20 Garden Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards
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20 Garden Shed Plans Perfect for Big or Small Backyards

|Aug 24, 2022

When a home doesn't have a garage, adding a garden shed can increase storage space for tools, seasonal items, or gardening supplies or add an extra area for hobbies. Additionally, sheds can be furnished and used to work on projects like woodworking, writing novels, or creating art. 

While the prefabricated buildings at the hardware store may be practical, building a shed on your own often saves money and offers more customization options. If you're not handy and don't want to learn how to build a shed, you can always hire a contractor to turn your vision for a shed into a reality. 

There is a selection of prefab accessory dwelling units available to suit almost every type of goal, whether you desire an open inside or a tricked-out room loaded with storage and nooks. This list of shed plans features a range of shed designs and possibilities, from little playhouses to storage wonders, because there are so many different sorts of sheds to take into account. Once you have one of these plans, you'll be prepared to build a shed that meets your needs. 

What Garden Shed Size Should You Choose?

What Garden Shed Size Should You Choose?

How much room you have for the shed is one of the most important factors. Make sure to leave enough room for the door to open and for entry in and out as you measure and mark the area. Keep in mind that dimensions only apply to the outside measurements; therefore, the internal footprint will be slightly smaller. 

Also, keep in mind the height of the shed and whether you'll need to hunt for higher eaves if the tools and equipment you want to store are huge. Be aware of any trees or other obstacles that may limit the height of the shed. Corner sheds neatly fit into right-angled spaces when space is limited, and lean-to-shed forms are excellent for fitting close to a wall. 

Which Shape Makes the Best Roof?

There are two basic roof shapes to choose from. The best shape for you will depend on how you intend to use the shed and how much space you have. 

Apex: The typical triangle-shaped roof has two sloping sides that meet in the middle to form a peak. Additionally, the headroom within the shed is highest in the center and lowest on either side. The two sloping sides meet in the middle along the whole length of a reverse apex shed. 

Pent: A pent roof has a single-direction slope. The roof of a shed often slopes away from the back and is higher at the front. Then, the front of the shed, where the door sits, has the most headroom inside. A reverse pent, on the other hand, has its highest point at the back.

Leaning pent roofs are a common feature of smaller, lean-to sheds.


Which Kind of Material Should You Choose?

Metal, plastic, or wood can all be used to build sheds, and each material has unique benefits. 

The most common and versatile material for a garden shed is wood, which has a long history in this industry. Because wood is a natural material, wooden sheds are both reasonably durable and mix in well with their environment. Although wood may distort over time, there are several treatments you can use to take care of your garden shed. Most roofs are covered in felt but some have shingles that look like tiles. 

Also, for wooden sheds, there are several cladding options, but the three most popular forms are overlap, shiplap, and tongue and groove. 

1. Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile garden shed

A DIY building kit made by the California-based Autonomous is designed to be quickly built in the garden. This 98 square foot (9.1 square meters) luxury garden shed, known as WorkPod Versatile, can be put together in only one day and may be used as an outdoor garden shed, art studio, living house or guest room. It requires no preparation beforehand. Therefore, we consider this the best garden shed on the market.

2. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod garden shed

Productivity, aesthetics, and cost are all well-balanced in the Autonomous prefab office backyard. It allows you to "go to work" while staying near your family in case of an emergency. This Autonomous WorkPod is the best option for you if you're looking for the ideal office garden shed. 

3. Sliding Doors

The spacious 12-foot-by-16-foot outdoor garden shed has massive sliding barn doors and a broad doorway. Its spacious opening allows the storage of bulky, big objects like lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, and temporary patio furniture. Dormer windows in the ceiling let in some light. Everything you need to get started is included in the garden shed plans, including a how-to eBook, thorough drawings, and a materials list. 

4. Mini Oasis

Mini Oasis garden shed

This magnificent garden shed for sale might be the ideal design for a creative sanctuary because it is just too pretty to just dump tools and materials into. As for painting or drawing, the lean-to design's tall windows and glass double door provide plenty of light. A cutting and purchasing list, step-by-step directions, and shed designs for the doors are included with the plans. Additionally, the seller provides 24/7 email assistance. 

5. The Woodshed

Essentially, this small prefab garden shed has enough space to house trash cans or store tools. The simple design can be a decent option for new DIYers, and the plans for the little shed mention using cedar fence boards to lower the overall expense. A shopping list, a cut list, and step-by-step directions with illustrations are all included in the woodshed plans. 

6. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Chic garden shed

Build a lovely 12-by-10-foot farmhouse-style shed using these top-notch plans. The large garden shed has enough space for storage, but it also functions well as a playhouse, office, or creative area. Those who experience snowy winters won't have to be concerned about the weight of heavy snowfall harming the shed thanks to the gable-style roof. 

7. Tiny Tudor

This charming prefab garden shed is a manageable 8 feet by 7 feet, big enough for a human yet suitable for a small family. The gabled roof will deflect rain and snow, and the slanted walls offer more inside room for shelving or workbenches. Furthermore, the PDF plans come with detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photos. 

8. Tiny House

Tiny House

The tiny garden shed looks more like a home than a place to keep tools because of the stairs and front entrance. This shed, which measures 8 feet by 12 feet surprisingly, has enough windows to provide light inside and a gable-style roof. All the materials, according to the vendor of storage shed plans, are accessible at Lowe's or The Home Depot.

9. Small Woodshed

This tiny wooden shed is really lovely, isn't it? With a door but no windows and a pitched roof, it resembles a little house. You can just choose a site and start working because it doesn't require a foundation. Your new storage space can be painted to make it look even more lovely. Depending on the style of your backyard decor, the paint might make it fit in or stand out. 

10.  Yard Garden Shed

Yard Garden Shed

If you know how to organize it, outdoor storage might really end up being surprisingly space efficient. It could be used to store anything that is now taking up space in your garage, including sporting goods, gardening tools, and more. Furthermore, it's up to you to choose the design that works best for your backyard.

11.  Two Story Barn

Wide-opening barn doors and several windows invite sunlight into this two-level shed. Plans for the 10-by-12-foot building include a cut list, a shopping list, and step-by-step instructions. This is not a set of designs for beginners, and it will require some building knowledge due to the truss-style framing. 

12.  Rowlinson Oxford Wooden Apex Garden Shed with Lean-To, 4 feet by 3 feet

Rowlinson Oxford Wooden Apex Garden Shed with Lean-To, 4 feet by 3 feet

A small garden-friendly design with the added benefit of an integrated log store on the side that has vertical wooden slats for weather protection. It has a sturdy, felt-covered roof, a 12-mm tongue and groove construction, and a 10-year rot warranty. 

13.  Champion Heavy Duty Apex 8' x 6' Single Door Shed

The felt roof of this traditional backyard shed is reinforced with high-grade polyester and handcrafted from Nordic White Spruce for added protection. If you want to store things that need to be kept dry or if you intend to use it as a workshop, the tongue and groove covering makes it more waterproof than an overlap shed. It includes installation and has a 15-year warranty. 

14.  Champion Heavy Duty Pent Shed, 7' x 5', Single Door on Right

Champion Heavy Duty Pent Shed, 7' x 5', Single Door on Right

This pressure-treated European softwood pent-roof shed has tongue and groove cladding and is guaranteed against rot for at least 15 years. The door is positioned to the right and is larger and taller than the typical single shed door, providing more space for bringing in and taking out large gardening tools. 

It’s also a great alternative for an outdoor office shed because of its large area space. You can easily fit a desk and chair if need be. 

15.  Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed, 6' x 4'

A 10-year anti-rust guarantee is included with this galvanized steel shed. If there isn't enough room in front of the shed for the doors to extend outward, it has sliding doors instead of hinged doors, which is a fantastic space saver for a home garden office. The doorknobs have anti-tamper bolts that secure them in place. Before you buy this office pod, don't forget to choose the add-on flooring option. 

16.  Lean-to with Pressure Treated Forest Overlap

Lean-to with Pressure Treated Forest Overlap

As for side-returns and small gardens, this straightforward design works well. You don't need to repaint it every year because it has pressure-treated wood with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. Additionally, it has been built with 30% more framing than ordinary sheds of this sort, a floor that is thicker than usual at 14 mm, and hidden hinges for security. A wooden base kit, shelving, workbench, solar lighting, and an alarm padlock are available extras. 

17.  Small and Modern Outdoor Home Office Sheds

Backyard Room made the decision to build this little office shed project combining functionality with a natural appearance. It is not only surrounded by greenery, but it is also planted with it, which evokes a hidden and whimsical sanctuary. 

The small work pod is big enough to fit a desk and a few seats. There is a bench outside the backyard shed and an adjacent terrace for productivity-boosting pauses and post-lunch naps. 

18.  Wooden Office Shed

Wooden Office Shed

You no longer need to purchase premade catalog models because the market for contemporary office garden sheds has expanded so much. Professionals with expertise in carpentry and building, like Paul Winters of Office in My Garden, can build your unique home garden office.

Winters offers both unique design services and a diverse inventory of units that blend contemporary design with pragmatism. 

19.  Contemporary Large Office Shed

Without any unnecessary frills or components, Peter Guthrie envisioned a simple, modern, contemporary workspace in the garden. Just the roof, some natural light, and the walls. 

The project's simplicity, which puts the emphasis on work and minimizes distractions, is appealing to us. There is only a tiny glass garden shed, so you won't have to get up every fifteen minutes to rest your eyes. 

20.  Comfy Backyard Office Shed

Micro Max Pod, another idea by Pod Space, costs less than $20,000. Despite being small, the prefab cabin shed has underfloor heating, a feature you won't find even in the coziest office. Have you ever dreamed about working barefoot? 

The remaining costs are for a glass door and full height window, Siberian larch cladding, and interior white micro-porous paint. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing compares to working in a quiet, lush garden just a few steps from your house. With the help of contemporary outdoor garden sheds, that separation is made as easy and comfortable as possible. Such sheds could also be used as magnificent storage sheds in your backyard. We highly confirm the Autonomous Work Pod as the best garden shed on the market!

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