20 Innovative Standing Desk Designs in the Market
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20 Innovative Standing Desk Designs in the Market

|Oct 28, 2021

Is it necessary to have a standing desk? Of course, standing keeps your blood flowing and keeps your mind active when you are working. Feeling drowsy when you do not engage in physical activity can be resolved through standing desk designs. It will help you achieve more work and make you more productive. People frequently experience back pain, muscle cramps, and numbness. Despite this, sources state that standing desk designs will help lessen your back pain and tailbone pain.

20 Standing Desk Designs for Your Workstation

1. Autonomous Desks

Autonomous standing desk designs

A notification will be sent to you if you have spent too much time standing or sitting. Users can also customize suggestions according to their sitting and standing habits with a preset training plan on this bamboo adjustable desk.

2. Aspirus Desk

Using just a button, you can raise or lower this contraption. One of the best stand-up desk ideas added to this desk is a clock that you can set goals and receive reminders by pairing it with your smartphone. In addition, the device has an onboard sensor that accounts for the time spent away from the desk to prevent calculations from being thrown off by it.

3. Upstanding Desk

Upstanding standing desk designs

One of the outstanding standing desk design ideas is a desk comprising five pieces of plywood that get installed in less than a minute, and they don't require fasteners or screws to assemble. A computer monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse can also be adjusted independently. 

4. Press Fit Easy-Assembly Standing Desk

The Press Fit has to be one of the best standing desk ideas. This affordable desk doesn’t require any tools to assemble or disassemble. It is very affordable, lightweight, and durable.  

5. The Well Desk

Well standing desk designs

The Well Desk is a height-adjustable raised wooden creative desk design that is ideal for desktop and laptop computers to easily be raised or lowered for more movement throughout the day. This ultimate desk can transform all kinds of workspaces into converting standing desks in just 60 seconds.

6. Stir Kinetic Desk

In addition to allowing you to work in a regular chair, an exercise ball, or standing, you can adjust the Stir Kinetic standing desk designs to several heights. In addition, it has a touchscreen controller that can understand your work preferences.

7. QuickStand Sit-Stand Switcher desk

The QuickStand is a simple kiosk that converts from one mode to another using a sliding mechanism with counterbalanced technology to make height adjustment smoother. This easy-to-install system makes mounting a screen or a computer a snap. It even has an adjustable ledge where you can place your keyboard and mouse.

8. Tower Desk Plan

You can keep clutter to a minimum on this desk because of its modern design. This desk is one of the most elegant creative desk designs that are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their office supplies and files organized correctly in their office. In place of two legs, there are two shelves, so there is adequate storage space and stability.

9. Oristand user-friendly desk

Oristand standing desk designs

Consumers who prefer to alternate between sitting and standing while working will find a simple and inexpensive sit-stand desk. The desk is built with a lightweight, durable, and affordable industrial-grade cardboard that folds flat for easy storage.

10. Artifox Standing Desk

With its industrial style, the Artifox Standing Desk fits perfectly into existing home décor and adds personality. The dock comes with a writable surface for quick brainstorming and notes, plus a built-in dock for devices and cable management.

11. IKEA BEKANT professional desks

Individuals can adjust the height and design of the adjustable standing desk to fit their needs in an open office setting.

12. Jaswig


Kids (or teachers) can easily adjust the height of their desks in a matter of seconds with this adjustable kid's desk. In addition, it has a footrest, which allows you to balance your weight on one leg or the other throughout the day.

13. Gizmag StandUp desk

Every StandUp desk comes with an under-desk storage shelf, and each size is available in three different sizes. It depends on the users' foot-to-elbow length to determine what size desk is best. A locking bar makes it easy to assemble and take down.

14.  Zstand Minimalist Desk System

In addition to being used with a tablet, the Zstand Minimalist Desk System, you could even use it in retail outlets, fitness centers, or even hospitals.

15. Your Position desk

A laptop can easily be accommodated by the small corner of the Your Position by David Manning work surface, shaped like a functional corner desk. You can use the rest of the structure, from cork boards and files to planters and lighting, for various purposes. Other parts of the structure have multiple purposes, from cork boards and files to planters and lighting. It is possible to incorporate personal preferences and tastes into the design of a desk.

16. The StandTable by UNStudio

The StandTable by UNStudio

Employees are grouped around a single workstation in two or three, supporting open-plan and collaborative work arrangements. Standing at these islands is made easier by their varying and increasing heights.

17. The Perch desk

With the PSFK Perch standing desk designs, users can adjust their monitor, keyboard, and mouse on many adjustable shelves that slide into its frame at varying heights. One ergonomic design tip is that there are neither bolts or screws on the Perch desk, so our preferences change and are easy to adjust as needs change.

18. Gizmag Mister BrightLight Desk

Mister BrightLight comes with an iOS app that allows users to set goals, earn virtual trophies, and share their progress with others. In addition, this device can send push notifications to your phone due to its ability to measure temperature, oxygen, and humidity levels and adjust its height by hand gestures.

19. NN Design Band Urban Philosophy Chair Desk

NN Design Band Urban

This functional piece of furniture looks like it is floating with its black line border and clear polycarbonate base. The innovative standing desk design is a perfect fit for contemporary homes because it is both surprising and attractive. 

20. Minimal Tabletop

These floating desks that mount to the wall are a perfect option if you need a desk but don't have the space. Instead of burdening your workspace with bulky furniture, this desk provides all the space you need - a sleek, sturdy countertop for your computer, TV monitor, or even some bookstands.

There are floating standing desk designs in walnut, black, red, white, and 51-inch sizes. Colors include walnut, black, red, and white. Attached to this desk under a slender piece of wood is an under-mounted sliding desk. In addition to offering infinite legroom and under-desk storage, the minimal desks are ideal for smaller spaces.

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