabletop space and solves two workstation problems.

The L-shape maximizes the space creating two separating working areas. You can set up your two computers or laptops on either end of the L-shape with no interference. This black work desk also has CPU storage space, open storage shelves at the top, and adjustable leg pads. 

14. Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

The Ameriwood Home Dakota L-shaped desk with bookshelves is a modern take on a traditional oak wood desk.  You can organize your work records and documents better as this black home office desk has two open shelves on the side of the desk. It has room for your computer, paperwork, work office accessory, fits well in a corner space, and is robust supporting up to 100 lbs. The two grommets built into the desk allow you to organize your electric cables neatly.

Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

15. Sauder 408558 Edge Water Computer Desk

The 408558 Edge Water computer desk by Sauder is a classy traditionally styled executive desk with all the trimmings made from engineered wood with a laminate finish. It is a solid and robust desk with generous storage and table space. It has two drawers with metal runners, one lower drawer, and a large vertical storage cabinet where the CPU unit can be placed. This black wood office desk is suitable for spacious home offices and work areas.

Sauder 408558 Edge Water Computer Desk

16. Cubiker’s Small Home Office Desk

This is another good option if you have limited workspace. The modern 47” black office desk from Cubiker has the advantage of having storage space fitted into its frame.  It has non-intrusive top and bottom shelves organizing your office supplies and creating a bookshelf. There is sufficient top table space for a laptop or computer monitor and printer. It is also suitable for all your writing, study, and home office work. The desk measures  47.2"L x 23.6"W x 29.5"H and is held together by a metal frame with adjustable leg pads for better stability.

Cubiker’s Small Home Office Desk

17. Computer Desk with Shelves Four-Tier Bookshelf

If you are looking for a work or home office desk that offers a unique storage solution for easy retrieval of documents and folders, the Comtest computer desk with shelves and a four-tier bookshelf is a good pick for you. It measures 47”L x 22”W and is made of metal. It has plenty of storage space and desk space for your computer, study, and writing work. This contemporary black office desk ensures you have an organized working area.

18. 55” Sturdy Office Desk from Yitahome

The 55” Computer Office Desk from Yitahome is built for strength.  The super sturdy and modern black home office desk is made from engineered wood with a thick 11mm laminate fiberboard; it is waterproof and easy to clean. It has a heavy-duty frame. It performs well on uneven floors due to its adjustable foot pads and can take heavy weights.  It can accommodate computer equipment and is suitable for many uses, e.g., home, office, schools, and study centers.

55” Sturdy Office Desk from Yitahome

19. 47” Trestle Computer Desk

The Foxemart Treste computer study desk offers a stylish two-tier sturdy office desk for all your office work and equipment.  This multifunctional modern black home office desk is made from high-quality MDF board and is durable and scratch-resistant.

47” Trestle Computer Desk

20. NSdirect Large Computer Desk with Bookshelf

Sometimes simplicity is perfection. Large 55" Home Office Desk from NSDdirect offers a clean and modern design that ticks all the right boxes for a large homework desk. The black office desk is designed to save space; extra-thick adjustable legs reinforced by metal construction, can take loads of up to 500 lbs., are durable, and have a wide, neatly tucked bookshelf.

NSdirect Large Computer Desk with Bookshelf

Building Your Ultimate Minimal Desk Setup with a Black Office Desk

So, you’ve decided to include a black work desk in your workstation, but now you want to leave behind all the clutter and disastrous lifestyle that you were following prior to this purchase. If you don’t know how to make your desk setup more minimalistic, we’re here to help.

Before we start, let's make one point clear: a minimal desk setup is not an excuse not to decorate your desk. Therefore, first, you may want to have a look at some decorate desk ideas so you can bring a bit of personality to your workstation.

On the other hand, minimal desks consist of clean, cozy spaces where you can see all the resources available in an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere. Seeing the black office desk at your home office will make you want to sit on it all day (although that’s not really recommended for your back).

Either way, having a minimal desk setup can help you stay focused and be more organized as you continue working on your responsibilities.

Here we have a few tips you can use to build a minimal desk setup with a modern black office desk.

1. Clear the clutter

Clear the clutter with Black work desk

As we’ve mentioned, it is quite common for us to have a bit of a mess in our workstation. So, the first thing to do is to clear all the clutter and leave only the resources you use on a daily basis.

You probably have tools that you use occasionally. In that case, don't leave them on the black work desk – use a drawer, place them underneath the desk or to its side. You can use tons of resources to organize all the clutter in your desk, such as desk organizers and pegboards. Overall, a minimal desk setup should only include items you frequently use, such as your mouse and keyboard, phone, and laptop stand.

Sometimes, people like to include desk pads to segment their desks and make them look more organized. Since you're using a black home office desk, combining it with a black (again) or a white desk pad is the safest choice. If you share your office with someone else and have a two-person desk, try to make both areas be in harmony with each other.

2. Improve the lighting in the room

Black work desk Improve the lighting in the room

It’s important to work in a well-illuminated workstation. Otherwise, you'll suffer from eye fatigue more often, and it will also be more challenging for you to stay focused as you continue working on your responsibilities.

Since you’re arranging your workstation, it can be a great time to remodel the room. Here are a few tips you can use:

  • If the room has a window, try to leave it open during the day so natural light comes in as much as possible. It is linked to several health benefits, such as vitamin D boosts and more focus and productivity. You can also try to put your black wood office desk in front of it.
  • You can improve the room’s lighting if you paint the walls white. This is especially helpful if the room where you work every day doesn’t have any natural light source.
  • You can also utilize ambient lighting or RGB-controlled lights to enhance the atmosphere of the room.
  • If you’re sharing your home office with someone else, try to opt for office cubicle décor. This way, both areas will remain "private," and you will also find it easier to work out the illumination.

3. Don’t forget about ergonomics!

Don’t forget about ergonomics!

If the room you’re using for your boho desk is not appropriately ergonomic, you will find it hard to stay focused throughout the day, and your comfort will be compromised. Therefore, you will be prone to suffering from body aches and headaches more often.

Keeping your items at the optimal distance and adjusting your chair based on your body proportions are important. Here we have a few tips you can use to enhance the room's ergonomics:

  • First, adjust the monitor height, so it is at your eye level. A monitor arm or a laptop stand can help you with this issue.
  • Your ergonomic chair should be adjusted based on your body proportions. Try to choose a chair that emphasizes the lower back area, as it is the more vulnerable part of your body while you're sitting. The more adjustable features the chair includes, the better!
  • If your keyboard and mouse are misplaced, or you have chosen the wrong devices, you will feel wrist and arm pain. Sometimes, this pain will extend to your shoulders, apart from the discomfort that will haunt you throughout your workday. So, try to purchase ergonomic keyboards and mice that help you stay comfortable throughout the day, especially if you tend to stay seated at the desk for prolonged periods. Also, wireless options allow you to keep your desk free of clutter!

4. Cable management

Cable management in Black work desk

If you’re using wired devices, you’ll have to implement cable management tools to keep your black work desk organized. Although using as many wireless devices as possible can solve the issue, sometimes it’s just impossible to escape from them. In that case, using cable ties or Velcro strips can help you route cables through the same area so you can bring a “cleaner” appearance to your workstation.

5. Cleaning your new workstation

Cleaning your new workstation

So, you’ve finally achieved the workstation of your dreams. Now, how do you keep it clean? Here we have a few tips you can use to provide maintenance to your new minimal black work desk setup:

  • Try to make a habit out of organizing all the items you’ve used throughout the day once you’ve finished working. Otherwise, you’ll see how everything starts piling up until you’re back to the disorganized workspace you had before.
  • Keep your desk and other large surfaces clean. You can use a damp cloth once in a while to make sure that it isn’t accumulating dust or debris.
  • In addition, keep all the items you frequently touch clean, especially your keyboard and mouse. You can use a wet wipe or a small brush to reach certain areas.

The Final Word

Black office desks offer a bold modern aesthetic to work and home offices. This year there is a wide range of specifications, shapes, designs, and sizes that suit your specific needs. You can now upgrade or create your office with these bold, elegant, and modern black office desks.

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