20 Best-Buy L-shaped Desks for the Home Office 2024
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20 Best-Buy L-shaped Desks for the Home Office 2024

|Nov 23, 2021

The global pandemic has forced many workers to set up their offices at home. While many may have believed this to be a temporary thing and the world to resume its usual way of life, 2022 has still seen workers working from home. 

If you had a more temporary solution in place, you may find yourself needing more space to house office equipment and supplies as you continue to work from home. Here is where an L-shaped desk for a home office can be a valuable tool to give you more surface area to work on and house your supplies without taking up too much space in your home. 

This article reviews 20 of the best-buy L-shaped desks to transform your home office into a functional workspace to improve your productivity.

L-Shaped Desk vs Straight Desks

L-shaped desk for home office vs Straight Desks

When it regards your office space needs, an L-shaped desk for a home office might be a game-changer. This tabletop style can allow you to make the most of your corner area and ultimately increase your productivity.

However, with so many different constructions and styles of the best home office L-shaped desks on the marketplace, finding a good one for your requirements can be difficult. In our previous blog post, we listed some options for a corner home office desk to simplify the job at hand a little easier. This time, we will be comparing the differences between L-shaped Vs. Straight desks.

Whether a home office or a typical computer workplace, having a good and productive desk setup will help you be more productive. All you need is a pc desk that is appropriate for your arrangement. But, with various varieties, styles, and dimensions of desks to choose from, how will you know which is the one you require? Straight or work from home L-shaped desks remain to be two of the most prominent types for homes and offices and computer workstations.

An L-shaped table, as the title suggests, is one that has two faces that create an "L." L-shaped workstations, in particular, have a side that is longer than another, making a 90 ° angle corner. Although a few L-shaped desks have the same dimension on both ends, they all have a rounded outside border and edge or abrupt 90 ° angle corners as well as edges.

The L-shaped desk for the home office workstation's longer half is intended as the major working surface. On the other hand, the smaller side is intended to have more space for production. An L-shaped workstation is a larger and broader version of a typical corner desk.

On the other hand, the most prevalent example of a computer workstation is a straight table. It is a square or rectangle deck found in any business or household. They usually have a rectangle shape with 2 or 4 legs, but the proportions and components vary. And it fits into every room and arrangement with ease. Contemporary straight desks come in all sorts of styles, although with various drawers. If space is not an issue, a horizontal desk is recommended.

home office desk layout ideas

Small corner desks, as even the name implies, are a sort of workstation that sits on the edge of your area, leaving your space open, clear, and broad. On the other hand, horizontal or straight desks are a form of adjustable desk that may be placed wherever in the room, including the corner, the centre, across a wall, or under the room's windows.

Many folks think that corner desks and L-shaped standing desks for home seem to be the same thing, but this is not the case. A corner desk can be regarded as an L-shaped desk; however, it's not like every L-shaped desk for home offices can be termed a corner desk. Both workstations are unique in terms of shape and size.

Spacious work surfaces are advantageous in many home office desk layout ideas, but monitoring arrangement is also important. When computers were enormous and cumbersome, it was common for individuals to set up in a corner. It made good use of what would otherwise be wasted space. Conversely, given the massive popularity of flat screens, using the corner area as the main activity area may be unneeded. Employees may feel "slid up" when sitting at the angled section of the desk, and they're far more satisfied working at a part of a work station with superior open spaces to the remainder of the workplace.

Both slanted corner modern home office desks and straight worktops have advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered when determining which type is best for your office. However, irrespective of which option you select, make sure to review the biomechanics of each company's desk. Include an ergonomic work chair so that everyone may sit comfortably at the correct height.

A sit-stand desk or a sit and stand alternative may benefit some persons for their remote working equipment. Movable monitor arms, for example, make it simple to position the screen at the line of sight and can be utilized on a variety of work surfaces.

Why L-shaped Desks Work Well for the Home Office

Why L-shaped Desks Work Well for the Home Office

Unlike office desks that are dedicated for work-only use, home office desks can serve several functions. They can be shared with kids who need to complete their homework after school, double as study desks after hours, or transform into a corner gaming desk. Here are a few reasons why an L-shaped executive desk is the best choice for a home office. 

1. It Provides Extra Workspace

Because L-shaped executive desks are essentially two desks put together, you have double the surface area for working with documents and files. It lets you keep all the essential things within arm's reach without creating a cluttered workspace. 

An L-shaped computer desk also lets you store essential equipment such as multiple monitors, printers, speakers, and other devices that may be difficult to house on regular desks. 

2. Better Ergonomic Support

Ergonomic Support of L-shaped desk for a home office

Impromptu home office settings may be causing more physical harm than you may realize. An ergonomically built workstation makes it easy to easily reach all the things you need, avoiding any unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints. 

Ergonomic workstation design experts often refer to a zone of reach as the neutral or ideal range of reach. A larger zone of reach is possible with an L-shaped workstation. It prevents the overextension of the arm and forearm, especially if you pair it with an ergonomic office chair. 

In order to achieve an even greater ergonomic posture, experts recommend using an L-shaped standing desk, which is height adjustable to allow you to switch between sitting and standing. 

3. It Saves Money

corner desk not only maximizes the available space, both horizontally and vertically, but it also provides exceptional functionality and reliability. 

It is a long-term investment that pays off in the long run, as L-shaped computer desks seldom need replacing. The additional storage options also save you the cost of purchasing different storage options to house your files and office equipment. 

4. It Gives Your Home Office a More Professional Look

More Professional Look with L-shaped desk for a home office

Although you work remotely, you may still have to host face-to-face meetings with clients or coworkers. An L-shaped executive desk, neater and more ordered than regular desks, provides a professional appearance. These desks are especially helpful for giving a more clutter-free visual presentation when you attend Zoom or video conferences. 

5. It Boosts Productivity and Creativity

Because corner desks create a more professional, clutter-free environment, it positively affects the mind, clearing it of the subconscious stress that often accompanies a cluttered, disorganized workstation. This allows you to be more productive, as you have more time to focus on the task at hand. 

It also allows you to be more creative because a well-organized and professional space provides a black canvas upon which you can create new ideas and streams of thought.

20 L-shaped Desks to Choose from for Your Home Office

If you are ready to go out and buy an L-shaped computer desk, you may become overwhelmed by the number of options that are out there. Here are 20 of our best corner home desk choices to help you make the right choice. 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner L-shaped desk for a home office

The ultimate L-shaped adjustable desk has to be the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner. This corner sit-stand desk wonder has everything you need in a corner desk and more. Most importantly, it is ergonomically designed, as are all Autonomous furniture, so it moves up and down quickly and quietly to help you switch between sitting and standing with ease. 

It also has four programmable settings, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, so you never have to worry about it warping under the weight of your computer gadgets or equipment. Additionally, it comes with a five-year warranty, so if anything does go wrong, your desk is covered for up to five years, which is always reassuring. 

If you are going for a more minimal look that makes the space look bigger and brighter, the SmartDesk Corner is available as a white L-shaped desk. On the other hand, if you are looking for something darker, you can also purchase the SmartDesk Corner as a black L-shaped standing desk

2. Sauder Harbor Corner Computer Desk

This huge L-shaped desk features a sliding tray for your keyboard that tucks away conveniently beneath the desk, a built-in storage cabinet to keep your files and documents close, and three storage drawers that can be used to house your other office supplies

One of these drawers can hold hanging files, which is another convenient feature. You may also choose the storage cabinet, and drawers are configured. 

3. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

Bush L-shaped desk for a home office

Bush Furniture's L-shaped executive desk is a sleek and professional choice for any home office environment. Although the initial setup can be difficult, the end product may be well worth the time and effort. 

Storage cabinets and trays are included with this desk, and one of the cabinets includes a glass door. 

4. Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Computer Desk

With a tempered glass desktop held up by a strengthened steel structure and lots of capacity for all your essential gear, this L-shaped desk for home office has a stunningly simple design. It is ideal if you prefer glass worktops rather than metal or wooden ones. 

Although the absence of a storage facility may be a drawback for some, there is enough space underneath the desk for an additional storage cabinet. 

5. Ameriwood Home Dakota Corner Desk

Ameriwood L-shaped desk for a home office

This corner home office desk provides outstanding value due to its spaciousness and storage space. It is made from a 51-inch wide particle board on both sides, providing you lots of room to arrange your desktop pc and other digital equipment. There's also a shelf for storing books, office materials, and other office equipment and necessities. 

6. Little Tree Rotating Computer Desk

The Little Tree desk is one of the smallest corner desks on the market. An L-extension can be placed on this little desk's left or right side, making it reversible. It also rotates 180 degrees, allowing the tabletop to be extended from 47 to 79 inches lengthwise. 

7. Sauder Corner L-shaped Desk

Sauder L-shaped desk for a home office

 The Sauder corner desk is far from a modest computer table, as it comes with numerous drawers and a shelving unit. This L-shaped office desk for a home is well-built and comes in a range of colors and styles so that you can match it to your home office decor. You may love this desk if you are looking for something more industrial and rustic. 

8. GreenForest Reversible Corner Desk

This convertible desk comprises three different components that may be used to create two separate workstations or a single L-shaped desk with extensions on both sides. It also includes a movable shelf and a stand to house your CPU. Because it contains extra space, it may also make an excellent gaming desk for use after work hours. 

9. Bush Furniture Anthropology Worktable

Bush Furniture L-shaped desk for a home office

A glass-top table with a steel frame is an excellent way to add sophistication to your workspace. This contemporary L-shaped desk for home office blends in seamlessly with any type of decor. The main piece can hold 150 pounds, while the extended tabletop can hold 75 pounds. This futuristic masterpiece spans 60 by 60 by 30 inches. 

10. Kings White Corner Desk with a Drawer

This small desk is a great option for those who have limited space in their home for a home office setup. It can be tucked into the tiniest of spaces to make your home look more open while still providing a workspace for you to get your job done. 

11. Bush Wheaton Reversible Corner Desk

Bush Wheaton Reversible Corner Desk

A pedestal component on the Bush Wheaton reversible desk may be placed on either side of this L-shaped desk for home office, making it reversible. It is a handy alternative because it is smaller in design and can fit comfortably into little areas of your room. Two small bookshelves and two drawer compartments are also included for storing your essentials. 

12. Z-line Belaire Glass Corner Computer Desk

The Z-line Belaire corner provides a stylish corner alternative to the regular square-shaped desk. It has a metal frame structure and a glass worktop for a professional and sophisticated design. The corner home office desk also includes a keyboard tray and a bookshelf. 

13. Teraves Reversible Desk

Teraves Reversible Desk

This stylish corner desk functions well as a gaming desk too. The desk's panels allow you to customize it to your preference, and it features additional storage space. If you need several monitors, it's a great choice, and its intelligent design provides a hole where you can easily install another monitor. 

 14. Inbox Zero L-shaped Electric Standing Desk

A big surface, an electric lift system, and three programmable height settings are just a few of the features of this sit-stand L-shaped desk for home office. The foundation is black and built of iron, while the tabletop is available in a choice of three materials. It includes a cable management system and a two-year warranty. 

15. Tribesigns Corner Desk with Shelving Hutch

Tribesigns Corner Desk with Shelving Hutch

The Tribesigns corner desk is great for your home or business if you wish to blend simplicity with space-saving capabilities. It includes a large hutch for additional storage space and is built from an environmentally friendly particleboard. It has a sturdy steel frame and a spacious working space. 

16. Casaottima L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Do you need to use many monitors? This L-shaped desk for home office can easily accommodate all of them. The cross-shaped framework of the Casaottima offers lots of solid support and makes it look elegant, while the durable table top is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and heat-proof. 

17. Sauder Northcott L-Shaped Computer Desk

Sauder Northcott L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Sauder Northcott corner desk is a multifunctional large L-shaped office desk for a home office that helps you stay organized. It includes two drawers of varying sizes that can be helpful for storing your paperwork. Its lower drawer was explicitly intended to hold hanging files, which can be a handy feature. 

18. Key West Farmhouse Desk

If something more traditional and simplistic is more to your taste, then you can give the Key West Farmhouse corner home office desk a try. It has enough space to house three monitors comfortably, and you can choose from a plethora of materials, including oak, pine, and hickory. Unfortunately, it does not have additional storage space. 

19. Argos Home Calgary Corner Office Desk

This cute little corner home office desk is an excellent choice if you want something smaller and still offers enough storage space to store your essential books and files. This is a great little piece for a smaller home office with four large, spacious under-the-desk shelves. The best part is that it is affordable too! 

20. SHW Vista Corner Desk

Argos Home Calgary Corner Office Desk

The SHW Vista desk comes with three modular sections so that you can arrange it as a large rectangular desk or an L-shaped desk for a home office to fit snugly in the corner of a study or living room. It has a glass tabletop that is smoke-tempered. While it does involve a great degree of assembly time, the end result is a thing of beauty, making the effort worthwhile. 


Question: Are L shaped desks bad for posture?

Answer: That is not the case; freestanding L-Desks are far superior. For your wellness and to enhance your overall posture, you must invest in an upright corner workstation. Not only should your spine and neck appreciate it, but so will your waistband. Our bodies start burning more calories when we stand up than when we sit. Don't forget about your toes!

Question: Should you sit in the corner of an L shaped desk?

Answer: It's enticing to sit at the L-shaped desk's edge or curvature, with a display squarely in front of you. Choose not to because you'll end up with a 'wasted space' in the corner while behind the screen, and your screen will be situated in an uncomfortable range from your eyes.

Question: Can 2 people use an L-shaped desk?

Answer: The L-Shape desk has a unique tabletop design that may accommodate two individuals studying and working simultaneously. You may even use it as a standalone desk if you want to utilize it alone. It can also easily be adapted to any room, making it a great option for your household.

Question: How long does a two-person desk need to be?

Answer: A two-person workstation requires two persons to be comfy. It usually measures greater than 70 inches in length and more about 50 inches in breadth. These desks should indeed be made of hardwood, oak, or other material that can support a lot of weight.

Question: Is it better to have a corner workstation or a rectangular desk?

Answer: If your space is limited and you don't have enough space for a regular desk, you can choose a corner workstation. It takes up about the same area as a normal straight desk. And it may easily fit into a small place. As a result, it contributes to keeping the room beautiful, clean, and accessible.

Question: Is it possible to place an L-shaped desk in the center of the room?

Answer: As much as you can position your desktop against a wall, standard desks can also be placed in the center of the area, opposite to a wall, in front of a glass window.

Question: Is it possible to place an L-shaped desk in the center of the room?

Answer: As much as you can position your desktop against a wall, standard desks can also be placed in the center of the area, opposite to a wall, in front of a glass window.

Final Thoughts

An L-shaped computer desk can help to transform your workspace into an organized, professional environment. If you are searching for the ideal corner work desk for your home, you are sure to find one on this list.

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