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20+ Best Desk Organizers for Clean Workspaces
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20+ Best Desk Organizers for Clean Workspaces

|Jul 3, 2022

Keeping your desk organized while you work is difficult. Your desktop gets cluttered by reading documents, writing notes, using a stapler, and performing many other activities. 

After a while, your office supplies go missing, and files become harder to find. You waste time searching for things or even spending money buying things you already have.  

With time the pile on your desk turns into a distraction and starts affecting your productivity. A desk organizer helps you put your workstation in order and is more portable than a 3-drawers filing cabinet

This article will assess 20+ of the best desk organizers to help you clean up your workspace. 

What Is a Desk Organizer?

A desk organizer is a container on your desk for storing stationery and office supplies. It helps you sort items on your desktop, so you don’t lose control. 

The product may not seem vital in your daily activities, but a proper assessment of its role in operations says otherwise. 

List of the Best Desk Organizers on the Market

Let’s explore some of the best desk organizers to help you put your desktop in order: 

1. Aothia Metal Desk Organizer

Aothia Metal Desk Organizer

This Aothia metal desk organizer combines functionality and style in a sophisticated design. You can arrange the desk storage units in any combination you prefer with ease using the magnets.  

The material used is lightweight and won’t put pressure on your desktop. It has compartments to store your pens, pencils, rulers, and other workplace essentials.

2. The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer

The product is a great magnetic desk organizer with a magnetic bamboo base and six compartments for storing your desk items. You can arrange the compartments according to your preference. 

It has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place on your desk regardless of the surface smoothness.

3. Blu Monaco White Wood Desk Organizer

Blu Monaco White Wood Desk Organizer

The Blu Monaco White Wood Desk Organizer is an excellent choice for anyone who focuses on style and aesthetics for office accessories.  

It has five dynamic compartments to neatly hold files, letters, and notebooks in place. You can also keep thin office supplies in the compartments.

The drawer forms a nice base that expands the desk storage for this organizer.  

4. Poprun Desk Organizer

Poprun’s desk organizer offers users a cute accessory to keep desktops in order. It is great for people looking for something functional and portable. 

The product has a dedicated phone stand, a tray for documents, and compartments to store office supplies that have the habit of going missing. 

You should consider this when you don’t have much space on your desktop to spare.

5. Blu Monaco Six Piece Set

Blu Monaco Six Piece Set

Blu Monaco’s attention to detail and style is again exhibited in this six-piece desk organizer.  

This product adds a lot of glamour to your space with a pen holder, sticky note block, file and paper tray, mail sorter, and even a piece for holding cards. 

It has a color variety of gold, rose gold, white, and many more for users to choose from. 

6. Cornix Desk Organizer

At first glance, anyone realizes the Cornix Desk Organizer was designed for functionality. It has six different drawers of varying sizes to help you put your desk in order. 

The drawers are removable and can be adjusted on three levels according to the user’s preference.  

You get a simple design with three colors to choose from: pink, white, and blue. 

7. Blu Monaco Desktop Rack

Blu Monaco Desktop Rack desk organizer

This manufacturer loves rose gold desk organizer designs. The Blu Monaco Desktop Rack is another stylish masterpiece with five slots for organizing your desk. 

There are different levels in its design. One is for sorting papers while the other two have drawers to store stationery and racks for heavy books. 

8. Ameriergo Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Ameriergo converts a monitor into a desk organizer with this product. This is perfect for users who don’t have space to spare. 

You can arrange the setup in different ways. Three shelves create space for your keyboard and other office supplies when you are not using them. 

It also has grooves at the top for phones and thin stationery like pens, pencils, etc.  

9. Jerry & Maggie Adjustable Desktop Organizer

Jerry & Maggie Adjustable Desktop Organizer

This is the perfect home desk organizer. Jerry & Maggie designed this product with two parts that you can arrange to fit any setting. You can even set them apart or use them in different places. It comes in several colors to match whatever pattern your interior uses. 

10. Bluelounge CableBox

Bluelounge CableBox creates a space for you to put your documents with a focus on helping you manage your messy cables. 

It hides everything from extension cords to charging ports.  

11. Stori Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers

Stori Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers

This is a marvelous Mindspace desktop organizer. It consists of six clear plastic containers of various sizes put in drawers to keep your desk organized. 

These containers come in different sizes, creating compartments for documents, pens, office supplies, clips, and more.

12. Pengke Triangle Stand Desktop Organizer

The Pengke Triangle Stand Desktop Organizer is excellent for storing books, magazines, newspapers, files, letters, and many flat documents. 

It is difficult to forget its design after you see it. The desktop organizer adds elegance and order to your workspace. 

13. Songmics Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Songmics Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

This is perfect for people managing space, regardless of their office desk organization ideas. It is a monitor stand designed with compartments for phones, pens, clips, mugs, and books. 

The product also houses your keyboard when you are not using it. Songmics creates a stylish look using bamboo with smooth wood finishing. 

14. Bototek Organizer

In the digital age, it is more common to find phones, tablets, and cables in a workstation. These are the modern accessories for desks

The product has six compartments to hold different devices while charging them through its USB ports. A cable manager ensures your desk doesn’t get messy with wires. 

15. Superbpag Office Desk Organizer Set

Superbpag Office Desk Organizer Set

This five-in-one desk organizer has pieces specifically designed for a group of objects at your workstation. 

There is a piece that sorts your letters, one that holds pencils and pens, a sticky note holder, a hanging file organizer, and a tray for papers and books. The Superbpag desk organizer comes in black or gold. 

16. Sorbus Acrylic Desk Organizers Set

Sorbus designs this three-in-one desk organizer for people who seek functionality over design. The transparent plastic material makes it fit in every space. 

One set is for keeping notebooks, planners, and notepads. The others are for storing pens, pencils, office supplies, and sticky notes. It is sleek and minimal. 

17. Unistyle Desktop Stand for Printer

Unistyle Desktop Stand for Printer

The Unistyle Desktop Stand is one of the heavy organizers. You get two levels of shelves that enable proper management of items on your desk.  

Its legs are sturdy enough to support a printer at the top and heavy books below. There is enough space to add files and pencil holders on the lower shelf. 

18. Blu Monaco Designer Metal Desktop Organizer

This portable stainless steel organizer has six compartments and a drawer to help you keep your desk in order. 

It is durable and has a lot of storage capacity regardless of the size. You can keep your files, notebooks, planners, pens, office supplies, sticky notes, and many other accessories. 

The design and color make it glamorous to have in your office space. 

19. Furninxs Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf

Furninxs Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf

This product is great for holding heavy books together with office supplies and files. It has beautiful natural wood finishing that fits into any space.  

Two drawers open up to expand the storage capacity of this desk organizer.  

You can adjust it to fit in corners and other irregular spaces. The compartments are dynamic enough to store supplies of every kind. 

20. MyGift Expandable Organizer Rack

This mini bookshelf is for organizing files, folders, and tablets on your desk. It is adjustable, enabling you to expand it on both sides. 

The product has a classic natural wood finishing that makes it elegant in your office space. 

21. Herdzi Monitor Stand

Herdzi’s monitor stand is a great ergonomic desk upgrade for workstations that lack space. It has a slot at the base to house your keyboard and two drawers for storing office supplies of any kind. 

You have grooves above for phones, glasses, pens, pencils, and cups. This desk organizer tucks away everything in an orderly manner. 

Benefits of Desk Organizers

Research shows that most employees spend between four and nine hours daily at their desks. Improving the working space is therefore crucial for every worker. 

A desk organizer and standing desk are some of the leading suggestions for improving your workstation. 

The points below explain the reasons why you should own a desk organizer. 

It Saves Time

It Saves Time

A desk organizer helps sort your documents at your workstation. 

You find documents easily when everything is in the right place. This speeds up the time it takes to access information and switch tasks. 

It Reduces Stress

People get frustrated when they are unable to locate a file quickly. They get more stressed when this document is needed for an urgent task.  

Keeping your desk organized means you get to inspect everything at a glance. It also helps you determine what is available or what isn’t.  

You don’t wonder if a file exists or is only missing in the clutter on your desk.

It Increases Productivity

It Increases Productivity

Your desktop is a representation of the state of your mind. This is why you must try hard to have it in order. 

Spending less time on unimportant things improves your focus and speeds up your work. It positively affects your productivity too. 

Increases Creativity

An optimum working environment helps your creativity to flourish. It also enables you to think thoroughly about your core job requirements.  

You spend more time thinking thoroughly about problems and designing efficient solutions. A little focus can help one's ability to be innovative.

Finding the Ultimate Desk Organizer

Finding the Ultimate Desk Organizer

Before investing in a new desk organizer, it is better to determine what you want to achieve first. You should ask yourself these questions: 

  • What office supplies do you usually need to complete tasks? 
  • How much space do you have on your desk? 
  • What is the maximum weight your desk supports? 
  • Do you have a design theme for your office? 
  • How much are you willing to spend on a desk organizer? 

These should guide you to acquire an accessory you really need. 

Features to Consider Before Buying a Desk Organizer

It is not easy finding the ultimate desk organizer. They all have their attributes and failings. The best one for you depends on your preference. 

Below are some of the features to consider before making your decision on which desk organizer to buy. 


The size of a desk organizer is an important feature to consider. Getting one that takes up more space than you have on your desk means redecoration.  

One that is too small may also not be able to contain all the items you want to put in order. Buying such a desk organizer is a waste of money and time. 


Find out the weight of the organizer you are trying to buy to be sure you can safely put it on your desk. You also must know if it can support some heavy books you might need to use frequently. Ignoring this might either damage your desk or your new organizer.  

The metallic and wooden ones are usually heavier than the plastic types.



People spend a lot of money on interior decorations and themes when setting up an office space. You don’t waste time going through all that trouble and then ruin everything with a desk organizer of any design. 

Sometimes, the available space determines if you need an upright desk organizer or a flatter one. 


Your desk organizer should be able to store different items such as files, office supplies, books, etc.  

The number of compartments in your organizer determines how dynamic it will be when storing all these items.  

List out everything you want to sort as a guide for assessing this feature. 


Cost is very vital when making any purchase. You should have a budget to guide how much you are willing to spend on the type of product you want. 

Some desktop organizers have the same functionality as others but are less expensive. It makes sense to go for these when you compare them. 


You can do so much to increase your productivity when working. If you are not going to develop your abilities, then you should at least remove hindrances. 

A desk that is not in order is one of the main things you can change to better your working space. 

Get rid of all the clutter and take control of your workstation. Find a desk organizer and reduce the stress in your job.

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