20 Black Office Desk Chairs for Work & Home
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20 Black Office Desk Chairs for Work & Home

|Dec 18, 2021

When you're looking for the perfect furniture for your office, choosing the right sitting spot might be difficult. However, a black office desk chair could be a game-changer. Read on and find out the best 20 models you could buy.

20 Black Office Desk Chairs for Your Workspace

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo by Autonomous

Autonomous Chair Ergo black office desk chair

A black office chair with arms might be the piece of furniture you need to change your experience while you're working.  

Autonomous is definitely one of the most famous brands to offer you high-quality black computer chair options at a fair price, and the Autonomous Chair Ergo is one of the best ones you could buy if you want an endurable piece of furniture with adjustable features. 

This ergonomic office chair is popular because you can adjust its arms and back to fit your needs, and the black color and the chair's sleek design make it the perfect match for any office. 

2. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline black office desk chair

Just like the Autonomous Chair Ergo, the Autonomous Chair Recline is an all-black office chair, but this one has an important feature: it's a reclining ergonomic chair

Office workers need to rest as well, which is why getting a reclining chair is such a fantastic idea. Once you're done working and need a break, you can just sit back and relax while you recline your sitting spot. 

Additionally, this all-black ergonomic chair includes the famous features that other Autonomous sitting spots offer you: its headrest, armrest, and lumbar support are adjustable and allow you to feel more comfortable. 

3. Autonomous Chair Ultra by Autonomous

Autonomous Chair Ultra black office desk chair

Even though there are many popular sitting spots, it is clear that Autonomous offers particularly incredible models if you're looking for a black & white ergonomic chair

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is often the star among Autonomous chairs since it's fully adjustable and its strong materials make it one of the most endurable pieces of furniture you could buy. This black office chair with arms combines beauty, style, trustworthiness, and high quality, which is why it's a fantastic addition to your workspace. 

4. HON's Comfortask Stool

In some cases, people prefer chairs without armrests because they find them more comfortable. If that's you, then HON's black Comfortask stool might be the ideal piece of furniture to include in your office. 

HON's stool is simple but functional. Its unique design is compact, which is why the chair is ideal if you don't have much space. Furthermore, the seat encourages leg circulation and the back can fit various body sizes, so it might be perfect for you. 

5. High Back Management Chair by Poly & Bark

Poly & Bark black office desk chair

Even though Poly & Bark is not as well-known among some customers as Autonomous, it still has an immensely convenient management chair with a high back, and it's completely black. Thus, you should definitely add it to your list if you're evaluating different models before you pick yours. 

Poly & Bark's black office desk chair can completely change the aesthetic of your office. It's a famous model due to its elegant design, and its features are very useful as well. You get, for example, padded armrests, adjustable seat height, and a chrome base. 

6. Manager's Chair with a Mesh Seat by Office Star Products

Buying the Manager's Chair by Office Star Products is many people's choice when they're looking for a black office task chair because this model's features and design allow it to perfectly adapt to your body. Therefore, it's one of the most comfortable sitting spots you could find. 

The chair is made of mesh, so your back can breathe even if you spend long hours working. Moreover, with tilt control, lumbar support, and more, you have all the features you need to guarantee your back and legs are completely comfortable.  

7. Lombardi Adjustable Swivel Chair by LumiSource

Lombardi Adjustable Swivel black office desk chair

This is another good black office chair with arms for you. On many occasions, adding a sophisticated piece of furniture to your office could change the whole appearance of your surroundings. Fortunately, the Lombardi chair by LumiSource has a unique design, along with many convenient features. 

Even though it's not a black and white office chair, this black computer chair with walnut details offers you adjustable features, five rolling casters, and it's made of wood, polyurethane, and chrome. Therefore, it can last for a long time without you needing a different piece of furniture. It can be your best companion while you're working! 

8. LexMod's Articulate Chair

LexMod offers several all-black computer chair alternatives you should look into, but the Articulate chair is one of many people's favorites.  

The plush fabric cushion that this chair gives you is immensely comfortable, so even if you're sitting down for hours, your legs never feel tense. At the same time, you can quickly adjust the back depth and seat height to accommodate your needs. 

9. Black Drafting Swivel Chair by Studio Designs

Studio Designs black office desk chair

This model is another black office desk chair without armrests, but Studio Designs’ alternative has something special: its thick seat and back make it very comfortable.  

Studio Designs’ all-black office chair has a strong chrome base and five casters, and it includes a pneumatic height adjustment lever. Therefore, you're able to change the chair's features with ease and move it around your workspace. 

10. Boss Office Products Black Adjustable Chair

Buying a chair made of mesh is certainly one of the best decisions you could make, especially if you want to guarantee your back breathes. When you work for long hours, you may feel uncomfortable, particularly if your sitting spot is made with some thick material like leather. 

Mesh, however, is much more convenient in some cases. Additionally, a black office task chair with adjustable features allows you to change the specifications of your piece of furniture, so that each time you sit down, you can be comfortable and protect your neck, back, and legs from sustaining injuries or feeling pain. 

Fortunately, the model by Boss Office Products offers all of those aspects. It's upholstered with mesh, and you can adjust the tilt control as well as other features. Thus, it's a convenient model you can buy at a fair price. 

11. Btexpert's Keith Leather Chair

Btexpert's Keith Leather black office desk chair

Sometimes, you might want a simple leather chair to embellish your workspace and give you the comfort you need. You don't necessarily need a big, extravagant piece of furniture to achieve that – simplicity is also very fun and convenient. 

The Keith chair by Btexpert is a wonderful model if you want a simple all-black office chair. This model has a sleek, unique design, characterized by covered armrests, a professional look, and tough leather paddings to give you comfort while you're working. 

12. Swivel Upholstered Task Chair by OMF Inc

Once you take a look at the swivel chair that OMF Inc offers you, you might quickly realize some of the incredible features you could get. On the one hand, it's made of strong materials, which make it an endurable sitting spot that can last for years. 

However, on the other hand, this upholstered chair includes intuitive controls, so you can adjust its seat height and move it around your office in case you need to. Safety and durability are the two essential qualities that this sitting spot offers you, which is why many office workers use it. 

13. Mayline's Executive High Back Black Office Chair

Whether your office is at home or in a big building, you need a convenient chair to protect your neck, back, and legs while you're working. Otherwise, you're prone to suffer from pain or even get ergonomic injuries

Mayline's black office desk chair is the definition of a luxurious piece of furniture. However, it doesn’t mean its features aren't convenient – on the contrary, this sitting spot has pneumatic seat height adjustment features, padded armrests, molded foam seat and back, and nylon arms and base. 

14. Studio Designs’ Riviera Chair

Studio Designs’ Riviera black office desk chair

Comfort is one of the most important aspects you should keep in mind when buying a black computer chair. If you don't feel good while you're sitting on it, you may start experiencing tension after a few hours of work, which could certainly hinder your performance while you're trying to get through your to-do list. 

Studio Designs offers several models, and the Riviera chair is one of the most popular ones. It's simple but effective: it's made of breathable material, it's not so big (so it's perfect for small office spaces), it has five casters to move it around, and it's sturdy, which means it can last a long time.

15. Orbit Wobble Chair by Edgemod

You can completely change the way you perceive ergonomic features with Edgemod's Orbit Wobble chair. Unlike other alternatives, this one is backless, so it helps you be mindless of your posture at all times. 

If you constantly slouch and want to make sure you sit up straight, a chair like Edgemod's option could be a convenient choice.  

This black office task chair model is also very sturdy, so you can sit in a natural position without worrying about the chair's base. Lastly, it fits all kinds of users and it can look great behind any desk because its simple design matches many different styles! 

16. Master Office Chair by LumiSource

Master Office Chair by LumiSource

Another fantastic option by LumiSource is the Master black office desk chair, which is an ideal model for a black desk setup. If you're looking for a chair with a sleek and elegant design, this one might be perfect for you. 

One of the unique characteristics that the Master chair offers you is that it's an all-black office chair with a classic design, but it's been modernized. Furthermore, its padding and casters make it both comfortable and transportable, so you can easily move it around your office if that's what you need. 

17. LexMod's Edge Mid Back Black Office Chair

LexMod is one of the best brands you could find out there if you're looking for comfort and functionality in the black office chair you add to your workspace. 

When you already have a black standing desk, you need a chair to go with it. However, you have to make sure that it's padded so you can comfortably sit on it, and that it has convenient adjustable features to fit your needs. If the sitting spot also includes casters, then it's much easier to move around your workstation as well. 

The Edge black office chair by LexMod combines all the mentioned characteristics and gives you a whole new level of comfort. Its classic design includes modern advances to make it a sitting spot with customizable features, for example, adjustable seat height and tension control. 

18. Mesh Mid Back Office Chair by Hodehah Import Inc

Enhancing your work experience is not easy, especially if you're an office worker. You might feel tired of your routine activities, and if you don't have a proper place to sit, things could be even more difficult. 

Nonetheless, Hodehah's black office desk chair could change everything for you. Its aluminum base is sturdy and it's completely swiveling. Furthermore, it includes a mesh back to guarantee your body can breathe, even if you have to work for many hours at a time. 

19. Office Star Products’ Deluxe Chair

Office Star Products’ Deluxe Chair

Some workers simply need a sleek black office desk chair that's both durable and functional. Fortunately, this model by Office Star Products offers the best of those characteristics.

It's a simple chair without casters, so you can't move it around your workspace. However, it's still very comfortable and sturdy, which is why it might be a convenient option for you, especially if you're on a budget. 

Since this chair is so strong, it can successfully withstand your weight, regardless of whether you're big or small. Thus, it's a convenient piece of furniture to add to your workspace if you want something simple and useful. 

20. Box Office Products Traditional High-Back Chair

Unlike the previously mentioned chair by the same brand, this black office desk chair model is big, extravagant, and elegant. It includes five casters for you to move it around, and it's made of leather. 

You can bring the aesthetics of your office to a whole new level with the traditional high-back chair, and its black finish could make your workspace look immensely luxurious. 

Keynote Takeaways

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but a black piece of modern office furniture is both convenient and functional since it matches many different styles. Now that you've examined the list, you probably have some favorites, so get the chair you want!

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