The 20 Best Grey Office Chairs in Australia
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The 20 Best Grey Office Chairs in Australia

|Dec 17, 2021

With so many different chairs to choose from, it’s important you pick the right chair for you. Grey office chairs in Australia have become more popular in recent years, especially in Australia. With the different tones of grey, there is sure to be a chair that matches your décor. However, you should not just pick your office chair based on how it looks. 

It’s important to have an office chair that is good for you and your spine. Having the best ergonomic chair is key to keeping your posture straight and the stress off of your back. This list comprises 20 of the best grey office chairs you can buy in Australia.

The 20 Best Grey Office Chairs in Australia

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo grey office chair australia

The Autonomous Chair Ergo from Autonomous is a fantastic ergonomic chair that comes in a cool grey. It has an adjustable height, headrest, armrest, backrest, and seat tilt, so this chair is very comfortable. With its flexible lumbar support and woven mesh backing, you are sure to keep cool while working. Also, it is made of 100% earth-friendly materials, so you know that you are doing good for the planet. 

The best part about this ergonomic chair is that it relieves back pain. The lumbar cushions are flexible, so it protects the natural curvature of your spine. It responds to your body, so the support is tailored to you. This is a great ergonomic chair to buy

2. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline grey office chair australia

This grey ergonomic chair in Australia from Autonomous is the perfect chair to lounge in. With its adjustable headrest, you can now feel your neck muscles relax. The headrest is also made of the same mesh material as the backrest. There is also an extendable leg rest that is perfect for when you want to stretch your legs out. 

The best part of this reclining ergonomic chair is that this one responds to your body weight while keeping your spine stable. Feel free to move as you please because your neck, shoulders, back, and arms can become stress-free. 

3. Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh Office Chair

This chair by Ergohuman is an ergonomic grey office chair in Australia that blends science and art. There are flex zones, so your back and lumbar is supported at all times. The headrest is also completely adjustable and can pivot, so you can receive the best cranial support. Ergohuman makes chairs that are great if you are in your chair for long periods because they are made to help keep you comfortable. 

The stylistic grey design can easily fit in your workspace. Also, you can have up to three positional locks for your seat placement; making this chair very customizable for you. Both armrests and headrest are completely adjustable. 

4. Gatsby Velvet Home Office Chair

Gatsby Velvet grey office chair australia

The Gatsby grey office chair in Australia is made to look unconventional. This is a statement piece for your room, and the grey upholstered fabric brings a nice cool tone to any space. With a brass base, you can bring glam and elegance to your workspace. Also, the padding does provide comfort, so you can relax in the chair while working. However, do note that the back height is not adjustable. This grey office chair is a perfect statement piece. 

5. Eames Replica Faux Leather Executive Office Chair

If a mesh or fabric office chair is not your style, then this faux leather chair might be. The Eames has high-density foam padding, so you can rest easily in the chair. It is easy to assemble and it comes with the tools to help you do so. With an ultra-supportive back and well-padded armrests, you should be able to relieve any tension in your back while working. However, do know that the back height is not adjustable, so make sure this chair is the right size for you. 

6. Grey Kinsey Fabric Office Chair

Grey Kinsey Fabric grey office chair australia

The Grey Kinsey is made of polyester fabric and has a plywood and iron seat frame. Thanks to its iron base, this grey ergonomic chair in Australia is sturdy. The seat can only go between 43-51cm in height, so it is good for the average-sized person. It is also recommended that this chair is placed on a hard floor or with a floor mat. If you move your chair on the carpet while sitting on it, the friction that is caused can result in malfunctioning castors. 

Additionally, if you manage to spill anything onto your chair, spot clean it by blotting a damp towel or cloth. Do not rub it, because the seat can absorb the stain even more. 

7. Juliet Velvet Home Office Chair

This grey office chair in Australia can bring a new style to your office space. The velvet upholstery is soft to the touch and allows for a classy look in your room. The base is brass, so you can tie that in with your décor if you choose. It is a swivel office chair, so turn around when you want to. However, there are no armrests, so it does force you to keep your arms up while you work. Also, the back height is not adjustable, so make sure that this grey desk chair in Australia is the correct height and size for you. 

8. Darius Faux Leather Gaming Chair with Footrest

Darius Faux grey office chair australia

Gaming chairs have become extremely popular over the past few years because they tend to be extremely comfortable. With such high-density foam padding, there is no wonder why this chair is comfortable to sit in for many hours. The lumbar support is also detachable, so you can customize your chair even more. Also, the back height is not adjustable, but it has a rather tall back height, so you should still be able to sit in your chair comfortably.

9. Temple & Webster Executive Office Chair with Headrest

This grey mesh office chair can help you to keep a better posture while working. The back is slightly curved, so your spine has some assistance. Thanks to its headrest, you can tilt your head back, so you are less likely to have neck pain. Moreover, the lumbar support, headrest, and armrest are all adjustable. However, once the headrest is on, it cannot be removed. 

10.  Alia Executive & Gaming Office Chair with Footrest

The Alia grey office chair in Australia is a serious gaming chair with ultra-foam padding, so you can rest easily. Moreover, the footrest can also be pushed back underneath the seat, so it does not take up too much room when not in use. You are also able to recline up to 150 degrees, so lean back and stretch out your legs after working a hard and long day. 

11. Grey Nate Executive Office Chair

Grey Nate Executive grey office chair australia

This grey high back chair from Nate is perfect for those who work long hours from their chair. The headrest is also provided to keep your neck and spine parallel. With a fabric seat, it is also stylish to have in your office space because it can easily blend in with your décor. The base is made of iron, so you know that it is strong and sturdy. 

12. Matrix Mesh Office Chair

The Matrix grey desk chair in Australia combines function and comfort with its design and materials. The padded seat allows for you to sit comfortably, while the breathable mesh gives your back good support while you work. With a gas lift functionality, the chair’s height can change depending on your preference. You can also place 120kg on this grey ergonomic chair in Australia safely. 

13. Beverly Button Tufted Velvet Office Chair

Beverly Button Tufted grey office chair australia

If you want a grey office chair in Australia that is a statement piece while also having the ability to be comfortable then this Beverly Button chair is right for you. Thanks to its polyester velvet upholstery, this chair can bring an elegant and classy look to any space. Additionally, it is comfortable to sit in with the padding. However, the back is not adjustable, so you are going to want to make sure you get enough back support from this chair.

14. Eames Replica Softpad Fabric Office Chair

Eames is on this list a second time because this comfortable office chair has combined comfort and style. It comes with a high-density foam padded seat, so you should feel comfortable while sitting in it. This grey office chair in Australia is perfect for a modern office because of its sleek aluminium frame and upholstered seat. However, the back height is not adjustable, so this chair is not the best for taller people. 

15. Tyrone High Back Mesh Office Chair

Tyrone grey office chair australia

This chair is made of mesh material, allowing your back to breathe while you work. It does provide lumbar support, so your back can relax and not be tense. Also, this ergonomic chair has a high back with a headrest, allowing your shoulders and neck to relax as well. The back tilt is also adjustable, so feel free to customize how you sit on your chair. 

16. Madison Faux Leather Massage Executive Chair with Footrest

Yes, you did read that correctly: the Madison office chair can also massage you. The footrest can move depending on when you want to use it, so bring it out when you want to give your legs a break, or place it back under the seat when you do not. You also have five different massage modes that are powered by a USB connection, so you can relieve a lot of tension throughout your day. Additionally, you can recline up to 150 degrees. 

17. Darby Home Office Chair

Darby Home grey office chair australia

This grey home office chair is stylish with its scalloped backing. It is perfect if you want a chair that can leave an impression. It is 100% polyester upholstery, so it is comfortable to sit in while you work. However, the back height is not adjustable and it is not very high. You should consider where the height of the back is compared to your sitting position, so you know whether or not it is tall enough for you. 

18. Alford Executive Gaming Chair with Footrest

The Alford is a chair that grabs the attention of the user. It has high-density foam padding with a nylon base. Thanks to its ergonomic S-curve design, your back shall be supported by this gaming grey computer chair in Australia. The lumbar support and neck cushion are datable, so you can customize how your chair looks and feels for you. Moreover, there is a leg rest that you can take out at any moment you consider appropriate. This is great if you want to sit back and relax for a few moments during the day. 

19. Arawn Linen Office Chair

Arawn Linen Office Chair

The Arawn has a simple design that gives you the support that you need. It comes with a linen fabric upholstered seat, ensuring a higher degree of comfort. The backrest is tall and has an S-shaped lumbar support, which can help with relieving back pain. In the case of cleaning, you should only clean stains with a slightly damp cloth so that you do not ruin the material. Moreover, keep the chair out of direct sunlight, otherwise, the colour of the fabric can fade away. 

20. Enzo High Back Mesh Office Chair

Thanks to its stainless-steel base, this Enzo office chair is sturdy and able to move with you. It has a high back office chair with a headrest, so you can relax in your chair and relieve any stress that is building up in your back. You can also adjust the back tilt for optimized comfort. The Enzo can hold up to 110kg, so you can sit easily knowing that you’re not going to have any problems with the chair breaking down. Finally, the back height is adjustable. 


Grey office chairs in Australia are beautiful in design and comfortable for the user, as long as you pick the right one for you. This list has provided you with 20 different grey office chairs in Australia. With a wide selection, there is sure to be one that can suit your style and needs. Moreover, remember to think about your back, neck, and shoulder support before you buy your grey computer chair in Australia, because you need to make sure you do not cause yourself any unneeded pain or tension.

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