20+ Desk Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Desk Space
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20+ Desk Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Desk Space

|Oct 9, 2022

Your desk says a lot about your habits and personality. How organized or messy your desk is, reflects how meticulous you are with work. 

Desk organization also speeds up work and increases productivity.  

This article will explore some ideas you can use to put your workspace in order. 

How Should You Set Up Your Desk? 

Your workstation should be configured for optimum time management, efficiency, and comfort, regardless of your preferences. After all, you might spend more time at your desk at work than in your bed at home. 

If you feel overwhelmed by disorganized files, piles of papers, and general chaos, you should take action now. 

Here are some ideas for setting up your workstation to maximize your productivity at work. 

Desk Organization Ideas When You Have a Small Office

Desk Organization Ideas When You Have a Small Office

Adjustments to the design or desk organization have a lot of influence, especially in a small office. 

Minimalist Approach for Fewer Distractions

Try a simple design if you're easily distracted yet want to make a pleasant workstation.  

Use neutral colors, candles, and wood hues to create this look, and avoid over-decorating your desk. The minimalist style is not only popular right now, but it will also make your desk look cleaner. 

Use a Wardrobe Organizer

Without desk drawers, a hanging organizer can help prevent having your office supplies all over your desk. It ensures that all items have storage space. 

Cohesive Colors Create an Organized Effect

Cohesive Colors Create an Organized Effect

Having a color scheme office helps your area look more professional. Fortunately, this works well on a budget.  

Large Items Go in a Storage Box

It's time to get inventive with DIY cardboard boxes if you want your additional storage space to have an artistic look.  

Transform a cardboard box into a pleasant desk item by wrapping it in colored material or pasting wallpaper.  

Use these boxes for bulkier objects that you can't fit in the desk organizers. 

Keep Small Office Items in Drawer Dividers

Keep Small Office Items in Drawer Dividers

It's a good idea to utilize drawers to keep your office supplies.  

Without drawer dividers, everything may quickly become confused together in an unorganized mess.  

Store your office items in these drawers to reduce congestion.

Desk Organization Ideas for Extra Wall Space

It may seem impossible to fit all your work necessities in a small office area. Sometimes it's preferable to think vertically, such as using your wall for storage and décor display. 

Try Building a Pegboard

Try Building a Pegboard

Using a pegboard to create storage space is ideal for most desk setups. Organize all your office supplies on your pegboard wall with containers, organizers, and shelving for simple access. 

Include Floating Shelves as Decor

If pegboards aren't your thing, you can include a storage area for decorations, books, and trinkets by hanging floating shelves over your desk.  

Shelves enable you to get rid of extra stuff from your desk to concentrate on your job rather than dealing with clutter. 

Try an Artistic Presentation of Paper Clutter

Try using loose sheets as components of your cubicle decor ideas rather than stuffing your paper mess into trays or rubbish drawers.  

Combine old cards, sketches, and colorful notes to make a vibrant display over your desk. 

A rose gold desk organizer adds a better artistic touch than a plain one. 

While people in analytical industries might find this approach disturbing, those who work in the arts may consider it a source of inspiration and creativity. 

Take Advantage of Cork Boards

Take Advantage of Cork Boards - desk organization

You can always access information by pinning critical phone numbers, checklists, and dates to cork boards.  

To prevent your cork board from becoming overly cluttered, remember to remove completed reminders and replace them with new ones for the upcoming week. 

Calendars Are Necessary

Consider adding a calendar to the board behind your desk to make your workspace more efficient.  

Fill the calendar with important events or virtual team activities each month to ensure you don't miss anything.  

Change to a digital calendar for critical meetings, to-do lists, and due dates for professional projects to free up even more space. 

Desk Organization Ideas for Storing Office Supplies

Desk Organization Ideas for Storing Office Supplies

Office items can get chaotic quickly and take up space if improperly arranged. When organizing your small office supplies, you should consider peripheral desktop organizers. 

Magnetic Strips Are Useful

The small space that a magnetic desk organizer occupies makes it ideal for storing metal objects like paper clips, staples, and scissors.  

To keep these objects hidden and tidy, add one inside the drawer or sides of your desktop for easy access. 

Customize Organizers

Make or buy a lovely desk organizer to keep office items such as notepads, pens, or sticky notes.  

Consider an organizer with vertical and horizontal trays, shelves, or drawers to make the most of the vertical space. 

Utilize Stylish Baskets

Utilize Stylish Baskets

Pick a basket to place on your home office desk or a shelf in the office to conceal minor office items. By selecting baskets in a lively color or pattern, you may even add your own flair to this storage solution. 

Desk Organization Ideas to Conceal Clutter

There are several ways to hide any excess clutter. These are useful when you can't reduce your use of office supplies but still desire a minimalist and matte finish for your desk. 

Check out these desk organization ideas to help you out. 

Use a Foldable Desk

Use a Foldable Desk

Don't have enough space that allows you to use a whole room as your office?  

Fortunately, you can still set up a functional workspace by mounting a foldable desk on a wall.  

Quickly fold the desk up at the end of the day to clear the space in the corner and let your brain know it's time to unwind. This is an excellent method to make yourself clean up at the close of the day, even if you are disorganized. 

Hide Your Printer if Possible

Although printers are necessary for offices, they can occupy too much space. You can place your printer on a pull-out shelf to hide it and maintain easy access. 

DIY Cable Management

DIY Cable Management

DIY cable management is one of the interesting ideas. You don't realize when your cords become disorganized.  

By putting your cables in a box, you can keep your chargers and wires neatly arranged while hiding unused outlets. 

Under-desk cable management is an essential organization technique. 

Get a Hidden Charging Station

It's simple to forget to power all of your work-related electronics beforehand.  

Include a charging station in your desk drawer to hide charging cords and equipment while not in use to prevent this problem. 

Organization Ideas for Small Desk

Your office supplies may feel overwhelming when you have small desk space.  

Fortunately, you can create more space for your most necessary office items. 

Add a Keyboard Tray

Add a Keyboard Tray

Consider installing a keyboard tray under your desk to conveniently store your laptop, mouse, and flat devices when not in use.  

This technique will ensure you consistently put your easy grab items where they belong.

Expand Your Storage with a Caddy

Tuck a storage caddy underneath your desk to house common materials and keep extra stuff out of your cramped space.  

Bonus points are awarded if you use a straightforward metallic caddy and complement it with similarly colored wire bins for your desk to provide an artistic look. 

Choose Floor Lamps Instead

No one works at their best while squinting all day. Having sufficient lighting is crucial for creating a productive working environment.  

Choose a floor light instead of a table lamp because it might occupy a lot of valuable workspaces. 

Computer Risers Create More Space Under Your Desk

Computer risers support your neck while allowing you to store extra office supplies because you can tuck things underneath them.

If you don't want to spend the money on a riser, all you need to do is find a crate that is the same height and turn the monitor so that it faces you. 

You can also get a mouse and keyboard stand if you have extra funds to spare. 

Desk Organization Ideas to Organize Your Documents

Nothing is more annoying than having a stack of papers on your desk while you seek a specific document.  

These organization tips will help you prevent paper clutter on your desk. 

Get a Magazine Holder

Get a Magazine Holder

Do you enjoy reading industry newsletters and periodicals to remain current? Subscriptions and directories can be a source of clutter, regardless of your interests.  

Thankfully, storing them in journal holders over your desk makes it simple to keep them organized. 

Table-Top Trays Make Your Desk Tidier

Trays can contain cups with little office supplies, keep your documents tidy, or exhibit ornamental objects.  

Use them to hold additional resources to make your desk area feel less cluttered. 

A Small Bookcase Is an Excellent Addition

There are many ways to organize your desktop, so why not take advantage of the area underneath?  

Provided it doesn't interfere with where you sit, a small bookcase underneath your desk can help you keep books and files. 

Your Papers Should Go into a Container

Your Papers Should Go into a Container

Avoid becoming a victim of the dreaded unstructured paper mounds that can develop if you don't have a system to keep them organized.  

Get a desktop organizer that contains trays for paper clips, staples, and pencils that you might require when looking through essential files.  

It should also have spaces for documents. 

Miscellaneous Organization Ideas

Are you still looking for computer desk organization tips to keep your office in order? Here are a few more desk-clearing ideas to help you design the ideal workspace. 

A Board Is Excellent for Note-Taking

Get a roll of blackboard tape so you can easily erase any notes you make on critical activities after you've finished them. 

Use Transparent Storage Units

Use transparent containers to store your stationery so you can always see what's inside without going through your entire desk. 

Why Should You Organize Your Desk?

Why Should You Organize Your Desk?

The secret to finishing your task is organization. You create the ideal setting for completing daily activities when you keep an orderly workstation.  

According to a survey, most Americans believe that mess negatively affects their lives and careers. About 70% also claim it reduces productivity. 

Therefore, for productive thinking, start with the most obvious: your workstation.  

Here are some benefits of keeping an organized desk: 

A Clean Desk Communicates Professionalism

Creating an orderly workspace is necessary for yourself, your boss, coworkers, employees, and customers.  

Your workspace serves as a physical example of your professionalism. It encourages a strong work ethic and demonstrates your commitment to success. 

Less Clutter Reduces Stress

When there is turmoil all around, stress is unavoidable.  

A disorganized workspace encourages diversion and can generate a bad mood. This adds to the sensation of being overburdened.  

An orderly space will keep you focused and productive, even if you are already stressed about an upcoming task. 

An Organized Desk Helps You Remember Tasks

Everyone has an email inbox, but most of us are unaware of the importance of having a physical mailbox on our workstations in the contemporary office.  

Establish an incoming and outgoing unit for documents to stay organized. You won't lose any documents, which will help you stay on top of your to-do list. 

Facilitates Creativity

Facilitates Creativity

Nothing encourages creativity more than a blank canvas. This is why it's crucial to have one in the office.  

Maintain a clear workstation so that you may concentrate on the subject at hand without getting distracted by other tasks or approaching deadlines. 

A Clean Desk Saves Time

It is false to believe you never have time to organize your desk. The time it takes to do this is minimal compared to the time you waste each day going through documents from three years ago.  

Keeping every document in a specific category allows you to move directly to it when working. This saves time and doesn't distract you.  

You can maintain your workflow till you finish a task. 


Several desk organization supplies can help you maintain an ordered system. These help you store and manage office desk accessories

A tidy desk contributes to developing a positive mental attitude that might influence you for everyday tasks. 

Categorize your documents, put items in storage boxes, and start organizing cables under your desk.

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