20 Home Office Upgrades for Remote Workers
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20 Home Office Upgrades for Remote Workers

|Mar 1, 2021

Is your boring home office the prime cause behind loss in productivity? An immersive workstation does not need to be expensive. You just need to get the workplace ergonomics right, and your efficiency will automatically boost up. These 20 home office upgrades will help you curate the best home workstation ever!

20 Best Home Office Makeover Ideas

With these simple yet effective home office improvements, you are sure to enter the work mode instantly!

1. An Ergonomic Office Chair is More Than Necessary

Do you always find yourself slouching over your laptop? Sitting on a standard chair for hours will undoubtedly lead to back and neck pains. An ergonomic office chair will not only uplift your well-being but also elevate your focus and work efficiency.

An Ergonomic Office Chair is More Than Necessary

2. Light-Up Your Workstation

When it comes to energizing you for a hectic day, nothing is better than natural light. Try to build your home office around a source of natural light. However, if that is not possible, get a bright LED desk lamp for a productive work environment.

Light-Up Your Workstation

3. Get an Assistant – A Smart One

Missing crucial deadlines and client meetings due to binge-watching is the last thing you would want. Well, getting an assistant is not challenging anymore. Smart devices like Alexa or using Google Assistant are perfect for saving time and working smart!

Get an Assistant – A Smart One

4. A Dash of Color

While too much color can make any place look saturated, the right combination can enliven any site. Opting for colored under the desk rugs, drapes, paintings, etc., is the perfect home office makeover idea.

5. Do Not Ditch the Desk

Believe it or not, your work desk is one of the most important parts of your workstation. Getting an aesthetically-pleasing yet minimalist office desk is your best option here. You spend the maximum time here, so make it appealing and follow workplace ergonomics simultaneously!

Do Not Ditch the Desk

6. Add Some Greens

Yes, you need to add greens to your meals, but the same goes for surroundings. Succulents are perfect for instantly cheering you up. Additionally, they are the best piece of décor you can add to your desk.

7. Upgrade Your Gadgets

You cannot be waiting for a slow monitor to work at its own pace. The same goes for slow internet. These will not only hamper your speed but also kill your productivity. Make sure both your computer and Wi-Fi networks are fast enough.

Upgrade Your Gadgets

8. Level Your Screen

Did you know your monitor screen must stay perfectly aligned with your eyes? Well, now you do, and getting a monitor arm is the perfect solution for maintaining this healthy habit. The tool will let you adjust the screen's height whether you sit or stand.

9. Save Yourself from the Web of Wires

The last thing you would want is your computer bailing out on you, and tangled wires can do just that. Do not worry. An effortless way out of this problem is getting a cable tray. It is reasonably priced and highly beneficial.

10. Accessorize and Improvise

The best way to decorate home office is by using simple yet useful accessories. These not only help organize your workstation but also make it look all the more attractive. For example, simple tools like classic bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, etc., make for the best home office upgrades.

Accessorize and Improvise

11.  Go Wireless

While keeping wires organized is an excellent home office makeover idea, opting for wireless devices is the best option. These items include a wireless mouse, keyboard, headphones, charger, and more.

Go wireless

12.  Comfort Is Priority

Remember that a comfortable working position holds utmost importance when it comes to workplace efficiency. A few ways to make your workstation comfortable are getting an anti-fatigue mat, mouse cushion, lower back pillow, etc.

13. A White Board

Despite all the electronic devices that you have, nothing beats a traditional whiteboard to jot down ideas. Whether you want to get a small one for your desk or a larger one on the side—it is your choice!

14.  Organizing Tools Go A Long Way

The best workplace is one that is well-organized, and all the home office upgrades are incomplete without organization. Get movables like drawers, boxes, stands, etc., for different items. So when you are in a hurry, you know where to look for it!

Organizing Tools Go A Long Way

15.  Keep Your Caffeine Sources Nearby

Whether you are in the tea clan or the coffee one, you should have a cup in your hand when required. So, what if you are not in a standard office! You can get a mini coffee maker or stock your favorite flavor tea bags right in your home workspace.

Keep Your Caffeine Sources Nearby

16.   Get A Mobile Scanner

Gone are the days when you would need to visit a cybercafé for scanning and printing work. Adding a mobile scanner is one of the key home office improvements, especially for freelancers and artists.

17.  Allot A Workout Corner

While the best ergonomic chair and standing desk help eliminate body pain, stretching is still downright essential. Get a yoga mat or a compact stationary cycle and place it in the corner of your home office. Adding this equipment is enough to inspire a quick stretching session.

18. Quality Speakers

Whether you prefer working with fast music beats or love some ambient music, quality speakers are quintessential. They will help keep extra noise at bay and help boost productivity.

Quality Speakers

19. Quirky Tools

While adding color is an essential factor to enliven the ambiance, cute, quirky tools are also great alternatives. Be it a Rubik's cube tissue holder or multi-colored paper clips—small things can make a considerable difference.

20.  More than Just A Coffee Mug

Get a temperature-control mug to keep your tea or coffee warm and maintain productivity. With these mugs, you need not get distracted as they can preserve the warmth of your beverages for hours.

Summing Up

Have you chosen your favorite ideas from these home office upgrades? When you get to it, updating your workstation is a piece of cake. Maintain the ergonomics and cheer up the environment—that is all you need!

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